An English Girl Abroad

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The girl was extremely drunk. Yannis the hospital orderly eyed her dispassionately. She was laying on the trolley, covered by a thin blanket, stinking of alcohol, her golden head drooping to one side, her mouth slack, her shiny red lipstick smudged.

Yannis had worked in the Emergency room as an orderly for 15 years and English girls never ceased to amaze him. He picked up the board that the Doctor had written on and read the notes. The Doctor had little time for pissed English teenagers and he had tersely written, “Extremely drunk 19 year old bought in by friends, let her sleep it off in a side room; friends will collect her in the morning.”

Yannis shook his handsome head, he was 45 years old, he had two sons and two daughters and neither of his daughters would dream of getting so drunk that they didn’t even know their own name. Especially in another country. Yannis wheeled the trolley into one of the side rooms well away from the busy emergency rooms. These were used often by

Doctors to let drunk foreign teenagers sleep off their excess alcohol consumption.

Yannis pushed the trolley into the darkened room and parked it up. He put on the dim light and set about transferring the girl onto the basic hospital bed by the window. The room was cool because of a small air conditioner that was kept on low and he drew the curtains and then pushed the trolley to one side and arranged the drunk girl on the bed. She was wearing a very revealing dress Yannis thought, it was practically transparent. It was short and white with no sleeves, a bit like a roman tunic and it was so low cut he could see her. She was also wearing a soft pink thong.

Yannis only knew about thongs because his wife had refused to let their daughters buy them and rightfully so.

The girl on the trolley was pretty Yannis had to admit as he looked her lying on the bed. He had seen her bought in, carried by her friends who were less drunk than she was. She was tall, slender with a mop of long golden hair, a pert red mouth and snub nose. She had s good figure, like an hourglass, just like Yassin his wife had, had when they had married over 25 years ago, not that he got to see much of her figure Yannis thought morosely, Yassin took modesty to the other end of the extreme.

The drunk English teenager had opened her eyes a couple of times when the Doctor had spoken to her, her voice was slurred as she spoke and Yannis had seen her deep blue eyes, glazed and unfocused, and he had heard her giggle and then drift back into her drunken stupor.

“What’s your name?” the Doctor had asked her several times. By then her friends had disappeared, promising to be back for her later and finally the drunk girl had mumbled, “Claire, I’m called Claire.”

Despite himself Yannis found himself looking at the girl’s breasts which rose and fell as she breathed. Her dress which was very loose had ridden up when he had transferred her to the bed from the trolley and her large rounded breasts were exposed along with her pink thong, crotch upwards.

She was not wearing a bra and he reached over to pull her dress down but at that very moment she moved in her sleep and he found his hand was on her left breast which for a teenager was a good size. He didn’t mean his hand to close over the breast or his palm to slide over her nipple which to his amazement hardened and pressed into his flesh.

His dark eyes widened and he felt an odd sensation in his belly. He started to pull his hand away but the girl moved again, and let out a deep sigh and put her hand over his and mumbled, “That’s nice, don’t stop.”

Yannis spoke good English, if you lived in a resort where drunk English people came to party 8 months of the year, you learned to speak their language pretty fast. Startled he found himself fondling her breast, guided by her hand and he watched mesmerized in the dim light of the room as a blissful smile formed on the girl’s lips. Her eyes were still closed and she moaned and squirmed.

Once again he started to move away, this was wrong and then her eyes opened and she was looking up at him with her large blue eyes. He started to stutter out an apology and he swiftly removed his hand from her breast but she took him by surprise because she reached up for him, her arm curling around his neck, pulling his face down and moving his mouth to her nipple, “Suck it,” she mumbled, “Suck my tit.”

He should have pulled away and run out of the room but her nipple was rock hard and his mouth opened and he began to suck. Her body arched and she let out a long moan, “Ohhhhhh yeeeeesss, that is soooooooooooooo nice!”

Yannis had never sucked on his own wife’s nipples though he had fantasied about it often enough, sex between them had not been enjoyable for her or for him for that matter, sex was for procreation not enjoyment. But sucking on this English girl’s nipple was a delicious experience and Yannis found himself sucking and licking the hard nub and enjoying every illicit second of it. The English girl, Claire was her name, she was obviously enjoying it too because ataköy escort she was stroking his hair and moaning in obvious pleasure.

Yannis gave into the urge to fondle her other breast whilst he sucked on her nipple and she liked that too, her body bucked and she let out little whimpers and moans which Yannis found he enjoyed listening too. He half expected her to come to her senses and start screaming her head off but instead she lifted his head from her tit and moved his mouth to her mouth. The kiss she gave him was mind blowing. Her mouth tasted of the sweet honey alcohol she had been drinking and Yannis was stunned when he started to lap instinctively inside her mouth which she obligingly opened and then began to do the same to him.

“You taste good,” she mumbled, “Apples,” not surprisingly really Yannis thought, he had been drinking apple tea earlier that day during his break.

Yannis could feel his crotch throbbing a way it had not throbbed for a very long time. He was getting hard. Very hard. The girl was still very drunk, Yannis knew this instinctively, but she was also very active now, as if his first touch had awakened a part of her that wanted to be awakened and aroused. His eyes moved to her spread legs on the bed which were jerking spasmodically. Her pink thong moved and she squirmed and he heard himself say in a hoarse voice filled with lust and guilt, “Let’s take your underwear off, you must be hot.”

“Yeah, am very hot” she slurred and she obligingly lifted up her bottom so he could remove her underwear. She was smooth between her legs, and

Yannis marvelled over this. His wife had a bush between her legs; he had made her shave most of it off on their wedding night. He wasn’t in the mood for hunting around in a forest for the place to put his manhood. Yassin had been frightened when she had seen his rock hard member. He was a big man when his shaft was rigid and she had cried all the way through him mounting her.

Her whimpering had actually irritated him though he had never said as much to his wife. He had pushed himself inside of her and she had bucked and bayed like a stuck pig but afterwards when he was fully inside of her and thrusting steadily inside of her she had lain under him, stiff and unresponsive, tears running down her cheeks. He had felt guilty and resentful, even when he had orgasmed and pumped himself inside of her, it was more of a relief than actual physical pleasure.

From then on Yannis’ wife had only spread her legs when her parents hinted it was time for another Grandchild. Any other time he she would tell him she was tired or pretend she was asleep.

Eventually he didn’t bother her anymore but his body, oh body longed for the pleasure he heard whispered about among the young men who now worked in the many hotels catering to foreign visitors.

His wife was not like this English girl who was now spreading her long pale legs and mumbling, “I need a fuck.” His son Michel had told him that many of the English girls coming to the island were easy little whores who would spread their legs for anyone and here was the proof right now.

This girl didn’t even know who he was, but she was willing to have him fuck her!

Yannis licked his lips. He could walk away and forget all that had just happened or he could live out a wicked fantasy that he had never allowed to see light of day, until now that was. It was a dark fantasy he was ashamed off but oh what a fantasy it was. He closed his eyes and exhaled long and hard.

He thought again of his wife Yassin, he had been 20 when they had married she was younger than him, she was 39, still a good looking woman but they had not shared their bodies since their last child had been weaned and she was now 18 years old. He had ignored his urges since then, occasionally resorting to relieving himself into the toilet with his hand but mostly he pretended he no longer needed sexual pleasure, now he knew he was wrong and he could not help himself, he had to take what was being offered to him. Take it and enjoy it to the full.

He swiftly went and locked the door of the room, it was unlikely anyone would come along because when a side room door was shut it meant that a drunk tourist was sleeping off a night on the town but Yannis was taking no chances. He swiftly removed his trousers and underpants, leaving on his orderly’s shirt and he climbed onto the bed with the girl. She grabbed him and began kissing him hungrily and he kissed her back with equal hunger. She nuzzled his neck and then began to kiss it, soft hot kisses that made him moan. He kissed her neck in turn and she giggled and stroked his back and he heard himself whisper, “Whore” the world rolled off his tongue, his groin contracted, he waited for her to scream out her outrage, but instead she smiled drunkenly at up him and kissed his chin lovingly, “Yeah, I am, a dirty little whore.”

His balls practically exploded at her words. His wife would never utter the word whore, it was a word that made her go into frenzy, avcılar escort she had washed out their youngest son’s mouth with pepper and soap when she heard him use it one day. Yassin was a prude, who had been a big disappointment in bed, if only he had, had the courage to make her do what he secretly wanted her to do.

The girl sucked on his mouth, kissing, licking and lapping and he moaned and then she stroked his buttocks with her lovely smooth hands and in a muffled voice said in his ear words that shocked and delighted him, “Can I suck your cock?”

He helped her sit up in the bed as she was still quite drunk though her eyes were open now and she let him remove her dress and toss it to one side. She was a bit unsteady at first as she knelt on the bed in front of where he was kneeling but Yannis willingly helped her.

He held his breath as she lowered her lovely golden head between her legs and he felt himself rise up so she could have more room to manoeuvre. Drunk or not Claire didn’t falter, she cupped his balls, fondled them and then got hold of his throbbing member and slid it into her mouth.

“Hmmmmmmm,” he heard her moan and she began to lap, suck and pull on his cock. He had never felt anything like it in his life. The stunned orderly rose up with a gurgled cry that he struggled to muffle, thank God he had chosen the room right at the end of the corridor, no one would hear his cries of pleasure. Claire’s lovely mouth was rolling over his cock and he watched her golden head go back and forth like a piston and his whole body sang with joy.

Claire’s mouth was like a red hot hole, her lips rippled over his shaft and he had to start panting in order not to let himself blow. He would make this last, not only make it last but make it worth the terrible guilt he knew he would feel afterwards.

And then it happened, he felt her tongue rolling around his balls, his eyes went huge, she was licking his balls! Dear God, she was actually licking his balls and it felt wonderful! He could see her pale bottom moving up and down as she sucked on him and he gave into the urge to reach out and slap her behind. A hard slap. Hard enough to leave a red imprint on her right buttock. She went momentarily rigid, she started to pull her mouth away from his cock but he slapped her other buttock, and she shuddered, he heard her whimper and he found himself, slapping each of her buttocks alternately.

He felt her sucking harder, and in the softly yellow light her bottom glowed scarlet. He felt something wet roll over his balls and for a second he thought he was about to explode but he realised soon enough that Claire was crying, crying and sucking on his cock. He looked down at her as he continued slapping her ass, her large tear filled doe eyes looked up at him desperately, she was shuddering and he almost stopped, thinking he had gone too far but he suddenly realised she had her hand between her legs and she was rubbing herself frantically. She was enjoying what he was doing to her even though she was crying! Her mouth was trembling as she was sucking him, and she kept giving pleading little mewls and moans that made him want to stay inside of her luscious mouth forever.

“Suck harder whore” he said hoarsely, “Harder!” she obeyed sucking and sucking until he knew was going to blow. And blow he did, grunting in shocked pleasure, one of his hands holding the base of her smooth spine, the other helping to pump his juices into her mouth. He expected her to gag and try and pull away but to his amazement she sucked, she licked, she lapped and she swallowed and pumped at his balls until he was completely empty. He was gasping in shock and pleasure. His body was shuddering and he was choking back a scream of pleasure that was stuck at the back of his throat. He was stunned to hear the girl make contented little sucking noises and her tear filled blue eyes shone in the darkness.

She was loving it as much he was loving it!

He sagged to his knees and slid out of her mouth but she didn’t move, she remained where she was and he felt her mouth and tongue move over his cock and balls steadily. Dear God the little whore was licking him clean! She was washing him clean with her mouth and tongue. He felt his cock twitch and he realised that she was arousing him again. She realised it too and was startled. She started to sit up but he raised his hand over her buttocks warningly and he saw real fear in her

eyes and his belly growled.

“Suck” he said softly and in a voice that didn’t sound like his own, “Suck my cock again or your bottom will hurt more than it already does.” She tried to pull her mouth off his cock but a stinging slap to her behind made her gurgle, and tears welled up in her eyes again, she, let out a whimper but began to suck on him again. She sucked him back into solid hardness. It took a while but she did it. She was red faced and sweating and her body was shaking with the effort.

Yannis fondled her breasts as she sucked on him and her nipples went rock hard, avrupa yakası escort eventually he slid out of her sticky mouth with a soft and satisfying pop. She looked at him dazedly and then she fell slowly back onto the bed, her legs splayed apart as she lay on the mattress, her chest heaving with the effort of the second blow job she had performed that night.

Her cunt glistened invitingly and Yannis smiled as he slid his hands under her buttocks and raised her crotch upwards. She let out a cry of shock when he buried his head between her legs and began to lap, lick, nibble and suck. Her juices were divine, he had never tasted such nectar before; dirty little whore she might be but she was a dirty little whore who tasted very, very good. His wife Yassin would die of shock if he had tried to do such a thing to her. She hadn’t even let him kiss her when they were having sex.

The girl’s bottom was still sore where he had slapped it but she didn’t seem to notice, she gurgled and cried out and clutched at his dark curls, and begged him not to stop. He could feel her begin to really bubble in his mouth, she was going to blow soon, so he lifted his head up and she let out a wail of protest, “Don’t stop,” she slurred, “Please don’t stop!”

He wasn’t going to stop but now was the time to spread her legs really wide and climb on board which he did. She was momentarily stunned, she started to protest and then she felt him sliding into her, slowly, a long, thick and very hard rod, that pushed inside her, she was surprisingly tight, in fact as he pushed inside her he suddenly became aware of a blockage inside her and it was then he realised that Claire was a virgin. The girl who had just sucked his cock so expertly was a virgin! He was stunned and then excited. Obviously she had played around before but she had not had full sex. She whimpered and he heard her croak pleadingly, “Please don’t…I haven’t…”

He started to withdraw but the tip of his cock accidently caught on a nub inside of her, her eyes widened, she gasped, and jerked, breath exploding out of her body and he felt her cunt walls contract frantically over his cock. Yannis looked at her face, her mouth opened and shut and he said, “Shall I stop?”

Slowly she shook her head and he felt her legs spread wider and she reached for him, cupping his buttocks with both hands, stroking them then and then suddenly she pulled him hard toward her. He wasn’t expecting this, it was his turn to have his eyes bulge, he felt the blockage inside of her give with a satisfying pop, she let out a little gurgled cry, her lower lip wobbled, her face crumpled and she began to cry but it was a cry mixed with pain and pleasure. He felt her jerk against him, the nub inside of her catching on his shaft yet again and she cried out again..

He looked down at her and she up at him, her face wet with tears, he rocked gently inside of her, his cock instinctively rubbing on the nub. She jerked yet again, her cunt contracted harder around his cock. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a long moan, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Yannis realised at that moment the nub inside of was what was making her moan in such a delightful way. He moved back and forth gently, catching it purposely with each gentle stroke of his cock inside of her.

He watched the girl’s facial expression, the tears were still on her cheeks but she was now smiling blissfully. She opened her eyes and looked up at him again, “Sooooooooooooooooo nicccccccccccccccceeeeeee!” she moaned and she reached for him again, this time pulling him so that they could kiss. He tasted himself and her on her lips and it was delicious. She gobbled at his mouth whilst her hands caressed his bare buttocks. Yannis felt himself slide all the way in her and very soon he was resting his heavy balls on her pulsating crotch.

He jerked harder inside of her watching her sweating face with unconcealed enjoyment. She bucked, let out a grunt but it was a grunt of pleasure. She kissed his chin and he jerked again, and she bucked some more. He was deep inside of her now and they rocked steadily back and forth on the bed. Her legs were crossed around his back and she was soon grunting in rhythm to his grunting.

She suddenly pressed her mouth against his ear and said in an urgent voice that was eager and breathless, “Please, I love your accent, say dirty things to me, I want you to say dirty things to me, make me cry again, I want you to make me cry again!”

Dirty things? Make her cry? He was confused for a moment and then he understood and his groin almost boiled over, and he began to pump harder inside of her and he did as she asked.

“You’re a dirty little whore” he grunted, “A dirty little whore that I am fucking right now!”

She moaned and bucked on the bed, “No!” she gasped, “No! I’m not!”

“Yes you are!” he hissed back, “Only whores would do what you are doing right now! Nasty dirty little whore’s! Shall I pay you for this fuck? Are you are a whore who likes to be paid for being fucked?” Her blue eyes went huge, her mouth dropped open in shock and for a moment Yannis thought he had gone too far but she let out a long drawn out moan, clutched at his shoulders, tears coursed down her face and she sobbed out in a voice full of lust, shame and desire, “Yes! Yes! You’re right, I am a dirty little whore and you should pay me! You should!”

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