An Impressionable 18 year old Sissy

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“Shane get down here.” Your dad called you.

You race downstairs to see your father and mother all dressed up for their 20th anniversary. Your dad is in a nice button-up tee and slacks. Your mother showing off her cleavage in a very revealing red dress, driving your dad crazy. Her figure is still intact after all of these years.

Your dad put his hand on your shoulder. “Now, son. I think you are old enough to watch over our beautiful home. But I and your beautiful mom decided that Trey Marker Jr. will be your home for the next two weeks. He told us he got a wonderful job for you, so you earn some money before you head off to college. See ya soon. Lock up before you leave.”

You didn’t manage to say anything. You have always been a meek, shy, law-abiding, and nervous guy. You had straight a’s in high school, but no type of social life. You knew you are a reliable trustworthy man, but you follow your dad’s orders. You leave your house making your way over to Trey’s house.

You walk into Trey’s house seeing many sports awards on the wall. Many accolades, things that you desire and wish to have in your room. You see a picture of Trey’s family. He, is a tall dark athletic man in his early fifties, his adopted Asian stepson, who has been gone for six years, his brother James who is forty-two but looks sixty, and their father Trey Marker Sr.

“Thank you for allowing me to hang around with you for these two weeks.” You said gratefully looking at the tall black man in joggers and a rap tee shirt from the old past, the nineties.

“Yeah, I don’t mind it. I have been missing a young man around the house. Why don’t you go downstairs to the basement and unpack?” Trey studied your pale complexion, smooth skin, petite nerdy-like frame, storms like blue eyes, and light reddish hair.

You went to the basement to unpack your things. There sits a small bed with an enormous dresser that is padlocked over in the corner of the room. Big tv with a couch near the middle of the room for optimal viewing performance. You throw your bag onto the bed and then sat on the couch properly.

Trey said in his booming voice. “Hey, I am cooking some ribs. I will bring them down to you after I finish grilling them. Just watch some tv and stay put.”

You yelled back okay as you flip on the tv. The tv came on with the moaning of two people having sex. An ebony man with a huge erect cock fucking a blonde Asian girl in her mouth. But as you continue bahis şirketleri to watch while trying to turn the volume down, you see the blonde Asian with a small little cock between her legs. You watch with your mouth open. That was Trey’s old stepson. This seems to be an old recording from when Shin Sue was of legal age and having relations with an ebony man.

This little porno flick had you encountering a queasy sensation in your abdomen. You flip the channel over to another porno. This time there are words on the screen. Bbc is king. Sissies are weak for BBC. Bbc is what you craved. Behind the phrases, women/shemales reaping the benefits of getting railed by huge black cocks. The women say slurs as they ride the ebony color cocks. The shemales getting lifted in full Nelsons as they get carried and clutched in the air like they weigh nothing.

You flip the channel again, but this time the flat screen asks you for the password. You confusingly type in BBC to see if that is the password. But no go. The tv still shows white, Hispanic, ebony, and Asian women getting stuff enormously full of hard glistening jet black cocks.

“Here I come,” Trey said walking downstairs.

You quickly turn off the tv not wanting to get caught watching his porn. The weird belief of meddling in something you don’t belong in flooding your system. You sat attempting to behave all nonchalant.

Trey put the food down on the coffee table. “Dig in little man.” He pats you on your shoulder. He eats a large piece of meat, which probably help him maintain his extremely good shape for his age.

You eat his well-seasoned ribs, tasting the great a1 type sauce. “This is so flavorful Trey.”

“Thanks.” Trey grab the remote that lay between you guys. “Man let’s watch some tv.”

You said struggling inadequately to stop him. “Let’s just eat and talk. I haven’t had a good chat session with you, since your last birthday.”

“We got all week for that Shane.” He flips on the tv reclining back. A quietly sexy nerdy femboi rode a black mamba with the words flashing… White nerds belong to alpha black cock. “This some good shit.”

You couldn’t tell if he is speaking about the tv or his ribs. The black cock on the screen is massive. The veiny monster tore open the fembot tight boi pussy. Her cock spurting cum, which caught you off guard. Her small cock is a tiny bit bigger than yours. It flops hypnotically as Trey finishes off his supper. He seems contemptuous bahis firmaları to keep staring at the porn on the flat screen tv.

After ten minutes or more of this porn, Trey asks you. “Do you like my category of porn, Shane?”

“Well, it’s pretty hot, I guess.” You said trying to be polite.

“If you think this shit is good. You need to watch this station.” He quickly inputs a code to the tv, changing the station to a channel of black guys stroking their hard members. Straight black cocks just yanking off. You realize a strange feeling shooting between your legs. A hard erection. “Yeah looks at those massive cocks. They look so big, superior. The peak of our human race. Don’t you agree, Shane?”

You nod. “Yeah… I guess.” The inferior complex sinking in. Your cock only measuring three inches hard, one point one when soft. You watch a powerful dominant ebony dreaded man glancing down at you as he jerks himself off. His member is four times your size as he comes off like staring at you. Twelve inches of black meat, you see on the tv.

“Do you mind if I start stroking? We are just guys, am I right.” He said hand brushing over your delicate pale thigh.

“Well, Trey this is your home.” You say a little uneasy and embarrassed.

Trey stood up unbuttoning his pants, a hard cock already blooming out from the inside of his pants as he rush to push them down. The underwear slipped down his black hairy thighs. His member stands out proudly. All ten thick tremendous inches hung out over his huge god-like balls. He sat back, palm wrapped around his member. He flips back to the women/shemales getting fucked.

You watch him spit into his hand, caressing his gigantic ebony cock. Your eyes are solely on his cock. The way it’s moved up and down, made you feel a little flushed.

Trey startled you by asking you a question..”What is your favorite type of broad? You like them petite, phat asses, big thick tits. Nah you look like you prefer gingers.”

You said. “I don’t have a type.”

“You ever fuck a girl, Shane?” He asks in a sincere father manner.

“No. My social life has always been lacking.” You said.

“I don’t believe that. You are a cute dude. I think if you wanted to creampie one of the high school sweethearts. You could have. I got a theory. You want to hear it.”

“Sure.” Not knowing what to expect from Trey.

“I think you like BBC.” He pauses. “Yes, I know. How could you already like BBC when kaçak bahis siteleri you’ve only been watching BBC for the past twenty minutes.” He pats you on the thigh again. His cock is inches away from touching you. “I bet in your porn browser you have big cock stuffing blond, Asian, redhead, etc. Am I lying?”

“No. You are spot-on, sir. But I don’t like cocks or black cocks. I am straighter than a rock.”

Trey smile. “Okay let’s make a wager right now. If I am correct. For the ensuing two weeks, you perform what I instruct you to do. No back talk, straight-up obedience. Okay.”

“Okay, I mean… What is the best?”

“You win if you’re soft right now.”

“What?” You said with fear in the back of your throat. “I mmm I don’t feel…”

“Don’t play innocent with me Shane. You came down here, turn on my porn. Watching those black cocks breaks the mind of whoever lay with them. Now a wager is a wager. Let me see your cock. If he’s hard… I win. But if your little buddy is soft I will give you free rein within my house, my porn, and everything else. Something your parents never let you have. But if you’re hard right now. I shall serve as your father for the rest of the two weeks. Dictating and Dominating your life.”

You paused by Trey’s frightening ruff voice. “Up immediately, before I rip those shorts in half, myself.” The truth in his voice rang loudly to you.

You stood. Your cock is in the stages of growth. You thought about things to bring him down. Grandma pie, her pussy, your mother pussy, Chandler Bing from friends. You felt your cock softening as Trey turn the volume on the tv up.

“Sissies belong to the kings of the new movement. Suck BBC. Worship BBC. It’s your purpose. Bbc gives you a reason to exist. Bbc is a drug. The whiteboi new crack. Become addicted.”

You slip off your Nike shorts and underwear to reveal your pink member to Trey. He sat up staring directly at your tiny salmon color penis. You stand there enduring his brown dark eyes which fiercely study your cock.

His words came out. “Are you hard?” A little snigger fled from his mouth. “I mean tell me. Is this…” His large hand cloak around your short dagger. “The reason why you didn’t fuck any bitches. Damn. I mean I understand. You didn’t want to impregnate a cheerleader with your fragile weak beta DNA. Am I right?”

You stood there shocked by his ruthlessly harsh words. “I….I…”

He smacks your cock with his dark large palm. “Haha, I’m just fucking with you. Now you must have noticed that tightly padlocked drawer.” He went over taking a key from under the dingy tiny bed. if you want to checkout my other works

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32