An Obedient Boy for Katherine Pt. 03

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In case it’s not your kind of story… Aunt Bess finds out, Mrs. Stewart shows Marcus her playroom. Story tags: female domination, femdom, male submission, chastity, teasing, cum, cum eating, foot worship, pussy worship

An Obedient Boy for Katherine, Part 3

Marcus sat in his room idling over class notes for an upcoming physics exam. He was confident that he knew the material, but well-entrenched study habits still saw him working through the notes and rewriting formulas and key phrases. He smiled as he remembered that getting an “A” on his mid-semester exam was rewarded by a big happy hug from Mrs. Stewart.

Looking around his room, the maid’s suite in the home of Charles and Katherine Stewart, he was very glad that his Aunt Bess had arranged for him to stay here while he attended the local college on scholarships. When his part-time job evaporated soon after classes started, the Stewarts generously let him remain in their home, trading chores and dedication to his studies for the rent he couldn’t pay. In a rapid progression, the acceptance of a few chores to offset his rent evolved into Marcus becoming Mrs. Stewart’s sexually submissive houseboy. From the start, she had made it clear that she kept no secrets from her husband, and soon enough all of their activities were in the open.

Catching a glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror on his bathroom door, Marcus noted how his physique had changed over the past few months. He’d thought himself in shape while wrestling in high school, but he could really see a difference. Mrs. Stewart’s expectations included a regular gym routine, for which their basement gym was proving very useful. Marcus also benefited from a great improvement in his diet after she added him to their plan of chef-prepared meals. His body had continued to both fill out and become leaner, his muscle tone was more obvious without being exaggerated.

Marcus’ grin twisted slightly as he realized that while admiring his own fitness progress, it wasn’t even slightly unusual for him to be sitting there completely naked. When Mrs. Stewart wanted Marcus dressed in the house, he had a house uniform to wear consisting of sheer black booty shorts and a cropped sleeveless black t-shirt that hugged his torso like a second skin. Some of the tops had a bold yellow script across the chest reading “Cum Slut.”

Well, not completely naked, he thought. After his hour-long workout followed by sweeping and tidying the large back patio, Marcus showered, shaved his face and genitals, and replaced the cleaned chastity cage he wore almost continuously now. Whenever he was in the house or in areas of the property screened from the view of neighbors, he was naked except for the Holy Trainer cock cage unless directed otherwise by Mrs. Stewart. Even though he had continuous access to a key for the chastity cage, Marcus never removed it except for cleaning and shaving. For it to come off any other time was in Mrs. Stewart’s control. Marcus never felt that this requirement was a battle of wills or that the availability of the key was an opportunity to cheat. More so, it had become an opportunity to demonstrate his willingness to meet her expectations and to continue to experience the feelings of submission his obedience produced.

Checking the time, Marcus noted that he would soon have to get ready and head to the campus for his afternoon classes. Wryly, he noted how much he had gotten done through the morning after his almost daily 8:30 a.m. meeting with Mrs. Stewart. Today, that only resulted in receiving the task to sweep and tidy up the patio after a windy night. It wasn’t an unusual request, keeping the patio tidy was one of his regular chores for the Stewarts anyway.

Marcus hoped that the patio chore didn’t mean that Mrs. Stewart wouldn’t be unlocking the chastity cage for another day, or longer, since he had a full class schedule the following day. Many mornings, his meetings with her turned into an hour or more of sexual play with Marcus serving his mistress after Mr. Stewart left for his work day. Marcus didn’t even feel uncomfortable anymore about waiting in the spacious living room outside the doors to the Stewarts’ bedroom suite. Mr. Stewart almost always exited first and grabbed a coffee from the kitchen before heading to his car. Marcus’ nudity didn’t even warrant a second glance from Mr. Stewart, who would pass by with a “Good morning” or some other casual remark. Soon after, Mrs. Stewart would call out for Marcus. She was always more ready for her corporate day in her home office after being serviced by Marcus’ tongue.

Closing his laptop and packing his backpack for the walk to school, Marcus looked at the photos sitting on the upper shelf of his desk. One was from his high school graduation. Standing with his mom in front of the restaurant where she’d been a waitress for as long as he could remember, her pride was evident in her glowing smile. In the second photo, Marcus held the offer letter for his full scholarship. In that bursa escort one, he was standing beside his mother’s younger sister, his Aunt Bess.

Marcus had Bess to thank for the room at the Stewarts and, he guessed, everything that had come from it. He grinned as he imagined openly thanking her for all the things Mrs. Stewart was teaching him. Bess was younger than Marcus’ mother by ten years, and also older than Marcus by a decade. When she lived close, she was much like an older sister to Marcus, but after she went off to university he only saw her a few times each year. He remembered how happy he was when his height topped her 5-foot 4-inch stature. He’d make her stand back-to-back while someone compared their heights and confirmed he was taller. Unfortunately, the joy of that didn’t last since it was pretty much his last growth spurt and he was still only two inches taller than Bess, a difference she enjoyed reversing with every pair of high heels she owned.

Looking back at the times Bess visited, Marcus remembered the simple joy she found in so many things and the way she always wanted to help those around her. As he reached his late teens he couldn’t help but notice her curvy form and the very sexy presence she brought with her. She was always active and fit and often laughed about how her bosom would have never let her compete as a cheerleader after they grew. He still wasn’t certain when he finally realized that her late blossoming to an eye-catching breast size wasn’t a natural change.

It was shortly before he graduated from high school, a few months after his 18th birthday, that he discovered a side of Bess he’d never anticipated. Even after he was awarded the scholarships that would fully pay his tuition, he was still despairing about being able to go to college. The expenses just to live near the campus were prohibitive. Bess came to the rescue through her friendship with the Stewarts. She arranged with them a place for Marcus to live and found a part-time job offer with a company that contracted with Mrs. Stewart in insurance recovery.

With his mother at work and a visiting Aunt Bess out for the evening, Marcus opened his aunt’s laptop computer to have another look at the email she had shown him. The Stewarts had confirmed the living arrangement and Bess had happily shared the news. Marcus opened her email and found the message in the Inbox. After reading it over, he wondered if there was anything else to be found on Bess’ computer about her friends.

A search for the Stewarts’ name brought up a number of folders, each labeled with their surname and a date. The first image he looked at showed Bess being deeply kissed by a taller woman about her own age. He later realized that it was Mrs. Stewart kissing Bess. He also noted the leather collar buckled around Bess’ neck and the short leash held by the woman. Other photos showed Bess sucking a man’s cock, riding the same or another cock, and licking the woman’s pussy while getting fucked in her pretty round ass. Marcus didn’t know what to think, only that Bess could never know he’d seen the images. But that didn’t stop him from browsing a few more folders.

As an 18-year-old with internet access and a mother who worked long hours, Marcus was no stranger to the many types of porn readily available on the internet. The pictures of his Aunt Bess, on display as a naked submissive slut over and over again, were like nothing he had ever imagined about her. It wasn’t the specific content or the image quality, it was the burning realization that this was someone he knew. And it was someone who had already prompted a mental image that he had masturbated over more than a few times. It wasn’t his aunt in those imagined scenarios, but it was certainly Bess’ form and personality that spurred his stroking. And now he had the memory of real photos to fill in some gaps and create new storylines in his spank bank. Startled by a car in the neighborhood backfiring, Marcus quickly shut down Bess’ laptop and slid it back into her carry bag. Although he thought about it afterward, he hadn’t dared to make a copy of the files.

Marcus blushed lightly when he looked at the photo of himself and Bess again. She was always going to be his young and playful Aunt Bess in his older memories, but there was a new layer of understanding about her that was growing stronger with each day he spent learning about her from the Stewarts. Now that Mrs. Stewart was thinking about telling Bess that he had seen some of the photos, he felt both embarrassment over having snooped, and also relief that the truth would be exposed.

His backpack ready, Marcus began dressing for the walk to campus. Going to the campus and the occasional errand to the market a mile in the other direction were about the only times he wore street clothes anymore. Even now, he started with a pair of sheer stretchy booty shorts that were part of his house uniform. Soon after she introduced the clothes she would allow inside the house, bursa escort bayan Mrs. Stewart had also removed and replaced all his underwear with these same shorts.

Marcus wiggled his ass as the shorts came up over his cheeks. He had to admit he loved the way they firmly cupped his ass, an effect he noticed was more pronounced after months of workouts including impressive numbers of squats. Casual slacks, loose enough to ensure they wouldn’t be pulled tight over the chastity cage and reveal its presence, and a loose short-sleeved button-down shirt completed his attire. Grabbing his backpack, he headed from the room knowing he’d have to walk quickly to be in time for his Physics class. He couldn’t skip. Somehow, Mrs. Stewart would know. Just like she seemed to know about his grades and exam marks before he did, and he didn’t want to disappoint her.

The walk to campus refreshed Marcus and by the time he slid into his seat in the lecture hall, he was able to focus on school for four hours straight. He had two classes with over an hour in between for a study break which he consistently applied to that purpose, and then an equally brisk walk home. With a deep desire to not disappoint his mother after having scored a full scholarship for tuition and campus costs, he did his best to apply himself to his classes and dedicated the necessary study time to that end.

Marcus entered the Stewarts’ home as he always did, through the pedestrian door beside the garage directly into the hallway close to his room. Glancing through the window of the door to the garage he saw that Mr. Stewart was already home. That was usually his signal to get changed and go to the kitchen to be ready to serve the Stewarts the glass of wine they enjoyed as they caught each other up on the day’s events. That intention was diverted by the sticky note left on his bedroom door.

“Dear Marcus,

“When you get home, please get cleaned up and see me in my office.


The wine would have to wait until after he met with Mrs. Stewart. Marcus quickly prepared himself, stripping out of his street clothes, having a quick shower and shaving, and sliding his cock and balls back into the cleaned chastity cage. He gasped as the cold towel he kept in the mini-fridge served its purpose and helped keep his cock soft enough to lock it up without difficulty. Naked but for the cage on his cock, Marcus knocked softly on Mrs. Stewart’s office door which was along the hallway leading to the main living area.

The door opened at once and Mrs. Stewart was standing there, a finger to her lips that shushed Marcus. She tapped her Bluetooth earpiece to indicate she was on a call and pointed to the corner of the room behind the door. Obediently, Marcus stepped inside. He closed the door quietly and moved toward the corner. When he looked back at Mrs. Stewart she winked and made a turning motion with her finger. Marcus realized he was literally being sent to ‘stand in the corner.’ Not knowing if he had done anything wrong he accepted his fate and did as she had silently instructed. He didn’t know that she just liked to admire the musculature being developed in his back, and his ass.

“Robert!” Mrs. Stewart said to her caller, “that is bullshit and you know it. I will not restart this proposal, we have worked with this company many times and I will not tolerate some junior executive at head office thinking he can swing his dick around because I am a woman. Fix this Robert, or I will cut your balls off, and his too!”

Marcus couldn’t hear the caller’s words, only Mrs. Stewart’s side of the conversation.

“Thank you.”

“I have to go. Please tell your lovely wife I look forward to seeing her at the executive retreat in a few months. Tell her I’ll bring some of that tequila we enjoyed so much last year.”

With a laugh, Mrs. Stewart ended the conversation, “Not a chance Robert, there’s not enough tequila for that. Keep it up and I will be talking to your wife about your saucy tongue and the things she can do to rein it in. Buy her flowers on the way home and give her a big hug from me.”

Katherine dropped the earpiece on her desk and muttered, just loud enough for Marcus to hear, “Asshole, I should buy his wife a strap-on to fuck him with.”

Displaying a complete change of mood, she next spoke in much lighter tones.

“Thank you for waiting, Marcus, please come here.”

Marcus turned and took a few steps toward the center of the office. He halted in the middle of the big carpet in front of Mrs. Stewart’s desk. Nervous over being called to the office, Marcus kept his gaze down and examined Mrs. Stewart’s feet.

Katherine was standing in front of her desk and leaning back against it. At 5-feet 9-inches in her stocking feet, she started with a three-inch height advantage over Marcus. Her choice of heels, seldom less than three inches and occasionally five or even six, gave her a significant position of superiority. Today she wore four inches of escort bursa polished black leather stiletto-heeled pumps. Marcus could see the white tips of her french manicured toenails through the open toes of her shoes, they were a perfect match to her fingernails.

Katherine cleared her throat in a manner that suggested she wanted Marcus’ attention.

Looking upward, Marcus saw the light pattern of vertical stripes in Mrs. Stewart’s thigh-high stockings. Then the rich emerald green fabric of her form-fitting tube dress, held tight by the bright zipper that ran from her generous cleavage straight down to the hem which was in line with the lacy elastic tops of her stockings. She leaned back with her hands on the edge of her desk beside her hips.

“Marcus,” Mrs. Stewart said, her tone calm but direct, “I am about to call your Aunt Bess and discuss our arrangement. I wanted to see you for two reasons. The first is to determine whether or not you are okay with me telling her everything about our activities. Keep in mind that I do not keep secrets, so I either tell her you’ve been licking my pussy and eating Mr. Stewart’s cum, or I tell her we’ve stopped and won’t be doing anything of that nature again.”

Marcus’ eyes grew wide as he absorbed the essence of Katherine’s remarks. Either they continued on their current path and Bess was fully in the know, or he chose to end everything and go back to being just a student and boarder doing a few chores.

“I… uh…,” Marcus faltered, then found his voice, “I think she needs to know that I am continuing to submit to your training and guidance, Mistress.”

Katherine smiled and stood stepping forward from the desk toward Marcus.

“Well said, Marcus. I am very glad you made this choice and I am certain Mr. Stewart will be too.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Marcus said.

“Now, the second thing I wanted, is that I think your tongue will help me relax while I speak with her. Your aunt and I occasionally have clashed over minor differences although I hope this won’t turn out to be one. Even if she’s unhappy with your choice, I am sure she will come around.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Marcus said, “I am sure she will see your plan is best.”

“Good boy,” Katherine said with a smile and reached out to caress Marcus’ face, “Let me get comfortable in the armchair and you will be able to get in position before I make the call.”

Katherine took hold of the tab for the zipper holding her dress closed and in one motion ran it down until it disengaged at the hem. The dress, with no tension holding its form, fell to puddle around her feet to the sides and back and she stepped out of the half-circle of fabric.

“Pick that up, please,” she said to Marcus, “oh, and Charles wanted to join us.”

Katherine picked up her phone and brought up the intercom app for the house. She confirmed on internal cameras in the intercom consoles that Charles was in the kitchen and informed him that she was about to call Bess.

Sliding out of her pumps and kicking them gently to the side so they didn’t scrape against anything or each other, Katherine lowered herself into one of the broad club-height armchairs that formed a seating area facing her desk. She smiled at Marcus as she kept her crotch at the forward edge of the cushion and raised her legs to hang over the soft padded arms.

Marcus stepped close and lowered himself to the carpet in front of Katherine. They both knew this position from other occasions when Marcus spent long sessions softly licking his Mistress while she made calls other than for her work. He always wondered which of her friends knew she was being gently serviced by the eager tongue of her house boy while they talked to her. This would be the first time she was calling someone he knew.

Katherine picked up the phone from the table beside her and looked down at Marcus.

“You may begin,” she said.

As Marcus began to softly lick the outside of Katherine’s pussy, he heard the office door open behind him. He knew not to pause unless Katherine told him to.

“Am I late,” Charles’ tone was jovial, “did I miss anything.”

With a sigh that only a wife could give, Katherine looked at her husband, “Sit down asshole, I am about to call.”

“Can I sit at the big desk and pretend I am in charge.”

“No, would you prefer to leave?” Katherine’s tone took on an edge of seriousness.

“Sorry,” Charles said in a stage whisper as he sat in the second armchair.

After indicating to Charles that he was to stay silent, Katherine brought up Bess’ contact information on her phone. She touched the button to make the call and put the phone on speaker. Bess’ cheery voice was unmistakable.

“Diamond Travel, this is Bess, how can our agents help you today.”

“Hello, Little Bess,” Katherine said in a tone that did not match Bess’ playfulness.

The small gasp that came through the phone was clear.

“Lady Katherine, I wasn’t expecting your call.”

“I know sweetie, I just thought I’d surprise you. Are you working from home these days?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And what are you wearing to work from home?”

“Mistress,” Bess started, “to help maintain a professional demeanor, I have been wearing appropriate business…”

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