An Indian Family Story Ch. 04

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So it was that Ponni went to her parents’ house the next day. She returned two days later with her sister. Her sister, though five years younger than Ponni, was as well built as her.

“This is Selvi,” she introduced her to Ramu that evening, “and this is Ramu that I told you about.”

Selvi looked at Ramu shyly. Ramu wondered if Ponni had told her everything. They decided to take things easy till Selvi went back. Selvi became well accquainted with Ramu and told her sister that she was agreeable to marry Ramu. They were all overjoyed and Ponni set about preparing for the wedding. Ponni’s parents too were happy to find a government servant husband for Selvi.

The wedding itself was a simple affair, with all close relatives invited and feasted. One by one left for their homes by evening after blessing the couple. Selvi’s parents too bid her a tearful farewell and left for their house in the evening.

As was customary, the first night was to be held in Muthusamy’s house. Ponni made the necessary arrangements. Selvi was bathed and adorned. They then had their dinner and Ponni was led to her bedroom where Ramu was waiting. The large mattress was placed on the floor in the center of the room. The light from the oil lamp sufficiently lit the room up. Ramu was sitting on the mattress strewn with jasmine flowers. As custom demands, Selvi offered milk and fruits to her new husband. Ramu pulled her down gently, making her sit close to him. After receiving her offering he embraced her with passion and planted a light kiss on her cheek, muttering sweet words. Selvi was shy at first. Then she started to respond to his caressing. She felt a strange feeling passing through her body. Although she knew what to expect and although she had witnesses her mother fucking her uncle and her father many times, she was nevertheless apprehensive. This was a first for her. She enjoyed Ramu’s pressing of her breasts. He kissed her on the lips this time. She completely gave herself to him and let him do as he pleased. He removed her saree top exposing her tight blouse. He then proceeded to unhook the blouse. She helped him remove it. She was wearing a black bra underneath her blouse. Her breasts bulged under pressure from the tight bra and presented themselves erotically. Ramu let his hands run over her large protruding breasts. Selvi felt a thrill run through them. A sense of warmth generated from Ramu’s probing hands. He unhooked the bra from behind removed it and let her breasts become completely free. He marveled at the large but firm masses of erotic flesh. He began to knead them, provoking a deep-throated groan from Selvi. He pushed her on to the mattress and started sucking the nipples alternately. The already erect nipples swelled under the stimulation of his tongue. He took one globe of flesh into his mouth and started sucking it. Selvi held his head to it and rubbed his neck. Ramu’s hand went down to her thighs. As he stroked them over the saree, he gently moved the saree up and felt her warm thighs. Selvi spread her thighs under his stimulation, inviting him to explore her womanhood. His hand sought her most intimate part, found the hairy mould and groped it. Its wetness made him more horny. His penis was straining in his dhoti. Selvi bent her thighs to let him feel her more. He tried to insert one finger into her cunt but she resisted. He told her to remove her saree, while he stripped himself and made himself naked. As she turned around naked, Selvi’s eyes fell on Ramu’s erect ten-inch prick. She let out a gasp.

“It is so big! I am scared! Please, don’t hurt me!” she pleaded.

“No Selvi, I will be gentle, I will not hurt you,” Ramu tried to console her. “You will see, it will not hurt, just lie down.”

She squatted on the mattress and refused to listen to his pleas. He sat beside her and hugged her. He took her hand and placed Eskort Kız it on his penis. She withdrew it as though she was touching a piece of hot iron.

“Just hold it, then you will not be afraid,” Ramu said. He exposed his erect member to her and said, “Just look at it Selvi, see how it longs for your touch. Just feel it once.”

He took her hand again and placed it on his penis. She did not take it away this time. She looked at it and gently squeezed it. She stroked it.

“It is so big, I am afraid it will hurt me,” she said crying. And she did start crying loudly till Ponni came in to find out what the matter was.

“Why? What happened? Why are you crying?” she asked them.

“I am scared akka, His thing is so big!” Selvi sobbed, not realizing that her sister was in their bedroom and her husband and she were both naked.

“She is scared Ponni, I tried to assure her but she is adamant,” Ramu told Ponni.

“Silly girl, here let me help you,” Ponni said and started removing her clothes and became equally naked.

A surprised Selvi could not believe what was happening. “Akka, you? I don’t ……” she stammered.

“There is a lot of things you don’t know, and now I am going to teach you,” Ponni smiled and kissed her sister on her cheek. “Now come here, Ramu. Let us show Selvi how to do it. Don’t look so surprised Selvi, you just observe us. Then you will believe that we women can take in a tool as big as Ramu’s with ease if you know how to do it.”

She lied down on the mattress and spread her thighs and asked Ramu to show Selvi how it is done. Ramu got in between her thighs and started licking her cunt. Ponni spread her thighs even further apart and called Selvi to come closer and observe.

When her cunt was sufficiently wet and slippery, she instructed Ramu to insert his massive tool into her cunt. Selvi stared with open mouth as she saw her husband’s large cock slowly penetrating her sister’s cunt. She saw her sister’s cunt lips opening and swallowing her husband’s cock slowly, stretching to hold it tightly. She seemed in no pain, but on the other hand seemed to enjoy it.

“Don’t you feel any pain Akka?” Selvi asked her sister anxiously.

“There is a pleasure in this pain my girl. See, I can take all of him into me! Now show her how you fuck me Ramu! See! See how his prick goes all the way! Now can you do it?” she asked her sister as Ramu continued sliding his long cock in and out of Ponni’s cunt.

“I will try akka, but you must stay with me,” Selvi asked.

Pushing Ramu away, “Of course I will, Selvi! You don’t be scared. Now go and take care of your new wife Ramu,” Ponni ordered.

Ponni felt Selvi’s cunt. It was moist but not wet enough. “You better start all over again,” she told Ramu. “I will stay and help.”

She made Ramu kneel in front of Selvi, who was sitting. His erect prick was only inches from her face. Ponni stroked the long penis saying, “Here, feel his tool, see how hard it is. This is how you stroke it. You have seen mother doing it haven’t you?”

“Yes, but I have not done it and uncle’s and father’s pricks are not so big.”

Selvi followed her sister’s advice and took her husband’s prick in her hand and began moving her hand up and down.

“Yes that’s it, do it slowly and hold it firmly to give maximum pleasure to your husband. Is that nice Ramu?” she asked. Ramu only grunted.

“Now suck the head of the prick. Take it in your mouth like this,” saying so she showed Selvi how it was to be done. She moved her head taking Ramu’s prick deep into her mouth and sucking it. Selvi was now getting hot. She had her sister for guidance and advice. She took Ramu’s prick and began sucking it as her sister had shown but with more enthusiasm, as she was doing it for the first time. Ponni let her and went and kneeled behind Selvi. She caught both her breasts and began kneading them. They were as large as hers but were firmer. She twisted the nipples and teased them. She hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. She peeped over her and watched her doing a wonderful job on her husband’s tool. Ponni then inserted one hand between Selvi’s buttocks and reached for her cunt. She rubbed her wet hairy cunt and slid one finger between her cunt lips and began rubbing it. She reached for Selvi’s already hardened love button and fingered it. Selvi moaned. Ponni inserted one finger into her sister’s hot cunt. It had been a long time since they did that, not since she got married. Selvi was now very hot. Her cunt was dripping with her secretion. Ponni wanted her to be really hot. She made Ramu get between his wife’s thighs and lick her cunt. Ramu was only too willing as he lapped her cunt and drank as much as Selvi’s sweet nectar as possible.

Ponni sensed her sister was ready now. She made Selvi lie down and bend her legs at her knees and spread them widely. She then placed a pillow under her buttocks. Then asking her to relax, she asked Ramu to mount her.

“Don’t worry, I am here for you, I shall see that Ramu handles you gently. I shall guide his tool into you, you just take a deep breath,” Ponni advised and reassured her sister.

Taking Ramu’s erect member in her hand she guided it towards Selvi’s cunt. Ramu paused at the entrance of his wife’s cunt. His sister-in-law urged him to gently enter. Ramu did so. Selvi relaxed. Ramu went in a little more. Ponni massaged Selvi’s cunt as Ramu penetrated more. Half his prick was now in. he moved his up and down. His wife’s well-lubricated cunt was warm and tight. Slowly under Ponni’s urging Selvi spread her thighs and prepared to receive her husband’s full length.

“Is it hurting, my sister?” Ponni asked anxiously.

“No, akka, thanks to you, in fact I think I am not afraid any more. Push more of it in Ramu,” Selvi told her husband.

Ramu slowly pushed the entire length of his penis into his wife’s cunt and began fucking her. Selvi was now more relaxed and was beginning to enjoy her first fuck by a man, by her husband.

As Ramu increased his speed, Selvi moaned with pleasure.

Ponni moved away and watched them, rubbing her own cunt. At that moment a naked Muthusamy entered the room, stroking his erect prick.

“Come my husband, I really need you now,” Ponni called to him as she knelt on all fours and Muthu, quickly taking up position behind her, rammed her from behind. Selvi watched this all with a sense of utter disbelief, but she was too engrossed in her own ecstasy to question it for now. The room was getting stuffy now as Ramu and Muthu screwed their wives vigorously. There were loud groaning and moaning as all four bodies wriggled and humped rhythmically. Watching each other made them more horny. Even Muthusamy’s performance today was beyond expectation. Ponni was really thrilled. She screamed and groaned to her husband’s steady thrusts. She could feel the head of Muthu’s prick knocking against her womb. He fucked her faster and faster till, with a sudden deep poke, Muthu discharged his load deep into her cunt. They separated slowly and continued watching Ramu and Selvi. The newly weds were fucking faster and faster now. Selvi was throwing up her hips to meet Ramu’s thrusts. Then with a loud groan, Ramu too shot his load into Selvi who hugged him tight and screamed. He collapsed on her and was quiet.

Ponni rolled over to Selvi and hugged her asking, “How was it? Was it painful?”

“It was wonderful Akka,” Ponni said, looking shyly around seeing every one completely naked. She tried to cover herself, but Ponni stopped her. “This is our family, Selvi. We are one. What we do within these four walls is our way. Please don’t be shy. Your husband has helped us in many ways and we are grateful to him. When we decided to marry you off to him, we knew you would be agreeable. When we were younger, we both enjoyed with each other. Now we have our husbands to share with each other, just like mother who has father and uncle. Mother will only be too glad to hear this.”

“I understand you akka, but this is all so new to me,” Selvi replied.

“Don’t worry Selvi, we will all take good care of you,” Muthusamy assured her. “In a way you too are helping Ponni and I.”

All this rest and talk made Ramu stiff again. Seeing this Ponni herself encouraged Selvi to go for another fuck again.

“I want to fuck like Akka did just now,” Selvi let her desire be known. She had lost all her inhibitions now. Soon Ramu and Selvi were fucking again like a dog and bitch in heat.

Watching them, Muthu too got excited, as shown by his engorged prick. He pulled a surprised Ponni towards him and showed his erect penis to her. Ponni pushed him to the floor and sat on his prick and fucked him. They all were in a highly excited state, and soon they screaming and grunting and shooting their starchy loads into their wives’ cunts.

They rested without any modesty. Hands and legs were everywhere. Selvi felt a hairy crotch and a prick. Without looking, and thinking it was her husband’s, she began pressing it. Ponni sat up to readjust her pillow when she saw her sister playing with her husband’s tool.

“Oh! You cunning girl, you are learning fast! How do you like my husband’s prick? Your first night and you have already beginning to play with my husband!” she said in mock anger.

“Akka! I thought it was my husband’s! I did not mean it!” Selvi answered shocked.

“Let’s see what you can do, I don’t mind,” Ponni said patting her on the head.

She helped her up and told her to suck Muthusamy’s prick. Selvi shyly did so, taking her brother in law’s semi erect prick in her mouth and started sucking it. Muthusamy spread his thighs wide and tried to help her. Ponni went on all fours and watched her sister suck her husband. Ramu would not miss the opportunity presented to him. He kneeled behind Ponni and inserted two fingers into her slit and moved them in and out. Ponni wriggled her arse at him. Encouraged he inserted his thumb into her arse and fingered it. Ponni joined Selvi and tickled her husband’s balls and arse. They tried for some time but with little success. Ponni offered her breasts to him. Muthu took them and squeezed them and sucked them till Ponni’s nipples became erect and sensitive. She moaned as her husband sucked both her breasts.

Ramu was now ready. He placed himself behind Ponni and spreading her cunt cheeks, inserted his long prick and started fucking her. Muthusamy saw this and it excited him almost instantly. His prick began to stiffen. Selvi felt it in her mouth. When it was hard enough, Muthu asked Selvi to sit on him and fuck him. Selvi as instructed by her sister who was now groaning and panting under Ramu’s vigorous attack. She was amazed at Ramu’s capacity, but she was equally amazed at her husband’s energy today as her sister sat on him and fucked him.

Muthu could feel the tightness of Selvi’s cunt. Being a just broken virgin, he could feel the strength of her cunt muscles holding his prick tightly. He turned her over and rammed her from behind all the while watching his wife and Ramu. Faster and faster he fucked. He could last only a little more. He could fee his juice about to come. He fucked Selvi deep and hard till his juice shot out and filled her cunt.

“I am sorry I came so fast, I could not help it,” Muthusamy apologized.

Selvi stopped him, “No, anna, please don’t be sorry. I enjoyed it very much. Any time you want me just let me know.”

They lay in each other’s arms as they watched Ramu and Ponni fuck till they too discharged and fell apart. Exhausted they lay down and slowly drifted to sleep while talking.

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