An Aphrodisiac for Three

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Big Tits

Hello, I’m back and writing again. Like mad. Like stories upon stories and god I hope this streak lasts. Anyhow I have met some wonderful gals who’ve agreed to help me (I swear their angels cause only they would agree to put themselves through my torturous errors. Please give a warm welcome to LakiettaWolf (she’s fucking awesome) who helped beta and edit this story. Also so my long time editor AdrianaBelen, both of these ladies polished this entire monstrosity. My writing would be a jumbled mess without them. So without a further ado enjoy.

Also, this is all fantasy I do not condone much of what I write for all so freaking chill. I welcome all criticism and I promise I taken them into account but don’t be that asshole that just starts calling me names like an immature plebeian. Give me actual criticism as to why you like it/ dislike it and what you would change or keep.



“Come on Kandi, this is going to be an amazing party, there’s going to be beer -Beer Kandi! And maybe vodka, whiskey, scotch and stuff. I think I might be a vodka kind of girl, you know, with a tumbler in one hand and a cigar in the other.” Rie Tamerane twittered on as she held up dress after dress to her body. The gilded full length mirror in Kandi’s large room was her absolute favorite, and she could swear that the mirror took off ten pounds in all the right places.

Kandi looked amused as Rei discarded the fifteenth dress to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. “I’ve tried vodka, and trust me, you are not a vodka girl.”

“What!” Rei whirled around and glared at her friend. “How could you? Without me?”

Kandi shrugged and leaned over her bed, rummaging through the pile to look for the blue shirt dress Rei had discarded six outfits ago. “My step dad let me try once when he caught me trying to sneak a taste from his private stash. He didn’t get mad or anything, and even let me have a taste. It was disgusting – and the vodka was like, four thousand dollars, so imagine what a twenty dollar vodka would taste like.”

Rei just rolled her eyes and tuned back to admiring what the new pushup bra she’d stolen did to her boobs. She was already a nice C cup, but the push up created such beautiful cleavage that she just had to show it off today. The nude, pink lace framing her lightly tanned skin looked absolutely gorgeous. If only she’d had enough time to steal the matching panties, but the cheap, pink lace boy shorts she’d gotten from Ross worked just as well. Besides, she never wore any other styles, boy shorts was it.

“So, are you going with me or not? I promise if you get drunk I’ll hold your hair for you. Plus, Beth is going with her boyfriend, and I refuse to miss Beth’s scandalized face when she sees all the debauchery going on in there,” she said gleefully.

Kandi giggled behind her. “I think you are the only one I know that uses SAT words regularly. And thanks, I guess? For offering to hold my hair back.”

Rei nodded solemnly. “You’re welcome, it’s a very generous offer. Now you have to go.”

Kandi rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. “Fine then. What do you think about this dress?” she held up the blue shirt dress for Rei’s inspection. It was actually more girly that what Kandi usually bought for herself, but she’d bought it on Rei’s recommendation. It had white and gold zigzag patterns trailing vertically with a boat neck, and sleeveless as well. Rei cocked her head and pressed her forefinger to her lips.

“Hmm, it needs something extra.” Rei flounced back into Kandi’s walk-in closet, while Kandi flopped back onto her bed with a sigh. At this rate, they were never going to get out of the house. They had come back to her house immediately after school ended, so that Rei could raid Kandi’s extensive closet for the,”party of the century.”

This was the first and only party they’d been invited to in the three years that they’d being going to Westbrook Private. The only reason they got invited was because Rei’s boyfriend, Andrew Finley, finally got on the football team. The team’s previous captain, Calvin Calebow, was having the first beginning-of-the-year party to welcome the newbies on the football team. There was going to be booze, bimbos, and hot boys. Kandi hadn’t initially wanted to go, but Rei had been pestering her the whole day. Kandi had never been good at saying no, and Rei was tenacious to a fault.

“Found it!” Rei yelled out, before coming back into the room with a three tiered crystal chain, and a thin, white belt. “Come on girl, get up, strip and put this on.” Rei didn’t even give Kandi a chance to comply; she grabbed Kandi’s left ankle and dragged her to the edge of the bed before pulling her up, and taking her shirt off in one swift, fluid motion.

“Damn, if this is what you two do when I’m not here then I should install a camera in here,” Dana drawled from the doorway. Kandi, startled, moved away from Rei, but she held fast to Kandi’s shoulder.

Rei waved Dana in. “It’s Onwin just Dana, Kandi. And Dana, feel free to watch. Do you like my new bra?” Rei asked, while throwing a saucy smile Dana’s way as she pulled the blue dress onto Kandi. Dana took a seat on the divan across from the bed, watching her two friends with interest. Rei was just in her bra and skinny pants, while Kandi was in a sensible black bra and black panties. Rei was all curves and usually the kind of girl that Dana was attracted to, but the one that drew her gaze was Kandi, with her slender limbs and small, elegant curves.

“Sexy,” she commented, and although she was looking at Kandi exclusively, when the blue dress was over her head and struggling to pull it over her shoulders, Rei smirked at Dana and raised a brow. Dana took a second to look away from Kandi’s flat stomach and smirked back at Rei.

“Thank you,” Rei said, stealing the compliment for herself. She left Kandi to struggle into the dress when she saw the red head finally poking her head through. “Now, are you going to be joining us? Kandi finally agreed. Did I tell you all about the booze, bimbos, and boys that are going to be there? All those boys are going to melt over Kandi when they see her in this dress I picked out,” she teased, knowing the exact words getting Dana to go.

When Andrew had given her the password to the party and told her to invite her friends, Rei knew they initially wouldn’t have wanted to go. They were all introverted with other people, even herself, but she wanted to go to a party at least once before high school ended. She left Beth with her boyfriend Martin to convince him, all the while knowing he’d like the extra time he could have with her. Kandi always said yes to her, and if Kandi was going anywhere, Dana could be counted on to be her loyal shadow.

“You’re evil.” Dana glared at Rei, but nodded none the less.

“I think you mean evily generous. Kandi, agree with me,” Rei commanded. She spotted a simple black dress she’d previously discarded, but it caught her eye again.

Kandi, finally having gotten the dress over her shoulders, shimmied it down her lanky frame and stood up. “I agree with Rei.” She smiled back at Rei conspiratorially. Dana was the most anti-social out of them all, so it would be nice to see her out at a party.

Rei pulled up the black dress and held it up to her. It was a perfect combo of mesh and Lycra. Strips of black criss-crossed over her breasts, and mesh covered the in-between spaces. It zipped up in the back, but was backless at the same time because it was filled in with mesh from the nape of her neck, to the small of her back. It was tasteful, yet sexily slutty at the same time. In conclusion, perfection.

“I like this dress. But dammit, I need a black bra for this one,” Rei lamented.

Dana rolled her eyes before reaching into her sweatshirt, and after some careful maneuvering, she unhooked her bra and tossed it at Rei. “Gimme yours,” she said. “And put on a show for me when you take it off,” Dana demanded with a smirk.

Rei grabbed up the bra gleefully. While her bra was nice, the nicest she’s ever stolen in fact, it was nothing compared to Dana’s. Her mother was the owner of a high end lingerie store and worked with the best and softest material. Dana had offered to give Rei some of the lingerie that had a few flaws for free, but she’d never been able to tolerate charity. It had been the biggest fight the girls had ever gotten into, and it had lasted for about a month until Kandi intervened, she had screamed at them to get the fuck along, or else. And since Kandi never cursed or lost her temper, when she did, it was quite a sight and something to be taken quite seriously- unlike Rei who lost her shit daily and had a ready sparring partner in Dana. But when they were seriously angry about something, Rei retreated into herself and ignored everyone, while Dana would go on a literal rampage and do some serious damage to whatever object was in front of her. Beth on the other hand never got angry. Ever.

“Thanks babe.” Rei wasted no time in stripping off her bra and putting on Dana’s black one. Kandi averted her eyes respectfully and Dana shamelessly watched. Rei had grown up with these girls, so she had no qualms about getting naked in front of them, even though just the thought of wearing a bathing suit out in public almost sent her into a frenzy. They were about the same size, Rei perhaps was a bit larger, but it still fit nicely and created the same amount of cleavage without further exaggerating her cup size. “Oh my god, this feels like a cloud,” she exclaimed, cupping her breast and squeezing with a blissful sigh.

Dana began putting the bra under her baggy shirt, grimacing at how much padding there was in the bra. “Dude, how do you breathe in this?”

Rei ignored her as she zipped herself up in the dress. It was originally supposed to come down to mid-thigh, but since it was in Kandi’s size, it came down Onwin Giriş to just a few inches above Rei’s knees. Kandi was much thinner than her too, but the dress was a few sizes too big for Kandi. It was a bit of a tight fit, but Rei liked it that way. She felt like it was missing something though, so Rei went back into Kandi’s room, which was at least twice as big as her own. An entire wall was dedicated to accessories and jewelry. Here she began rummaging through the various drawers as she wracked her brain, wondering where she had last seen the crystal choker. The suite’s décor was more Rei’s style. Kandi’s interior designer mother was behind the style. Kandi much preferred something simple and rustic.

She let out a shout of triumph when she finally found the choker and ran back into the bedroom, almost tackling Dana and Kandi in her haste. They each held a pile of clothes and began putting it back on the racks. Rei ignored them in favor of picking out a pair of shoes. Thankfully, she shared the same shoe size with Kandi. Choosing a strappy black pair Kandi had never worn, Rei strapped it on and called for the girls to hurry up.

“I’ll drive, you two can’t handle alcohol.” Dana led the way downstairs jingling her keys.

“You’re going to wear that?” Rei looked up and down at Dana’s school sweatshirt and ripped jeans as if it personally offended her. Dana looked back at Rei ready with a smart retort when she saw the other girl’s lips pursed. Rei wasn’t going to let it go for anything, so she sighed and rolled her eyes. Sometimes it was too easy to just give in to Rei.

“Fine.” Dana pulled off her sweatshirt, She wore a simple tank top underneath. She held up a hand when Rei opened her mouth. “No, no. It’s either this or the sweatshirt again. You pick.”

“Ugh, fine. Just for that, I call shotgun!” Rei said, before sprinting down the large stairways and heading to the car parked out front of the mansion. Usually, she let Kandi sit up front with Dana to give them more alone time, but right now, she didn’t feel like it. She yanked open Dana’s red sports car and made herself comfy in the front seat. Dana and Kandi soon followed, then they were off to the party.

Beth’s boyfriend texted Rei they were already at the party. He asked them to hurry up because Beth was becoming uncomfortable with all the drinking, and he wanted Rei to convince her to stay. Rei grinned and texted them to stay put. She would have been disappointed if the party was tame, the football parties were legendary, and Rei intended to experience it all.

It took them twenty minutes to reach the Calebow mansion. Loud noises and yelling could be heard a block away, which excited Rei even more. There wasn’t much left in terms of parking, so they had to park a few houses down. Rei grabbed both Kandi and Dana, practically dragging them to the brightly lit house. When they knocked on the door, a senior football player appeared and leaned against the doorframe. A wave of warmth gusted over them. Rei tried to look over his shoulder at the scene going on behind him.

“Password?” he drawled, blatantly checking out Dana who looked at him coolly.

“Marquis de Sade,” Rei answered absentmindedly. The boy smirked and pushed off to one side, giving them just enough room to let them squeeze by. Rei went first grabbing Kandi after her. Dana followed at a slower pace. When Rei looked back to make sure Dana was with them, she saw the boy crowding Dana, who quickly put him down with just a few words, and joined them with an eye roll.

“His version of a pickup line was ‘hey, sexy,’ I mean, c’mon!” Dana continued to complain to a sympathetic Kandi, but Rei ignored them in favor of partaking in her first ever high school party.

It was depravity galore with scantily clad high schoolers, bare chested boys with beer dripping down their wash board abs, and girls dancing on table tops. Through the foyer she could see the large pool in the back yard where a few kids were already skinny dipping. Grinning, Rei hoped she could see a few of the players naked. The only naked men she’d seen was in pictures and porn. She wanted to see how these boys stacked up.

“C’mon, let’s find Beth and Martin!” she yelled, trying to be heard above the pounding music. Kandi nodded to indicate she’d heard. They weaved throughout the hot and sweaty bodies, Rei careful to avoid stepping on the wet spots on the floor and falling on her ass.

It took them a while to find Beth, but then again, Rei wasn’t particularly looking that hard for her either. She was too engrossed in looking at all the people and trying to keep a lookout for Andrew. She hadn’t yet admitted it to her friends, but she sort of liked Andrew. He was the only male friend she had, and the only one that had noticed her. Plus, he was really nice to her as opposed to the rest of the male school population, which didn’t even look at her. Also, his curly brown hair and blue eyes weren’t exactly a hardship to Onwin Güncel Giriş look at. While she was too busy looking for that curly head of hair in the sea of people, it was Beth th at found them.

“Rei!” Beth yelled out, waving frantically at them. Rei let go of Kandi for a moment to push through the people and jump at Beth. They had known each other the longest and, truth be told, she was a lot closer to Beth than the other girls. The main thing was that they both came from the same place on the wrong side of town. Rei’s guardian and aunt was a cafeteria lunch server at Westside Private and Beth’s dad was a janitor. They both were able to go to the private school, tuition free, because of that. Because both girls were outsiders, they had much more in common. The usual things that Dana and Kandi did get to do, like take vacations and go on trips, neither Beth or Rei could do because of monetary restraints.

“Beth, how awesome is this party?!” Rei pushed Martin away and clung to Beth like a limpet. She tolerated Martin at best; ever since he had asked Beth out, Beth spent less time with her. It was good and bad. Rei felt like she was losing her best friend, but she felt like she was getting to know Kandi a lot better as well. Kandi had originally been Beth’s friend. Rei had never been good at talking to strangers so it was nice that Beth had given her an opening to get to know the other two girls more. She only became friends with Dana because they had been paired for a project together freshman year and discovered that they both got turned on by fast cars.

“It’s, uh… nice. But I don’t think I’m going stay much longer,” Beth said uncomfortably as she looked around the party in disdain. Rei laughed at her friends facial expression and placed a sloppy kiss on Beth’s cheek.

“Babe, I haven’t even gotten to taste anything!” Rei complained and looked at Martin pointedly.

He took the cue and grinned ruefully. “And that’s my cue to get us a few drinks. You guys drinking?” he asked Dana and Kandi.

“Beer for me. And I think they have some wine too, so~ get that for Kandi and Rei. They’re lightweights,” Dana said.

“But Dana-“

Dana cut short Rei’s protest with a small glare. “Start out small. And you can have a sip of mine if you really want it.”

Rei shrugged. She’d get to try hard liquor one way or the other tonight. She pulled Beth and motioned for Kandi and Dana to follow her into the middle of the cleared living room to dance with the others. It was mostly just jumping up and down to the music. She paired up with Beth who smiled ruefully and allowed herself to be maneuvered by Rei. Dana took a blushing Kandi by the hand and danced along with them. Martin soon came back with the four drinks and handed them out. Kandi and Rei’s drinks were in a red cup, while he had two whole Guinness beer bottles for him and Dana.

Rei took a tentative sip to see if she liked it. It was light and fruity with just a hint of musk. Pleased with the taste, she downed it all in one go, ignoring Dana’s protest. She laughed it off and grabbed Dana’s beer from her. Taking a large gulp, she almost spit it out when the taste hit her taste buds. While not horrible, it tasted like sparkling water and strong wheat. All in all, not something she’d voluntarily drink.

“Okay, I definitely like wine over beer.” Rei handed back the beer to Dana with a grimace. She wiped her mouth of the few droplets of beer that had dripped there. Dana snickered and took a gulp her of drink.

“Told ya!” she gloated. Rei stuck her tongue out.

“Martin, more!” she commanded. Usually she wouldn’t be so forward with a guy, but Martin was a steady and placid type of guy that oddly put her at ease. If he wasn’t dating Beth, Rei might actually like him. Martin smiled and without complaint went to get her more drinks.

They girls continued to dance until beads of sweat ran down their young, nubile bodies. Lost in the mass of bodies, they created their own little bubble as they drank and danced the night away. Kandi and Dana shared their drinks, Dana keeping a sharp eye on the taller girl. After about the sixth drink of wine, Rei fell back and let Martin have a few moments with Beth. She pulled Dana and Kandi with her to go sit outside to get some fresh air, and to dry off. They were so sweaty their skin was sticking together and Rei found that hilarious.

Surprisingly, they found a quiet corner to sit and rest. Dancing was so much better than running, which Rei hated with a passion. The three girls fell on an empty swing seat, and Rei began to giggle uncontrollably as they lurched dangerously. Dana, who wasn’t nearly as drunk as they were even though she’d had twice as many drink as them, steadied the seat and looked at them fondly.

Kandi stood up suddenly, swaying dangerously on her feet. “I need to go to the bathroom!” she exclaimed, holding up her arm as if making an important point.

Rei saluted her and nodded seriously. “Then you must venture forth yonder and empty thy bladder.” Kandi giggled and tottered away.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Dana offered but Kandi shook her head and continued on her way. Dana watched her away, her eyes hooded.

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