An Orgasmic Proposal

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It was finally time for spring break and I surely needed it. It was a rough schedule that year, the first year teaching always is. I estimated about 300 students in all my classes combined and they had run me ragged. Statistics isn’t the easiest of college courses to teach anyway, but in reviewing my class averages with more experienced professors it turned out my students were right on par so I was pleased. Still, a week off from schoolwork, from grading papers and from preparing lessons was exactly what I needed.

I had just arrived home from class on that Friday, just before nightfall because I had a late class, not more than twenty minutes before when Carissa called. She is my one and only step-sister who had just started her junior year in college.

“Hey Brian,” she started before I could even say hello. I popped a microwave macaroni and cheese meal in. “What are your plans for the spring break?”

“Plans?” I asked. I really hadn’t thought about it more than days on end in my swimming pool out back. “Nothing really. Just planning to lazily lay around the house. You? I bet you’re going off to one of them crazy beach scenes no doubt.”

She laughed on the other end but it seemed a distracted, not-wholly-felt laugh. I heard a few other girls’ voices in the background as well. “Well, I was.”

“And you’re not now? What happened?”

“Long story short. A friend who had sworn to take care of everything, the arrangements and all, turned out to be a big flop. She took most of our money and now my friends and I are all packed to go, spent all our money on getting ready, that kind of thing but we don’t have anyplace to spend the week.”

“Bummer,” I replied, attempting to sound like a kid again. We were nearly five years apart but I had always done my best to relate to her on her level. Still, after years of studying with stuffy-shirt mathematicians in my masters program, it wasn’t easy to pull off any more.

“Yeah, big time. The girls don’t want to spend the week with their families and we can’t be caught dead in the dorms or we’ll be socially ruined so… I was thinking…,” Carissa always had the tendency to never actually ask for what she was wanting but instead let others assume it. She wouldn’t admit to it but I figured it was her way to save face if she was turned down.

“You want to come to my place for the week, is that it?”

“Well, if you’re inviting? You’re pool’s big enough for like four of us, right?” I was taken back a bit. My step-sister had stayed at my place a time or two before when she just needed a place to get away from campus life for a night or whatnot. It was the nice thing about having my own house, no roommate, that type of thing. But four of them?

“Four? I thought you were talking about just yourself. There’s not enough beds for you all. Hell, there’s not even an extra bedroom. The other two rooms are setup for the office and workout spaces now.” There was no way I was going to get any peace with five headstrong college girls running around the place.

“There’re the couches, come on, Brian. Don’t be a stick. Help me out here, I’ve already told them you’d be cool with it. Don’t make me look bad, please!”

“Oh what the hell.” She had always been able to manipulate me ever since our parents had gotten married when she was eleven. Though I had grown up an only child for 15 years prior, something about that petite blond-haired smiling face, with her sparkling honey eyes, just made me crazy about her. We had taken to each other like milk and cookies. Even after our parents had divorced a year later, she had easily convinced her mom to let me stay until I went off to college; my own father having run off with his secretary to South America after the affair was found out. Fortunately, I share his name so I got access to all his accounts, giving myself a decent living throughout college even before I started working.

“Oh, thank you Brian. You’re the best. See you fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen? It’s like two hours from your school to here.”

“I always have confidence in you, bro. See you soon. Kisses,” and with that she hung up the phone.


I had just hung up from the local pizza delivery, putting in an order for delivery to serve five when I saw the lights of a sedan pull up in my driveway. Carissa had missed her estimate by all of three minutes. Like school kids on a field trip, the car emptied in a flood and I was only just arriving at the door when the bell rang wildly.

“Good evening ladies,” I opened the door slowly, doing my best imitation of the butler from the Addam’s Family which had never failed to get a giggle out of Carissa. Her friends were pretty much the same it seemed, giggling and cutting up over my little joke. They filed in the house one by one carrying a small bag each, which surprised me. I always thought girls traveled with more luggage than that.

Between words of ‘you’re the best, Brian’, ‘thanks, Mr. Baritol’, and ‘sweet Giresun Escort house, Mr. Baritol’ I finally got a word in edgewise over their excited chatter. “For now, put all your things in the office. I’ll figure out where everybody’s going to sleep and move your bags later. I’ve got pizza coming; best I could do on such short notice.” I shot Carissa a sarcastic glance of ‘thanks for the warning’ but I wasn’t really cross. With her there was no way I could be. My large house was usually so quiet; it would be… interesting co-living with these girls for the next week.

The pizza guy arrived by the time the girls had stored their things and returned to sprawl about the couch and two loveseats, adorning my living room with bare legs. Upon spotting all those females in my house, which he knew well to normally be nearly deserted from delivering at least three times a week, his eyes went wide as fried eggs. “Dude, suuuweet. You got like real babes, man. Hook me up!” I just smiled at him embarrassed, slipped him the money along with his tip and closed the door without a word.

“Great to have you all here,” I announced to the girls as we all stood around the bar eating pepperoni pizzas. They were definitely a sight to see, Carissa’s long wavy blond hair contrasting starkly against the two brunettes and black-haired Latina that were her friends. They were all relatively close in age, I guessed; somewhere around Carissa’s 20 years or so and sported those college-girl petite waistlines although the Latina seemed to fill out her jeans noticeably tighter than the other three. The shoulder-length curly haired brunette had a smaller chest much like Carissa’s, while the Latina was a bit fuller in that department. The other brunette on the other hand definitely carried around some weight with her pectoral protrusions which, when matched with her nearly absent caboose, made her seem like she might topple over with any wrong move.

“Thanks for having us, Brian. You’re the best” Carissa responded. “This is Vanessa,” she hugged the Latina’s shoulders. “Ashley,” she indicated to the shoulder-length hair brunette “and Rebecca,” indicating the top heavy one. We shared a round of ‘nice to meet you’ and handshakes.

“So what are your plans for the week?” I asked the girls. “Anything you want to do in particular?” Carissa shared a glance with her friends before she answered as if she they shared a secret that she wanted to make sure was not let out.

“Just hang out with you, really. Watch movies, go swimming, have some drinks… that kind of thing.”

“Well, I’m honored,” I answered jokingly. “Seriously though, I’ve never been that much of a partier so I apologize in advance if its not as exciting around here as you might have hoped.”

“Hey, all I want for my Spring Break is some good booze to drink and a hot guy for company. Looks like I got one of the two already so where’s the booze at?” Rebecca asked, causing a giggle throughout the group and for me to blush heartily. Though I couldn’t see how they thought so, what with my professional nerdy looks and all but the other three girls agreed with her comment which made my chest swell unconsciously with pride.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Carissa mentioned followed up by Ashley saying we could make some popcorn and have some beers.

“Actually, I’m not really a beer person much,” I commented. “You all like rum and coke?” They agreed… an easy crowd to please I thought and set out to make the drinks while Carissa and the girls scanned over the movie selection.

I figured they would select some romantic girl flick of which I must confess I had a few but to my great surprise they choose one of those teen comedy T&A films of which I had lots. They already had the movie in the player and had taken their places sprawled out along the couch and loveseats when I came in with the popcorn and passed them the drinks. They left only one seat available for me on the couch right next to Carissa, which I was quite thankful for. She really looked stunning that night, even more than normal it seemed.

“Sit,” she commanded, patting the couch beside her. When I did, she curled her legs up under her on the couch and leaned over to rest her head on my shoulder, her body pressed a little closer to my side than I would have expected. Back when we were officially step-siblings years before that had always been her favorite position to watch movies which had received some comments from our parents at first but once dad left, her mom just let it be.

Still, she was a lot older now, a lot more developed as I could feel and smelled of an intoxicatingly sweet aroma which caused my head to spin. She had always made my head spin though. From the age of thirteen on she hugged on me, kissed my cheek and wanted to accompany me everywhere. When the divorce went through for our parents she had even gone around saying I was going to be her man when she got older but everyone just took it as a platonic Giresun Escort Bayan love that she would grow out of, something like a small boy might have for his mother or something. I had secretly hoped back then that she wouldn’t.

“I miss this so much,” she whispered in my ear once the movie was underway. “But it is a lot easier now that I’m taller.” That made me laugh, though I did so quietly so as to not arouse curiosity in the other girls. She settled her head down once more, scooted an inch closer; so close that I could feel the fabric of her brassiere beneath her shirt and we watched the movie. ‘Had she really given up on me once I moved away to college?’ That moment made me reconsider those facts.

It was less than ten minutes into the movie when a scene of tight teenage bodies running around topless came on screen. Honestly, it made me a bit embarrassed to watch with them around considering it was one of my favorites to watch while I was alone. I had used it to calm my nerves from the burden of the lack of intimacy that I had carried for quite some time. The girls didn’t seem the least bit phased by it as they just scooted down in their seats, making themselves even more comfortable for the movie.

About five minutes later I realized Ashley seemed to be getting a little too comfortable though. She lay sprawled in one of the loveseats, having scooted down so that her feet dangled over one end. In her scooting, her baggy shorts had been pushed up along her bottom, exposing her entire right thigh up to the hip and… yes, definitely, it was… the edging of what had to be sky-blue panties peeking out along her abdomen from the scrunched up shorts.

It was a far cry from the exposure the blond bimbos gave onscreen yet it was something real, tangible, in front of my eyes and it peaked my interest noticeably within my shorts. Still, as I stared at her crotch, hoping just maybe a glimpse might come through of something more, I found myself imagining she was Carissa.

I glanced away from the sight to see Carissa’s legs, hoping just maybe she had a similar situation going on but I had no such luck; tight blue jean shorts down to the knees. Still, without thinking of what I was doing, I stretched out my arms which made Carissa adjust herself so I could and lay my arm around her shoulder, then quickly adjusted it back to the couch, remembering who was next to me. She looked up at me, smiled and made herself cozy once more with her head resting on my shoulder. I watched the tv for a moment more; a college party going strong, took a drink of my rum and coke and looked back at Ashley’s legs. She had sat up, fixing her shorts back down.

“I’m going to get another drink,” I said, gently moving Carissa so I could get up. “Anyone want something?” They all said ‘yes, please’ so I went to prepare the drink. The movie finished while I was in the kitchen and when I returned, I saw the four of them whispering in a huddled circle that broke up immediately upon my arrival.

“That was hilarious,” Rebecca commented. “Let’s watch another.”

“Alright, but I want to get my pajamas on first. These pants are killing me.” All the girls laughed and got up to change. Carissa was the last to stand and just before she did, I would have sworn I felt her lips kiss my cheek once more. Was it real? Or just my fantastic imagination? I couldn’t tell.

“What do you want to watch?” I hollered to them through the door of my office. If only I would have thought to turn my webcam on and record, damn! They said something scary but not bloody. I went to my collection to see what I had. Stephen King seemed to fit the bill. Besides, I liked how Carissa had been leaning on me.

Carissa returned alone, still dressed. “Uh…, I have a problem,” she said. “I need a favor. Turns out I forgot to pack my pajamas. You don’t happen to have a long shirt or something, do you? Please.” My eyes glazed over as images of her wearing my shirts flashed into my head. I was quite a bit taller than her so it would work but they probably wouldn’t cover much. Was she serious?

“Sure, not a problem,” I went into my room and she followed. “I’m afraid they might not be as long as you hoped.” I held up the first shirt I found against her, the bottom no longer than the shirt she had on. I tried another which was probably my longest shirt and it just barely passed the crotch of her shorts. “Do you have some shorts you can wear or should we another,” I asked but she took it from me.

“It’s perfect.”


I had honestly thought they would be ready in just a few minutes but I guess I forgot how long girls can take to get ready. Twenty minutes later, after I had even decided to change to some pajama pants and a tee, I lay on the couch dreaming of Carissa and remembering our days when we were younger.

Don’t get me wrong, I never did a thing with her that was inappropriate when she was a child. Not a thing, even though she sometimes Escort Giresun seemed like she was trying to seduce me back then. But I won’t claim that I was completely innocent either.

I had liked the way she viewed me; I was like a superstar in her eyes. I liked her hugs and small kisses on my cheeks or when she would pass into my bed in the middle of the night because she supposedly had a nightmare. The closer it had gotten to my leaving for college, the more frequent those nightmares seemed to become and only my arm wrapped around her would calm her down.

When she would do things like call herself Mrs. Carissa Baritol (even though her last name is Helens), her mom would get on to her but when no one was around, I would egg her on with questions like ‘where are we going on our honeymoon?’ and ‘when is the date set for the wedding?’ She would slyly smile at me, kiss my cheek again and then make up some elaborate story that answered my question in the fullest detail. Sometimes, I have to admit, the stories were a little more detailed and erotic-filled than I would have imagined her capable of coming up with.

Now, here she was, 20 years old and even though she had visited before for short visits, even stayed the night before when I had to go out of town on business, she had never brought any of these stories up. I assumed she had grown up and gotten over it. Now, as I lay on the couch going over and over the image of her in my head, I realized I might not have actually been playing when we were younger. Did I really have a crush on her then like she had on me? Do I still have it for her now? Does she still have it for me or was it all just make-believe on her part? The week suddenly became much more interesting at the moment.

It had been nearly an hour as I lay on the couch dreaming about the past and its possibilities. Asked earlier that morning I would never have believed it possible but now, just maybe. Then again, I might be seeing things on a level she never intended. The tension made me a bit stiff and I don’t mean in my shoulders but I didn’t have a chance to do anything about it because the girls came out of the room finally.

“So what are we watching?” Vanessa asked. I couldn’t answer though as I just sat there dumbfounded, looking at them, my jaw probably dropping to the floor. I guess I had expected shirts-and-pants type pajamas or least with shorts but Vanessa, Ashley and Rebecca were all wearing nightgowns with spaghetti straps and not a one of which even came to their knees. Carissa was wearing the shirt I had given her which showed off her entire thighs almost. I had to fight the urge to lower my head as she stepped to see if I could see anymore.

“Well? What did you decide on?” Ashley asked, bringing me back to reality. I told them the movie choice which, starting at half past nine as it now was would probably take us until three in the morning to finish. I thought they wouldn’t be up for it maybe but they were pleased with the choice.

“Can you fill the drinks again before we start?” Carissa asked, handing me her empty glass. I was floating on air as I walked into the kitchen, hiding myself behind the wall to adjust my uncomfortable development that had aroused due to their manner of dress.

When I returned with the drinks, my guests had returned to their same seats as before. Ashley was on the loveseat to the left, Rebecca sitting on the couch on the right side of Carissa, Vanessa was on the loveseat to the right. They all waited for me to put in the movie and then Carissa patted my empty seat once more. She had her legs crossed on the couch and if it weren’t for the fact that she was covering the spot with her folded hands, I know I would have seen the full design of her panties underneath. ‘Just my dumb luck,’ I thought although I figured she was covering it on purpose.

I took my seat and she wasted no time in wrapping my arm around her body and before resuming her place, leaning her head on my shoulder. Again I could feel her feminine development that she had lacked when we had sat like this earlier in our youth but this time there was no fabric feeling. Her angelic flesh was pressed directly into my right side, the beating of her heart rippling through my body. Her legs were again tucked beneath her.

I found myself strongly tempted to walk my fingers down her side, knowing that it would inch the shirt upward. That’s all it would take, after all, about an inch and I would know the colors she wore but I resisted. With each passing moment, I thought for sure she was at her old games again but what if I was wrong? I couldn’t handle breaking her heart when she trusted me as her brother, step or whatever.

After about an hour into the movie, everyone seemed to be thoroughly involved in the story even though the actual scary parts had not started yet. Ashley then stood up out of the clear blue and walked into the other room, obviously using the toilet. When she returned though, she lay down the opposite direction than before, her arm supporting her head now toward the tv and her legs curled up toward Carissa and me. Just one move, one little move is all it would take from her and I would see those sky blues once more. Why couldn’t I convince Carissa to lay like that?

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