An Afternoon with Janice

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This work is totally fictional. If perchance it mirrors anyone’s actual experience, I assure you it was totally accidental.

All the characters portrayed herein are over 18 years of age.

I hope you enjoy.


Janice was my personal assistant. While she wasn’t a raving beauty, she was attractive with a fine body and very intelligent. I never thought about her in a sexual way since the Company had a very strict and enforced, “Don’t Touch the Pussy” policy. So the most we did was go to lunch.

All that changed one morning when I needed a letter done and she was no where to be found. I wasn’t about to send one of the other women into the Ladies Room so I check if she was there. The stationary closet was my next stop since it was the only place I hadn’t checked It was black as pitch in there but I did heard moaning so I flipped the switch and got my eyes full.

The usually shy and modest Janice was up against the wall with her skirt up her panties down fingering herself. She was unshaven but pink lips did show through her ample black muff and that was accentuated by two beautiful white thighs. We stared at one another for what seemed like 15 minutes before she dropped her skirt blushing so very red. I just shut the door and walked away.

She went back to her work station. When I approached with the letter I wanted typed and e-mailed, she shivered as if she were sitting on ice. Her big brown eyes which were full of fear.

“Could you get this out as soon as you can the e-mail it to Corporate Accounting.”

“Yes Sir.”

She appeared to be relieved I was not reprimanding her.

That evening when we were about to leave for home, Janice came back to see me in my office.

“About what happened earlier sir.”

“What happened earlier?”

“When… when… when…”

“Janice, have you been drinking or on drugs?”

“No Sir!”

“Then what are you mumbling about woman?”

“Nothing I guess sir.”

“o, by the way, what happened to ‘Brad’? What’s with all this ‘sir’ stuff?”

“Sorry Brad.”

“Janice, are you feeling okay? You appear to be out of character.”

“No Brad, I am good. Goodnight sir.”

“Goodnight Janice.”

But şişli escort I couldn’t get the vision of those white thighs and black muff out of my mind.


A few weeks later when I come in to see her sobbing with tissues to her eyes. I thought, “What now?”

“Marion, could you come to my office?”

“Yes Brad.”

“Sit please.”

“What is that all about?

“Did she loose someone in her family?”

“No Brad, she caught her boyfriend have sex with her roommate.”

“O that’s it. Thanks for telling me.”

“My pleasure sir”

The next morning Janice is looking more composed but still very sad demeanor.

At noon I decided to treat her hoping that would lift spirits.

“Ready for lunch?”

“I am staying in, thank you.”

“Why? Did I offend you?”

“No. I am just not…”

“Okay I am ordering you to lunch. You refuse it at your peril WOMAN.”

“Well, I guess I’ll go then.”

I take her to a nice the ‘Red Carpet’ an upscale establishment where we sipped some wine, ate well, and chatted about non-shop things.

On the way back, I noticed that she didn’t pull her hem down when it rode up and upon getting she spread her legs so I got a good view.

“Thank you for that Brad. You are really a gentleman.”


A few weeks later I was laying on the couch watching one of my favorite old movies “The Fugitive” when the door bell rang. It was Janice.

“May I come in?”

“Sure. Waving her in.”

It was November. Even the light wind of that day had a raw feel to it. So I was not surprised to see her have a sweater coat beneath her heavy winter coat but I wasn’t expecting to see a low cut tank top and Daisy Duke’s beneath that.

“So, to what good deed have I this pleasure?”

“Nothing in particular. I was feeling lonely so I came over to see if you wanted company to.”

“I am glad you did.”

“I didn’t disturb anything did I?

“No. I was watching the “The Fugitive” one of my all time favorite movies with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. Have you seen it?”


“Would you like to?”

“Yes I would.”

“Where are my manners, do you levent escort want some wine?”

“Yes, please.”

After getting the DVD back to the beginning, I see her shiver.

“Can I use that throw?”

“Of course you can.”

We begin the film sitting away from one another eventually Janice snuggles up to me and my arm finds its way around her shoulders. About 1/4 away into the film our wine runs out.

“Need a refill?”


When I sit back down we go back to snuggling but Janice move forward a bit allowing my arm to get behind her. I put my hand on her arm massaging it.

I feel that we are getting pass the point of no return. My mind reverts back about three years age to the time when I was engaged to the woman whom I thought was going to be my wife. But one night she dropped a bomb by telling me she had found another. She was sorry if it hurt me then left. After that, while I didn’t go to men, I swore off women. If the sexual tension got too bad, I would rent an escort but I vowed never to let another woman gain access to my feelings. But here it was happening again.

I moved my lips to hers she moved her head forward then our lips met. It was like sparks flew. Before I knew it I was passionately kissing her and Janice was passionately kissing me. I slid my hand under her arm then my hand found her breast which I took into my hand. Her response was, “MMMMMmmmm”, in my mouth.

When we came up for air I said, “I have a confession to make.”

“What is it.”

“Ever since that day I caught you in the Stationary Room I’ve dreamed of laying naked with you.”

A laughing Janice looks into my eyes telling me, “You vile, dirty minded man! Had I known that, I would have worn a chastity belt under my skirts to work.”

“I have a confession to make to you. Ever since you interviewed me I’ve had a crush on you. After the Stationary Room incident the crush became stronger when I saw how discreetly you handled my embarrassment. Then recently when you acted so kind and caring after my breakup but not attempting take advantage of me, I saw what a good man you were and began to love you. After that I would have given myself to you had you asked.”

Janice taksim escort giggled, with that we started kissing again.

After a few minutes I suggested we move to the bedroom.

We both stripped down to our birthday suits then got into bed together.

I began kissing her neck and nibbling her hear lobes. Then I kissed her chest before moving to the breasts. Her nipples were already perked up and turgid when my tongue and lips began to lick and suck them.

“O yes, O yes” came out of her mouth while her body squirmed.

As I was licking and sucking her nipples my hand worked its way down to her pussy. When she felt my fingers at the top of her slit, her legs opened to give me better access. I found her to be sopping wet as I pushed between her upper and lower love gates feeling my way to her clitoris. That sent waves of pleasure over her and through her.

“O god! Right there, yes right there.” she cried.

Then my fingers slid between the lips down the entrance of her vagina where I inserted them.

“Aha! Aha! O my god!”

I commenced finger fucking her which caused her to say, “What are you doing to me!”

“It feels so good.”


The finger fucking produced copious amounts of love honey which I licked up as fast I could. The smell of sex flooded the room with the scent of her musk. Her love honey tasted so good, so very good.

I would have licked her more but the need to penetrate her was build up so strongly that I needed to stick my hot cock inside her.

“Are you ready?”

Janice nodded yes. She guided my cock to the entrance of her love canal. Then as I was just about to enter her, she said, “Go slow. Let me get use to you.”

I pushed in feeling the orifice close in around me. Immediately the warm wet entrance sent searing desire through my whole body. I gave her a minute to adjust to my hard member then I began to slide it in and out of her until she reached an orgasm and I inseminated her.

We had sex twice more each more passionate then the time before till at last fatigue was over taking us.

“I love you Janice.” I told her as we embraced, “Thank you for all love.”

“I was pleased to pleasure you my love. I hope this was the first of countless more times we lay with one another.”

We kissed several times before she said, “I am tired Brad. Lay close to me tonight.”

We spooned and somewhere as we snuggled, sleep over took us.

The End

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