An Evening Out

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* * * * *

She set her briefcase down and threw her keys on to the hall table. It had been a long day, made longer still by an anxious client that didn’t seem to have faith in her ability to represent him. She’d already suggested that he hire another attorney but he’d thrown a temper tantrum and accused her of abandoning him. After several minutes spent reassuring him she was finally able to get some work done. Needless to say she was tired and happy to be home. All she really wanted to do was curl up on the couch beside David with a nice glass of wine.

“Long day?” The question came just as David’s hands settled on her shoulders. His strong fingers worked their way deep into her muscles, relieving the stored up tension. Within minutes the headache that had been threatening was reduced to nothing but a memory.

“Needy client.” She tilted her head forward, giving him better access to the sensitive skin of her neck.

“I have just the thing for you. Go on up stairs, you’ll see it lying on the bed.” David released her and stepped away. He could see the wear the day had had on her but he refused to alter his plan for the evening. This was something she’d wanted for a long time and he was happy to finally give it to her. After two years together he’d come to care for her unbelievably, more so than he would have thought possible in the beginning. She was an ideal partner, aggressive in her professional life but incredibly giving in their private life.

She walked into the room and sighed. David had set out his favorite outfit, the one reserved for when he had a special night out planned for the two of them. Normally she enjoyed their nights out, and she knew better than to protest, but tonight she was just too tired to think about going out and being social. With something more than a little reluctance, she stripped out of her business suit and hopped into the shower. She started feeling a little more human after washing away the day with her favorite lavender scent soap.

She had little need for make up and her dark hair dried to a soft curl around her shoulders. She had to admit that she enjoyed the feeling of slipping her long legs into the silk stockings and the shower had done much to refresh her. The rest of the outfit was simple and unimposing; the short black skirt and white blouse were conservative yet sexy when worn well.

Fully dressed, she made her way down the stairs and into the living room where David balıkesir seks hikayeleri stood waiting with a nice glass of white wine. “You look lovely.”

“Thank you.” She took the offered glass and sipped. David was a charming man, his handsome good looks often times setting people at ease. In his early thirties, he was successful at what he did and he enjoyed living life. She had been attracted to him right away, his silent strength and quiet control brought her a sense of peace and security she couldn’t get anywhere else.

David stood and offered her his hand. “We need to get going, we don’t want to be late.”

At the car, she slid into the passenger seat and settled back. She was used to David’s mysterious expeditions and she trusted him completely. The drive was fairly short; David drove through the city and into a familiar residential neighborhood. Within minutes they were parked outside a large house owned by David’s best friend Jason and his wife Emily. The four often spent their evenings together having dinner and taking in a show.

Tonight there was a noticeably different tension in the air as they were admitted into the foyer. Jason smiled and showed them into the living room where Emily had already arranged for drinks before dinner. Dinner was a simple affair with quiet conversation among friends. David and Jason had met in college and worked in the same industry together. She and David were already seeing each other when Jason met and married his wife and the four quickly fell into a routine of sharing evenings and even vacations together.

After the meal the small group adjourned to the living room where they sipped coffee and after dinner liqueur. She was surprised when there was another knock at the door, Jason went to answer it and it was while he was gone that David turned to her. “Stand up.”

Taken off guard, she was slow to respond. A quick frown and a pointed look brought her quickly to her feet.

“Take off your blouse.”

She looked to where Emily sat quietly in the corner. She seemed unsurprised by the request and smiled encouragingly. After a moment’s hesitation she raised her hands and slipped the small buttons free. It didn’t take long before she stood naked to the waist.

“Now your skirt.”

Reaching around behind her back, she unzipped her skirt and pushed it off her hips. After stepping out of the skirt she slipped out of her shoes and stocking and now stood completely naked. It was then that she noticed Jason standing at the door, an older man at his side.

David came to stand before her, motioning to the unfamiliar man waiting quietly. “This is Aaron, he’s an expert at body piercing.” Reaching up, David caressed both her exposed nipples. “He’s here as a favor to me. I thought that you would prefer the privacy and the familiarity of our friends’ home when you have these done.”

A shiver of excitement rushed through her at both his touch and his words. She’d been wanting her nipples pierced since before they met but David had systematically denied her request. David’s hands left her breasts and moved down to her hips. Pulling her close he kissed her gently and looked at her questioningly. “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

David moved to stand behind her and motioned for Aaron to begin. The older man stepped forward and laid out various instruments upon the coffee table. After slipping his hands into a pair of latex gloves he cleaned both of her nipples. “Raise your arms up over your head.”

As she complied she felt David take her hands and place them behind his neck, this forced her to lean into him, allowing him to support her as Aaron proceeded to clamp both her nipples.

“Take a deep breath and hold it.” Quickly he pierced first one and then the other nipple. The pain was sharp and intense but brief. Her entire body shuddered as she exhaled and there was a noticeable tingling between her thighs. Looking down, she watched as Aaron slipped the rings through the hallow needles and locked them into place. To her they looked incredibly sexy and the sensation running through her nipples was unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

Before she could lower her arms, David reached around and gently cupped her breasts, careful not to touch the sore nipples. “Do you like them?” His voice was low and gentle against her ear.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Show me your appreciation.”

Slowly, she turned and slid her arms around his neck. A quick intake of breath and a small shudder communicated the touch of pain that swept through her nipples as they brushed against the front of his shirt. She lightly brushed her lips across his before moving to nibble at the firm line of his jaw. Her hands slid down the front of his shirt, feeling the muscles tense beneath her palms. She lowered herself until she knelt before him, her hands caressing the front of his thighs.

David watched, his breath held as she slipped his belt free and undid his pants. He was already hard from holding her and watching as she got her nipples pierced and his cock sprung forward, having been released from its binding.

She caressed the length of his shaft with her hand, running her thumb over the head using his precum to lubricate her way. She leaned forward and rubbed the head of his cock across her lips, tasting him before slowly sliding him into her mouth. She started moving up and down on his cock, each time taking a bit more of him into her mouth until he could feel himself bumping up against the back of her throat.

She worked him into her mouth, using her tongue to caress the length of him while her other hand reached up and caressed his balls. With one hand in her hair he guided her rhythm until he felt his orgasm starting to build. Slipping from her mouth he pulled her to her feet. “Get dressed, we’re going home.”

Carefully she slipped into her shirt, relishing the feel of her sensitive nipples being caressed by the soft material. As she zipped up her skirt, David paid Aaron and thanked Jason and Emily for their hospitality. He knew that Jason was hoping to convince Emily to have her nipples pierced, which was one of the reasons Jason had been happy to have it done here.

The ride home was quick and quiet. When they arrived David barely had the door closed behind them and she was once again caressing him. David pushed her up against the wall and thrust his tongue between her lips; she was warm and welcoming and her body molded to his.

With his hands in her hair he pulled her head back and caressed the tender skin of her neck. His own desire grew as he stripped off her shirt and cupped her breasts, running his thumbs across her nipples. She hissed softly and pushed her breasts more firmly into his hands. David was aware of the pain that would come with pleasure for the next several days and was careful not to play with them as he usually would.

He couldn’t wait to be inside of her; pressing her more firmly against the wall he pushed her skirt up around her hips and after releasing his self from his pants thrust deep into her. Instantly, he was surrounded by her wet heat, the walls of her pulsing and contracting around him in as she came immediately.

David continued to thrust inside of her, setting off one orgasm after another until she was practically limp in his arms. It was only after he sent her over the edge a final time that he took his own release. In a series of sharp, hard thrusts he came deep inside of her, filling her with his cum. He held himself still until the last of his orgasm subsided, then he slowly withdrew and led her up stairs where he wanted her to once again show him how much she appreciated his gift.

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