An Unusual Body and Unusual Family

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Well, I guess it’s time to tell my tale. I’ll begin with some background. Many many years ago I was born, I know obvious right? However my body was and is a bit different. To explain further, I was born with two penises. Why my parents elected to leave both of them is a story for another time.

The reactions I have received while growing up “like this” have been as varied as there are people on the planet. I have had women literally run from the room screaming to the other end of the spectrum of having a female stalker or two. My wife is a great woman and just adores me and both of my penises. We got married after college got jobs and began a family. Ended up with three children, one son and two daughters. They are all out of the house now, and so far it appears that my wife and I did a good job in raising them.

To fast forward more than a few years, our youngest daughter Mehgan was visiting us during a break from school. She is a very attractive young woman. I know I’m biased, but wow! Mehgan is 5’7, slender build, long straight dark brown hair, brown eyes, 34d, yes I know this because I have looked at hers bras when I did the laundry.

It was a Saturday and everyone was out of the house and I was feeling really randy. I knew my wife wouldn’t be home for a while and I figured Mehgan was out with friends doing amsterdam shemale who knows what so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I went online to one of my favorite sites that offered more than a little incest porn. I went to my room and changed into my robe and grabbed my bottle of lube, then went back downstairs and settled into my favorite recliner to enjoy myself. Initially I thought I was in the mood for some mother-son porn, but settled into some daddy-daughter porn that my dicks told me they were in the mood for.

A little more of them at this point. They’re not huge or anything, just normal sized. One is located above the other one with about a half inch of space in between them. I have just one scrotum and the normal two testicles. I urinate out of both penises as well as ejaculate out of both of them.

I don’t how long I was at because I was thoroughly enjoying the video and both dicks were rock hard in my hands. Next thing I knew I heard a very audible “GASP”! I looked up and Mehgan was standing there in utter shock. I scrambled to cover myself but my robe had fallen off the chair onto the floor and was unreachable.

“Mehgan, what are you doing home? I thought I was alone!”

“Daddy, what? what? what?”

“I know honey it’s different.” All I could do was attempt to cover rotterdam shemale them with my hands as they began to deflate.

“Daddy you have two!”

“Yes honey I have two penises. It’s not common but it does occur. If you wouldn’t mind turning around I’ll get my robe back on.”

As my dicks were down to about half erect when she said, “Daddy, can I see them better?”

Now I will admit that I used to try to catch my daughters in various states of undress when I could and my wife and I had role played a lot so that I could make love to my daughters at least in fantasy, but I still stammered, “Excuse me?”

“Can I see them? It’s so different. I’ve seen a few, but nothing like that!”

I dropped my hands slowly, “Well, I guess if you’re curious.” They had fully returned to a flaccid state at this time. I stood up and faced my daughter. “Well, here they are.”

“That is so neat daddy! I see they can get hard too. Can you? Do you cum from both of them? Pee from one or both? I mean so many questions.”

“Yes honey, I do pee out of both of them and I also ejaculate out of both of them”.

“Would you do that for me daddy?”

“What, ejaculate or pee?”

“Cum daddy, will you cum for me? I wanna see it.”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate honey, not that any of this blog shemale is appropriate.”

“Oh please daddy, like I don’t know you’ve been trying to spy on me since puberty. There was more that a little cum on my door.”

Turning bright red, “Ummm, I’m sorry, I guess”. I sat back down and started stroking my flaccid cocks.

“Let me help you daddy.” She walked over to me while removing her t-shirt and shorts, followed by her bra and panties. At this sight both dicks sprung to full hardness. “I see you do like me daddy.” She reached my recliner and kneeled in front of it. “Can I touch then daddy”. She didn’t wait for permission she reached out with both hands and placed one hand on each penis, I almost lost it at her touch. “They feel awesome daddy, just like others I’ve touched. Do you like seeing your little girl naked daddy? Touching you? Do you wanna cum all over your little girl?”

“Oh honey I’ve wanted you for so long” I allowed her to stoke me a little but sadly all this was too much. “Honey, I’m gonna cum!”

“Here, on my boobies daddy, cum on my boobies!” At this I stood up pointing one cock at each breast and continued stroking. My little girl reached up and touched my scrotum and I could hold back no longer. Stream after stream gushed out of my cocks completely covering my daughters breasts.

“Oh my! Thank you sweetie!” I collapsed on my chair.

“Thank you daddy, now that I know how they work, we’ll have to see what else they can do”.

Thank was the beginning of some very good times. More to follow, and all feedback is welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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