An Archer Strikes Gold

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Ben zapped the automatic garage door as he cycled up his drive to put his race bike away immediately since he desperately needed a shower. On crossing the threshold he spotted his new neighbour heading out for a jog or run dressed in a baggy grey tracksuit and noted how poor her running style was, a habit borne of his degree in sports science & therapy.

He laughed at the note from his mum stuck to the fridge with a jumbo smiley face magnet as he went through the kitchen, “fridge, freezer & all cupboards full – off to see Janet for a week – love mum & dad”. He was 24 and yet his mum would always view him as 12 bless her.

Janet was his aunt, his mum’s sister, who had missed the annual 3 week ski trip to the family chalet in Chamonix from which they had returned a few days before due to recovering from a knee operation. The trip was an institution with 18 family members coming together every year on a post-christmas food, drink and ski fest but this morning’s ride definitely showed the toll it took on Ben’s general fitness level.

Ben toyed with the idea of using his parents huge en-suite wet room but decided his own large en-suite sauna shower was sufficient as he needed to get off to work. It didn’t take too long to ease the aches and twinges from the 30 mile cycle ride he’d completed and once he had put together his lunch it was off to the sports centre where he worked for his first shift.

Although he had a teaching degree and did occasional school supply work Ben much preferred working at the sports centre – it was decent pay, he had free use of all the facilities, he worked with a great bunch of youngsters like himself and best of all there was access to an endless supply of single dateable women. Although the official line was ‘clients’ were off limits, as long as everyone was discreet then a blind eye was always turned & Ben wasn’t shy when it came to making the best of an opportunity like that.

Being a Tuesday his first job was in the pool as a lifeguard for the local primary schools swimming classes that took place twice a week – as there was a great pupil to teacher/assistant ratio, along with his four fellow poolside assistants Ben just provided a bit of gentle crowd control whilst keeping a sharp eye out for anyone who might be in difficulty in either of the pools.

No dramas, a quick tidy up and clean ready for the general public to use the pools and it was back home for the lunch he’d made earlier. Ben was working a split shift that day as in the evening he was one of the tutors for the centre’s adult learner & improver swimming classes so there was plenty of time to get out into the garden and get in a heap of practice for his primary sport – archery.

His parents were mad keen archers and had met during competitions as teenagers, they had even bought this house solely because of its main feature of a gigantic garden – as long as a football field & half as wide – as soon as they married so they could practice daily in the comfort of their own home. They didn’t have Ben until late into their thirties but he had known archery from birth and had his first proper bow aged 4, specially made for him. He had always been a natural shot and loved the sport – currently he was in the British squad and heading for a place at the next Olympics but right now he was gearing up to win his third consecutive county winter indoor title. The contest ran for 4 months over winter with a shoot every other week for 9 shoots & competitors keeping their highest 5 scores. So far Ben was top of the league but had missed one competition during the skiing holiday so wanted to ace the one on the coming Saturday. As the indoor shoots were shot at 20 yards he decided against using one of the three permanent target stations built at the end of the garden, choosing instead to wheel out a portable target boss from the garage and setting it at the shorter distance measured against the fixed range markers set into the lawn and make the most of the unseasonably warm January sun flooding this part of the garden at the moment.

With his indoor competition recurve bow on a stand next to him, a fresh target on the boss and several sets of arrows in a stand he went through his ritual of centring himself mentally & emotionally before starting his practice session. Despite the layoff he was shooting as well as ever and having loosened up with several sets of arrows he was now comfortably in the gold on each of the 5 faces on the target.

Ben paused momentarily having noticed he was now being watched over the fence by the same neighbour he had seen going out running earlier. The young woman and a man moved in just a couple of days before Ben and his family had shot off to France so there’d been no time for introductions but Ben thought now was a good time to remedy the situation.

As he walked over Ben called out a cheery hello to the attractive blonde on the other side of the fence and when he reached her he said “Hi, I’m Ben – welcome to the neighbourhood.”

“Thanks, I’m gaziosmanpaşa escort Paula – sorry for being nosey but I’ve only seen archery on TV and was intrigued.”

“That’s OK you’ll find me out here pretty much every day at some point. Do you want a go?”

“Can I? That would be great”, and with that Ben told her to come around to the front door & he’d let her in.

He paused on the way to the door to grab some kit for his neighbour from the garage and arrived just as Paula rang the bell. With a perfunctory smile and handshake he led her through the house to the garden.

On seeing a much more basic bow now next to Ben’s bow Paula reacted by asking if he didn’t trust her to shoot his ‘posh toy’ but rather than arguing he asked her to stand at the shooting line and handed her his bow. It wasn’t that it was extremely heavy but rather that, with the multiple long stabilising rods and sight system it was very unwieldy to someone unused to the balance of it. The other thing with it was the fact that it was fitted with very stiff limbs having a draw weight in excess of 45 pounds and as soon as Paula attempted to draw back the string she failed.

Having taken back his bow Ben gently explained that his was a piece of kit that any archer built up to and that everyone started on the basic one he’d brought out. Paula seemed to swallow her pride and accept his advice. Although it was warm enough for Ben to be comfortable wearing a polo shirt & jeans, Paula was in a thick baggy grey tracksuit and when he went to attach a bracer (a protective guard for her forearm) over the sleeve it proved quite tricky. This prompted Paula to suddenly grasp the hem of the top and pull it over her head revealing a snugly fitted figure hugging T-shirt and what a figure it was hugging. Ben swiftly checked out her slim build, taught tummy and splendid breasts held high within the outline of a sports bra, generating that familiar warm feeling of desire in his groin. The bracer now slipped onto Paula’s slender lightly tanned arm with ease and Ben also asked her to put on a strange looking mesh item – a chest protector – explaining that given she had certain ‘assets’ that lads lacked it would ensure that there was no painful contact with a bow string. Once Paula slipped her arm into it Ben clipped the side securely closed then adjusted a buckle in the small of her back for a snug fit.

Although the first three arrows that Paula shot actually missed the boss altogether, to Ben’s delight his neighbour picked up the basics of archery very quickly and was soon peppering the area around the gold on the centre target. During the lesson Ben found out that Paula and Greg had moved for his work as an accountant following a big promotion and she was a theatre nurse who had secured a transfer to the local hospital. She was only a year older than Ben, extremely confident, outgoing & competitive and had an impish sense of humour. Today was the first of three rest days between her shift patterns which was why she was home feeling bored as Greg was in London until Sunday meeting clients & partners.

Had she not been boyfriended up then Ben would have definitely been up for giving her a bit of chat & charm because as well as being funny, interesting and good company she was hot, very hot.

Each time Paula took up the bow drawing back the bowstring to shoot, the open posture of arms at shoulder height & back muscles tensed thrust out her chest and those gorgeous breasts. Ben was a bums & boobs guy and the boobs on display rated very highly on his personal ‘wow’ scale. Having adjusted the chest protector he had an accurate idea that he was covertly admiring a perky set of 32D’s or maybe even E’s which on her slender frame looked incredible and he wished that he had the opportunity to sneak a peek at what he thought would be an equally amazing rear which was disappointingly swathed in those baggy sweats but it was not to be.

They continued for around an hour until Ben said he had to get ready for work but if Paula wanted to shoot again then she was welcome to pop her head over the fence or knock on the door at any time which he hoped she would as even though he couldn’t touch there was nothing wrong with looking and Paula was well worth looking at!

With his guest gone Ben cleared away all the equipment and headed off on the short 5 minute walk to work. Having the luxury of multiple sports halls together with fitness, gym & health suites the sports centre was also blessed with an Olympic sized pool, a slightly smaller “baby pool” and a dedicated deep pool with diving boards as well as an awesome fun pool with slides & wave machine so were able to offer a wide range of classes & clubs for water related activities and dry side sports.

Tuesday & Thursday were the adult classes of 45 minutes duration beginning at 7pm with non-swimmers then improvers followed by intermediates. A lane marker was extended the length of the main pool down gölbaşı escort its centre so the general public could continue to enjoy their recreational swimming whilst classes took place in the other half of the pool.

Ben loved teaching these classes as he got to know the learners really well & they had a good laugh in the process. As he was watching the improvers getting to the end of their session attempting to master backstroke technique he glanced up and saw a group of young women just entering the other side of the pool where he was teaching. There were about eight of them but one in particular who had already entered the water caught his eye – he instantly recognised his neighbour Paula who was the stand out beauty in a group of very beautiful women.

As his classes swapped over Ben took the opportunity of a few minutes quiet to check out Paula – he saw her doing lengths in an easy practised breast stroke setting a good pace. Her running style might be awful but her swimming style was perfect and as nice as it was to watch her form in the water he would much prefer to see her form out of the water, a wish that was granted mere moments later as Paula reached the deep-end steps and pulled herself out of the pool.

If he’d thought the top half was amazing that morning then the bottom half was exquisite!

Clad in a high cut Speedo race swimsuit Paula might as well have been naked since the material was moulded to her body like a second skin and exactly as Ben had hoped her ass was taught & sumptuously curvy accentuating narrow hips and topping long slender tanned legs. Ben thought to himself that Paula’s boyfriend was one lucky sod to be living with that. He switched his attention back to his next class as his intermediate swimmers were already in the water and the girls were heading over to the fun pool.

An hour later Ben was sat in the cafe having a coffee before his final class of the night, lifeguard hopefuls, when Paula appeared next to him in her familiar frumpy grey tracksuit asking if she could sit with him which he agreed to immediately.

“I had no idea you worked here, you never mentioned it earlier.”

“I’ve been here eight years on and off, it helped me pay my way through university. I saw you swimming earlier and you are really good – have you considered joining our club?”

“I swam competitively from 10 to 18 but found it too stressful keeping up the training so now I just swim for fun. I came with some girls from the hospital to get in a bit of practice as we have signed up for the charity triathlon at the castle in a couple of months.”

“That’s cool – a big bunch of us here do it every year too, are you guys doing the mini, midi or maxi?”

“We are all in for the midi one as the mini looked a bit too easy, how about you?”

“We are doing the midi too but that’s because we’ll be in fancy dress – we are racing as ‘Despicable Me’ minions. A local firm has made us custom blue & yellow wetsuits for the swim then we have foam costumes to wear during the cycle and run.”

Paula looked at the smiling Ben in disbelief since any triathlon was hard enough already even without the handicap of a costume.

“You will ace the 800m swim,” continued Ben “but I saw you go out running this morning and it didn’t look like you had done much before. You have the wrong shoes too – you need running shoes not gym trainers or you will end up having horrible joint and muscle pain – 7.5 kilometres is no easy task for the run. Have you done much cycling?”

“I hate running and always avoided it when I was swimming competitively but I have done a bit of cycling and I plan to get some serious miles in on Greg’s mountain bike which I’m using for the race.”

Paula stopped when she saw a frown appear on Ben’s brow and asked him what else was wrong.

“All the cycle route is on concrete or Tarmac paths around the castle grounds so a mountain bike will take a lot more energy unless it’s fitted with road tyres & even then the gearing isn’t really suitable. You won’t have any energy left for the run after 32.5 kilometres on that bike. I have a spare road bike you are more than welcome to borrow, we are nearly the same height – I am 5’11” and you are about 5’9″ – and as it has cages on the pedals rather than cleats like mine you won’t have to have separate cycling and running shoes.”

“As well as the shoes it would pay to invest in a tri-suit too, it’s like a sleeveless shorty wetsuit – they take a little getting used to and I would recommend doing all your practice wearing it but ultimately you’ll be a lot more comfortable in the race. If you pop into the shop downstairs and say I sent you & you are doing the triathlon then they’ll give you a big discount.”

Paula thanked him for the advice and generous offer of the bike but was puzzled as to why he was helping her so much when they had only met that morning and he barely knew her. His reply was that because the race was keçiören escort to fundraise for the local children’s hospice he really loved to see as many people as possible take part and the sports centre had been a supporter for many years offering free ‘clinics’ and support sessions for all the entrants to make sure everyone involved had fun & stayed injury free. It just so happened that Paula lived next door to him so he was in a position to help her a little more than most if she wanted but he had also been about to suggest that if Paula and her friends might like a training buddy to help them prepare he could help them all.

The chat ended there as Ben needed to get to his students and his neighbour saying she would indeed head to the shop as well as giving his offer serious thought & would have a chat with her chums.

Next morning Ben headed to work at 4:45am to open up the sports centre. Living so close he was a keyholder and usually had shifts that saw him there for either the doors opening at 5am or closing up at 11pm. The 5am regulars were in the main all competitive swimmers with their coaches who had punishing daily training schedules together with a smattering of hard core fitness fanatics getting in some hours before going to work. The leisure swimmers or casual gym users usually didn’t start arriving much before 7am. Due to the ability level of the people in the pool at this hour the shift was skeleton staffed with just 2 lifeguards plus four guys dry side and one on reception.

It was technically his day off but a he was covering for a mate who needed a late start that day rather than opening up.

With the bulk of staff on site by 8am Ben got to head home for breakfast. As he walked into his cul-de-sac he was shocked to see a crumpled figure leaning against a wall. The grey tracksuit instantly gave the wearer away as Paula who appeared to be in a great deal of distress. Ben rushed to his neighbours side to help her – he asked her what was wrong as he instantly noted she was disorientated. Paula managed to tell him she had gone for the full 7.5k triathlon run but lost her drinks bottle early on, going on to describe symptoms that Ben recognised as the beginnings of a case of heat exhaustion & probable severe dehydration requiring immediate treatment.

With an arm around her waist Ben half carried, half supported Paula the short distance to his house and led her to the kitchen. The cupboards were well stocked with isotonic sports drinks and it was these that Ben made Paula start to drink. He also had to get her temperature down & she was beginning to complain about severe cramps setting in.

“Paula what are you wearing under that tracksuit?”

An instant aggressive snarled response of “piss off you perv” was not unexpected.

“No stupid – you have dangerously overheated and need to cool down – that tracksuit is far too hot for any type of strenuous exercise and you really need to not be wearing it, it is vital you cool down as soon as possible.”

“I’ve got my new tri suit on” was the slightly petulant reply.

“Oh man – with a tri suit all you need on top is maybe a loose t-shirt, it’s no wonder you are like this.” And with that he grabbed a few more drinks bottles, picked up an unresisting Paula and carried her up to his bedroom.

As an only child Ben’s parents tended to spoil him and when the house had been remodelled a few years before his own en-suite bathroom had been fitted with a huge state of the art computer controlled sauna shower cubicle – it was perfect for combatting the aches & pains of exercise.

Ben seated Paula on the edge of his king sized bed and told her she needed to take off the tracksuit but even the simple act of unzipping the top seemed beyond her so Ben took charge and did it himself. He peeled the sweat soaked fleece lined garment gently from her and laid her back on the duvet in order to remove her new running shoes and the equally sodden bottoms.

Although he was focussed on treating Paula Ben could not stop himself taking a moment to check out the form of the woman laying before him. The black, white & blue Lycra skin suit accentuated every line of Paula’s gorgeous body although it did reduce the impressiveness of her bosom which was disappointing. There was no time to linger though and having grabbed an armful of towels he set about getting Paula into the shower.

It was obvious that Paula couldn’t stand unaided and Ben didn’t bother changing out of his work clothes – polo shirt and long shorts – but simply kicked off his own trainers & socks, lifted Paula up from the bed and steered her into the cubicle. There was more than enough room for two as it resembled a medium sized elevator made of tinted glass and Ben held Paula with a supporting arm around her waist as he set the touchscreen control for a gentle cool water programme.

Instantly from three sides banks of jets opened up enveloping the pair whilst from above there was a cloudburst from the huge rainforest shower head in the ceiling. It took Paula by surprise & Ben had to increase his hold on her as her knees buckled whilst she struggled momentarily against the initial shock before adjusting to the sensation. As she relaxed once more Ben grabbed one of the drinks bottles he’d placed inside the shower and made Paula start drinking since it was vital she get rehydrated.

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