An Evening with Friends

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(January 2009)

(Revised August 2020)

“I invited Karen and Jack to come over next Saturday,” Jenny announced over our morning coffee.

“That sounds great,” I said. “We haven’t had them over in a while.”

Jack and Karen lived down the street from us having moved in a little over a year ago. We got together every couple of weeks or so for dinner and game night.

“Do you want to have a BBQ?” I asked.

“Well,” she hesitated. “Karen and I have been talking. We have been spending a lot of time together since they moved in”

“Yeah, I know. We did seem to hit it off with them as soon as we met them. We always have a great time when they’re around.” I said.

“Yes, well.” My wife hesitated again and I wondered if something had happened.

“You know how we always flirt with each other when we’re together?”

Oh, no! I thought. Here it comes. My wife is getting jealous, or maybe Jack has noticed me peeking down his wife’s blouse all of the time. Karen has the most beautiful breasts and I thought that she enjoyed my attentions, but maybe Jack is getting jealous. Maybe he thinks that I am just a peeper.

“Yeah,” I said hesitantly. Here it comes – something is going to hit the fan.

“She and I both agree that we like the flirting,” my wife said.

“Okay,” I said tentatively relieved that she wasn’t proposing we stop.

“We concluded that the four of us have been too reserved with each other. The flirting is soft-core and if we would allowed ourselves a bit a freedom, we might have more fun.” Her face was turning slightly red.

“You mean, like when you asked Jack if that lump in his pants was for you a couple of weeks ago?” I asked, noticing her face getting redder.

“That’s the comment that got us talking. Remember how uncomfortable we all were after I said that?” she said.

“There was nothing wrong with that. We all laughed and moved on,” I said.

“Yes, but the thing is the reason we got uncomfortable had nothing to do with it being wrong but more of all of us secretly wanting to explore that topic.” Jenny blurted out.

I blushed.

“Karen and I talked at length about where that topic would take us and we agreed that we would both enjoy it.” Jenny let out a breath.

“Really?” I choked on the word. A lump started to form in my pants.

“Yeah, we’re not being honest with each other.” She retorted.

“I do like Karen and I think that she’s cute and maybe sexy, but…”

“Give me a break,” my wife laughed, “I’ve seen the way your eyes are glued to her chest every time you see her. Have you noticed that she never wears a bra over here and always leaves an extra button undone for you? She just asked what it would be like if we were really honest with each other and allowed ourselves some freedom.” My wife paused and become reflective.

I didn’t know what to say. This was so far from anything that I had expected to hear from my wife.

Jenny continued, “I mean, you’re the one who is always talking about how we live two different lives. There’s the one that we show everyone, and the other is the life we live in our minds. All we are saying is that we let our hair down a bit.” She paused again. “Karen is talking to Jack about this and I didn’t think that I would have this much trouble talking to you about it.”

“You’re right,” I said. “I haven’t been honest with Karen. I think it’s because I was afraid that you’d be jealous, or Jack would, and I didn’t want to jeopardize our relationship. The four of us have a lot of fun together and I was afraid of screwing that up.” I glanced over at Jenny looking for her reaction to my revelation. “I tried not to be so obvious about staring at Karen, but I guess I’m not as subtle as I think I am.” I laughed. “How do you want to change our relationship with them?”

“I may have gotten jealous in the past, but not after being married to you for so long, and especially after I’ve acknowledged how I feel about Jack. I have fantasized about running my hands all over his naked body too.” She laughed nervously.

“That’s great,” I said, “so you have been holding back, too.”

“Yeah”, she said, “and it turns out that Jack and Karen have been as well. Like I said, Karen and I have been talking about this ever since I made that comment about Jack’s pants. We would like to see what happens if we let our hair down a bit and flirt with each other more openly and that’s why we’re talking to you and Jack. I don’t know how far we’ll all be willing to go, but we can at least start with the welcoming kiss. I mean, come on, I kiss my brother better than I kiss Jack!”

I laughed, “Yeah, that is pretty lame, but I’ve been afraid that if Yozgat Escort I give Karen, shall we say, a more passionate kiss, I may step over the line.”

“I say let’s give each other a more passionate kiss and see where it goes. I don’t mean a ‘closed mouth’ long kiss, either. I mean a kiss like you give me when you’re horny and are trying to convince me that you want me,” she said with a wicked grin.

“What if my hand wanders; I would love to fondle her breasts. Are you sure that you wouldn’t get jealous?” I asked.

“Me? No, but you’re right. We should start slow until we see how all of us react. I want to run my hands all over Jack’s chest and lower. That may be too much, too soon; I should stay above the waist,” she laughed. “You could probably put your hands on the sides of her breasts. Just don’t start pinching her nipples right away. I also think that you can grab her ass. I know I’ll be grabbing Jack’s,” she laughed again.

“That sounds like a fine evening,” I said, standing, “but right now I have to get ready for work.” I kissed her a little longer than normal and gave her breasts a squeeze.

When I got home that night, I heard Jenny laughing.

“Hi!” I said. “What’s up?”

“I talked to Karen today,” she said happily, “and Jack wants to play. He said he has fantasized about having his hands all over me for the last 6 months. He’s ready and wants to expand our flirting and he’s okay with you fondling Karen.”

“That’s great news,” I said, smiling, as my cock started to rise, thinking about Karen’s breasts. “So he wants you too.”

“Yes,” she said, “and in a ‘big’ way if you know what I mean!” She paused. “I talked to Karen about taking it slowly and she agreed. She said she wants to take it pretty far, but not all the way. She also wanted me to tell you she’d be wearing that white blouse you like so much. She’ll unbutton an extra button for you and she wants your handprints all over it. She’s hoping that you will take if off of her.”

“I can hardly wait until tomorrow night,” I said. “Will Jack be taking off your clothes?” I asked with a wicked grin.

The next morning during my walk, I saw Jack outside so I went over.

“Hi, neighbor!” I said. “The girls, it seems, have arranged an interesting evening for us tonight.”

Jack looked up and smiled, “Yes, it does seem so. Are you okay with all of this?”

“Yeah, how about you?”

Jack said, “I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this and from what I understand, so have you.”

“It seems like we both have had this fantasy for a while and I just want to say that you are my best friend and no matter how tonight turns out, you will still be my best friend.”

“Ditto, buddy,” Jack said, “and if it turns out badly, we can just chalk it up to a bad idea, deal?” We shook hands. This was the typical way men agreed.

“Deal, but I hope that it doesn’t turn out that way,” I said, laughing.

“Me neither,” he laughed, and I went on with my walk.

When I got home, I told Jenny about my conversation with Jack. She indicted her pleasure that we talked about this before it happened, “male bonding and all that,” she said. We filled the rest of the day cleaning house, putting wine on to chill, and getting snacks.

When Jenny came back from the store with the snacks and more wine, she also had 3 cans of whipped cream. I asked if her expectations for tonight were high enough. A knowing chuckle escaped me, knowing what her expectations were for the evening.

“One never knows,” she said, giggling, “When one might need to lick whipped cream off of Jack’s naked body!”

I laughed and said to save it for another night. Tonight we were supposed to go slowly.

We had our showers, changed clothes and were waiting patiently at 4 o’clock.

“What time did you tell them to come over?” I asked.

“7:00,” she said as the phone rang. We were as anxious as two 5-year-olds on Christmas Eve.

“Oh no, come on over now if you want, and if I’m in the shower, have Jack come on in and give me a kiss!” Jenny said, laughing, on the phone. “Have you eaten yet? Well, we’ll get something later if we get hungry.” Jenny hung up the phone.

“I think that they’re as anxious as we are,” she said. “They’re on their way over.”

Standing at the front door like two statues we heard the knock. I opened the door and all four of us just stood there staring at each other.

Jenny recovered first and said, “Well, come on in.” She put her hand on Jack’s shoulder and kissed him on the cheek before leading him into the house. I followed suit by placing my hands on Karen’s shoulders and giving her a quick peck on the cheek Yozgat Escort Bayan before allowing her to walk in front of me.

By the time we entered the kitchen, I had recovered enough to say, “We’re all nervous and this is new territory for us, but I want everyone to be certain that if we have any doubts or get scared, we’ll stop and no harm, no foul. This is just an idea that may or may not work out. It has to be something that is fun, and if it’s not, we stop. Okay?”

Everyone nodded and Jack said, “I guess, I don’t know where to start.”

Jenny said, “Let’s start with a better kiss.” She went up to Jack and put her arms around his neck. Their mouths met, opened, and his hands drifted to her ass. He pulled her close and ground her pelvis into his.

Karen and I watched a very passionate kiss spellbound. I turned toward her and placed my hands on her hips. She looked up at me and I looked down her blouse.

“You wore this just for me?” I asked, leaning in a little closer and whispering in her ear.

“Yes,” she responded. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” I said, as I pushed my lips towards hers. I raised my hands to either side of her breasts and opened my mouth. Her tongue shot into my mouth as I squeezed her breasts, my thumbs brushing across her nipples. Our lips separated and I ran my tongue down her neck then back up for another kiss. She drew my tongue into her mouth and sucked.

We ended the kiss and she pulled back to give me a better view of her breasts, smiling as she did so. My hands were still squeezing. I looked down, and with one finger, began to trace the outline of her cleavage. “Lovely,” I said. I allowed my finger to push her blouse lower as she raised her hands to unbutton another button and to pull her blouse open wide. After one more pass of my finger across her breasts, brushing her naked nipples, and we separated.

“That was nice,” Jenny said.

“I enjoyed watching you two,” Karen said. “You were hot together. That’s what got us started.”

We all separated as if we had done something wrong.

Jack said, “That was great, but do we have any ideas for what to do with the rest of the evening? This is as far as I thought out. Well, there is more,” he said, laughing, “but we’re not ready for that yet.” He snickered.

Jenny said, “I’ve been thinking of an idea all day. You know that Joe has always wanted to be an exhibitionist and he has been trying to get me to expose myself in front of other people for a long time.”

Karen jumped in, “Your idea is ‘truth or dare’? “She laughed, “or is it more like ‘truth and dare’?”

“More like ‘truth and dare’ with an emphasis on the ‘dare’. Anyway, I’m becoming more inclined to show more skin. When Karen and I started talking about tonight, I knew that I wanted to do it in front of you two.”

Jack said, “We get to watch you two do it? That would be hot!”

Karen said, “That would be, but then, you’ll have to watch us too.”

Jenny said, “How about you watch us make out for a while, then we’ll watch you two?”

“Do I get to kiss Joe again after we all make out?” Karen asked.

“That is a great idea. How about if Joe and I make out for, say, 5 minutes, then you and Jack make out for 5 minutes, and then we get kiss again? It should be much hotter the second time,” Jenny said, winking at Jack. “Let’s all go into the living room where it’s more comfortable and Joe, grab the kitchen timer,” Jenny said, leading the way.

We went into the living room and sat down on one couch; Karen and Jack sat on the couch opposite us. I was still staring at Karen’s chest when Jenny said, “We need to move that coffee table out of the way.” Jack and I moved it to the side of the room. Jenny was standing when I got back and said, “Set the timer for 5 minutes.”

I moved in front of her and started to kiss her, slowly and gently. I played with her breast and started to unbutton her blouse. I slipped one hand inside and played with her nipple. My other hand went to her ass, where I started to squeeze her cheeks. We were kissing deeply. She had both of her hands on my chest and had lifted one leg to my hip when the timer dinged.

“Okay,” said Jenny breathlessly. “Your turn. This is something that Joe likes. Get all hot and bothered, then stop for a few minutes before starting up again. It intensifies the experience, he says.”

She started to pull her blouse closed when I said, “New rule, you can’t straighten your clothes after the make out.” I pulled her blouse more open than it was before. One nipple was just barely covered. Jack noticed.

“That was so very erotic,” Karen said. “We watch porn every so often, but what Escort Yozgat I just saw was so much hotter. I’m wet.”

Jenny blushed a little and said, “That was good for me, too. I never knew how good it could be to have someone watch.”

We sat down. Karen and Jack stood. Karen whispered to Jack, “Unbutton my blouse.” I don’t think that she meant for us to hear that, but one never knows.

Jack started playing with Karen’s breasts, and as he leaned in to kiss her, he unbuttoned her blouse. Her naked breasts were out in the open and her blouse was pushed back and untucked. Jack lowered his mouth to her nipples. His hands traveled down to her pelvis and around to her butt. Their kisses were getting more and more passionate and his squeezes more intense when the timer dinged.

“Wow!” said Jenny. Karen’s face showed a deep rosy glow and Jack tried to catch his breath.

“So, now we switch.” Karen had a broad smile on her face as she walked towards me. I placed my hands on her hips and looked longingly at her breasts until I lowered my face to them. My tongue started to lick upwards beginning between her breasts and traveling up her chest, up her neck and across her chin until I found her lips. My hands found her ass and pulled her close to my hardness.

We parted to catch our breath and glanced over at Jenny and Jack. Jenny was massaging Jack’s chest and Jack’s hands were kneading Jenny’s ass. Their tongues were intertwined and it looked so sexy. They separated for a moment as Jack’s hand disappeared inside of Jenny’s blouse and Jenny attacked his mouth again.

My hands went to Karen’s breasts and hers stroked my chest. She played with my nipples and I hers, as we kissed again. We were both panting as we separated, our hands still on each other’s chests and looking into each other’s eyes.

Jenny broke the spell by saying that we needed a break and went to get a bottle of wine.

She came back with wine and four glasses. “I don’t want any of us to regret anything that happens here tonight; you two are our best friends. I love what we’re doing. I just want to make sure that we’re not getting caught up in the moment only to regret it tomorrow.”

Karen, whose face was still very red said, “Jenny, I understand what you’re saying, but Jack and I have been talking about this for the last two weeks, and it was only after we resolved all of our issues that I mentioned it to you.” Jack nodded. “Jack and I talked about how far we wanted to go and how we would feel about it afterward. Taking a ten minute break right now is not a bad thing, but, believe me, we know what we are getting into.”

That stopped Jenny in her tracks, and me, too. I didn’t know that they had put that much thought into this. Maybe they were the ones seducing us instead of the other way around. I started to smile.

Karen said, “I thought that this was truth and dare. You had your truth and now for your dare. I want you to take off Joe’s shirt. I want to play with his naked chest after you make out.”

“And I want Joe to take off your pants,” Jack said, smiling at Jenny. “I want my hands on that glorious ass of yours.”

Jenny stood up, smiling, and kicked off her shoes. “Done, and done. I can’t wait to feel your hands all over me,” she said.

I kicked off my shoes and said, “Of course, you know this means that we get to tell you what to take off. Set the timer for 2 minutes.”

Jenny gave me that naughty grin as she removed my shirt and started to work on my pants. I had her blouse off and pulled off her pants. We kissed as the timer dinged.

Jenny said, “I want Jack’s shirt off as well; I want to tongue his chest.”

I said, “Take off Karen’s pants; I already have access to those lovely breasts.”

Jack and Karen jumped up and began removing each other’s clothes. Jack was biting Karen’s ass when the timer dinged.

Jack looked over at Jenny and said, “Come here, you sexy minx!”

I started to suck on Karen’s breasts and teased her nipples with my teeth and tongue. She had her head back and was pushing on my back and shoulders. I came up for a kiss. Her hands were on my chest and nipples. I lowered my hands to her panties.

We broke our kiss just as she put her hand on my cock. We looked over and saw that Jenny was lying on the couch, her panties were on the floor, and Jack was on top of her, naked as well.

“Do you want to watch for a while?” I asked.

“Just for a little while,” she said. We sat on the couch, our hands inside of each other’s underwear. She was gently stroking me and I was fingering her clit. I got up after a minute or two and said, “You can watch them – there is something else I want to see”. I removed her panties and knelt in front of her, spreading her legs.

I tongued her deep and long, until she came violently with my tongue buried deep inside of her. I got up and saw that Jack and Jenny were still at it.

Karen said, “Fuck me.” I climbed on top of her.

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