An escort with talent.

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An escort with talent.
I had been going to see escorts for a few years now , so I had been about 50 times to around 20 different girls. So I knew what I liked and thought I could pick the good ones.
Because I’m over 50 I don’t like picking young 18yr old’s or the most beautiful girls because I know I wouldn’t be someone they naturally found attractive , even if they act as if they do.
I had gone to the same brothel a few times in a row to see Jessica. A hot red-head with a great body but was also in her mid 40s , so she was perfect for me.
She treated me like her boyfriend and we got on really well….lots of fun for us both.

However this isn’t about her.
I had booked Jess for an hour but when I got there they were very sorry.
Jessica had retired from escorting 3 days ago. I had booked the week before while I was there so they had no way of contacting me.
It was very disappointing. Then they tell me , because jess and I got together early in the day , there was only one other girl at work that early.
I’m not that picky when it comes to who I fuck so I met the one girl.

I thought the cleaner had come into the room by accident.
The lady was solidly built , ratty brown hair , a sweaty pudgey face and was wearing a long sleeveless dress. So I said ‘hi’ , and looked for her bucket I assumed she would have.
She said , ” hi , I’m brenda”. Then looked me up and down as if I were her next meal.
“Or right..seeya soon”, the slurred then left.
I was horny and already in a brothel so I went out and checked if canlı bahis no one else was ready yet?
Nope , she was it! So I paid and she returned to take me to the room.

Brenda pointed the shower out for me then , instead of the usual 5min where the girl goes away , this big girl shruggs off her dress and flops on the bed. Spreads her legs and watches me till I’m done.
I’m really having second thoughts by now!
When you look closer then brenda wasn’t as old as she first seems. Maybe as young as 21?
But the way her saggy small tits fell from her fat round body as she spread her solid legs wide , made her look older when naked.
She kept wipeing the sweat from her ugly fat face with a swipeing action , starting at her triple chins and ending in her matted hair.
All I could think of was how much snot was in her hair?
She waved me into position like she was directing a plane in for docking. Her hairy cunt was looking at me with one big red eye!
I didn’t want to hurt her feelings but I really had to push myself to even touch her.

Rarely do escorts kiss but as I got pulled into position between her ‘treetrunk’ legs Brenda’s mouth opened and her sloppy tongue fell out. I cringed as she pulled my mouth to hers!
She slapped my hands onto her tits and slobbered all over my face.
The salty sweat from her face mixed with the saliva she had spread on mine to mix in our mouths.
Pashionate kissing is normally a huge turn on for me so despite everything else , my cock began to grow.
Brenda must have felt bahis siteleri my dick because she reached down and began stroking it.
My next thought neary stopped any idea of sex.
Almost everytime an escort would suck a cock before sex…which was fine…but they often let guys lick pussy too….I suddenly thought how smelly and hairy her vagina was going to be!
Luckily she tossed me aside and grabbed my cock and slobbered over it without offering herself.

After a short time sucking ,brenda flopped back down and simply said “fuck me”.
As she said that she had grabbed me and pushed my cock easily into her cunt.
I began freaking out!
I hate useing condoms but the thought my cock was in the vagina of such a gross , untidy smelly girl made me sit up and pull out!
I felt silly then though. Somehow brenda had expertly slipped a very thin condom on without breaking the beat as she sucked me off.
I slipped my dick very easilly back in her and started pumping again.

We had done missionary , then side on , and doggy without me feeling like I was going to cum.
My cock was hard enough but her ugly sweaty body kept me from finnishing.
I was about to give up when Brenda suggested she got ontop.
Now I’m fairly thin so it frightened me a little to think of her solid big body flopping ontop of me!
I didn’t want to suffocate , but nodded anyway.
She straddled me and fed my cock inside her then lent forward.
Her tits swung down and sweat dripped on my face from hers as she gripped my shoulders in a death canlı bahis siteleri grip.
Her belly seemed all fat but was actually more solid muscle than I thought.
Her red face fixed eyes on me. It felt as if she had a secret she was holding from me.

Her hips began to move.
Up and down slowly at first.
She either was getting turned on or she was a great actress.
The tempo picked up…faster and faster she went.
The nearest thing I have found to compare it with is an old steam train.
Her red face like a fire pit . Her round solid body like the boiler.
Her groin the pistons…pumping faster and faster.!
She sounded the same too….puffing in short puffs of steam shooting out her nostrils.
Her eyes went wide as if about to blow!
The speed she was going was incredible. Then just as my cock felt like it was going to burst into flames…I came!

Brenda flopped off and lay there puffing madly.
I checked my dick to see if it wasn’t worn away.
Then realised , that was about the best fuck I ever had!
We showered and returned to the bed. We had just 5 min to fill in.
Every other escort would either talk or massage but brenda asked me if I wanted to go again.
I assumed she was joking because my dick was a shriveled and red little thing that had been put through torture.
But who was I to say no to sex? So brenda began sucking.
I was very suprised that she managed to get me ‘just’ firm enough to feed into herself again and begin pumping.
Just 2 min of an action that was as fast as a 100m sprinter was enough.
The bell went just as I moaned. Letting brenda know she had successfully done what no other sexy young beautiful escort had done.
Brenda only lasted a few weeks as an escort so I never saw her again , but she changed the way I pick my escorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32