Anal Highways

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My older brother is a truck driver, and runs all over the country. He loves his job and says he wants to teach me to drive 18 wheelers so that we can drive together. On my 18th birthday I set out with him to see just what this driving is all about. We are quickly 1000’s of miles from home seeing sights I never have before. We got along very well on the road, with the truck being so small you need to be easy going. The truck has most of the comforts you need, VCR/TV, refrig, a/c, double bunks, and a nice stereo. He had a lot of porno movies that we would watch when we had some off time between loads. This time would prove to be different.

We were at a truck stop in Texas, nothing much going on except sitting around drinking coffee. Jason my brother went to take a shower as I stayed in the drivers lounge watching TV. He was taking longer than usual, so I went to see what was taking him so long. I went into the room for male showers and found only one shower in use. The only problem was there were 2 sets of legs in this one shower stall, and I could hear moaning sounds. As I looked to see who this was I could not see anything except one person on there knees and the other one standing. It was obvious someone was getting a blowjob, I thought it was my brother. I kept very quiet as not to disturb the action and went outside the shower room and waited for Jason to come out and see the girl he sneaks out.

When my brother came out, he was with a guy. My brother couldn’t have been with a guy I thought. So I went back in the showers and it was empty, he was with a guy, either getting or giving a blowjob. Well, being on the road for a long time and hookers being nasty and expensive, he might do this for some relief.

That night when we went back to the truck for the night I was going to ask him about what I had seen. He wanted to watch a porno movie, and he took one from a different place than usual. Before he put the movie in Jason pulled the curtain around the windows so that nobody could see into the trucks inside. He put it in and it popped up on the screen, it was 2 guys and a girl fucking. My brother bursa otele gelen escort started to undress and I also done the same, we usually done this before going to bed. As the movie went on it became obvious this was no plain sex movie, it was a bi XXX movie. The guys were soon giving each other blowjobs as the girl shared the cocks with them.

My brother looks at me and said, “I know you came in the shower and saw me giving that guy head. What did you think?”

I told him “I was curious as to why he done this.”

Jason smiled and said “I am going to show you why I do that! Take off the rest of your cloths!” I wondered if he was really serious, my brother wanting to suck my cock. I was horny enough after seeing him earlier and seeing the movie, so I pulled off what cloths I had on and so did my brother. He began by sitting me in the passenger seat and turning it around into the sleeper, from this position I can see the movie on our TV. He began to run his hands up my thighs and began to rub my balls, this was a strange feeling my brother playing with nuts. He slowly began to stroke my growing cock, he smiled and said, “Mmm, I am going to enjoy this!! I think you will also..”

Jason put his face between my legs, I could feel his hot breath on my hard cock. Never before had I thought of my brother sucking my dick, but it was about to happen. He slowly sucked the head into his warm wet mouth, the feeling was wonderful. He ran his tongue up and down the length of my shaft, and he would run his fingers around my asshole. God, I was loving this new feeling my brother was giving me. He was a sucking my cock deep into his mouth, I told my brother, “I am gonna cum, suck it good!!”

Jason pulled my cock out of his mouth and said, “Fill my mouth up with your cum little brother, because I want you to suck me off next!!” I couldn’t believe what I said next “ok, I want to suck you good!” I grabbed him by the head and was fucking his mouth like a teenage pussy. I let out a loud moan and with a grunt, I filled my brothers mouth with bursa eve gelen eskort my sweet hot sticky cum. He tried his best to suck every drop down trying not to loose a single drop.

When he raised up from cleaning the last of the cum from my cock, a little was still dribbling from his mouth down his chin. I shocked him by leaning over and licking my cum from his face and kissing him to taste even more of my juices in his mouth.

I really wanted to suck my brothers cock now, I never thought cum would taste so good. I told him to sit in the seat I was just in, he had a real nice cock. His cock was about 8 inches long and fat. It had precum on the tip, I wondered if he would taste as good as mine did. I took his cock into my hand to feel its weight and hardness, it was real nice. I bent down and began to lick the head of this huge cock, it was sweet tasting. I sucked it into my mouth savoring the new taste and feel in my mouth. I sucked his cock all the way into my mouth, I gagged as it went in to far.

Jason said, “Relax, and tilt your head back and it will go in easier.” This worked wonders, soon he was fucking my mouth with ease. As I sucked his cock, he moved so that he could finger my asshole. Now I was really liking this, I asked him “Jason, would you fuck me in the ass with your cock? I really want to feel it going in my asshole…..and filling my with your cum!!!” He said “hell yea, I would love to fuck you! But am the first guy to fuck your asshole?” I laughed and said “well yea, you are the first guy I have ever been with..”

With this he stood up and guided me to the bunk in our truck, he instructed me to bend over this and put my ass in the air so that I was comfortable. I done as I was told, my ass was sticking in the air and my legs were spread wide open. Soon I could feel my brothers roaming fingers exploring my tight asshole, one finger, then two,and even three. He was trying to loosen up my asshole, then I could feel his hot breath on my ass. What was he doing, then his tongue began to lick my ass cheeks. Slowly bayan escort bursa he began to lick the rim of my asshole. I moaned “mmmm, god that is incredible…fuck me with your tongue!!” He didn’t need to be asked twice, his slippery tongue slipped into my secret new love tunnel. I though, “if his tongue feels this good…what’s his fat cock gonna feel like?.?.?”

I told him “Jason I want you to fuck my virgin ass, take my anal cheery now….goddamn I want your cock in me now!!!” I was in absolute ecstasy, my brothers tongue was doing it best, never before have ever experienced anything like this before. He stood up and I knew I was about to get my asshole filled up right. Slowly he began to rub the head at the entrance to my anal fuck hole. I pushed against it trying to get it in my hot asshole. Jason began to push the head of his cock into me, it burned and the pain was intense. He stopped as I began to whimper, he said “the pain will go away in a minute or two, just relax and let my cock in…” As I relaxed his cock slipped into my tight ass, god it felt so incredible. I have never felt so filled up in my life, I could feel his cock thrust against my stomach.

Jason said “little brother, you have the tightest ass I have ever fucked….god knows I love a real virgin!!” I could hardly speak as he plunged that fat cock in and out of my virgin asshole. I heard myself say “please fill my ass full of your hot cum, I need to feel it splash inside my hot asshole!!” His pace picked up, and by the sound of the grunts and moans I could tell he wasn’t far from cumming. He stopped, his cock buried deep in my asshole, he slowly pulled it out leaving just the head in me.

Then with one strong deep slow stoke, then another, and another….he began to moan loudly. Then he shoved it in all the way and I could feel his hot cum splashing into my tight ass. It was the cream I was waiting for, it felt so good. My brother pulled his cock out of my ass hole and I immediately began to suck the cum and my anal juices from his softening cock, cleaning it ever so gently. He then had me to stand up and turn around, I could then feel the cum running out of my stretched asshole and down my legs.

He had me to bend over and then he began to lick the cum from my asshole and from my legs. This felt good to my sore stretched asshole. From this time on, my brother and I have saved a lot of money on hookers, and we have introduced a lot of our trucking friends to anal pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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