An introduction to a new sensation

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The 2nd one went in easier than the 1st and wasn’t at all painful. In fact, it felt good and the piston-like thrusting was actually titillating. I had never been fucked in my ass before and hadn’t even considered the possibility but the ultimate decision wasn’t mine and I wasn’t even consulted about my feelings on the matter.

After my divorced, I bought a house with a large piece of property in a rural area away from the madness of ubran life. As summer had brought about considerable foliage around the perimeter of my ample property, I felt concealed allowing me to wear less and less clothing as the heat of the season built. I would walk around my property in merely a long tee shirt allowing the breeze to caress my ass and genitals in a pleasantly unfamiliar manner. Occassionally I would even venture outdoors completely naked to secure something from my patio or to empty the garbage into the larger container. When working in the garden I would wear an old pair of button-fly jeans that were now a little too big for my new svelte physique and these jeans led to my undoing and to what was done to me.

Living on the side of a mountain, I was not aware that my exhibitionism was being observed by some workmen who were preparing the plot above mine for development. I was unaware that when my jeans slipped down off of my hips revealing my still round posterior that I was providing entertainment for these men, nor was I aware that when I stopped to pee in the yard rather than trapse mud and dirt through my house that they saw this, too. Obviously they also noticed that after urinating I’d leave the fly buttons undone and my dick hanging out not realizing that I was being observed. My crouching on all fours working in my garden plot with my jeans off of my hips and my bare ass high in the air felt good to me but was also enticing and eventually inviting them. Finally one warm afternoon they had seen enough.

I didn’t hear them walking down the hill and they were upon me before I realized their presence. My ass was exposed and I was on my knees leaning forward weeding a stubborn patch of dandelions.

“Now will you look at that?” one said to the other. “That’s what I call one fine piece a’ ass.”

“Sure is.” the other replied. “Just what we need on a fine day like this.”

Startled, I looked over my shoulder and found them close behind me looking down at my bare bottom. My tee shirt had been removed earlier so I could get some sun on my back and my jeans were down around my bent knees.

I started to get out of my crouch and the bigger one put his hand on the back of my neck and pushed me back down.

“No need to get up, honey. You’re already in the right kocaeli escort position.”

He closed his large hand around my neck and held me down on all fours. I couldn’t move and decided it best not to try because when I did try he squeezed my neck tighter.

“Let’s say we get those jeans off so he can spread his legs a little more, yeah?”

“Go ahead, I got him, he ain’t goin’ anywheres.”

“Uh, fellas …” I started to say but only got my neck squeezed.

“Look, sweetie boy, we been watching you stick your ass out for days now an’ we had enough watching from a distance. We saw it good now we want it.”

“Guys” I croaked, “I wasn’t trying to …”

“Hell you wuzn’t. Don’t matter cuz we worked ourselves up an’ now we gonna have what you been danglin’ in our faces, right Heb?”

“Sure ’nuff. So stop squirming an’ let’s get to it. You can either cooperate and make it easier or you can make it difficult on yourself but either way your ass is gonna be ours.”

The one who had my neck leaned down on me while the other reached behind pulling my jeans over my feet yanking them off of me and throwing them away a distance so now I was totally naked on all fours in the dirt and bright sunlight with a large man holding my neck and another right behind me unbuckling his belt.

The one holding my neck moved around in front maintaining his grip. “You gonna cooperate?” he asked squeezing my neck harder.

“Okay.” I croaked. “Okay, please not so hard. Please don’t hurt me.”

“Oh, you gonna get somethin’ hard.” the other one behind me said and with that he took hold of my hips in his hands and eased me back until I could feel something probing between my ass cheeks. The something was his erect penis and after he pushed a little here and there he spit, then he spit again and I felt the head of his cock up against my anus. The realization that he was going to shove his hard cock up my ass and that there wasn’t anything I could do about it was anti-climatic.

“Relax, sweetie. It’ll go in easier if you relax and accept it. Either way, it’s up to you.”

I put my head down as much as I could and tried to relax my taught anus. I was deeply embarrassed and completely helpless. He pushed around until he found it and the head of his cock entered my anus and I heard him spit again as he slowly pushed the rest of his cock into me while I gasped from the shock and the initial pain. My virgin ass was being violated by a man I couldn’t even see who had ahold of my hips and was easing his stiff cock into me like I was his regular bitch. His cock seemed to be endless as he eased it up my ass and finally he pulled me back onto escort bayan his lap and I could feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks. Here I was in the middle of a sunny summer afternoon in the middle of my garden patch totally naked with one man holding my neck and another man with his stiff cock firmly up my ass.

“Oh, yeah, Heb, he’s a tight one. Man he feels real good.”

“Well, shit, don’t stretch him. I want some a’ that tight pussy ass too ya know.”

I could feel my face reddened from embarrassment as I was being held by my neck at one end and by my hips from behind sitting on a man’s lap with his cock fully inserted up my ass. The initial pain subsided and I relaxed a little as he set me up again on all fours and pushed it as far into me as he could get it to go. Then he began to slowly move it back and forth, in and out, now a little faster, faster still, now pounding his fat stomach against my ass while he held my hips in his hands. His breathing got heavier as he kept thrusting his hard cock in and out of me as he fucked me. He then let out with a loud groan. As he did I felt the inside of my ass getting wet and warm as his cock throbbed shooting a large load of his cum into me. I now had cum in my ass for the first time in my life. As his throbbing cock kept pouring cum into my ass I realized that I had just been fucked by another man for the first time in my life and I didn’t do a thing to resist. I just let one man hold me by the neck while another stuck his cock up my bare ass and fucked me like I was a little girl. I guess to him that’s what I was.

He had come quickly and when his cock ceased throbbing and he had emptied his load up my virgin ass he leaned on my back and put his arms around my waist and held me close to him. He had either removed or unbuttoned his shirt and I could feel his sweaty body on my skin. He kissed my back and shoulders a few times and licked my spinal column. I still had not seen him and did not have any idea what the man looked like who had taken my virginity, but I was about to see him face to face.

Once he had caught his breath and his cock had shrunk down and began to slide out of my ass he released me and pulled it out the rest of the way. He took another deep breath and apparently stood behind me.

“Yeah, that wuz good. Real good. You up, Heb?” he asked.

“Hell, yeah, I want some sweet meat an’ I hope you ain’t stretched him all out.” Heb replied.

Heb told me not to move and he and his partner changed places but his partner didn’t grab hold of my neck. I hadn’t moved but I knew if I tried that it wouldn’t be good for me. I was frozen in place on all fours ready to accept izmit escort the next cock up my ass. Why bother to move? The one had already fucked me so I might as well let the other one do the same and be done with it. Though deeply embarrassed and humiliated, something inside me kind of felt good.

The sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t bend my sore neck up enough to see the man now in front of me but he was clearly heavyset and middleaged. Heb moved around behind me and removed his belt from his waist before kneeling down behind me.

“Open your mouth, honey” he commanded and when I did he inserted his belt between my jaws holding the looped belt in his right hand like reins on a horse. His pants were down and I felt the head of his cock probing for my anus while he pulled on the reins he had made out of his belt pulling my head up. In it went much easier than the first but it was larger and filled me more than the first. He didn’t waste any time shoving it deep up into me and I guess it slid along the cum and spit that his partner had left in my ass. He pulled me back with his reins so that I had the full measure of his large erection up my ass and though I didn’t like the belt in my mouth and being pulled like an animal his cock actually felt good in my ass.

He began thrusting his cock in and out of me while pulling on the reins and slapping my bare ass cheek with his left hand. He had me up against him and he was having a good old cowboy time riding my ass and spanking me so much so that I think he forgot he was actually fucking me. He rode me much longer than his partner but eventually he shot his really big load of hot cum up my ass and it took quite awhile before his cock stopped throbbing. I could feel the inside of my ass filling again with warm liquid. He remained upright and finally let go of the reins, telling me to let go of his belt as if having it between my jaws was my idea.

He pulled his cock out of me with a soft plop sound and I could feel cum seeping down the insides of my thighs. He came around in front of me and stood with his partner.

“Look at me, bitch.” he sneered.

I looked up and he spit a large loogie right in my face.

“That’s what I think a’ faggots like you, ya fuckin’ cockteaser.” he said and began to walk back up the hill reinserting his belt into his pants loops.

His partner leaned down and said softly “now this is between us. You keep your mouth shut and no one has to know about this. Got it?”

I nodded and he started off up the hill.

He stopped and over his shoulder he said “we’ll be seein’ ya’ agin soon sweetie. You’re our bitch now and we’ll be seein’ you again soon. You can count on it.”

I sat on my haunches for a bit and let the cum drip out of my ass and onto the ground. My ass tingled and felt warm. My anus was stretched a little but overall it felt good. I’d count on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32