Anal Etiquette Ch. 03: Politics as Usual

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the previous 3 parts starting at chapter 00! Also if you like what you read check out Lordodie’s series that started it all!


Part 3: The Clinic

Ashley and I took a seat in the waiting room of our local anal health clinic. I had received the necessary papers to fill out from the pretty receptionist seated behind the counter. I thought perhaps Karlee would be working today but I guess she had the day off. It was a Friday and the city government was shut down for the weekend, so Ashley and I had made an appointment to get in to see Dr. Hailey about a subject we’d been putting off for too long a time.

The waiting room was mostly empty save for a nervous looking young man in his late teens or early twenties, and what was probably either an older sister or mother; it’s hard to tell sometimes nowadays with all the aging therapy available. It’s not unusual for a woman to look 10, 15 — Hell! in some cases — 20 years younger than they really are. I finished up the standard forms: privacy statements, medical history research permissions, consent to be seen by others during the procedure, consent to be filmed, consent to be gagged and restrained (female), consent to be vaginally dilated, consent to be anally dilated (female), consent for prostate stimulation (male). The latter was in there seeing as the clinic pulled double duty as both the town’s anal wellbeing clinic and the town’s sole sperm bank. I finished up the forms and returned them to the receptionist’s desk.

“Thank you. The doctor will be with you soon,” came the reply, but otherwise the woman behind the counter kept typing away.

Ashley had picked up a magazine and was busying herself in one of the articles included. I scanned the table but found nothing interesting, I turned my attention to the pair sitting across from me.

“Will it hurt Mom?” The young man was anxiously asking his mother.

“It’s nothing any different then what we do at home,” she told him. I took in her features: she was wearing a low-cut, sheer navy blue sundress that showed off her athletic frame. Her breasts were clearly visible through the material, and both of her rock hard little nipples and round areolas were equally unhidden. The dress was short enough to barely cover her pantiles crotch. She had dark red hair and her skin tone was that of a “day-walker”: a freckleless, tanned tone — as opposed to the pale skin of most redheads. She was sitting legs crossed turned towards her son; her toned legs were being showcased by her position and the way the dress was made.

The door to the medical hallway opened and a beautiful redheaded nurse with light skin appeared in the doorway. She was wearing a white, sleeveless nurse’s top that ended a couple of inches below her ample breast. Her nipples were proudly poking out against the thin fabric. A pin — that I couldn’t make out — had 83% printed on it. I recognized her as Nurse Rose; the nurse assigned to the sperm bank. The only other item of clothing Rose wore was white knee high boots — leaving her shaved pussy and bare latex-packed ass on display. It had been the standard uniform at the clinic since the city council repealed the indecency laws years ago. The attractive nurse Rose looked down at the tablet in her hand and announced, “Ethan?”

“Go on,” the mother told her nervous looking son.

Ethan got up and followed the nurse into the hallway. I got a quick glimpse of the impressively sized plug she had lodged in her colon as she turned to lead the young man back. Moments later they appeared on the monitor set up in the waiting room. Instead of running television shows like they used, to some clinics had switched to showing the goings on of the treatment rooms. It looks like today the channel was set to the sperm bank room.

“First time?” I addressed the mom who had also started watching the monitor; already knowing the answer. She was beginning to look familiar to me.

“It is. It was all he could talk about for days, and then we got here and he turned shy all of a sudden,” she responded, chuckling to herself. We both turned our attention back to the monitor. “Here he goes,” the mom stated as we watched her son undress and climb onto the milking table that Nurse Rose had prepared.

The busty nurse swung the table’s stirrups around and the boy laid down on his back, placed his calves in the stirrups exposing his cock, balls and asshole to the cute nurse. She then took up position at the foot of the table taking a seat on a stool. There was no sound but I could tell she winced as she settled into a sitting position. She had grabbed a latex glove and had placed it on to her right hand.

I could tell by the way Ethan was acting they were going to be there for a while. His cock didn’t look to be hardening at all and so the milking machine used to extract the sperm couldn’t yet be attached. Rose and Ethan were chatting about something briefly eliciting almanbahis şikayet a nod from his head as he slid his hips forward giving her better access to his crotch area.

“He’ll be fine,” his mother said, mostly to herself. “Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss from him is over.” She was talking to me but continued watching the screen.

“New situation, I suppose.” It was true, I was nervous the first time I had an appointment for milking as well. I’d like to think I handled it better though.

Nurse Rose was in the process of coating her gloved hand with lubricant followed by the boy’s asshole. The two of them exchanged a few words and then Rose sunk two of her gloved fingers into his bottom. She sawed them back and forth for a little bit and then added a third. She started rotating her hand 180-degrees and soon after her little finger joined the first three. With

that Ethan’s cock started to stir for the first time quickly gaining in size and width. “See? Just like I said: it’s nothing different than what we do at home. He’ doing fine.” The mom declared. It was at this point I realized for the first time who she was. This was Sergeant Autumn of the Sheriff’s Department. I hadn’t recognized her because she only worked nights so I rarely saw her. I didn’t even know she had a kid, let alone one as old as Ethan. This was also the first time I’d seen her out of uniform — which clearly didn’t do her body justice.

On the monitor, things were escalating rapidly. Nurse Rose made another comment to Ethan and he nodded his head, giving a one-word response. With that, she tucked her thumb into her palm and gave a hard push, sinking her entire hand into the boy’s ass up to her wrist. She started rotating her hand again like before then settled into a position where she could massage his prostate. I knew from experience she would be grinding her fingertips into the sensitive spot momentarily. Ethan had started jacking his cock and it looked to be ready for the milking machine. Sure enough, Nurse Rose grabbed onto the device — which was built similar to an old-fashioned pocket pussy — with a tube coming out of it to transfer the sperm into a storage container.

Rose placed the opening over the head of his cock, which he was holding straight up with his hand in anticipation of the device. The machine slid over his erect cock and was held in position by a supporting arm attached the exam table — freeing up Rose’s other hand. She started rubbing the boy’s balls with her free hand gently squeezing them like they were a fruit she was testing the firmness of at the supermarket. I could tell from the movements of her forearm that the hand she had encased in Ethan’s anus was beginning to push into his prostate.

As the first orgasm hit Ethan, Rose started lightly spanking the poor boy’s ball sack. Not hard, but enough to get a response from him. I could see the white cum being sucked up through the tube after each spurt. Then, as the tube went clear again, Rose went back to the ball squeezing as she had been doing before and the process started over again. Judging from his age, I figured he’d be in there for another five to six orgasms. I was just getting ready to say something to that effect to his mother when the door opened to the medical hallway.

“Ashley?” Standing in the doorway was Dr. Hailey, the owner of the clinic, Ashley’s anal wellbeing physician, and a significant political donor to the Progressive Party. My wife laid down the magazine and we both stood up.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” I told Autumn, who was still watching the monitor intently. Her legs were now spread slightly and her right hand had crept under the hem of her dress. Through the translucent material, I could clearly see three fingers of her hand working her slit as her thumb rubbed her clit.

“Yeah, I know. You have a good day!” she chirped as looked up at me. We shared a quick smile before she returned her attention to the monitor. Just before I turned to depart, I saw her

add the fourth finger to the other three sinking into her gooey snatch. She obviously loved her son very much!

Ashley and I followed the buxom blonde doctor into the hallway. Dr. Hailey was wearing white boots like that of the nurses, but unlike the nurses the rest of her attire consisted of only a white lab coat the stethoscope she had draped over the back of her neck. Her lab coat also had a pin on it — like Nurse Rose had — but the doctor’s had 100% written on it. I still wasn’t able to make out the rest of the smaller print encircling the percentage.

Ashley and the doctor were in front of me leading the way to the exam room. I was enjoying the sexy sway of my wife’s sweet ass from behind; knowing exactly how large the plug that I’d inserted up there before we left the house; I had to use my imagination of Dr. Hailey’s butt as the lab coat obscured her entire ass.

I looked to my right as we passed the first room and saw in person almanbahis canlı casino the activities I had been watching on the monitor in the waiting room. It looked like Ethan was in the midst of another orgasm as Rose spanked his balls through completion. We continued down the hall and — looking into the next exam room — I saw a nurse I recognized from previous visits. I glanced at the display overlaid across the clear glass separating the exam room and the hallway.

Patient: Kelcie K. Age: 19

Administrating Nurse: Mercie J

The patient was strapped into one of those exam chairs that kept the patient doubled over at the waist where they were then bound using leather straps to secure them into place — multipurpose gynecological chairs, if memory served — which was positioned with Kelcie’s head well below her ass. The exam must have been in its last stages, because the nurse had both of her forearms buried to the elbow in the young patient as she worked the hole furiously. From the expression on Kelcie’s face, she looked to be in another plane of existence. The blonde girl’s pussy and ass was glistening with a combination of lubricant and girl goo matting the sparse, light brown hair that surrounded her pussy and asshole.

Seated on a stool between the girl’s legs, Nurse Mercie had worked up a sweat pounding her young charge’s intestines into oblivion. It was easy at this angle to see the impressive bulge pressing out from her stomach under where the nurse’s blouse came to an end. I had stopped to watch, and perhaps I’d stood there for too long as my wife and the doctor entered the room adjacent to where the action I was viewing was happening. I finally pried myself away from proceedings just as Kelcie’s snatch started spraying cum. The steady stream of clear liquid was arching backwards covering her own naked torso and face. She had her mouth open and was catching as much as she could while all the while swallowing down what she’d collected. The nurse’s punishing tempo seemed to continue unabated.

I hurried into the exam room where my wife had disappeared moments before. As I rounded the corner, I was meet with another figure in the room. She had on the standard nurse’s uniform but was wearing a harness that was holding in place a plug that was at least 8″ in diameter and which hung down her legs to her knees.

“This is Nurse Vinni. she is going to be helping us through the procedure today,” Dr. Hailey said, making the introduction. The burgundy haired nurse had flawlessly bronzed skin, huge tits that were snug in the nurse’s top she was wearing, and an obscenely huge bulge sticking out from her abdomen. She too had on a pin which had 98% on it.

Nurse Vinni said hello and instructed my wife the remove her clothes. Ashley quickly obeyed. Dr. Hailey took a seat on the chair by the exam table and instructed me to also remove my clothes. I placed the items of clothing in the tote that was supplied to me and took a seat on the exam table in front of Dr. Hailey.

She began, “No doubt you’ve noticed the pins the nurses and I have been wearing. These are our Certified Capacity ratings — the maximum amount of dilation our anus’s can handle. I’m sure your wife has informed you of the test she had a few weeks ago?”

“She did,” I answered looking over to my lovely wife. She was in the process of getting her first high-volume enema administered by Nurse Vinni. Ashley’s belly had already started to expand giving off the impression she was a few months pregnant. She began moaning softly as the uncomfortable pressure started to build. I returned my attention back to the doctor seated before me.

“I understand your appointment today is to ascertain the benefits of your wife starting the procedure, correct?” The buxom doctor was reading off her tablet she had taken out and was currently swiping through.

“That’s right.”

“I’m seeing your wife’s maximum certified capacity is…” She paused for a moment double checking the results. “8 and 3/8 inches,” the doctor said at last. “Unusual for a woman her size! Looks like the administering nurse ran the test twice just to be certain.”

“Are you sure about that, doctor? I’ve been involved in her anal training for years — even before we were married. I struggle to get anything larger than a six and a half in her.” I looked back over at my wife who wasn’t paying attention to our conversation. Clear water was being expelled from her ass into the drain area below her as Nurse Vinni supervised. Ashley always insisted on giving herself a thorough cleaning out before going to the clinic, and today had been no exception. Poor Courtney had given up two hours of her day making sure my wife’s ass was squeaky clean so Ashley could show up and have the clinic’s staff make her ass squeaky clean. I’m not sure how many enemas had been administered to my wife’s rectum today, but I doubt

there was even a trace of shit left anywhere in her lower intestinal almanbahis casino tract.

“That’s what the results shows,” continued the doctor. “Most people are surprised when they get their results back. I was surprised myself when mine came back with an 8″ result, but — after starting the procedures we follow here — I was up to my certified capacity in a little over a year.”

“Well, I guess I’m just wanting to make sure the result is going to justify the expense,” I stated bluntly.

“I’m not sure you can really put a price on a woman’s anal wellbeing,” Replied Dr. Hailey, “But I’ve set up a little demonstration for you today so you will have no doubts about the validity of the process.” She brushed each side of her lab coat around her impressive breasts, revealing that each nipple was topped with a painful looking jewelry piece clamping down on her pointy pink nubs.

Glancing over, Ashley had finished her enema procedures and was being placed in the room’s multipurpose gynecological chair. Nurse Vinni was strapping my wife into position — legs pulled forcefully back — so the front of her thighs were touching the surface of the chair. The nurse began ratcheting the restraints into place to totally immobilize my wife — forcing her to groan again as the strain in her joints reached painful levels. As I watched my wife be restrained, Dr. Hailey began blowing me and my cock stiffened quickly in her mouth.

Once I was fully erect she stood and told me to lie down on the table, and then climbed onto its surface with me. I glanced over at my wife — who had just gotten a cock shaped gag feed down her throat, silencing her soft moans of discomfort. Nurse Vinni was finishing up securing the gag in place as Hailey reached down and feed my dick into her moist twat. I knew right away that the doctor’s asshole was empty. My cock slipped past her cunt lips with no resistance at all. “Now, you can feel the way my vagina accommodates your penis with an unoccupied intestinal tract,” she stated.

I nodded my head ye, “I’ve been in tighter vagina’s, doctor,” I answered back.

“No doubt,” was her reply. I realized after I had said it that it could be contused as an insult, but the doctor didn’t seem to mind. “Now, I’m going to have Nurse Vinnie come over and join us.”

Nurse Vinni had finished with my wife and had stepped onto the platform at the bottom of the exam table. She had lined the ridiculously sized strap-on she had on up with Dr. Hailey’s ass and gave a push. I couldn’t see the penetration from my position but I certainly felt it. The doctor’s twat was all of a sudden the difference between living in a spacious studio apartment to living in a cardboard box — a very small cardboard box. The nurse continued the anal assault on her boss until I felt the bulge form on Hailey’s stomach. Movement stopped and after some

fiddling with her crotch the nurse stepped away from the doctor’s blown out colon, having secured the massive latex slab into its current home.

Hailey leaned up allowing me to see the bulge formed by the beast she had buried in her guts. She pumped her hips a few times riding me cowgirl style, then switched to grinding her hips back and forth — then just as abruptly lifted herself off of my cock. She could tell from the expression on my face I was looking forward to finishing up inside her now ultra-tight pussy, but she just sat back down — this time with a grunt — on the stool at the foot of the exam table and repositioned her lab coat to recover her clamped tits.

“As you can see, the difference is really something that needs to be experienced to be believed.” She was looking at me while expecting a response.

“Well, I’m sold Doctor. When can she start?” I said.

“She can start immediately! As you can see, Nurse Vinni is already warming her up.” I allowed a sideways glance at my wife. The nurse was standing between my wife’s outstretched legs with a strap-on slightly larger than the plug Ashley had worn today. She was driving the thick dong into my wife’s defenseless ass with slow but purposeful thrusts. I could see the bulge from the dildo’s passage moving up Ashley’s abdomen before it slipped under her ribcage to slam into the base of her lungs. The nurse had one clenched fist buried into my wife’s pussy and was in the process of working her second fist in along the first. “I’ll need your fingerprint here authorizing payments for treatment,” Dr. Hailey said, holding out the tablet.

I took the tablet and scanned through the documents on the screen for a few minutes. Glancing sideways again, Nurse Vinni now had both fists inside Ashley’s cunt as she continued to ream out her ass with the strap-on. She was pulling one closed fist out before reversing direction and slamming the closed fist back inside before repeating the same process with the other fist. My wife was rolling her head from side to side and doing her best to moan in pleasure and pain through the dildo gag as her tits flopped around on her chest in cadence with the pounding her cunt and asshole were receiving.

“Is it necessary to treat my wife’s pussy like that?” I asked referring to the punch fisting it was going through. “I do like fucking that hole, you know!”

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