An Author’s Brief Respite

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The fickle New England winter was over as the snow and chilly rain showers were a thing of the past, at least for now. In their place, were beautiful flowers and foliage scattered throughout the outdoors, the very same flowers currently admired by Julie in her backyard.

An aspiring author majoring in English at the local college, Julie was a college senior whose skipping of a grade when she was younger led to being one of the youngest in the graduating class, being a few weeks shy of turning twenty-one. She loved relaxing while putting pencil to paper and either documenting her observations of day to day life while journaling or penning her soon to be bestselling literary masterpieces.

Julie not only possessed the brains to take her far in life but a stunning figure as well. Her brownish hair was straight and flowed down in a most beautiful way. A stare from her warm green eyes was like looking into two compassionate emeralds that offered acceptance and understanding; a solace that was rare in this world. Her smile could light a room and was an amazing gift for all who saw it. Her chest was home to her exquisite breasts, large supple orbs which Julie would catch others staring at on occasion. Her waist was one that curved all the way down to her long soft legs.

Julie was outside admiring the natural beauty. She was sitting on a table and gathering inspiration for natural poems that she wanted to write in the near future. As she proceeded to write down thoughts and themes that would prove useful to her in future literary endeavors, she put her pencil in her marbled black and white composition book for the umpteenth time. She heard a rustling in the trees. Julie was momentarily frightened because she was home alone and feared Kayseri Escort the possibility of an intruder lurking in the woods surrounding her house. She quickly threw away this crazy notion however and proceeded writing again.

An hour or two passed and Julie was in the middle of writing a poem about the symbolism of roses which she entitled “The Eternal Rose”. She was quite pleased with it thus far and decided to take a break. She proceeded to enter her house to prepare a cup or two of her favorite beverage, a warm and relaxing chamomile tea.

Julie brought her tea to the table outside where she then proceeded to rest. She laid back in her chair while sipping her tea and basking in the warm sunlight while enjoying the sounds of the wildlife outside. Julie felt like today would be a relaxing day.

It had been yet another hour and Julie had fallen asleep outside. It was not until she felt a strange sensation between her legs that she woke up. At first, she tried to scream because of the fright generated by this sudden sensation but could only release a long moan. She looked down and was simultaneously shocked and aroused at the sight she saw.

She was treated to the sight of her boyfriend licking her now soaking pussy.

Her boyfriend nonchalantly said, “Hey Babe, how did you sleep?” Julie was shocked at his apparent lack of shock for what he was doing. The first words out of her mouth were, “How did you get my pants and panties off?”

“You were quite in a deep sleep. By the way, I like the lace you were wearing!”

Julie blushed at this and was about to say that she should probably get inside because her parents would be home soon but, before she could get a word in edgewise, Kayseri Escort Bayan her boyfriend shoved two of his fingers into her tight slit.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY,” Julie exclaimed at this sudden intrusion into her tight pussy.

Her boyfriend said, “You’ve been a very bad girl and you will be punished until I see fit!” Julie’s mind flooded with all kinds of naughty and kinky visuals. What on Earth could he do to her? However, she knew very well that she would soon find out.

Julie’s boyfriend put a blindfold on her and said, “Get ready, because I’m about to show this pussy who’s boss. I hope you can take it.”

Julie’s pussy let out even more wet as it was being finger fucked rapidly. Julie could only moan and as much as she was worried about getting caught, her excitement only grew more and more with each thrust. She was so close to finishing and cumming on those fingers but right before she could cum, her boyfriend noticed her spasms of pleasure and said, “Not just yet!” He stopped fingering her and took her off the chair. He sat down where Julie had been and put her over his knee. He lifted her skirt and spanked her several times while holding her hands back from taking care of herself and admonishing her to prepare herself for a fucking she would not soon forget.

After enough swats to warm up her wonderfully thick ass, Julie was taken off the chair and put on her knees. Her boyfriend took out his throbbing cock and instructed her to open her mouth and suck his dick. She was all too eager to comply and she took in his hardness and licked the head slowly at first but then intensified the speed on the shaft. After a while of sucking him off, Julie’s boyfriend let out a huge spray Escort Kayseri of cum into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed and was relieved that he finished because she could now go inside and take care of her pussy without getting caught.

However, as Julie walked off, she was quickly grabbed and was told by her boyfriend, “Now, it’s your turn to cum!” Julie looked down and was completely shocked by what she saw. Her boyfriend’s cock was back to life again after cumming no less than 2 minutes ago. Julie was bent over and grabbed by her shoulders so that she was bent over the chair. All of a sudden, she felt every last inch of her boyfriend’s cock enter her. She let out a large gasp of pleasure and began gyrating and slamming backwards on his cock. All this taking place while she was being spanked.

This expert fucking continued to take place until Julie came. She felt the orgasm radiate throughout her entire body. She started to stand up but her boyfriend kept on fucking that pussy! She was immediately in possession of a hungry pussy again and she continued taking his huge seven inch cock for a second round of pleasure. After an hour, she had her second orgasm and it was so good that she let out a constant moan for several minutes while shaking with this huge cock inside her. She squirted all over the place.

Julie’s boyfriend then pulled out and made out with her. Both parties feeling very satisfied with their sexual needs. All of a sudden though, Julie heard cars pulling into the driveway and she was scared that she would be caught naked outside in her backyard.

Julie thanked her boyfriend for this very pleasant carnal surprise by quickly sucking her own wetness off his cock! Julie’s boyfriend let out a soft moan before being told to leave so they wouldn’t get caught. He quickly gave her bare ass a quick smack and nibbled her ear gently before whispering “I’ll see you after class tomorrow. I love you.” And with that, he ran off into the woods again, thinking of different ways to pleasure his beloved Julie.

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