An Odd Couple

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I thrust to the beat of the music coming from the speakers scattered around the room. The beat is fast and the drum cracks out the time. My cock pounds with that beat, slamming in and out of the tight ass in front of me. The flesh of my loins slaps against his ass cheeks on every thrust. I grasp his hips and pull him toward me with every stroke, then push his entrance away.

Over and over. In, out. In, out some more.

I watch my lubricated cock disappear, then re-appear from the expanding rim of the other man’s anus. I close my eyes, concentrating on the friction on my cock and the swelling of my testicles, and feel the sound of the bass and bass drum vibrate through my body, losing myself in the lust as I bang away at the slimy asshole.

Long fingernails on my ass startle me and knock me off rhythm for a moment. First one hand, then two. The nails scrape lightly across my ass cheeks, then one set slides into my crack, where a delicate finger probes my asshole, then finds my rim and presses against it, but does not penetrate. In a moment that finger withdraws.

Another hand grabs my balls from behind. She holds them while I thrust, returning to the hard pumping action, reaming out the male’s asshole, feeling it expand with each thrust of my stiffening post. Soon his opening will be gaping.

After about a dozens pumps, her finger returns to my ass and penetrates it, sliding in easily with lubrication she applied. She begins a steady finger fucking of my back door, her digit sliding all the way inside me as my digit penetrates him.

“Mmmmm, I like that,” I moan, impaling and being impaled. I close my eyes and continue to thrust, building urgently toward the inevitable explosion of my testicles.

The hands break away and a moment later the fingernails are running up my sides, over my shoulders, stopping at my neck. Suddenly, she is standing behind me.

Her arms snake around me and her fingers pinch and twist and pinch my nipples. I feel her nipples tickle my back, then her hot breath in an ear.

“Fuck him,” she whispers and giggles, then swings her head around and sticks her tongue in the other ear, raising gooseflesh on that side of my body.

“Fuck him long. Fuck him deep. Fuck him silly,” she says, moving her head back to the first ear and sticking her tongue in there.

No problem. Whatever you want.

I am standing by the bed as I fuck the guy. He is on all fours on the bed with his knees casino siteleri nearly drawn up to his chest. She is standing behind me. I turn and look at her. She has long brown hair, faint eyebrows, smooth, blemish-free skin, a delicate nose and high cheek bones.

I reach down between his legs and grab his cock, then pump it a few times.

To my surprise, it’s long, thick and stiff. He’s enjoying this. Maybe it’s just because he’s so young.

The woman stands on the bed, then grabs the back of my head and yanks my hair back, pulling my face toward the ceiling. I look into her deep, green eyes. Lust and determination are there. She looks like she’s in control.

This gorgeous, curvaceous brunette is calling the shots. She kisses me, sticking her tongue into my mouth, deeply, richly. She pulls her mouth back slowly and lets saliva trickle from her mouth down into mine. I eagerly lap up her leavings.

Pulling a hand from the guy’s hips, I slide it between her legs and up, reaching the soft folds of her crotch.

It is moist. I probe her labia, then rub her clitoris, using a circling motion.

She’s about 40 and in great shape. Her breasts aren’t large, but they are firm.

I realize I’ve slowed my thrusting as I feel and admire her body.

“I caught him looking at that teenage cunt next door,” she says loudly over the music. “She was walking around daddy’s pool in her thong the other day, showing off her body.”

I almost laugh at the jealousy. There’s something odd about it. Different. I can’t put my finger on the tone of voice, but she doesn’t sound like a jealous wife. I look past her to the window, wondering why the comment sounded so strange. My mind goes on autopilot as I continue to plunge away at the guy’s ass with the encouragement of the woman.

I had pulled up in front of the large house about a half-hour earlier. The black 740i with a leather interior in the driveway catching my eye. The couple met me at the door, each wearing a bathrobe. She kissed me first, then he did.

I had met them through an online adult “activities” site. After “checking” each other out for a couple weeks, we decided to get together at their house. But I didn’t know their names. They didn’t want me to. They didn’t know mine, and I didn’t want them to.

It’ll just be an anonymous double play, I had thought as I pulled into the driveway and admired the manicured property.

It wasn’t long before we were slot oyna naked in the master bedroom. I had sized up the situation. She had a good job and snared herself a young stud. He looked to be in his early 20s. Maybe she was married to a rich guy or two before. Either way, it seemed she had a few bucks.

She called the shots in the bedroom. Us guys sucked on her shaved cunt, we 69’d briefly, then she ordered him on the bed and turned on the electronica-style CD with a driving beat. A very good fuck beat. She lubricated my cock, then she lubricated his ass and finger-fucked him a bit.

“He’s ready,” she had said, sounding like she wanted him to get it, yes, to get it good. It’s a shame she caught him checking out the young tail, I guess.

My head is again yanked and I come back to the moment, continuing the thrusting into the now-gaping asshole, pounding his backdoor with my savage stalk. Increasing the pace now, wanting to spurt, to discharge my seed, to inject him with the fruit of my labor.

Her mouth meets mine. Our tongues lash, again exchanging saliva.

“Watch this,” she says over the music.

I try to hold out, but I know all the motion and friction, and her instigation will make me blow my wad. My balls are bloated and I know the semen that I shoot will overflow his ass and soak the bedspread.

She crawls under him, then gets in a 69 position, bringing her lips to the head of his cock as she starts sucking it while I pump his shaft faster and harder. The guy grabs the back of her head and pulls it up as best as he can with the pounding I am dishing out to his asshole.

I pump harder and she sucks harder, pushing her head up again and again with the help of his hand. Her neck muscles and his hand are working against gravity and the savage beating I am dishing out to his shit chute.

What a sight.

I wish we had film.

Stay tuned, film at 11.

He moans.

Did he say “mom?”

No, the music’s too loud. I imagined that.

His cock stiffens in my hand, twitches and lets loose a stream of jizz into her throat. I pump his manhood, feeling his seed charge through it. Loosening my other hand from his hip, I grab his balls and feel them pulse, discharging their sauce. I enjoy being with another man when he cums.

The woman easily swallows the load, having no trouble digesting what had to have been a healthy dose of protein man-seed. She is no novice, that’s for sure. A guy canlı casino siteleri that young would discharge a lot of sperm.

The woman’s mouth releases the cockhead and her head falls onto the bed. He lowers his head to her stomach. Looking down, I grab his hips with both hands and start furiously ramming his back door. The rest of his load pumps out, soaking her face.

She rubs his jizz across her cheeks, lips and forehead. I guess it’s true, the spunk is good for your complexion.

The scene is too much for me and I blow my wad, lunging into his ass, which is still spasming as his organ deflates. With my first blast, I feel my cock immediately immersed in my own discharge. There is just nowhere for the salty semen to go.

On the second shot, like a recoil, my cock pops out of his ass as my balls burst. I feel her warm mouth engulf my twitching flesh. She begins to milk the juice out of it with suction as I grab her head and hold it up. Again, she is a real pro, not missing a drop of my semen, slurping it all into her stomach to mix with the other guy’s discharge.

A double protein drink. All the amino acids a woman could want.

The guy pulls himself upright and holds his smooth, hot young body against me. I slide my hands up his flat stomach and muscular chest, pulling the hot young stud to me as I unload into her mouth.

Finally, I have no more to give, and she releases my cock as it softens.

The three of us collapse together on the bed. Our bodies intertwine as we lay. She snuggles against me and we doze off. He’s on the other side of her. It seems like she has a point to prove with him. Again, I suppose it wasn’t a good idea to check out the young cunt next door.

I wake up with both of them sucking my cock.

I am soon hard again, the head work bringing my fortysomething stalk to life.

They take turns sucking me off, each drinking in my load when I come, then swapping the cream in a long French kiss.

A short time later, I gather my garments from the floor and the backs of chairs in the bedroom. They throw on their robes and walk me to the large foyer and the front door.

The sun is setting. I feel like the day has been successful.

I’m not sure if the woman orgasmed during any of the sex. Maybe she doesn’t need to. Maybe she just liked doling out a bit of punishment to her young stud.

I wonder if they’ll want to get together again, but say nothing.

“I had a great time today,” I tell them.

Each kiss me on the lips before I step outside the door and turn toward my SUV.

“I hope you can come back,” the guy says as he closes the door. “Mom and I would love to see you again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32