An Invitation Pt. 01

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“You’ll never believe what we were invited to today?” My wife was talking to me after the kids were in bed.

“What?” I asked, curious.

“I was having lunch with Charlene and she and Evan would like us to attend a swingers’ party.” She said.

“A what?” I knew what she meant, but couldn’t believe it.

“A swingers’ party where they swap spouses and fuck each other.” She went on.

“Boy, I never would’ve thought Evan and Charlene would be into that sort of thing.”

“Oh, come on.” My wife said. “Haven’t you seen Evan looking down my blouse and checking out my legs whenever he can?”

“Well, yes.” I said. “That’s normal for a guy.”

“And I know you have your eye on Charlene. She’s always flaunting her boobs at you.” She said.

She went on, “Did I tell you that Evan got his hand inside my bra at the Christmas party a few weeks ago?”

“You mentioned something, but I didn’t hear you be that specific. Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“Yes and no. It’s always nice when a guy wants to feel your tits, but it was rude of him to do it without asking.” She said.

“If he çankaya escort had asked, would you have let him?” I wondered.

“Maybe. How would you have felt about it?”

“I should be pissed at him.” I said.

“Funny, you don’t seem to mind people almost seeing me topless or naked when we go on trips.”

I couldn’t answer that. Back to the original subject, “So, how do they do this swinging thing. Does everybody get naked and fuck anyone they want?”

She explained a bit more. “Charlene said we could go to a big party with five or six couples or start out with one or two couples. Beginners can go slow and can back out if they want. She said when they started, they just liked screwing each other in front of other people and watching other people get naked and do it. She suggested starting slowly.”

I said, “Sounds like they want to get with us so Evan can fuck you.”

She said, “I’m sure he has that in mind. Would you like to watch me walk around naked in front of other people and fuck someone while you watch? I know you wouldn’t be able to resist cebeci escort Charlene if she was naked.”

She seemed interested, so I asked her a few questions. “What would you want to do with him? Would you suck his cock? Would you screw other guys, maybe two at once? Would you want me to get some action too or just watch you?”

She said, “That’s a lot of questions. I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to do. Would you like to see me in a three-way, or be part of it? Would you like to see me suck somebody’s cock? It seems to turn you on when we talk about it. I would like to see you fuck another broad.”

I said, “Slow down. You are talking about the things we would do and we haven’t decided if we are even interested. What did you say to Charlene?”

“I told her I’d talk to you.”

“That means that you might be willing to do it.” I said. “I’m not sure about having other guys screw you; that’s my job.”

She laughed, “I’ll bet you’ll be more attentive if you saw me getting plugged by another guy.”

“I’m not sure I could take it. Would it just çukurambar escort be sex or what?”

She answered, “Yes, it would just be sex. It wouldn’t change how I feel about you.” She paused, “But I would be into it. I’d be looking into the eyes of another man while he has his cock in me. I’d come and would act like a slut, maybe.”

“Have you ever thought about a gang-bang?”

“Yes, actually. It’s something I have thought about when we are making love. Sometimes when we are done, I still could handle more.” She surprised me with that. “Would you like to see guys lining up to fuck your wife and then you would have me after they’ve all dumped their cum in my pussy?”

“I don’t think so.” I said, but she reached over and grabbed my hard cock through my pants.

“Get it out so I can tell when you are telling me the truth.” I did and she began to fondle it.

She went on, ‘You could watch some stud fuck me from behind while another stuffed his cock in my mouth.”

I was stunned. “Would you really want to do those things?” I asked.

“Only if you’d want me to.” She said. “If it were just me, no.”

I was relieved. “Then tell them no.”

She pulled on my cock and said, “I might like to have one guy fuck me while you fuck his wife.”

“Like Charlene and Evan?” I asked.

“Let me think about it.” She said.

Next Friday we are invited out to dinner with Evan and Charlene, but my wife hasn’t told me what to expect.

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