Andrew , Elsa: The Breakfast Treat

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Cowritten with Nemasis84.

“The bacon is going to burn!”

Andrew looked over at the pan in which the two rashes of bacon were indeed crisping and turning a slightly worrying dark colour. He gave out a short annoyed groan and rushed to turn the heat down on the ring and flip the strips of meat over to prevent the unwanted consequences.

“That’s your fault,” he said looking at Elsa with mock annoyance as the fat spit angrily and threatened to burn his hand. He wasn’t really mad at her, it was impossible to be when she was being so playful, but it was fun to pretend all the same.

“How was it my fault?” she asked innocently from her perch on the counter, her legs dangling over the edge and feet swinging in the warm, tasty smelling air of the kitchen as the oven worked overtime to cook so many different foods at once.

“You were distracting me!” Andrew said, accusingly as he placed two slices of bread into the toaster and set the dial ready to make them golden when the sausages were cooked through and mushrooms were finished frying.

“I was not! I merely sat here, feeling rather hot in all the wrong places!” Elsa giggled and gave him a look of pure innocence, although her beautiful blue eyes were shining with mischief.

“Yes… sat there on the counter, with your thighs spread and showing off your knickers to me, you know I can’t concentrate when you do that!” Andrew shook his head exasperated. It was certainly true that he couldn’t focus properly when his gorgeous girlfriend was around, but throw in her sexy comments and showing off her underwear and he was very flustered indeed, which wasn’t helpful whilst cooking a full English breakfast.

Andrew had brought Elsa to his family home, now inhabited by just his bachelor brother, Adrian. It was Elsa’s first time traveling into South Yorkshire and they had come to celebrate Adrian’s birthday. Elsa had the idea to start his special day with the full English breakfast in bed…of course that meant that Andrew had to cook it all since he knew what was in it as well as the layout of the kitchen.

Elsa didn’t respond to Andrew’s complaint, she simply smiled and continued to enjoy watching Andrew. He had a sheen of sweat on his face from the heat of the frying pans that he was dividing his attention between, and it was making his skin shine. She liked that, almost as much as she enjoyed watching him flip and turn the various foods he was concentrating on. As much as she loved watching him cook back at his apartment, it was even more fun to watch him in his childhood kitchen.

It didn’t hurt that he reminded her of Gordon Ramsey at the moment. She really had a thing for that surly, take charge British chef, and his macho attitude in the kitchen had fuelled many a fantasy for her. Watching her own British boyfriend cook up a storm was really exciting her.

“God it’s hot in here,” Elsa said, waving her hand in front of her face, fanning herself.

She wasn’t really that hot, although the kitchen was steamy, but that wasn’t the point of her comment; it was just to get Andrew’s attention on her again so she could tease him a little more.

Her plan worked. Andrew couldn’t help but look at Elsa there on the counter, her legs slightly spread displaying her white knickers, tucked away but still visible, between her open thighs. His eyes were drawn down briefly to that sexy little crevice and his cock stirred, not for the first time, but he was able to drag his eyes back up again.

“Phew, I think I made a mistake wearing this shirt,” Elsa said with a grin, and before Andrew could reply she reached up and undid the top button of Andrew’s white button up. It was the shirt he’d worn to work and on the drive East yesterday that Elsa rescued from the floor when she woke up that morning.

Andrew couldn’t help but hold his breath as Elsa deftly undid a second and then third button, pulling each side of the shirt open and revealing more of the supple white flesh of her cleavage after each one.

“Hmm that’s better,” she teased as she put her hands on her knees and used her arms to push her breasts together making it seem totally unintended, whilst knowing exactly what she was doing, and the effect it would have on her boyfriend.

Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off of those big, partly exposed mounds. Elsa had great breasts, they were one of his favorite things about her, and just seeing them now had his cock twitching in his pants. He could feel more sweat building up on his forehead, but this time it was more from his growing arousal than the heat of the oven.

“Sausages,” Elsa said and nodded her head at the pan where the two plump Richmonds were happily cooking after letting Andrew get an eyeful of her cleavage. God she was enjoying teasing him.

“Oh shit,” Andrew cursed and quickly grabbed a spatula to turn and prevent them from burning. He really had to focus but given his ever growing arousal, concentration was getting much more difficult. He just hoped he kaçak iddaa could get everything finished without ruining any of Adrian’s special birthday breakfast.

Elsa giggled and went back to swinging her legs whilst watching the action. She couldn’t deny it, she was getting very excited herself. There was something about watching Andrew turn sausages, flip mushrooms and stir baked beans that really made her mouth water, and it wasn’t the food.

“Okay, so the beans are almost ready, sausages are just in the pan staying warm as is bacon and mushrooms will be finished in a couple of minutes,” Andrew said to the kitchen in general, speaking to himself more than Elsa. “What next?”

“Toast,” Elsa prompted and winked when Andrew looked at her. She loved that particular look, it was one he usually reserved for their bedroom playtime, when he was taking charge as her ‘daddy’, only today it was more exciting because she was imagining this was a professional kitchen and he was the stressed and angry head chef. “What would you do without me?”

“Not get distracted and almost burn bacon and sausages!” Andrew said accusingly, he was picking up on the vibes that Elsa was giving off, and in truth he was getting just as aroused as she was the more he looked at her.

Elsa felt a shudder pass down her spine, and her knickers suddenly became more moist than they had been when she’d helped him get the pots and pans out twenty minutes earlier. The way he’d said that turned her on so much.

As she felt that shudder, Andrew felt his cock spring to life a little more as he glanced down at her breasts, now very much on show, again. He just couldn’t help himself, and right then he had the overwhelming urge to bury his face into his beautiful girlfriend’s chest and spend a little time playing with those big, beautiful mounds.

“Ouch! You little bastard!”

“You okay babe?” Elsa asked concerned as she looked up and saw her boyfriend shaking his right hand and sucking on the part where his thumb met his pointer finger.

“Yeah, some fucking hot fat just spat out of the bacon pan and burned me,” Andrew said looking to see if it had left too big of a mark on his skin, luckily he didn’t have anything more than a tiny red dot to show for it. Although the pain was still there as a reminder to concentrate on what he was doing and not get distracted by Elsa.

“Aww want me to kiss it better for you?” Elsa asked sweetly, pushing out her bottom lip in a show of sympathy.

“No, what I want is you to get off your arse and grab me an egg from the fridge!” Andrew said with a little less playfulness in his voice. The stinging he felt on his skin took away the sexiness for a moment as he focused on the task at hand-stirring the baked beans and checking the mushrooms one last time before dropping the bread into the toaster.

Elsa felt a sudden and intense sense of arousal at the commanding way Andrew had told her to get him an egg. Her knickers had been moist before but now they became positively wet as she pushed herself off the counter and looked at him standing over the pans on the oven, his skin sweaty and face fixed in concentration.

He reminded her so much of Gordon Ramsey at that moment it was crazy, and she had never wanted him more than she did right then. The urge to have him inside her, stretching her pussy with his hard cock as he fucked her any way that he wanted to, making her clit tingle and heart beat like a drum in her chest.

She pushed herself off the counter, dropping her sock covered feet onto the cold tiled floor, and went to the fridge where the eggs were kept. As soon as she opened the door a cold blast hit her warm skin, and Elsa bit her lip to stifle a pleasured groan as her nipples hardened. The little pink nubs that topped her breasts had already begun to stiffen as her arousal grew whilst she watched Andrew cook, now they were so erect they could definitely be seen through her shirt.

“Here you go, Chef,” Elsa said as she offered an egg to her boyfriend. She smiled as he grabbed it from her hand with a brief “thanks” and cracked it on the edge of the pan he was using to cook the sausages.

“This is going to spit, so watch out,” Andrew informed her as he prepared to drop the contents of the egg into the hot fat that had leaked out of the sausages, ready to fry it and finish the last major part of the breakfast he was cooking.

“Yes, Chef,” Elsa said, feeling her pussy tingle and her nipples demand attention. She couldn’t help herself any more, she had to do something soon to relieve this building desire.

Andrew opened the cracked egg shell using both hands, and carefully dropped the yolk and white into the sizzling pan in an explosion of sound and flying fat. He watched as it began to solidify and change colour, using his spatula to prevent it sticking and as he did so he felt arms wrap around his waist and the familiar feel of Elsa’s breasts pressing against his back as she hugged him tightly from behind.

“I kaçak bahis hope you don’t mind I’m using you as a shield, Chef,” Elsa giggled as she pulled herself tighter against Andrew, pressing against his back and enjoying the feeling of her stiff nipples rubbing on him as she rested her cheek on his shoulder blade, allowing her to feel his movements as he dealt with the egg in the pan.

“It’s fine, don’t want you getting burned,” Andrew said and couldn’t help but smile to himself as he too enjoyed the feeling of Elsa’s soft, curvy body held so tightly against his back. Unfortunately it was also bringing back the distracting thoughts he’d been having, but that was okay now he told himself.

“My hero,” Elsa teased, and without saying another word she slowly slid one hand down from around Andrew’s waist and playfully let it rest on his crotch where she found a slight bulge indicating that, just like herself, Andrew had more than just cooking on his mind.

“Careful, that’s not a sausage!” Andrew chuckled as he felt Elsa’s hand lightly squeeze his rapidly stiffening cock, giving it a little gentle attention whilst she continued to rub her erect nipples on his back and started to coo her approval.

“I bet it’s just as tasty in the mouth though, Chef,” Elsa giggled and gave his hardening cock in his pants a more firm squeeze before she let it go and brought her hand back up, locking her fingers together around his waist once more and holding him tightly.

Andrew laughed at the conjecture. He wanted to say something sexy and funny back but the toaster popped at that moment and he lost his train of thought.

“Okay you’ve got to get off me and grab a plate right now! This is all done and I need to serve it,” Andrew said sternly as he turned off all the rings on the oven. He was sure he heard a groan from behind him, and he definitely felt her grip on him tighten. Internally he smiled to himself, knowing that it had turned her on hearing him give her the order.

“Yes Chef, right away!” Elsa said, the edge in her voice hinting at her arousal, although in truth she was far more turned on than she was giving away. Her knickers were soaked.

Andrew watched out of the corner of his eye as Elsa moved across to the cupboard where the dinner plates were kept. He couldn’t help but notice the wiggling of her arse as she walked, the sexy swaying of her hips in his white button down shirt causing all manner of arousing thoughts to invade his head, images of what he’d do to her later flooding in.

“This one okay, Chef?” Elsa enquired, deliberately holding up a saucer that she knew was far too small, wanting him to correct her and hoping he’d play along with the fantasy she was currently having inside her head.

“Of course it isn’t! I need a dinner plate for fuck sake!” Andrew said, rolling his eyes after he had looked over at Elsa. He knew what she was doing, he’d watched enough Hell’s Kitchen with her after all, and he was happy to play along.

Elsa felt her stomach knot and her pussy gush at him swearing like that, if it wasn’t his brothers birthday and she didn’t want all the work Andrew had done making him this special breakfast to go to waste, she would have jumped her boyfriend right there and had him fuck her on the kitchen floor.

“Sorry Chef,” she said apologetically and grabbed the correct plate, rushing back over to him and placing it on the counter next to the oven so he could start to serve each bit when he was ready.

“Good, now get out of the way,” Andrew ordered as he pulled the plate closer and stabbed the two sausages with a fork before transferring them onto it.

Elsa stepped back and watched as Andrew did the same with the bacon and mushrooms, placing each in a specific place on the plate, using them to create a small dam at one side of the plate into which he poured the baked beans. In her head she again imagined him in a busy professional kitchen and her desire to be fucked grew to new heights.

“Now the egg and toast,” Andrew said absently to himself, carefully scooping up the fried egg and placing it on the top of his masterpiece before grabbing the toast and pushing both slices onto the side of the plate, next to the beans. “And that should do it!”

“Looks good to me!” Elsa said excitedly as he stood back and admired his presentation. “I’m sure Adrian will love it!”

Andrew smiled and nodded. It did look good, a plateful of fried food that made the mouth water and the stomach rumble. The aromas coming off of it were intoxicating, and yet it wasn’t that he was hungry for right now.

He was looking at Elsa, her long blonde hair was still a mess from sleep, and her cheeks were glistening and slightly flushed, although her face wasn’t what held his attention. Another button on the shirt had come open and her big white breasts were almost fully exposed now, rising and falling as she breathed and causing Andrew’s own breath to speed up.

“I’ll just take it upstairs and serve it illegal bahis to him, and when I come back you can serve me my breakfast,” Andrew winked at Elsa who smiled wildly and laughed. She had a very good idea what her boyfriend would like to eat upon his return.

A few minutes later, after giving Adrian his specially made birthday breakfast in bed, Andrew came back down the stairs again, rather expecting to find Elsa hard at work sorting out something for the two of them to eat now the hard work cooking for Adrian was done.

“Breakfast is served, where would you like to begin?” Elsa asked sweetly and giggled as her boyfriend looked wide eyed at her nearly naked body whilst she stood posing in the middle of the kitchen.

Whilst he was upstairs, Elsa had taken the time to undo the remaining buttons on the shirt, letting it hang open revealing her big succulent breasts, she was standing now in just the open shirt, her small white knickers and knee high socks, the only things that she’d bothered to pull on as she rolled out of bed and it was a combination she knew all too well that Andrew found totally irresistible.

This morning was no different. Just seeing Elsa in his shirt, now wide open, had Andrew wide eyed and open mouthed. It also had his cock rapidly springing to life once more.

“It all looks so tasty, I don’t know what to tuck into first,” Andrew said after a moment staring at her, admiring Elsa’s legs in the knee high socks and the way her knickers hugged her crotch, perfectly hiding away the treat within but giving a hint that it would be well worth opening and tasting the flavour.

“Well I have an idea, why don’t you think about what you want to eat… and while you do that I’ll have a nice thick juicy sausage for breakfast,” Elsa replied, biting her lower lip in a very alluring way and gesturing for him to come over to her with a finger.

Andrew raised his eyebrows, and that wasn’t the only thing that raised on him, his cock was very hard inside his pants at the blatant way Elsa had made the suggestion.

“I think I’ve got the perfect one for you,” Andrew said playfully, winking back at her.

He knew that it would probably take Adrian more than 10 minutes to eat his breakfast, and he would bet that after eating so much greasy food his brother would be in no mood to get up and come downstairs any time soon after. That should give them plenty of time alone in the kitchen. Even though he was sure they’d have time, Andrew was not too distracted or aroused to forget the need for a bit of added privacy, so after stepping off the bottom step he pulled closed the door behind him, cutting off any potential for his brother to accidentally overhear what was coming next.

Elsa grinned and watched eagerly as her boyfriend crossed the room toward her, walking confidently and, much to her excitement, already undoing his pants. She could feel her arousal pulse throughout her whole body, and by the time he stood before her, her nipples were so stiff they practically ached.

“Get on your knees and I’ll serve you your breakfast,” Andrew said with a glint in his eye as he looked down into Elsa’s perfect blue ones. He could feel his confined cock throbbing, ready to be released.

“Yes Chef,” Elsa said quietly before obediently she dropped down to her knees on the cool tiled floor, keeping her head tilted up and eyes fixed on Andrew’s face. She loved looking up at him from this position, he seemed so tall and in charge, it sent a jolt straight to her centre, and her clit tingled even harder.

“Good girl, now open your mouth and let me fill it with this juicy sausage you’ve been craving all morning,” Andrew said and pushed his thumbs into the waistband of his pants, shoving them down over his hips along with his underwear, so that both dropped into a heap around his ankles.

Elsa let out a long low moan as Andrew’s hard cock sprang free right in front of her face. It stood straight out and throbbed slightly along with his heartbeat, the head pointed right at her. She couldn’t count how many times she had it in her mouth since they’d met and fallen in love, but it never failed to excite her.

“Wow, it’s so big Chef! I’m not sure I can eat the whole thing,” Elsa teased and giggled when Andrew smirked down at her before he placed one hand on the top of her head, pushing his fingers into her hair.

“Start off on the tip, then work your way along the rest, you’ll get it all down your throat soon enough,” he said with a laugh.

Elsa smiled and took a breath. She was loosening her jaw already and relaxing her throat ready as she slowly wrapped the fingers of her right hand around her base of Andrew’s shaft, squeezing it a little before she ran her palm up his length to the tip and back down again, the feeling of his girth in her hand as she stroked him making her pussy gush.

Andrew’s cock jerked under her touch, and he groaned as he watched Elsa give his shaft a second stroke, the warmth of her hand and the tightness of her grip exquisite. He could see her gaze was now exclusively on his crotch, her whole focus on his throbbing cock as she again licked her lips and slowly started leaning her head forwards.

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