An Indiscretion by Beth

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This is my wife Beth’s story. She only just recently told me about this event. When you read it, you will know why.

I am Beth. First let me describe myself and set the background for what happened.

Rick and I had been married only about two years. Rick had started acting funny toward me, things like ignoring me when I was clearly sending signals I wanted to have sex! I knew something was wrong. It took several weeks to determine that he had developed an interest in a co-worker; a young brunette that I thought was a chubby little bitch! Well, she did have big tits, but not as big as mine.

At that time, I was in my mid twenty’s, 5’4” tall and about 125 pounds. I kept my blond hair long and flowing, or in a pony tail. I stretched into a size 36 D bra and I had prominent nipples. I have had a number of admirers over the years and I have always been confident in my looks. When we would go out, Rick liked me to go braless and wear low cut tops, so that a lot of cleavage was exposed and my nipples would show through the material of my tops.

I had been discussing my problems with a close friend of mine named Charlotte. Charlotte and I had met when Rick transferred to this small Southern city. We met through a local tennis club, and became fast friends. I had spent a lot of time at her house. We also shopped and lunched together often. We were real buddies and shared very personal feelings, so it was helpful to discuss with her the problems between Rick and I. Charlotte was always on my side and gave me lots of advice.

Charlotte’s husband had a friend named Cliff. I would see him often when I was visiting Charlotte. He was Charlotte’s neighbor and worked with her husband, Richard. Cliff and Richard were usually working on some project or watching a game on TV, doing all that male bonding stuff.

Cliff was a tall, handsome guy. He was about 6’3”, with blond hair cropped short like a pilot. They both worked in the aerospace business. Cliff was married, though I had never seen his wife.

Cliff was always attentive when I was visiting at Charlotte’s house. We have had a few conversations, and he was always flirting with me. I was flirty also. It was very flattering, but I knew that was as far as it would ever go. antalya escort

It was a mid-week day, Tuesday or Wednesday, just after noon. I had just showered and dressed to go for lunch and shopping. I was wearing a pleated mini skirt and a loose fitting tank top and feeling rather good for a change. This problem with Rick had me feeling down lately, so it was great to feel good again.

I was not expecting any deliveries, so was startled by the doorbell. I opened the front door and was very surprised to see Cliff standing there with a hand behind his back and a big smile on his face.

Cliff said “I know you have been feeling down lately, so I brought theses by to cheer your up!”

With that comment, he brought out a beautiful bouquet of flowers from behind his back. I was again surprised and felt very special!

I hugged him and said “thank you so much. They are beautiful, and you are so nice to think of me like this!”

It was a little warm so he suggested I put them in water right away. I turned and walked into the kitchen to put the flowers in some water. Cliff followed me in, saying how happy he was to catch me at home.

I was leaning over the sink, filling a vase with water when Cliff came up behind me. He leaned into me and pressed me against the sink cabinet and started kissing me on the neck!

As he was kissing me he said, “You are so beautiful, and I want you so much.”

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass.

I started pressing back away from the sink and telling him that I am married and I do not mess around. I pushed back and spun around facing him and he immediately started kissing me on the mouth.

I muffled out a plea to stop immediately! But he kept kissing me. I was trying to push him off, but I could now feel his hardness pressing against my pussy. My legs were getting a little weak.

He started probing my lips with his tongue. I tried to speak and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He now had one hand behind my head and his tongue in my mouth. I could feel that my body was responding even though my mind kept saying no.

I heard his zipper! “Oh no!” I thought. My mind started into a mild panic. He pushed his cock head kemer escort against my panty covered pussy lips. I could feel myself getting wet in spite of my resistance to his advances.

I reached down to stop him and grabbed his cock and got the shock of my life. His cock was so big my legs almost buckled! I had never felt anything so big and as I grabbed it he started moaning.

My legs gave a little and he slipped his big cock between them, and against my pussy lips. I reacted by squeezing his cock between my legs and he started moaning louder.

Without realizing it, I started kissing him back. His tongue was hot and probing in my mouth as I slipped my tongue into his. With that, he started a sawing motion with his cock against my pussy, making me wetter yet.

At this point, I had one hand stroking the back of his head and the other pulling his massive cock tight against my pussy lips. I knew he would not be denied and I was not sure I wanted to deny him!

I broke from him just enough to utter that we need to take this into the bedroom.

As he stepped back to allow me to lead, I looked down and saw his massive tool. It was the biggest I have ever seen, long and thick with a huge mushroom shaped head. Just seeing this made my head start spinning.

I started toward the bedroom, strewing clothes as I walked. By the time I got to the bed, I had only panties on. I bent down to push my panties off and felt his nose in my ass and his tongue in my pussy!

“OMG, I thought. I think I may faint from the excitement.”

I was now leaning on the bed, supported by my hands, as he commenced to lick and tongue my pussy from behind. My whole body was shaking.

I managed to crawl up onto the bed where he turned me on my back. He put my legs up on his shoulders and started kissing the inside of my thighs. He kissed down to intersection of legs to body and then started alternately licking my pussy, pushing his tongue deep into my slot, and nibbling on my clit. My whole bottom was quivering. I could hardly breathe! That is when I realized I was moaning very loudly!

I rubbed the back of his head and started humping on his face and tongue. I could feel myself building kaş escort to a large orgasm. I pulled his face against my pussy and humped to a very intense orgasm. I then fell back into the pillow as he caught his breath.

I tugged slightly on his arms as I whispered, “please be gentle. You are so big!”

He moved up and placed the large head of his cock against my pussy lips as I spread my legs wide to accommodate his entrance. He rubbed the head up and down through my pussy lips, wetting his cock with my overflowing juices.

He said, “Oh baby, I have wanted to fuck you for so long. Just work with me and I will not hurt you. You will love my cock when you get adjusted to it.”

I was sure that he was right; at least I was very willing to give it my best shot.

I felt him push the tip of his cock into my hot and wet pussy. It felt like someone was inserting a baseball bat! He pushed and stretched and just when I started getting concerned, he pulled back and worked in that area.

Then he penetrated some more. I was taking deep breaths. He was so big in me. My concern soon turned to lust. I wanted to fuck that big cock so much.

He was about half in when we started to get a good rhythm. His cock was feeling so good, all I wanted was more.

Slowly he moved until he had the total length engaged. We were really rocking and fucking. I could not believe how great this cock felt fucking my hungry pussy. I could feel it penetrating into my womb.

I felt the rush of a huge orgasm and screamed out. When I heard my own voice it sounded strange because I had never screamed out during sex before.

I was shaking and my mind was a buzz, and he kept fucking me harder and harder.

I could feel his ass cheeks tightening with my hands and knew he was close to cumming. I was close again also. Then we erupted together and it was a moment of bliss. Such an orgasm should be illegal. It was a mountain; we were climbing to the top together. And then, we were floating. My mind was in a state of OMG! OMG!

I held him on top of me and could feel us both quivering. His cock, still deep within my pussy where no other had ever ventured, started to soften. It was still like a huge sausage in me.

I lifted his face up with my hands and gave him a deep, sweet kiss.

I looked into his eyes and said “that was by far the best fuck I have ever had! But I am a married woman, and we will never do this again!”

He just looked back at me and smiled, like he did not believe me!

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