Andrea and Scottie Pt. 02

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My god it’s 10:10 am and I’m still in fucking bed. My daughter just got home and is going to find me looking like I just got laid last night! Shit! I did! What the hell was I thinking? That god damn Emma. Shit! Shit! Shit!

I scrambled out of bed racing to the bathroom as I shouted, “Hi honey. I’m in the shower. I’ll be down in a little bit.” I quickly turned the shower on and jumped in. I turned the hot water up and let it run off my sore, tired, and hungover body! What on earth happened to me last night? I went from a nice suburban housewife to some sort of tawdry slut. Oh gosh. I remember calling myself a slut last night. What on earth got into me. I hung my head in shame wondering what I was going to do.

I finally got out of the shower and tried to formulate a game plan as to how best to handle this situation I had gotten myself into.

First is dealing with my daughter. She is going to want details about the event last night and unfortunately the only things I can remember are XXX rated. Shit!

Second how do I handle Scottie? Do I ignore him and pretend last night never happened? No, I can’t do that. He is a nice young man that made me feel special and took great care of me. He did nothing wrong. This is all my doing. I have to talk to him and explain my situation.

Third what do I do with Emma? She is going to want to know all the details as well, none of which I can share with her. She will know I’m holding back but I don’t trust her to keep last night a secret.

Fourth what do I do about my asshole husband? I love him but I’m not in love with him. He shows me no affection or attention. He is actually my biggest problem.

Fifth and most important is what do I do about me? Last night occurred because I am lacking something in my life. I need to understand what I need and then get it. Easier said then done after all these years of basically living by myself.

I looked in the mirror and saw a lonely insecure woman. Gosh as much as last night was a major mistake on my part I have to admit that Scottie made me feel wanted and desired. I’m not talking about the sex portion but everything leading up to it. Now that I look back on last night Scottie made me feel like I was the only woman in the room. That’s what I’ve always wanted. Somehow this young man unlocked my heart last night. Oh damn Andrea! I once again started to sob knowing what difficult decisions faced me down the road.

I got dressed and went downstairs. Hoping that my daughter would not put me on the witness stand.

“Mom why are you just getting up? Late night last night?” she said with a smirk. Here we go I thought.

“No young lady. I had a quick workout this morning. How was your sleepover?” I asked.

Ginny squinted her eyes and said, “Come on mom. I came home to find some of the couch cushions were on the floor and more importantly the front door was unlocked! You never leave the front door unlocked. Now tell me about last night it seems like you had a great time.”

Shit! Busted! “Okay, so Emma and I had a great time. I didn’t see anybody I recognized nor did I meet anybody. We danced and drank then came home to play some games. Cushions were on the floor as we were sitting on them. When Emma left I must have forgotten to lock the door. Either way I was way too old for that party. It seemed like everyone was your age.”

Ginny stuck her tongue out at me and said, “You suck mom! I know something more happened. I can’t believe you won’t tell me. That’s okay. I get it. I’m just a 17 year old. But I’m happy for you mom. I’m glad you finally had some fun. God knows you need some fun in your life.”

She turned and started to walk away but I unfortunately reacted, “Wait a minute! What do you mean I need some fun in my life?”

Ginny stopped and said, “Oh come on mom. You know what I mean. You never go out. You are always home by yourself because dad is never home. Do I have to spell it out? I only want you to be happy and have fun. I gotta go as we are going down to the lake today with a bunch of my friends. By the way, when is dad getting home? Will he be home for my pool party?”

Before I could say, “Who knows when your dad will be home.”she was racing up the stairs to her bedroom.

She was right and that was painful to hear. Once again I felt so alone and then my phone buzzed with a text. I dreaded looking at it but I did. It read, “Hey gorgeous I know you have a lot on your mind but I just want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what.”

Shit! How can this “kid” be more sensitive to my needs than my non existent husband! Shit! How do I respond? Do I respond? Damn! Damn! Damn!

Just as I was going to reply my phone lit up. It was my long lost husband. I answered, “Hi honey.”

He quickly got into things, “Andrea are you Ok? I called last night and you didn’t answer.” I smiled at his consternation and replied, “No honey I’m fine. Emma and I went out last night and I unfortunately left my phone bahis şirketleri at home. I hope you didn’t worry too much about me. By the way when are you coming home?”

He wasn’t too pleased with my answer as he asked, “Where did Emma take you? You know I’m not a big fan of hers.” I thought and neither is she of you!

“Not a big deal. She had tickets to some event at Crickets nightclub. It was pretty boring. Way too young for my taste. So you never answered when are you coming home? I told you Ginny is having a Memorial Day pool party and she really would like for you to be there.”

“I’ll be home late Sunday night. I’ll get an Uber so need to pick me up. However I do have a game at the club on Monday. I tee off at 11:30. What time is Ginny’s pool party?”

You asshole! Seriously? You are gone all fucking week and you have a game at the club? I’m so done with your shit. I replied, “Pool parties usually start around 11:00. I’ll let Ginny know you won’t be there. Have a safe trip darling.” I hung up!!!

I texted Scottie back, “Hey there. Thanks for taking care of me last night. We should probably talk. Want to stop by for a late lunch?”

My phone buzz right away. “Absolutely Andie! Sounds serious. Everything okay?”

Gosh it’s like he can see right through me. I texted, “Yes and No. Lot of things on my mind that I need to work through. How does 2:00 sound?”

“I told you last night I will always be there for you. See you soon. I can’t wait!”

My heart raced as I read his text. He is such a wonderful young man. This is going to be so hard. As much as I need to break things off with him before they get traction, my heart is also telling me to slow down. Scottie is such a special young man. I know it can never happen with us. I’m old enough to be his mother. I am married and it is what it is. But he touched my heart like no one else has. Oh god please help me.

Ginny came scampering down the stairs as if the house was on fire. “Gotta go mom. I’m late. I won’t be home until later tonight. Maybe tomorrow you can tell me about what really happened last night.” With that I heard the door open as I shouted, “Nothing happened last night!” Not sure if she heard me or if she will ever believe me.

I poured myself a cup of coffee to take upstairs when my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID I noticed it was Emma. As tempted as I was to send her into my voice mail I answered, “Good morning Emma.”

Emma immediately went into hyper speed with a barrage of questions, What happened???? Who?? When?…. etc that it made my head spin. I shouted into the phone, “Emma stop!” After a moment of silence I continued, “I am much too busy right now nor am I in the mood to talk about last night. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can talk then. Okay? ” I heard Emma say, “But..” just before I disconnected her.

I wanted to dress in a conservative fashion for my lunch with Scottie so as to not give him any encouragement. He is such a nice young man and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I looked through my closet and found a nice pair of navy blue “housewife” shorts and then I picked a nice white sleeveless button up blouse. I looked for and found a matching set of bra and underwear that were certainly nothing like I wore last night. I found some flats and headed out to do some quick shopping for our lunch.

When I got back I quickly made some lemonade and then prepared our lunch. I looked at the clock and found myself racing to get the kitchen table set up for our lunch. We have a large eat in kitchen with an island for service. I wanted everything to be like a typical suburban kitchen, whatever that means. Just as I finished with the place settings I heard the door bell. I took a deep breath and walked towards the door.

As I neared I felt a nervousness that you feel prior to a first date. I had to make sure everything went well. I could not let Scottie have any idea that what happened last night could go on. I had to be strong as I knew that he could easily capture my heart once again.

I saw Scottie standing outside with that boyish grin. My heart skipped a beat and I immediately felt my arousal as my face reddened. This is so bad! He was dressed in a Polo shirt and shorts. As I opened the door I smiled and said, “Hi Scottie.” He came through the door with his arms outstretched.Oh boy! As his arms engulfed me, he lowered his mouth in search of mine. I melted into his arms and met his lips. Shit I thought to myself! What am I doing but I couldn’t help myself. His hands moved to my ass and squeezed my cheeks while he whispered in my ear, “Andie, you look incredible.”

Oh no I started leaking big time, sparks flew inside of me as my breathing became ragged. I looked up to him and said “Easy Scottie. Let’s not get so worked up before we even had a chance to have lunch. We have a lot to talk about. Now follow me.” Well as hard as that was to do, I felt that I had survived my first temptation.

He asked if he could help with anything, bahis firmaları which I thought was so nice of him, but I told him that I had things under control. Haha, under control, I am flushed with desire and wet in my arousal but I have it under control. Nice one Andrea! I served lunch and sat down to try and discuss my concerns. I did not know how to bring it up at first, so I allowed Scottie to lead the early conversation. In other words he spent five minutes talking about me, us, yesterday, today; you get the theme. I mean what woman would not enjoy a handsome young man lusting with desire for her. It turned me on but I had to stop this love fest before it snowballed any further.

So finally, with some inner strength I didn’t know I possessed I said “Scottie! Stop! Please listen to me. Last night was…” I was at a loss for words as how to explain how wonderful it was and how wrong it was.

“What about last night? It was wonderful. Don’t you agree?”He blurted with a look of concern in his blue eyes as he reached out and took hold of my hand.

“Well yes and no. That’s what we need to discuss.”

Scottie responded with a confused look “I don’t understand Andie. Last night was great. I thought you enjoyed it as much as I did?”

“I did Scottie, but the problem is I am married!”

Scottie, caressing my hand said, “I know you are married Andie. But are you happy? Even when I was in high school and crushing on you I never saw you with your husband. It’s like you live here alone, which I know is not true. I know that last night I made you feel good and I’m not talking about the sex. I saw it in your eyes, in the glow on your face, and even now the way you affectionately hold my hand. Your mind is tricking you into thinking this is wrong but your heart is telling you it’s not. Please Andie follow your heart not your mind!”

I immediately pulled my hand away and saw the hurt in his face. With as much conviction as I could muster at this point I said, “Scottie I am old enough to be your mother! I should not have acted on my emotions. Last night cannot happen again! I’m a married woman. Please understand.”

I got up and took my dish to the sink. I couldn’t look him in the eyes feeling the emotions racing through me. He was right about not being happy. He was right about my heart. In my heart I knew none of this would have happened if I had a loving husband. Somehow he was easily able to touch my heart with his words and actions. I heard him near and soon felt his hands on my shoulders. I ignored him, holding my ground with my back to him all the while fighting to repress my true feelings from coming out.

Slowly and softly he massaged my shoulders. He whispered in my ear, “Andie, I know you are married. I know you are older than me. But I also know that you are happy when I’m with you. Your face is aglow. You are so beautiful. I want you so much.” I let out a slight gasp as his tongue flicked and nibbled on my ear.

His wrapped his hands around my stomach and pulled me close to him as he continued to nibble on my ear. I felt his cock grind against my back as his hands moved upward and brushed against the bottom of my breast. I let a soft moan escape from my quivering lips, “Hmmm.”

I tried to resist his advances, “Scottie stop. This isn’t right. Don’t do this. Please stop.” My mind was saying stop don’t do this! But my heart had won out. I didn’t care about anything except for the fact that this wonderful young man truly craved and wanted me as a woman. My heart pounded rapidly and my breathing increased as I felt his hand caress the side of my breast. I moaned softly, “Oh Scottie please stop.” as he gently squeezed my breast through the silk of my blouse. My legs felt weak as a maelstrom of emotion swirled through my head. Both his hands now cupped my breasts massaging them as he pulled me closer to him. His hands began to expertly unbutton my blouse until all buttons were undone. He took my arms spun me around and lowered his lips onto mine.

His hands fondled my nipples through my bra sending chills of pleasure down my spine, it felt so good. I knew there was no turning back. I needed to be a woman again. I needed to feel sexy. I needed to feel him in me.

Still locked in a passionate kiss, I slid my hand down between our bodies and rubbed his cock ever so softly through his shorts. A soft moan escaped from my lips as I squeezed his cock, “You’re so hard.” Not only was he hard but he was rapidly growing. I was deep with fire as I broke from our kiss.

Scottie cupped my chin, looked me straight in my eyes and said, “Andie last night was incredible I won’t ever forget that. I want you and I know you want me too. If you are not comfortable with us then you will have to deal with it but I for one am not going to let you derail us before we even get started.”

I realized I was getting very aroused by this young man’s persistence. My pussy was leaking into my underwear. Oh my god what is wrong with me I kaçak bahis siteleri thought, as I gazed at Scottie. Scottie once again sensing my doubt planted his mouth on mine, his tongue darting inside. My heart pounded as I melted back into his arms and returned the kiss. My mind kept telling me this was so wrong but my heart didn’t care. I wanted to feel Scottie’s touch.

I felt his hands reach behind my back and unhooked my bra freeing my tits for his erotic touch. His hands immediately found their way to my breasts and pinched both erect nipples as I arched my head back and moaned, “Oh yes baby play with my nipples. I am so wet. Oh yes that feels so good.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that. He makes me feel so incredibly sexy!

He sucked on my breast in the middle of the kitchen while I squirmed and writhed in delight. His hands unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down over my hips and onto the floor. Holding his mouth tight to my busom I stepped out of my shorts and moaned into his ear, “God help me but I want you so much. You make me feel so good Scottie.” I thought I can’t believe I’m doing this again. I feel like such a slut but I didn’t care anymore. All I cared about was how he makes me feel.

I felt him picked me up onto the island as he continued to tease my nipples with his silky smooth tongue. “Oh yes keep sucking my tits.” My legs straddled his body as his hands found their way to my ass. Slowly and sensually he caressed and squeezed my ass as he nibble on my nipples.

Scottie broke away from my nipples and smothered my mouth with his lips as I felt both his hands tugging on my underwear. I pushed my hips up so that he could slide them off me but instead he just ripped them off from both sides. A quick gasp escaped from my lips, “Oooooooooh.” I was over the edge with passion. Scottie’s manly force along with his delicate caresses had me nearing an orgasm.

He teased my clit with his finger before pushing me back down onto the island top and spreading my legs apart. He lowered his tongue to my throbbing clit and teasingly nibbled at it before taking it in his mouth with one long deep sucking motion.

“Oh yes suck my pussy make me cum I’m so close.”I said as my body began to thrash wildly on the countertop. He slid his fingers into my pussy and flicked at my clit with his tongue. I felt my legs shudder as the wisps of an impending orgasm neared. Scottie took one last long nibble on my clit causing my body to stiffen as I moaned loudly in ecstasy, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooooooooh, Yes I’m Cumming I’m cumming don’t stop.” as my body erupted in a massive orgasm. My orgasm went on and on as I savored every wave of pleasure that ripped through my body. It was better than I hoped for. Once my orgasm subsided I quickly sat up and hungrily smothered his mouth with mine. I whimpered, “Oh baby that was so good,” I cooed, “I want to feel your cock in my pussy.”

He pulled me off the island and hungrily growled at me, “Andie I want you to suck my cock! Take it out and make love to it.” I felt his hands pushing my shoulders down and again, just like last night, I was helpless to do anything but obey my lover. I didn’t care about anything except for the fact that this wonderful young man truly craved and wanted me as a woman. My heart pounded rapidly and deep with fire as I knelt down in front of Scottie.

I slowly pulled his cock out and stroked it as I stared in awe at its size. It was so manly and I wanted so much to make love to it with my mouth. I ran my fingers gently up and down its long shaft causing him to groan, “Oh yes Andie suck it. Make me ready for your sweet pussy.”

My pussy was on a fire as I gently licked the head of his big thick cock. My hands trembled in sexual anticipation as I lowered my lips onto his cock. I worked my tongue around the rim of its large head as I stroked his cock with my hand. I felt a mild spasm as a bead of his salty precum oozed from onto my tongue. I quickly felt little tremors start to build within me once again. I licked around the head as he moaned loudly, “Oh God suck my cock, Let me fuck your mouth.”

Those words excited me to no end. So crude! So wanton! My pussy was wet with desire as I was already beginning to feel mini sparks of pleasure ripping through my body. I felt so sexy, so slutty as I took the head into my mouth, gently sucking it. How do I ignore my lust for this man. He has taken me to uncharted waters and I for one know that I’m better off because of it.

Scottie moaned, “Oh yes baby suck it. Oh that feels so good” as I lowered my mouth over the shaft of his throbbing cock. I held his cock in my hand teasing it further with my tongue. I was so turned on and I was really enjoying the blowjob I was giving him. I sensed that he was about ready to explode so I lowered my mouth over the head of his cock and quickly stroked his shaft up and down one last time before standing up and groaning, “Fuck me Scottie. Fuck me hard!”

He swung me around and spread my legs apart. I stood there in my kitchen spread open for his cock. I felt the head penetrate the opening of my pussy and I groaned loudly in heated anticipation, “Oh yes Scottie fuck me baby. I need you to fuck me hard baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32