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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 7 – Poker Night Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

I have not received feedback for several chapters. Should I continue to post the story or not? Let me know. You don”t know how important feedback is. The story is written out to about 30 chapters and I”m editing and posting as fast as I can.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

I”m honored that you took time from your day to read my story. Please let me know that you read it. I don”t want to write if there are no readers.

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Chapter 7

Kent was tired of having to bathe Andrew and decided he was old enough to shower. “Andrew, tonight, how about we take a shower instead?” The fact was that the bath routine took too much time away from their sex.

“Yes, daddy, that would be fun!” He was excited because his daddy thought he was ready to be a big boy.

The shower was just barely big enough for one person, but with Andrew in there, it was going to be tight. “Take off your clothes and come into my bathroom where we can shower together.”

“Yes, daddy.” Andrew quickly shed his clothes and ran into the bathroom. Kent was already naked and had the water running to get it warm. Kent stepped in. “Come in son, let”s shut the shower door.

“Daddy, my face is right in front of your dick!” Andrew giggled and grabbed his daddy”s hard cock and carefully stroked it. Kent soaped up Andrew”s hair and rinsed it. Then he soaped up his. The suds ran down his chest and across his dick, hitting Andrew in the chin. “Daddy, you”re peeing soap on me!” he giggled. Andrew kept stroking his daddy”s cock.

Kent started moaning. “Son, let me soap you up.” He used the bar of soap and wash cloth to get the boy clean, paying extra attention to the boy”s dick and hole. Andrew got harder as Kent circled his rosebud.

He turned Andrew around to face him again. “Go ahead, stroke it again, son.”

Kent let Andrew get him close, but he wanted to finish off inside of his boy. The mouth was fine, but he needed to work on another place to deposit his cum.

Kent moved away, bent down, lubed his fingers with some conditioner, and proceeded to open Andrew up by pushing a finger into the boy”s pucker like he had been preparing him for. Tonight wasn”t going to be the night, but over the next few nights he would work on one, then two fingers and finally three fingers inside the boy.

After a few nights of this, Kent decided it was finally time. Every time they showered, Andrew seemed to enjoy it and squirm with pleasure as his boy button got stimulated.

The two went back to Andrew”s room and spooned on the bed. Kent lubed up his thick daddy cock. He lubed up Andrew”s butt. “Daddy, that”s cold.” It was a Friday night so if the boy wasn”t ready and got hurt, nobody would know.

“I”ll warm it up, son.” He put his fingers back where they were moments ago in the shower. After a few minutes, Andrew was moaning in pleasure, so he carefully placed the tip of his lubed dick at the boy”s hole and pulled the boy”s hips toward him.

Andrew winced a bit as Kent pulled him onto his shaft. “Ugh, daddy.”

“Sssh, Daddy loves you. This will feel good.” Kent stopped for a bit before continuing. He kept pushing until he felt it pop past the second ring.

“Umph, daddy, stop! It hurts.” Tears were running down Andrew”s face, but he wanted to please ankara escort his daddy so much.

“I”ll wait a moment, but trust me son, you”ll love this. There”s always some pain at first, but it will feel great in a minute. Just remember that daddy is making love to you and that you”re pleasing me. Relax and let the fun begin.” A few moments later, he pushed until he bottomed out.

The hairs tickled Andrew, but the large dick made him feel like he needed to poop. “Daddy, this feels, um, I don”t know, it feels kind of funny.” At least the pain had stopped.

Kent slowly moved in and out. “Oh, daddy, now it feels really good. What are you doing?”

“Like I said, I”m just making love to my amazing boy.”

“Mmm, daddy, I love you!”

“I love you too, son. Ugh, oh, fuck!” Just the sight of his cock inside his boy sent him over the edge. Kent shot his load and drove his cock deep in Andrew”s ass.

They lay there until Kent”s cock deflated and fell out with a slight plop sound. Kent was too exhausted to please his boy, so he quietly slipped out after Andrew fell asleep.

On Saturday morning, Kent went in to assess the damage from fucking his boy. “Morning son, how are you today?”

“I”m okay, daddy, but my bottom hurts a bit. I really did like how it felt when you were making love to me, but it hurts now.”

“The first few times it may hurt, but we won”t do it unless you want to. I don”t ever want to hurt you, son. I will stop if you don”t like it.”

Kent helped Andrew get dressed, and they went out to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

“Andrew, why are you walking funny?” asked his mom.

Before the boy could say anything, Kent quickly answered. “He fell getting out of the shower last night and kind of did the splits. I think he strained something.” Mom seemed to believe it. Andrew looked at his daddy, who had a look on his face that said he would hurt him if he told the truth. Even if he did tell the truth, his Mom would never believe him.

“Son, tonight your mommy is going out and we”re going to have a guys night. I”ve got a few friends coming over to play poker. Kerry and his dad, Rob, will be here. Coach Gus will be too. Remember Don from the hardware store? He”ll be here.” Andrew smiled, hoping that he could play with these men, but mostly so he could play with Kerry. “Oh, Andrew, that young man, Paul, from the sporting goods store will be here too!”

“That will be fun, Daddy. Can Kerry and I play poker too?”

“Oh no son, you”re too young, but you and Kerry can play in your room, or you guys can sit with us or watch TV.”

“Can we have popcorn?”

“Of course.” Daddy said.

Shortly after Dorothy left, the men started to arrive. Kerry and his dad were first. The boys ran to each other and hugged. Kerry”s dad looked carefully at Kent and saw Kent smiling at his boy and his friend hugging. He was a bit relieved.

“Kent, I”m so happy you invited us over. Ever since the boys had their shortened sleepover, I haven”t heard the end of it from Kerry. His mom is just so stubborn and won”t let him have another one or even go to one. I have a feeling she”s worried about nothing.”

“What? That seems silly. Andrew was just homesick, right? Or was it that boys were just being boys?” Kent winked.

“Daddy, can Kerry and I go to my bedroom to play?” Andrew asked.

“Yes son.” Looking toward Kerry”s dad, he said, “Was I right, Rob?”

“Well, I was a bit worried about bringing it up, but when I saw your reaction to the boys” hugging, I figured you might be a bit more accepting. Kerry and Andrew were exploring each other. Something happened and startled us, so we went in to find two naked boys with erections.”

“Ha! My Andrew always has one, and I think it”s good that boys can be boys. Shit Rob, I”m sure you did it when you were a kid, right? I know I did. I even know a few adults escort ankara that still need to explore with their friends.” Kent offered.

“Heck, yeah, I was in the Boy Scouts, Kent, and there were a lot of camping trips that bordered on orgies. I”m glad you”re OK with it. I need to go talk to Kerry if you don”t mind.” Kent went toward Andrews bedroom. The door was open. “Boys, I just wanted to tell you that I”m OK with you having some sexy time. Kerry, I know your mom freaked out, but it”s fine. Just close the door and please don”t scream! Andrew, I know your dad is OK with that too.”

“Thanks dad.” Rob returned to the living room, where Don had just arrived along with Paul, Gus, and Mark.

“Guys, this is going to be a good game tonight. Are you all good with Texas Hold”em?”

There was a resounding “yes” from the group as they grabbed beers from the fridge and sat around the table.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Andrew and Kerry wasted no time. “Kerry, I want to suck on your dick while you suck on mine. My daddy told me that”s called 69.” The boys stripped off and started touching each other. Both boys immediately had erections.

“I would love that. Hey, have you ever tasted cum?”

“Yeah, I love my daddy”s cum.” Andrew was giggling now.

The boys were on a roll. They seemed to want to share the details that their dad had told them not to share.

“What about things with your butt?” Kerry wanted to know.

“My dad puts his fingers in my butt sometimes. Last night he put his cock in there. It felt great, but I”m sore today.”

“My dad”s been doing that to me for a few months now. I really love it and it gets better the more you do it.” Kerry felt like it was his duty to teach Andrew. “Let me look at your butt to see how bad it is.”

“It”s not so bad now. See?” Andrew bent over for his friend. Kerry reached his hand up and carefully touched Andrew”s slightly puffy pucker.

“You should be fine tomorrow. I was like that for me the first couple of times.”

“Thanks Kerry, I hope we can do more sexy stuff. If your mom lets your dad come to poker night, we can do the things we wanted to do at the sleepover.”

“Get on the bed, I want to suck on you!”

The boys got into position and started bobbing on each other”s little dicks. “Oooh, that feels good, Kerry. Do that with your tongue. Let me do that to you.” Andrew swirled his tongue over Kerry”s head. Kerry moaned in response. It wasn”t very long and the boys had their dry orgasms and went back to questioning each other about sex.

Back at the poker game, the guys had finished a few hands.

“So Don, how do you know Kent? You”re a new addition to the game like me.”

“Well, I met him and his son, and I think it”s your son at the hardware store. I taught them how to build the birdhouses.”

“Oh, right, so Kerry”s the link that brought both of us to this game.” Rob responded.

“Yeah, those boys are quite something. It”s always fun working with the kids, but when Kent was there helping out, it made it even more fun. After the workshop, I helped Kent get the things they came to the store for, and we had some time to chat and get to know each other. He mentioned the poker night, and I thought it sounded fun. I asked if Kerry”s dad came too, since I”d love to meet the father of such a talented boy.”

Rob was starting to blush. This sounded almost like a come on. “Well thanks, I”m glad you did.”

“Gus, what about you?” Rob asked.

“I”m Andrew”s soccer coach.”

“Great, and Paul? You”re the youngest one here.”

“Yeah, I work at the sporting goods store and helped Kent and Andrew get outfitted for soccer.”

Gus leaned over and whispered, “You did a great job there!” Paul blushed a bit.

There wasn”t too much other chit chat throughout the game as they all thought they were there for the beers and ankara escort bayan the poker. Mark was winning nearly every hand.

“Damn Mark, you must be a king. You”re the only person I know of that keeps getting a fucking royal flush. We have no chance against you. You hiding cards up your sleeves?” Gus joked and grabbed Mark by the arm.

“Nah, just luck tonight. It”s getting late and I have all this cash to carry home, I think I better be heading out.” Mark said.

“All right, Mark, thanks for a fun game. We”ll see you next time.” Kent said as he walked him to the door.

“So, you guys up for any more?” Kent asked the guys.

“Well, I”m out of money, so how about we switch it up a bit?” Don asked.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Gus.

“What about strip poker?” Paul suggested.

“I”m in” Rob quickly said, what about you, Kent?

“Sure! I”m sure the boys are occupied, and the wife probably won”t come home until tomorrow. She”s probably banging some secret lover if she didn”t intimidate him or her.”

The men were having fun with their game. The guys seemed to keep folding and losing more and more clothing on purpose. When they lost their underwear one by one they were all sporting some pretty nice erections.

“If I didn”t know any better, Don, I”d think you were happy to see us!” Rob said.

“Well, not like Kent hasn”t seen it before.” He responded. It was the beer talking. He shouldn”t have shared that.

“What? Kent, you holding out on us? When did you see that monster?” Paul asked.

“Well, it was at the hardware store. The boys needed to pee, so we all went into the family restroom. Don needed to use the restroom as well, so the four of us went in and had a sword fight at the toilet. One thing led to another and, well, Kerry grabbed Don and the monster, as you call it, was awakened.”

“What? Kerry did that? Fuck. I”ve told him never to do that.” Rob said.”I”m going to have to remind him to keep his hands to himself. That boy loves cock!”

All the men were a bit intoxicated and realized that they had all let on that they were boy lovers.

“Rob, calm down. It”s all okay. Don”t worry about it. Boys are curious.” Don said. “I”m sorry if I overstepped, but he just reached for it and I didn”t want to make it a big deal. Er, um, you know what I mean.” Don was giggling.

“You”re right, Don. I”m sorry.”

“Fuck Kent, I only saw your boy, but he takes after his dad, that”s for sure.” Paul added.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Kerry asked, standing in the hallway in just his briefs, seeing all the men comparing their erections.

“Um, nothing, son, you guys can come out.” Rob said as he saw Andrew peeking out around the door.

“I just had to go pee. I”ll do that and be right there.”

Andrew came out completely naked. He figured it was fine. After all, the adults were naked. The men all had boners too. “Daddy, if this is what you do when playing poker, why can”t we play too.”

“Come here, son.” Kent lifted Andrew up on his lap with his erection sliding up Andrew”s butt cheeks. “We can”t tell mom about any of this. Ok?”

“Of course, daddy, just like our sexy time.”

Kent felt his face go beet red. “Andrew” he sighed.

“Oh, sorry daddy.”

“It”s okay, Andrew, Kerry and I do that too.” Rob offered to try to diffuse the situation.

Kerry had walked in during this conversation and threw his briefs off and climbed up on Rob”s lap.

“Dad, is it OK if we, you know, play with you guys? We didn”t get to…” Kerry felt a hand cover his mouth.

I”ll bet you can guess what”s next! Let me know if you want to read more.

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