An Evening in a Hot Tub

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Steam rose over the bubbling hot tub in a warm white cloud. The day had been warm but as the night darkened, a cool breeze danced over my skin, drawing goose bumps over my exposed skin and a shiver ran from my head down to my toes. I looked back over my shoulder through the sliding glass doors, waiting for you to join me on the deck. “Hurry!” I called out, “It’s freezing out there!” Still, you take your time and I know you’re relishing the thought of me standing outside in my little pink bathing suit, shivering in the cold.

Finally I see you through the glass, walking through the living room toward me, two ice cold martinis in your hands. I bounce up and down on my tip toes waiting as you fumble, pushing the door open with your elbows, being careful not to spill any of the icy pink liquid over the edge of the glasses. Walking out across the deck, you hand me one of the drinks and I take a small sip, causing a fresh shiver to spread through my body.

Looking over at you, I see you stick one foot tentatively in the hot tub, wincing at the extreme heat, and then the other foot, until you are sitting on the edge. Then finally, with a sigh of relief and relaxation, you slip the rest of your body down in the hot water, until I can only see your head and shoulders above the bubbles and steam. I slip down into the hot tub, one leg at a time, until with a gasp I slid down into the seat next to you. The water was almost too hot, taking my breath away, making me pant slightly.

You slide closer to me, until I can feel your thigh covered in the clinging swimming trunks brushing against mine. Holding my drink in one hand, savouring the contrast of the hot water covering my body and the cold drink in my hand, I rub the fingers of my other hand gently over the skin of your thigh, sliding the smooth material of your bathing suit a bit farther up your leg. You bring your strong, muscled arm out of the water and put it around my shoulder, pulling me into you.

Leaning your head into me, your lips, cool from the night air and the alcohol, crush into mine and your tongue pushes my mouth open and dip between my teeth, circling my tongue and creating a suggestive rhythm, pushing in and out. I moan against your lips in involuntary response.

I lean into your body and in the hot water, you put your hands on my hips and pull me easily from my seat into your lap, and we continue kissing, more forcefully now, the alcohol, the hot water, and the passion in the kiss flushing my skin and causing us to break a sweat despite the cold night.

Pushing you away from me slightly, you create a thin gap of space between our near-naked bodies. Your hand reaches for the strings that tie behind my neck holding the top of my bikini up over my breasts. You gently pull the strings until they are untied and then sliding your hands down over my back you untie the strings there and suddenly my bikini top floats away free, leaving my breasts bare, just barely covered by the surface of the bubbling water.

Once again I feel your hands on my hips and you pull me to my feet. Exposed from the waist up, my nipples quickly harden in the air that is icy cold in contrast to the heat of the tub and goose bumps spread out over my skin. Cupping your hand, you bring some water up to my chest and let the water cascade over my breasts and drip from my nipples. A new wave of shivers overtakes my body and I drop quickly down into the water, back onto your lap.

I press my chilled breasts into your warm body and bring my lips down to your neck, kissing and nuzzling, basking in the warmth of your body and the water.

Smiling indulgently, you allow me to smother your neck and ears and chest with my kisses and nibbles. I can feel your hardness pressing into my belly as I lean toward you. You push me away again and I feel the fingers of your right hand splayed out possessively on my belly, with the fingers of your left hand straying upward to my right nipple, pinching it and rolling it between them. I moan and arch my back, thrusting my nipples toward your hand.

You pinch harder in response to my invitation and then lean in and close your lips around my left nipple. Your tongue washes over my nipple in slow circles as you suck it gently into your mouth. Then your mouth withdraws, leaving my damp, hard nipple exposed to the cold air.

An evil smile appears on your face as you blow gently on the bare nipple. I gasp in shock and then you lean in and your mouth closes on my breast again. You suck more strongly this time and then I feel your Kayseri Escort teeth grazing my nipple gently and then slowly sinking in to the hard nub. I feel a wave of pleasure washing over me and then the slightest hint of pain, making me wince away from you, causing more pain as your teeth pull on my sensitive nipple.

Suddenly, you release it from your mouth and as you look deeply into my eyes and I feel the slightest touch between my legs. Then it comes again and I know that you are brushing your fingers along the tops of my thighs and then along the sensitive skin of my inner thighs and then ever so gently, your fingers find the edges of my suit and with a seductive wiggle, and I instinctively part my legs around you, allowing you easier access.

Teasingly, you withdraw your hand from my bathing suit and resume stroking my crotch through the material of my suit, and I am unable to withhold a whimper, and I beg you, “Please touch me, baby.”

“What?” You ask me with a smile. I can see from your face that you want to hear it again; that you’re going to make me say it again.

“Touch me. Please, touch me!” I beg. And, then I know that relief is coming because your hands sneak to my hips and simultaneously undo the ties on each side and you pull the tiny pink suit bottom away from my body and dangle it in front of me.

With a flip of your wrist, you toss the suit away and it hits the deck a few feet away from the tub with a slap, reminding me of how naked I am, sitting in your lap, outside in this hot tub.

Now your hands reach for my hips again, pulling me into you until suddenly I can feel your hardness through your swim trunks, pressing into my bare skin through the hot, swirling water. I reach for the waistband of your trunks, eager to free your hard cock so I can push myself onto it.

You immediately brush my hands away and I can tell from the look on your face that I will not be so easily satisfied tonight. I can’t help but reach for your cock one more time and now you brush my hands away more forcefully and give me a stern look, so I know that any more attempts will not be taken lightly, and I drop my hands down to my sides and wait for what you have in store for me.

Your hands grip my thighs firmly and open them up, maneuvering me into position so that one of the strong jets of hot water is directed at me; the bubbles rushing past my clit making me shiver and giggle.

You smile, knowing your mission was accomplished and then I feel your hand between my legs again, gently running your fingers over my lips, slowly spreading me open, and letting me feel the odd sensation of the heated water mix with the hot wetness that my own body is producing.

You fingers trail from my opened lips to my clit, already swelled and sensitive from your attentions to my nipples, and gently run over it, drawing slow lazy circles around it, causing my breath to quicken and my back to arch involuntarily again.

Seeing my reaction, you slide one hand around my hips, placing it firmly at the small of my back, holding me in place and I tense knowing that something good is coming. Slowly, you part the lips of my cunt with the fingers of your other hand and slide them into me.

I gasp, my sharp breath creating a white cloud in the cold night air, and you cut my moan short by pressing your mouth to mine in an ardent kiss, mimicking the slow, deep thrusting of your fingers in my cunt with your tongue in my mouth.

You continue the pattern of pressing me forward with the hand on my back and pushing me away as your fingers slide deeply inside me, my body wavering back and forth in the water, letting you take complete control of me as your fingers thrust harder, but your pace never quickens, always slowed by the friction of the water we are immersed in.

The heat inside my body mounts quickly as well and soon I am no longer limply flowing back and forth in the bubbling water, but actively sliding my hips against your hand, urging my body toward you, wanting orgasm.

I know your cock is near only inches from my hot, slick, waiting cunt, and still you hold me away. Your thumb finds my clit and works the tiny circles around it that you know I like and so I know instinctively that are you going to permit me to progress toward orgasm. Allowing my eyes to close, I clasp my hands around your neck and let you work on my body. Your thumb circles faster and faster, matching my breath, which is now coming in little gasps. My back arches toward your chest and Kayseri Escort Bayan I moan quietly.

Finally, you are just whipping your thumb across the sensitive surface of my clit and my body is twitching in rhythm with your strokes. Biting my lip, I moan as you finger brings me to the edge of ecstasy and I hold my breath until with a spasm, my whole body jerking, and I come, gasping and jerking, riding the waves of pleasure and trying to wriggle my body away from your finger still circling, still flicking.

You don’t allow me to move away, however, your hand holding my hip close to you so don’t lose contact with my oversensitive clit, caressing it until my body jerks with each tiny touch, and I beg you to stop, to allow me to rest, catch my breath.

You finally give me what I want though; you hand moving slowly and smoothly over my skin in the warm water, and immediately begin pushing me away from you. I look you in the eyes, momentarily confused, but quickly your intentions become clear. Taking advantage of how easily you can move and lift me in the water, you pick me up by the hips, lifting my slightly and spin me around until I am sitting in your lap again, but now my back is against your chest. You grab a thigh in each hand and spread my legs over yours.

Eager to have you inside me, I lift my ass slightly until I feel your hard cock brushing against the wet entrance of my cunt. You steady yourself with your hand until your head slips inside my open lips and then I slowly lower myself pushing you further inside my tight cunt. However, you are not in the mood to be slow and gentle. Your hands come back to my hips and you force me down firmly on your erect dick. I inhale sharply, surprised at your sudden roughness, but feel a new rush of moisture inside my walls adding to the wetness already enveloping your cock inside me, in the bubbling hot tub.

You sit very still, controlling the rhythm of our fucking with your hands on my hips, lifting me and bringing me back down on you again, as quickly as possible in the water that prevents you from taking me as rapidly as I know you would like. Then, I feel one of your hands in the center of my back, leaning me forward as we fuck.

The change in angle brings the head of your cock into direct contact with my g-spot and hearing my gasp you bring your hands back to my hips and press yourself into me as firmly as you can and don’t release me until I cry out. I try to catch my breath as you lift me up but immediately you are bringing me down again, pushing your hardness into my swollen and sensitive g-spot again. I call out your name and I hear you murmur mine in response and know that you are just as lost in this pleasure as I am.

But, even though I know you are totally lost in this experience, you never lose focus on what you are doing to me and you lift me up and bring me back down over and over again, making sure that you press into my g-spot each time, the water regulating the speed that we come together. Without warning, you pull me to my feet, suddenly exposing my stomach and breasts to the cold, night air.

“It’s time to take this inside,” you say with a grin and as I turn to step up and out of the tub you take a moment to smack my goose-bump-covered bum.

I stand before you on the edge of the hot tub. You indicate that I should bring you the robe that has been hanging on the towel warmer near the tub on the deck. You step out quickly and wrap yourself in the warm plush white robe and indicate that I should lead the way across the deck.

The deck feels miles long in the frigid air, but I smile despite the freezing effect of the air on my damp skin, knowing you are enjoying watching my ass sway with each step. We finally arrive at the sliding glass door that leads back into the glowing, warm interior of our luxury cabin and I reach for the handle of the door.

You grab my arm and force me to stop, turning me around and engaging me in a passionate kiss, pushing your tongue in my mouth and pinching and rolling my hard nipples between your fingers. I shiver from the pleasure and the cold. You smile at the effect and the control that you have over me.

Finally, you reach for the door handle, and push it open, allowing me to step inside and I breathe a sigh of relief to be surrounded by the warm air. Closing the door behind you, you move over closer to the fire and beckon for me to follow you. I move gratefully closer to the glowing warmth.

Standing before you, I untie your robe and slide Escort Kayseri it off your shoulders, letting it fall in a puddle at our feet. You place your hands on my shoulders and I know this is the signal for me to drop to my knees in front of you, my back to the glowing flame.

Grabbing your ass in one hand and gently holding your balls in the other, I take the tip of your warm, hard cock into my mouth, between my lips that are still cold from the time spent outside and you shiver for the first time, but from pleasure not from cold. Running my tongue over your head, I slowly suck your entire length into my mouth until my cold nose is pressed into your abdomen and my tongue is licking around the base of your hardness.

You sigh in pleasure and your fingers run through my hair, encouraging me in my work. I slowly pull away, drawing my tongue along the underside of your cock as I move away, until I reach the ridge beneath the head of your dick and I begin flicking it rapidly with my tongue, just like you have carefully instructed me to do.

Not wanting to bring you to orgasm too soon, I slow my movements and close my lips around your head again, sinking my teeth into your taut skin slightly and then scraping them down the length of your hardness as I suck you into my mouth again. I pick up the pace somewhat and slide my warm, wet mouth up and down your length a few more times, washing my tongue around and around the sensitive underside of your cock. You moan quietly again and I smile around your dick knowing that you’re enjoying this as I feel you swell even more inside my mouth.

Bringing my fingers down between my legs I begin to touch myself again, holding your cock with your other hand. I moan with you as my fingers slip inside my still dripping wet cunt. You don’t intend to let me get myself off; however, you have something else planned for me.

You draw me to my feet and lead me over to the couch and I feel the familiar feeling of your hand on my back indicating that I should bend over the couch. I comply, bending over, resting my hands on the plush cushions, with my legs spread slightly.

You run your hands lightly over my hips, bringing goose-bumps to my skin once again. You bring your cock to my dripping lips for the second time this evening, but now there is no bubbling water to impede your pace. You slam yourself into me, pressing my head into the soft cushions of the back of the couch. Your entire length slides into me and I gasp at the fullness of the feeling of it inside me. You build in speed and force, fucking me roughly, grunting with each push and making me produce small cries with each thrust.

Before you go over the edge, however, your rhythm slows and finally you slide out of me and I produce a whine of disappointment. The whine dies away, though, as I feel your cock pressed against the opening of my ass. You do not wait for my permission or for me to get used to the idea. The head of your cock, wet and slick with my juices mixed with your own, pops past the opening of my ass and I try to jerk away but as usual, your hands on my hips hold me in place.

I bite my lip to keep from crying out in pain, but the tension of my body gives it away, and so you sneak one hand to the front of my body and moving between my legs, it finds my swollen clit once again. You begin making the slow circles around it and soon the pain in my ass is just a memory. You push further into me, speeding up the actions of your fingers, the deeper you slide. Soon, you have filled me entirely, the entire length of your cock thrust inside me.

My ass relaxes a bit as I enjoy the pleasure of the tightness of it around you and the way you stretch me open. Our desire has been building up for hours and we both know that our orgasms will come soon.

You begin thrusting into me, forcefully, quickly, all the while focusing the attention of your fingers on my clit. The doubled sensations of pleasure are too much for me and I begin moaning and building toward the peak.

I feel you swelling again inside me and with a jerk and forceful thrust you push deeply inside me once again as you begin to buck and shake, shooting your come inside me. The powerful pleasure of feeling you come in my ass immediately pushes me over the edge and I come hard, my knees buckling underneath me, and your hand between my legs holding me up. You come for what seems like minutes and each fresh spasm and pulsing brings a new wave of pleasure over my body and we are both moaning with the intensity of it.

Soon, we are exhausted and neither of us can support ourselves any longer and we sink down to floor, on the plush rug between the couch and the fire. You wrap your arms around me and pull me close to you and we bask in the glow of the fire and the warm after-sensations of our love-making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32