An Indian Widow’s Choice Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: The True Game Begins

I watched Monee on the monitor till she slowly put the small calendar book back into the drawer and getting herself dressed again, to which I note that she now did not bother to wear petticoat. My cock grows hard with the thought of standing next to her and rubbing my hand on her hairy mounds through the thin sari she wears.

I grinned coldly and then pick up the phone, directed a call to my agent in India, “Find her biological family, track them down, have them gather, first let greed blind them, then tell them of her job, remember, nothing but the TRUTH” I told the agent, “Time to let her family do the dirty work for me…”

After a long conversation, I hang up, and quickly draining the beer, I changed into a casual blue Nike sport pants and a matching white t shirt, then proceed downstairs.

Monee is already busying cleaning and dusting the house with a swifter duster and a garbage bag to empty the bins around the house. I looked at her plump buttocks jiggle and wiggle as she cleans the hardwood floor. I walk up behind her quietly and throw my arms around her bend waist and pressing my crotch against her buttocks as she gasped in surprise.

She turned her head and look up, her face flushed and sweating a bit on her forehead where a red bindi sits between her nicely trimmed brows, “Ooh god Mr. Steve…I thought…” Monee murmured in surprise and partially because of she didn’t know what’s there to say as I press my encased cock against her buttocks.

A smile curled up on the corner of my mouth, “Working hard, my all obedient servant and devoted woman?!” spoke though by me in a low voice, it sounded like a huge lightning had just exploded next to Monee’s ears.

Stammering for a reply, “Ye…Yes Mr. Steve…” Monee replied in a rather shaky voice. I smile grew deeper and baring my white teeth like a beast who has its prey well under its pawns. I pull her to straighten up, her head reach only my chin as I am a lot taller than she is, I inhaled deeply of the scented oil she uses to keep her hair shiny and arrange it into a single thick plait behind her head.

Monee’s body shivers as she feels my body wrapping all around her, swallowing her like great flame that consumes her mind. My hands pulled her long plait so she would look up and expose her neck. I lowered my face, first kissing her neck gently and then nibbling her. Monee moaned and wiggled in my arms then trembled as I bit her tender neck, her breath quickened and shallow as my hands slide into her sari, caressing her cunt with my experienced fingers.

My teeth bit her neck hard, leaving bruises all over her neck and shoulders as well. She bit her lips as I take pleasure of her body as mine, her legs parted as my fingers advanced their assault and thrust deep up her womanhood.

She moaned loudly, the louder as my fingers take her clit between them and rubbing it very hard, making her juice dripping on the floor and flowing down her thighs. My mouth feasted on her tender neck, biting her harder and harder.

“Ohhhh” Monee cried out as she experiences a small orgasm and leaned back against me to keep her standing, her hands clutching my t shirt as she flashes me a very motherly, yet extremely submissive look.

I laughed, then I let go of her, walking into the family room and left her alone. Monee’s hands went up to her shoulders and neck, caressing the marks there made by my teeth and smiled, smiled happily.

“Oh yes, he wants me…I am still his woman…Oh how I loved to be his, I am devoted to be his…” Monee let her thought wondered happily and hummed as she went on her daily household chores. Later as she finished cleaning and dusting the house, Monee takes a peek into the family room, seeing me busying with reading a book, Tekeli Escort she dared not to intrude and decided to take a walk in the warm afternoon sun in the back yard garden.

She opens the large glass door opening into the garden, step out bare foot and inhaled deeply of the sweet fragrance of the flowers, the weather is very friendly, soft sunshine with gentle breeze that make a person simply feel…lazy.

Monee sits on the lawn under the maple tree and enjoying the sun, it’s a lot better here, she decided. Here the sun is soft and gentle, while in India, it’s as if one has been placed in a hot oven to which there is no escape of. She looks at the flowers and suddenly thinking about the wedding wreath of flowers there are of customary in her Hindu upbringing.

With that thought, her mind begins to wonder, not just daydreaming, but systematic, almost like programming and hypnotizing. Flashes, images, sounds, and feelings coming in bits and pieces in those flashes of images and sounds, she saw herself naked, dressed as a Hindu slave, fucked and showing obvious signs of pregnancy with a very large swollen belly.

She can see her facial expressions are that of lust, and her hands, her hands are squeezing her lactating huge tits and milking them as hard as a man, a strong young man take her from behind. In the background, a voice, a commanding voice, so divine is its presence Monee can not help herself but to listen.

As she sits and listen in a seeming trance, I also watched her from inside the house, laughing. Those spy microphones, also served as hypnotizing and subliminal messaging transceivers.

Every night, as she sleeps, the show is on, programming her, changing her psyche. But nothing very strong and forceful, no orders, no commands, only subtle suggestions, manipulation of emotions, stimulate sexual drive…etc. It works like dripping water on a stone, slowly sipping through and breaching even the hardest of them all.

In addition, triggers were planted in order to let her see those images and enter a trance like state, while doing things totally of her own accord and wishes. I looked at Monee sitting under the tree, her eyes fixed and then she stirred, exiting the trance and looking around, remembering everything she saw yet unsure of what had prompted it.

Then she turns around, seeing me and bowed her head like a slave as her face burned with the image of her pregnant and I take her from behind.

“Pregnant…” She savor this word as she repeat it over and over, wondering whether the things she saw were message from her Hindu gods, hinting her that she is destined to be mine. Monee murmured on as she straightens up, walking back into the house, unaware that a full hour has passed since she sits under the maple tree in a trance.

She walk back into the house, and bowed very low, face still flushed, “So sorry I am, know not time pass fast…” I raise a hand and tell her it is alright, I simply need to stretch my legs after all the reading I had done, besides, it’s such a good day and I do not need anything at the moment.

Monee smiled back and excused herself from the kitchen as I looked at her back, a very cold grin creeping up my face, “oh it’s a hint alright my slave, but not from your gods, they are from me, and from now on, I, Am, Your, God!”

I spoke in a voice so cold that even the sun can not raise the temperature in the kitchen one bit, but she could not hear it. Lunch and afternoon tea were pleasant for both of us, we enjoyed good food and drinks, Monee took time to study various recipe books that I bought for her to read and draw upon, now she’s beginning to grasp many foreign and exotic dishes aside from her native Indian cuisines.

After drinking tea and eating Escort Tekeli sweet chocolate cakes and biscuits, I lay lazily against the cushions in the family room while Monee plays the sitar for me.

She sits next to me and adjusted her sitar on her lap before she began. She played a soft composition, as the rhythm progress, she begins to sing in a low and seductive voice, the song and the music combine into a perfect soft melody that is soothing and yet subtlety arousing with every fiber of its being.

Monee’s face flushed as she sang, it is not a song that a woman should be singing to another man who’s not her husband, and yet she found herself unable to resist the urge and desire to play this rhythm together with the song. Her delicate fingers trailed over the strings of the sitar as she finished the rhythm and turned to look at me.

She finds me leaning against that mountain of cushions and now seemingly asleep, carefully she put the sitar down on the carpet and moved close to me.

Monee rocked me gently, “Mr. Steve? Mr. Steve?” she called out several times but there was no answer from me. Disappointed she looks down at my crotch, her eyes widened as she discovers that my cock is now hard and swollen inside my pants. Even though appeared to be sleeping, I opened my eye lids slightly and observing what she will do.

Monee swallowed hard, then carefully take off my pants just enough to expose my cock fully, then eagerly she lean down and hungrily sucking on my big pole. She runs her tongue over and over again on my cock and sucking hard on my cock head with her hands fondling and stroking my shaft and balls. Her eyes flashed lust and something that wasn’t there before, worship, she is worshiping me as a divine and absolute presence in her life.

Letting go of my cock, Monee strips herself naked and then spread her legs lewdly to sit herself on my thick shaft. I did not move, but only observed with great interest as Monee worship my cock and then get naked to service it.

She sits her cunt right down on my cock and begins the rock up and down using her hairy mounds to serve my dick. Monee begins to moan as she feels my cock plowing her fertile womanhood, as she begins to murmur as she fucks herself on my thick shaft.

“Oh my young lord, oh divine god, please accept your devoted subject and worshiper’s service, grand me your seeds! Make me yours!” she first whispered then her voice speaks out louder and louder as she repeats it over and over again as a chanting in Hindi.

With the growing chant, her eyes become distant and hollow as her mind slipping into another plane of sub – consciousness, where she controlled, programmed as a toy and slave who worship me with all her devotion and mind.

Monee groaned as she sits herself down on my cock, impaling herself and then raise her hips, then sits down hard again. I look at her under my slightly open eye lids, an almost undetectable grin along the corner of my lips as I enjoy her wet and warm cunt surrounding my cock as she tightens her vaginal muscles to squeeze my shaft hard.

Our muscles tightened with our impending orgasms as Monee chanted loud, over and over again like a robot as she uses her body to serve and worship me.

I can feel my balls tighten and my cock swollen with my eruption close at hand, then I look at Monee more directly, grins into her seemingly blank stare and said in a low voice, “Very soon you will be truly mine, very soon you will be riding on my cock and begging for more while you are self aware and conscious, until then, you will have no clarity nor closure!”

Monee chanted on as she bucked up and down on my cock as we both begin to cum very hard, waves of her vaginal juice washing over my cock like ocean Tekeli Escort Bayan waves while jet after jet of my hot sperm splashing against her cervix like a big hose. Monee lets out a loud groan and then collapsed and passed out on me as I laughed, I holding tightly to me as I drift off to sleep.

Only an hour or so later Monee awakes, she opens her eyes lazily, she felt like she was in a dream, vague, satisfying but with nothing concrete for her to hold on to and see it clearly. Then she gasped, finding herself lying on top of me, naked with my cock buried deep in her body, as she moves a bit she knew that I had cum hard in her.

She bit her lower lips as she pull herself free from me, making a loud popping noise as my cock slip out her sticky and moist womanhood. Monee held her thighs closely together and hurriedly pick up her sari and blouse, after that she looks at me, and let out a sign.

She had by then guessed what had happened after she done playing the sitar and singing, but the details were lost to her, only vague images of herself riding on top of me like a shameless woman and her pleads to be used harder that still ring at her ears at a distance.

Monee’s face softened as her hand reach out, caressing my cheeks with her palm as she tries desperately to remember why she had acted like such a whore and slut, and how could she have forgotten her fertility cycle to have me load her again with the fertile seeds of my youth.

Now shamed and confused, but on a strong sub – conscious level satisfied, Monee hurriedly ran upstairs into her room to take a shower. Her mind tried to grasp something solid in the dense fog, searching for clarity to no avail, “Why?” as she cursed and asked herself repeatedly.

From the moment she awoke, I woke up as well, I kept silent and letting her confusion run its course, the more she tries to clear things up, the more she finds herself trapped and lost.

“Only with me can she find clarity, if I choose to finally step in and take absolute control of course,” I told myself, “but she is not yet totally open, she still has families…but soon she will have no one except me…and by then, even God itself will not be able to help her.”

After the shower, Monee carefully take out an old, black and white photo of her family, her finger travels from face to face, her mother, father, brother, sister, aunt…etc, drops of her tear fell on the photo as she sobbed in silence.

It had been quite sometime since she saw any of them. Married and moving away from her biological family are common and almost a custom for women of her background.

Then with the marriage came the hardship of life, she had neither the money nor the time to visit or call, but her fate and direction in life is certain, she is to live with her husband and his family, be a devoted wife and mother to his children.

But now she has time, and the money to write or even visit them, yet she has lost something in life that can not be bought, she grew uncertain. Uncertain of what to do, her balance has been thrown off, no longer is she certain of what she should do. Should she stay and become a sort of concubine for me or should she pull her distance away, be a good housekeeper, maid, or motherly elder sister even, but not my woman.

“Devoted and clinging to me so strongly on sub – conscious level, yet her conscious mind struggles in turmoil and confusion…Ah, such is the fact of life for her,” I said in the silence of my own company in the family room, “Family will be what she attempts to clinging to, her last shred of hope in India, like the umbilical cord that connects mother to fetus, but it is time to cut the cord and let the baby fly…though fly into darkness she will,” I spoke with a soft yet chilling voice.

Then, as the sun slowly going down the horizon, and Monee sobbed in her room, in the growing darkness of the house, my laughter filled the empty hallow of the place.

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