Anal Training

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Sex between my husband and me was wild for a while but, as I think happens to most couples, life, kids and finances wore us down and we returned to a normal once or twice on the weekend schedule. After my oldest started kindergarten, I started to work part time to help with the finances to at least reduce that part of the stress in our lives. Because I had an MBA, I was able to get a temporary jobs helping with end of the year audits at a well-known swimsuit manufacturing company.

My boss was a guy about twenty-five years old, five years younger than me. His name was Tyler, and he looked like a Tyler—preppy, well built, dark hair and intense blue eyes. His office was large and had mirrors on three sides as well as full bathrooms on opposite sides of the room. While I worked, models would walk in on occasion wearing skimpy bikinis, sometimes a thong, and parade up and down in front of the mirrors. Tyler would nod approval or disapproval and then they went somewhere else, to a photo shoot I figured.

With about four days left in my assignment, I started looking at the books for a subsidiary of the swimsuit company. “What does this subsidiary do?” I asked. “They have some products with funny names.”

“It’s…um…” Tyler mumbled, “A sexual aide manufacturer.”

I, the good Asian girl with little knowledge of the real world, asked, “Sexual aides? What are sexual aides?”

Tyler turned beet red and, avoiding my eyes, said, “You know. Dildos, butt plugs, vibrators…”

“Butt what!”

“Butt plugs,” Tyler said. “You know what they are, right?”

“I…” I stammered, “I have no idea.”


“Show me,” I said.

He thought my request to be rather funny. “I’d rather not.”

I pouted and put my hands on my hips. “Come on. I’m a big girl.”

Tyler rolled his eyes and sighed, “If you insist.” Tyler went into a storage closet and came out with a large cardboard box. He took out a plastic box with five black shiny objects that looked like miniature cocks. “This is our anal training kit,” he said. “It’s one of our most popular items.”

“Anal…anal training?”

Tyler sighed and put the plastic box back inside the large box. “Listen,” he said. “I don’t think this is a discussion…”

“No,” I gulped. “I find this fascinating. Show me another.”

“Why don’t you do this,” Tyler said. “Why don’t you look in the box and ask me if you have questions.”

At first I hesitated, but then I shrugged and started examining the items one at a time. These things came in every shape and size. Some were quite bizarre, but some excited me when I held them. In particular, one plug was tapered in such a way that a small round ball sat on the top, a larger one sat beneath it, and the largest sat at the bottom. I fondled it, trying to imagine what it would feel like, losing myself in my thoughts.

“If you like that, you can have it,” Tyler said. “In fact, you can have the whole box.”

I almost died of embarrassment! “Oh, no,” I said. “I’ve never…I mean…not that it’s any of your business…”

He illegal bahis clapped his hands together and laughed. “You’re right. It’s none of my business. Let me put this stuff away.”

But he didn’t put it all away. He took out the anal trainer kit and the three-tiered plug and left them on his desk. Then he winked at me. “Just in case.”

I assumed, of course, that he was suggesting that I might want to take the training kit home. Well, I didn’t, and nothing happened that night. Two days later it was my last day on the job, and I was working late into the night with Tyler. We were the only two in the entire building when at last, we closed the books.

“Before you go,” Tyler said, “I have something for you.” He handed me a couple of thin boxes and said, “Use the bathroom. Try these on.”

“What are they?” I asked.

“One’s a regular bikini and one’s a thong bikini.”

I giggled and blushed. “You can’t be serious.”

“Sure,” he said. “You have a great body, at least I think you do, and I’m in the business. Go ahead.”

I bought into his story hook line and sinker! I went into the bathroom and, paranoid that there were cameras in it, stripped out of my clothes and slipped into the black string bikini. I was pretty tan at the time so I wasn’t too scared about how I looked, but I was scared to be with a young man all alone late at night. When I came out, he whistled. “That’s a keeper,” he said. “Try on the thong and maybe your husband would like a suit, too. I’ll use the other bathroom and put one on so you can see what they look like.”

My heart was in my throat when I put on the dark blue thong. It was almost out of my throat as I stood in the middle of the room seeing my reflection in all the mirrors, but I almost fainted when Tyler walked out of the other bathroom wearing what seemed to be a handkerchief. Tyler’s body was hard, as was his cock under the tiny patch of cloth.

“What do you think?” he asked. “Would your husband like something like this?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Well, he sure would like you in that thong,” Tyler said. “Turn around. Let me see you from behind.”

I turned, watching myself in the mirrors, thrilled by the undersides of my tits peeking out from under the top of the suit. “Do you ever go topless?” Tyler asked.

“No,” I gulped. “I mean, sometimes, by our pool maybe, not at the beach.”

“You should, you know,” he said. “There’s something about a topless Asian woman that’s fantastic. I think it’s the combination of small, firm breasts and large, dark nipples.” Without asking, he reached around my neck and untied the knot holding my suit up, and then he undid the knot around my back. The top flittered to the floor. I stood almost naked in front of a total stranger and made no attempt to cover myself.

“Yeah,” he said, staring at my tits. “There’s something about a topless Asian woman. Hey. There’s a problem with my suit. Do you know what it is?”

I just shook my head.

“The problem is that my cock sticks out of it. See?” He took my hand and placed in on illegal bahis siteleri the hard knob of his dick. In an instant, we were kissing, pressed up against each other.

He kissed my neck and ran his hands over my breasts. “I don’t want to force you.”

“You’re not,” I whispered.

He lowered me onto the couch, pulled off the thong and started eating my pussy. I lifted my pussy high in the air, arching my back, moaning and trying not to come. I almost squealed when he licked my butt hole, responding to his oral assault by grinding my hips against his face.

Tyler glanced up at me and asked, “You enjoy being toyed with back there?”

I moaned and whispered, “Yes.”

“Have you ever…”


“Do you want to?”

“With my husband, yes.”

“Do you want to be…trained?”

“You mean,” I mumbled, “use that…that thing?”

He knew what I meant. “Come here. I’ll sit, and you come on top of me.”

He sat on the couch and I lowered my soaked pussy onto his hard cock. He reached over my shoulder and spread my juices over my tight hole. “Are you ready?”

“Uh huh.”

God how I writhed and wiggled when Tyler shoved his cock deep into my pussy, even more so when he began easing the dildo into my ass. I felt my tight hole being spread open and yielding to the first little ball. There was no pain—only pleasure—and when my muscles closed around it I just about screamed! My orgasm ripped me apart and his orgasm filled me with hot juice.

I gasped for air, impaled on his prick and the butt plug impaled in my ass. Gradually I came to realize that he was still hard and still gyrating his hips.

Gasping for air, he whispered into my ear, “Are you ready?”

“Ready…for what?”

“The second ball,” Tyler said.

I had seen that ball! There was no way, I thought, that it could make it into the tiny space behind me. “I…I don’t think…”

Tyler stroked my cheek. “Sure you can,” he said. “Trust me.”

He started slow, but soon he picked up the pace and once again he was pounding his cock into me. I tried to match his movements, but the pain of the second ball entering my butt made me pause. I saw my reflection in the mirror, my face twisted with ecstasy, as he eased the bulbous knob into me. I felt myself being opened further and further until a feral lust overcame me. “Fuck my ass,” I cried. “Fuck it!”

Tyler obliged. He shoved the second ball in, pulled it out, and then started moving it in and out with a rhythm that matched the thrusts of his prick. His hot juices flooded me again and another orgasm ripped the breath out of me.

I lay my head on his shoulder, gasping for air. He pulled me close, moving his hips constantly, his still hard dick moving inside of me, pushing his cum and my juices out of me until they coated my thighs.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I can’t,” I cried. There was no way he could get the third ball into me.

“Try it,” Tyler said.

I looked in the mirror. I saw the animal lust on my face and my quivering canlı bahis siteleri lips. “Okay,” I mumbled.

Tyler held me close and whispered in my ear, “Hang on tight!” The pressure on my butt increased. The pain increased. The pleasure increased. I felt the largest ball slip inside of me and my muscle close around it. “Do you know that it’s massaging my cock?” Tyler asked. “I don’t have to move at all. I just have to push that in and out of you. Should I do that?”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Do it! Yes!”

Like a pile driver, he pulled the plug completely out and then rammed it back in. All three balls opened my ass on the way out, and opened it again on the way in. Soon I was nothing but a lewd slut, waiting to be sodomized by this plastic knob, my orgasms coming in wave after wave.

I thought we were done, but Tyler had other plans. “I’m going to remove the dildo,” he said. “Then you’re gonna put my cock in your ass.”

“I…I’m what?”

“You’re going to reach behind you, hold my prick, place it at your ass hold and lower yourself onto it.”

“No. I…”

“It’s not like the toy you’ve been using. You’ll be stretched open, that’s for sure, but you’ll feel me cock all the way up inside you. If you think you had great orgasms a few minutes ago, think about this—the best is yet to come.”

I swallowed hard, lifted my body off his still-hard cock, put it at the opening of my tight hole and lowered myself onto him. It took only a few seconds for me to be pushing down as hard as I could and as fast as I could. His prick felt like it was so long that it was hitting my ribs but I wanted it deeper, so I jammed my body down as hard as I could, grinding onto his lap. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to come, though, because I had come so many times already, but Tyler solved that problem. He clenched his teeth around one of my nipples and his thumb and forefinger around the other, squeezing it as hard as he could without tearing it off. That did it. The added pain quickly turned to added pleasure. I screamed when I came, my voice echoing throughout the room.

I was exhausted, covered in sweat. I could barely move and, when I finally stood up, I could barely walk.

“You should shower before you go,” Tyler said. He kissed me and held me against his body, whispering in my ear.

“You’re incredible,” he said. “So sensual. So beautiful. I wish you could stay. Do you think, someday, you and I could…you know…spend a night together?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I wanted to. I wanted to spend a week with him. He had opened me up-literally-to a new set of sensations , but I loved my husband. After what I had just done, I had to do something special for him and I knew what it was.

After I showered and dressed, I bundled up the bikini and thong, picked up the anal toys and left. When I got home, I found a thousand dollar bonus check in the pay envelope Tyler had given me. I don’t know if it was for the sex or for my work, and I never asked.

Later, when I lay in bed next to my husband, I whispered, “Let’s go away for our anniversary. Let’s spend the weekend, just you and me, at a nice place at the beach.”

“Sure,” he yawned. “Whatever you want.”

My husband could not possibly imagine what I wanted, but I was certain he would enjoy what I had planned for our weekend.

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