An Island Vacation Pt. 02

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She gives his cock a kiss on the tip and stands up next to him. He is running his hands over her body and kisses her. They finish the shower, lathering each other up, and rinsing off. As she towels herself off she can still feel the tingles of his fingers on her skin and she closes her eyes and smiles.

He watches her dry off, wrapping the towel around herself and putting her hair up in one as well. He quickly pats himself down and hangs the towel up letting the warm outside air finish drying his skin. He goes back into the bedroom and returns with their bathroom kits. He makes sure to spray on some of her favorite cologne before he gets dressed in some shorts and a button-down short sleeve shirt.

She smells his cologne and takes a breath to savor the scent. This is one of her favorites. Just the right amount of manliness, not too strong but you know it is there. She finishes getting ready as quickly as she can. She notices that he has moved onto the deck and has sat down in one of the chairs looking out over the water. It is a nice view.

She has her bra on now, one that snaps together in the front and white. She is looking at her panties and decides that she isn’t going to wear any. Let’s see how long it takes for him to notice she thinks to herself. She slips into a light green sundress that has small flowers all over it. It comes down to just above her mid-thigh. She sprays a touch of her perfume on for him and goes over to see him on the chair.

She quickly straddles him and sits down kissing him. She instantly feels his arms around her holding her close. She can feel herself pressing against his shorts. She is pretty sure that he didn’t catch a glimpse of anything when she sat down and has no idea that she is rubbing against him with no clothing between. That though gets her wet a little.

He kisses her again and helps her up off the chair. He runs his hand up her shapely legs enjoying the smoothness of her skin, sliding it up the back of her dress. He touches her ass and gently squeezes it. He gets a light slap from her and he smiles. He takes her hand as they leave the bungalow and walk towards the resort. There are several restaurants to choose from and they pick one that has a great view of the beach. It has a great tiki hut feel to it with its openness.

The hostess seats them near one of the open walls that affords them some privacy away from the other patrons. They touch hands on the table as they look through the menu. He loves spending time with her. It doesn’t really matter the setting. He just enjoys being around her, the way he feels, and the way he knows he makes her feel. He sees her give him that mischievous ankara escort bayan smile and wonders what that is all about. The server comes back and takes their orders.

She takes his hand from the table and moves it to her leg. When they sat down at the table, they opted to sit next to each other instead of across from each other. She could feel his fingers move across her skin. He still didn’t know about her surprise for him. She had never done anything like this before and was so turned on because of it. She could feel herself getting wet just thinking about him finding out.

His hand moved up and down her leg, under her dress and up to her upper thigh. She smiled at him and enjoyed his touches. She felt his hand going further and further up her leg running completely under her dress. She felt him start to move his hand to her inner thigh. She spread her legs for him so he could fully put his hand around her leg. She felt her heart racing. Would he try and touch her, here at the table? There weren’t that many people seated around them, but they weren’t alone. That thought got her even more excited. Then she felt it. His hand and touched her wet pussy lips.

He paused, not quite understanding what he had just felt. He knew that she had been wet before from their shower play but wasn’t expecting her panties to be so wet. He moved his fingers along her lips, up and down, and realized that he could slip a finger inside her. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

He looked at her. He couldn’t believe it. She had never done anything like this before. He was nearly instantly hard. He looked her in the eyes as he continued to move his fingers over her. She was so wet to his touch. He pushed between her lips to her clit. He could tell that it was swollen as he rubbed his finger over it.

The server took that moment to deliver their orders. He leaves his hand on her leg not moving it until the server leaves. She looks at him and says “yes, please”. He repositions his chair slightly so he can have better access to her and moves his hand back to her pussy. Her smooth lips are so slick with her juices he has no trouble slipping a finger inside her. He watches her close her eyes at his touch. She lets out a very quiet moan of pleasure. He starts to move his finger in and out of her trying to find just the right spot. He feels her spread her legs just a little wider and he slips another finger in. He moves his fingers in and out of her just the way she likes it.

He can feel her pussy tightening around his fingers, can feel the orgasm building up in her. He starts to rub against her g spot. He hears her demetevler escort soft moan again. Her eyes are still closed. He looks around to see if anyone has noticed what they are doing, but nobody appears to be paying them any attention. He continues to tap against her g spot. Her pussy is tightening. He knows that she is close. He slips his wet fingers out of her and rubs them over her clit, up and down, and then slides them back inside her.

She was so close to cumming when he slipped his fingers out and ran them over her clit. The clit stimulation feels very nice and isn’t surprised when he slips his fingers back inside of her to continue the inner cum. The clit rub only heightened her excitement of what was going on.

She hadn’t opened her eyes since the server left and wasn’t about to until he made her cum there at the table. She was so close. His fingers pressing against her just right. His fingers knew exactly what they were doing, and what it would take to get her to orgasm. It was building and building. She was on the verge, and then it happened. She closed her eyes hard, could feel her toes curling in her sandals and her body shaking. It wasn’t so obvious that those around them would notice, but she knew that he knew.

Her pussy was pulsing around his fingers. She reached down and stopped him from moving as the orgasm continued. It felt so good. She was so wet and still so horny. She watched him as he moved his hand from under the table and put the wet fingers in his mouth to lick off her juices. She felt a little squirt. She excused herself so she could clean up in the restroom.

He liked the way she tasted on his fingers. He couldn’t wait to pleasure her some more. He watched her leave to go to the restroom and noticed a slight wet spot on her dress. He was good at spotting those. She was gorgeous. He smiled at her as she looked back at him. She didn’t take long in the restroom and was back and at the table in just a few minutes. They ate their food and enjoyed their drinks looking out over the beach and water.

She held his hand as they left the restaurant and guided him over to the beach. She enjoyed walking on the sand right at the waterline. There was something extremely relaxing about it. This sand was soft, the water warm and the breeze just right. Scattered over the beach were chairs people could sit at and relax. She guided him over to one and sat him down. They were on the edge of the beach area and there was no one around at all. Their own little secluded area.

She leaned over him, kissing him on the mouth, while she reached down to his shorts esat escort and unzipped them. She could feel his stiffening cock and reached in and maneuvered it out of his underwear and shorts. She looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone close, and then she straddled him. She continued to kiss him as she ran her hands over his chest. She feels his hands running up and down her back as he passionately kisses her back.

She moves forward just a little, rubbing her very wet pussy over his now hard cock, getting it slick with her juices. It is his turn to let out a moan of pleasure. She continues to rub over him, up and down his cock, then reaches down and stands his cock up. She lifts up and slips him inside. She is so wet that he has no problem pushing inside her. She kisses him, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her pussy.

She squeezes against him, pulling against his cock without moving her body. She has practiced her kegels over the years to keep her pussy tight for him. He was getting a first-class showing of how well she could do them. Squeeze, hold, release. She is teasing him. Squeeze, hold, release. Over and over again. She can feel him getting larger inside of her.

She feels so good on his cock. She isn’t even moving, but he is getting so great action. Squeeze, hold, release. She was doing it over and over again. He might even cum without her moving at all. He continues to kiss her, running his hands up and down her back. He reaches in front and cups her breasts. He can feel her hard nipples through the fabric of her sundress and the thin fabric of her bra. He gently squeezes them, pulling at them. He feels her start to move her hips forward and back, not up and down like he expected.

He stays fully inside of her while she does this. It feels amazing. She continues to squeeze, hold, and release while she moves against him. He is so close already that he doesn’t know how long he can hold out. He can feel his orgasm building. Not long is the answer to his question. He reaches around and slips his hands under her dress and up her back. He runs them down over her smooth ass and helps her move back and forth against him. He is very close now.

She pulls her face away from his to watch him as he cums in her. His eyes are closed tightly, his body tightens up and spasms a little as he squirts his cum in her. She has her own orgasm. She timed it well, watching for the signs in him, knowing just what she needed to do to climax. She slows to a stop still sitting on him, her hands on his chest.

She feels his hands rubbing over her ass until they move around to the front and up to her own chest. It feels good having his hands rub over her breasts, even though she still has a bra on. Her nipples are so hard the bra is not capable of hiding them. She feels his cock start to lose some of its stiffness and she spasms around him. She leans down and kisses him again, slowly rocking back and forth on his cock, enjoying the last moments of their love making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32