And It Keeps Happening… Again

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A continuation of Laura’s awakening.


After Lynn had returned to the US, life for me settled back into a routine. My husband continued to be a pain. He had announced that he had been chosen to head a sales initiative, which meant a trip to China in a weeks time. I was thankful that I’d have some time on my own for ten days.

I eventually caught up with Sheila for the first time since the party. We both had so much to tell each other. I went round to hers one afternoon, and we both revealed all. Her reaction to my adventures was real excitement, and I had to go through it all, almost minute by minute.

“Wow Laura, you really are having your libido cranked up, and now women as well, Jeff seems to have lit a fire in both of us.”

Agreeing with her, and giggling a bit, I really wanted to know whether she’d seen Jeff since the party, or, indeed, if anything had transpired from the party.

“Well it’s been really interesting, and I guess it’s ongoing.”

“Stop teasing, and tell me all, I know you, you’re just insatiable.”

“Ha ha! Ok. Well you probably saw me chatting to Gregg, the pharmacist from the shops up the road. He’s a bit of a ‘smoothy,’ and I think he’d targeted me from when we walked in. Whether Jeff had told him anything I don’t know, but I don’t think Jeff is indiscreet. Anyway he chatted me up, and asked me out for lunch. I wasn’t going to refuse was I?”

“Here we go,” I added sarcastically, “and you ended up in bed?”

“Laura, you’re awful, you must think I’m a slut!” And she pretended to punch me.

“Now would I suggest such a thing.” By now we were both laughing.

“Actually we didn’t, he’s very much a gentleman in some ways, but he has unique ideas in other ways, which I’m contemplating at present.” Sheila pulled a bit of a face.

“Oh my goodness, you’ve got me curious now, what do you mean? So you’ve not slept with him at all?”

“I didn’t say that!” Sheila smirked, “I said I didn’t sleep with him after that lunch, but we had a second date.” And her smile broadened.

“Ok, ok, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist, so tell me more, what unique ideas did he have? Ooooh I’m so excited, tell me, tell me.”

“He’s a very imaginative lover, but I think he’s experimented quite a bit. He goes to swingers clubs, and he wants me to go to one with him, but I’m not so sure.”

“Wow, that sounds very exciting, but I can’t imagine what they’re like, is it like an orgy? Do you have to have sex with anyone, and everyone?”

“No, no, he assures me that you don’t have to have sex at all, if you don’t want to. He says it can be quite exciting just watching others.” Sheila paused, before she added, “Would you come with me? With us I mean? A bit of moral support.”

I was stunned, I really didn’t know what to say. Sheila could see that, and made a suggestion, “Look, why don’t you have coffee with us, meet Gregg, and just see what you think. I’d love to go, but I’m a bit unsure on my own.”

I thought for just a moment, “It can’t hurt just to have coffee, I’d love to meet Gregg, but I’m not committing myself…yet!”

“Great, maybe come here tomorrow? I can get him to have an early lunch. Are you up for it?”

And so the seeds of another chapter in my sex life seemed to be sown.

The next morning I arrived at Sheila’s around eleven, and was slightly nervous about meeting Gregg, and having to discuss his proposal. I’d thought about it overnight, and although I would be doing Sheila a favour by being her ‘escort,’ I would be a little bit vulnerable myself. However, I had absolutely no experience of swingers clubs. My decision was swayed by just wanting to be my own woman.

I had a brief conversation with Sheila before Gregg arrived, enough time to tell her I was up for the visit. So it was easy to start the conversation with Gregg, after we had poured coffee, and got through the small talk.

Gregg was in fact a charmer, a handsome guy in his early thirties, who was super intelligent, humourous, and apparently, according to Sheila, very good in bed. We all agreed to visit the club that Gregg knew on that Friday evening. Although it was just before I ‘lost’ my husband for ten days I wasn’t going to let that interfere with my social life.

Gregg had explained that there was no compulsion to play. It would be fun to chat to others, and maybe watch some couples at play. There were likely to be single guys on the hunt, but most were polite, and would not force themselves on anyone.

And so the Friday came and Gregg paid for a taxi to pick myself, and Sheila up, and then him. I was half expecting a rather ‘seedy’ place, but I was surprised how upmarket it was. We arrived about nine, and had drinks in the luxurious lounge bar. A couple, about our ages, started to chat, and obviously saw that we were new, but immediately put us at our ease. They even invited us to watch them later that evening when a friend would be joining them. It all looked very exciting.

Sheila and I kept exchanging knowing Escort glances when we saw something that caught our eye. We saw a guy greet the couple we had been chatting to, and it seemed he was the one they had been waiting for, because they waved to us,and disappeared upstairs. Myself and Sheila followed on, because we were dying to see where they were going.

Leaving Gregg behind, we followed the couple into a large room with an enormous padded bed, the size of three king size beds, and standing at the side of the room, we watched fascinated, as the two guys stripped off, and then started undressing the woman. Very soon they were taking it in turns to fuck her, and she seemed to absolutely love it.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt an arm round my waist, but in the semi darkness realised it was Gregg squeezing between the two of us, with his arm around each of our waists.

“What do you think ladies? It’s rather erotic isn’t it?”

Sheila just said, “It’s fucking horny, if you’ll excuse my French!”

I laughed, and just muttered, “Lucky girl.”

“Do you want to join them?” The question came like a bolt from the blue. Neither Shelia, nor I knew what to say. Almost interrupting our thoughts, the woman started to cum loudly, as their friend was pumping away at her pussy. The husband suddenly looked at me, and beckoned with his finger.

I still don’t know why, but I just peeled my dress over my head, and slid onto the bed and towards the husband.

I heard Sheila give a stifled, “Fuck Laura, you’re not going to?”

But I did, the husband slid my panties straight off, and undid my bra, and just pushed his cock into me. I must have been so aroused by watching, that within seconds he was pumping away on top of me.

Sheila not to be outdone was by my side in seconds, and it was an amazing sight to see Gregg fucking the wife of the couple, the husband fucking me, and the friend now fucking Sheila. Some other guy had joined in, and was fucking the wife in an orgy of bodies.

For the next half hour there was so much swapping, and fucking, but there was a moment when I found myself next to Sheila with Gregg fucking me, and Sheila fucking the husband, and I remember Sheila saying, “He’s good isn’t he?”

It was a night like no other. When our mini orgy had slowly come to an end, we had to scramble to find our own clothes, which was amusing in itself. Later in the taxi we all giggled, and I said, “Well I wasn’t expecting that! I’m sorry if I made a spectacle of myself, and Gregg, my husband knows nothing.” I added a long wink.

Gregg was the typical gent, and although I’d had sex with him that evening we were almost formal with each other. I made my way home leaving Gregg to take Sheila to bed. I was shattered, not only from the group sex, but the nervous exhaustion that the evening had generated.

Saturday came and by late afternoon I was free, ten days on my own, to do as I wished.

Sheila came round that evening and we spent it, drinking my husband’s fine wine, and putting the world to rights. I asked Sheila about Gregg, and she made it clear that she did not want to have a ‘long term’ relationship. She was happy to have both him, and Jeff as intimate friends. Sheila also asked me about my sexual exploits, which I shared, being careful not to make reference to Matt, her son. However, my heart did leap when Sheila said that he would be home for two days, on Monday, and Tuesday, passing through, with a friend, on their way to where he lived.

At midnight Sheila went home, and I turned in, aware of an impending hangover, which duly arrived. I spent Sunday reviving myself, and getting the house straight, so that I could have the week ahead to myself, without having too many chores to do. I did see Alice from across the road who said she’d come for coffee in the week. I had a text from Sheila saying that she had spent Sunday preparing for Matt, and his friend coming to stay, and that they were now arriving late that night.

On Monday morning I awoke late. An email arrived and the ping stirred me. I went downstairs to make myself a cup of tea, and pulling the curtains back I saw Matt and his friend just leaving Sheila’s. He looked as handsome as ever, and I felt myself moistening as I remembered him inside me. His friend was equally good looking, what a fine pair they made.

I got showered, and dressed, and decided to go into town to simply browse around the fashion stores, and maybe have a coffee, in fact, to do just as I pleased.

After a couple of hours sauntering around various shops, and department stores, I found myself in a coffee shop that had just opened. Rather than go to one of those ‘chain’ coffee shops it was rather nice to support new start ups.

Sitting there and thinking about nothing in particular, I was suddenly awakened from my daydreaming by a voice.

“Hi Mrs Reynolds, how are you? I thought it was you through the window. This is Bryn, a mate of mine, we’re home for a couple of days.”

It was like a jolt Escort Bayan to hear Matt’s voice again.

“Hello,” I stuttered, “great to see you, hello Bryn, Yes Sheila said you were coming home. Sit down and have a coffee.”

“We’d love to, but we’re late meeting another friend for lunch, but if you don’t mind we could pop by this evening on our way out, if that’s ok?”

“Yes, please do, I’d love to know about uni life.”

And so Matt and Bryn left, and I sat there slightly excited by the prospect of Matt coming to visit. Daft, I knew, but the memories lived long.

I bought one or two things on my shopping trip, and arrived back home about 4pm.

It gave me enough time to change, and organise before Matt and Bryn dropped by. They were obviously going out on the town, and as I expected early in the evening there was a ring at the doorbell.

“Hello again, come in you two,” I said, “I guess you’re having a night out, I’m not sure how lively it will be on a Monday night.”

“Thanks Laura,” Matt said, and this time using my first name, “We’re not sure either, but we’ll have a few drinks anyway.”

“I’m sure there’ll be a few ladies out there that you can chat up.”

Matt looked at Bryn and said, “This lady is terrible, she thinks all young blokes are after one thing.”

Smiling, Bryn mumbled something along the lines of, “If we’re lucky.”

Then not being sure where it came from, totally out of the blue, I said, “Well if you don’t get lucky, you can drop in for a nightcap here, my other half is away, and he’s left behind some good malt whisky.”

“That’s an offer that’s difficult to refuse Laura, we might take you up on that, as long as you don’t tell mum.”

I wasn’t sure if Matt actually winked, but he certainly smiled.

I made some coffee, and after some conversation about uni, they left for their night out.

I sat there for a while, a little shocked by what I’d said about coming back to mine. What had come over me? Did Bryn know about what had happened between us? What if Sheila saw them coming back to mine?

I sat for a moment, and finally reconciled in my mind that what would be, would be.

It was about 11.45pm when the doorbell rang, and I quickly let Matt and Bryn in. They had obviously had a bit to drink, because they were laughing a lot, and talking about some girls they’d chatted to.

“You guys sound as though you’ve had a good time, now I promised you some whisky, do you need ice in it?

Matt said that he would prefer it with ice, and got up to follow me into the kitchen to the freezer. We had a large double doored fridge/freezer, and as I opened one door, Matt opened the other. Our bodies bumped into each other, and it was like an electric shock. I looked at Matt, and he looked at me, and we just kissed.

The kiss went on and on, and Matt’s hands were moving over me.

“Oh god Mrs Reynolds, Laura I mean, I haven’t forgotten.”

“Nor me Matt, no I haven’t at all.”

“Hey you two, if you carry on like that the ice will have melted.” Bryn was standing in the kitchen doorway watching us holding onto each other. “Look if you two want to go upstairs I’ll watch a movie.”

Both Matt and I were so embarrassed, but we both wanted each other. I was shocked when Matt said, “ok buddy if you don’t mind.” And he led me upstairs.

“Let me know if you need any help,” Bryn added as we disappeared.

We were both in a hurry, our clothes were on the floor in seconds, and Matt was pushing me onto the bed, and kissing me as we collapsed onto the duvet. No sooner had I lifted my legs around his thighs I felt him entering me. He seemed even bigger than I remembered, but I was just so alive to his body, and ready for him I groaned, and pressed my nails into his buttocks.

The bed shook, the bed head was banging against the wall, and when I came, I screamed so loudly that I had to stifle my face into the pillow. Matt came straight away too, the feeling of his hot semen inside me a comfort to my whole being.

“God knows what Bryn must think of me, that was loud enough to wake the dead.”

“He’ll be very jealous I would think,” said Matt, I did tell him about us, but he’s very discreet.

“I do hope so, I really don’t want your mum to know. He seems a nice lad anyway.”

At that moment, the toilet flushed along the landing and Bryn’s footsteps passed the door.

Matt coughed and said, “Hope we didn’t disturb you buddy.”

I said, “shush, don’t.”

But it was too provocative for Bryn to ignore. “Mrs Reynolds you shouldn’t encourage my friends to misbehave like this.”

And then the conversation through the doorway got out of hand.

“He didn’t need any encouragement, Bryn.”

“I can understand that. Lucky guy.”

It was then that the devil inside me attacked again.

“Why don’t you join us,” I found myself saying.

Matt was flabbergasted, “Laura, are you sure?”

It was too late. Bryn came into the bedroom and started to strip off.

“Omg Bayan Escort Laura, you’re so fucking sexy,” Matt laughed.

He rolled aside as Bryn knelt on the bed and took one of my nipples in his mouth. A little gasp came from me, before he moved to the other. My hand found his cock, and it was already stiffening, and in a few seconds he had slipped between my thighs, and was inside me.

Matt watched as Bryn began to fuck me steadily, my pussy already lubricated by Matt’s cum. I was building to another orgasm, and the bedhead was banging again.

“Oh good god, oh fuck,” I cried as I came. But I was unprepared for Bryn pulling his cock from me, and Matt slipping inside me once more.

Matt started to fuck me for a second time. My pussy was alive, and on the verge again. Just as Matt was building me towards that moment, Bryn pushed his cock into my mouth. I wasn’t expecting this, but Bryn had obviously been ready to cum when he was fucking me. Within a few minutes he started to jerk in my mouth. Spunk squirted to the back of my throat, dribbling out down my cheeks, as I started to cum again, and Matt was cumming into my pussy once more. Both ends of me were filled with semen.

The three of us were flat out on the bed. I felt damp everywhere, from semen, from perspiration, and from my pussy juices. The smell of sex filled the room.

“Oh my god, you two, please please don’t tell your mum. That was fantastic but so, so wrong in so many ways.”

“We both know it’s our secret Laura, don’t worry, you can trust me, and Bryn. And perhaps next time we’re home, we may pick up where we left off.”

Matt laughed, and Bryn looked slightly embarrassed.

Creeping out of the house at 1am, they made their way back to Sheila’s.

On the Wednesday morning Sheila came round for coffee. Matt and Bryn had left on Tuesday afternoon, and Sheila had been pleased to see Matt after his term away.

“He’s getting on fine at uni,” said Sheila, “I gather he and Bryn dropped in to see you on Monday.”

“Yes they did, he’s growing into a fine young man isn’t he. And Bryn seems a good friend to have.”

“Mmm..a lovely boy.”

“Do I detect an element of lust you naughty woman?” I raised my eyebrows.

Sheila looked at me guiltily. “Laura we both know we’re fallen women, but joking aside, I did flirt with him when Matt wasn’t around.”

I swallowed hard knowing what had happened with me, and both of them. “Flirt? I know your definition of that Sheila!”

“Hmmmmm…we kissed a bit and I felt his cock.”

I felt myself blushing slightly, knowing that I’d had his cock in both my mouth and pussy.

“So you will inviting him to stay again?” I giggled, knowing I was right.

Changing the subject I asked Sheila about the week ahead, knowing full well I was a free agent. She said that she had nothing planned, although she’d had a text from Jeff inviting her for coffee.

“I think we should have an adventure, while I’m free.”

“Mmmmmm…what are you suggesting?”

“I was going to say, how about a little visit to a club?”

“What sort of club? You naughty girl, are you trying to lead me astray?” Sheila had a smile, and a glint in her eye.

“Well, I think it could be fun, I’ve looked online, and it’s open tomorrow night. What do you say?”

“Oooooh you devil, yes, of course, what time?”

“I’ll get a taxi for 9.30pm.”

Thursday evening arrived, and both of us were wearing revealing dresses, short, low cut, and we had hold ups underneath. The club seemed just as busy as the last time, but the difference was that as two women on our own, we felt numerous male eyes on us as soon as we walked in.

We had made a pact that we would not separate, but stay together all evening. We’d mutually agree about anyone we might ‘go with.’

On arrival we made our way to the bar where the ‘hosts,’ a couple in their forties, started chatting to us. Tracey and Bill, as they were called, were pouring drinks, and talking to a couple of guys about the same age as them.

“Are you two ladies new to the club?” The question came from the taller of the two guys who was called Tom. He was quite a handsome fella, with piercing blue eyes.

“Yes, we’ve been once before with a friend,” I replied, slightly nervously.

“Did you get to play?” The pointed question came from Andy, the second guy.

Sheila giggled and said, “We had a go on the fruit machine.”

All six of us laughed aloud, and doubly so as Andy added, “So you pulled then?”

That set the tone for the next hour. The conversation flowed, and the four of us had several drinks while we all commented on various people passing in and out of the bar. Sheila seemed to be interested in Tom, and Andy was very attentive to me. We both caught each other’s eye, and we signalled that if it happened, then it would be ok with these two.

Just before midnight a buzz went around the bar that one of the women, a young blonde who had been flaunting herself earlier on, was going to be gangbanged. Tom said that she had done this before, and was a terrible slut. Andy added that last time she was fucked by five guys.

“Do you want to go and watch?” Andy asked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32