An Affair

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Part one

Charlotte had felt no shock at David’s advance, he had been slow and measured, the act telegraphed clearly so she could not mistake his intent. For her though time stood still, as his head came closer and closer to hers. She was not sure she could have moved or spoken if she had wanted to, and she hadn’t. Only the last moment had been missed as she closed her eyes in terrified, delightful anticipation. A quiet gasp escaped from her lips just a moment before their mouths touched. To be fair David had given her every chance to push him away, but she had not the strength or the wish to. Later she would face the fact that it had not entered her head to try.

Deep down she had believed there was a good chance David would try to take their relationship a step further tonight. It seemed predictable. She could not deny that she knew the risks she was taking in allowing that to happen. Charlotte had realised just before David had made his move that it was the obvious moment. Time you see was running out. It had been David who suggested at the end of the meal, that they have a nightcap in his room. It was the studio penthouse with its own lounge and he said he was eager to show it to her. Charlotte replied honestly that she was interested to see it, and as it had a lounge it did not sound too dangerous. Who was she kidding? She knew exactly the peril she was placing herself in and she felt the seductive thrill it gave her.

Earlier she had even considered how she would handle the disappointment, if at the end of the evening, David just said goodnight and walked away. Would she have been relieved or just overwhelmed by frustration? Charlotte really did not know, inevitably perhaps a strong sense of both emotions all jumbled up in her head. God she would have been hurt, her ego dented if he had headed off and not even looked back. That would have been unthinkable.

As they walked out of the restaurant he had casually offered her his arm. His second act of chivalry that evening, and she had happily taken it. She loved being with a man who looked after her. Charlotte’s heart beat a little faster as they went. It had been awkward walking that way. The two of them side-by-side. They were a little too wide for the gaps in the table, and so the chivalrous holding of an arm quickly turned into the much more dangerous holding of hands. That felt more intimate, more sexual but David said that way he could guide her through the tables better. A thrill went through her body as his fingers wrapped around hers and so she did not really register his comment, and neither of them wanted to consider the fact it would have been easier to walk apart.

His hand felt so warm against her rather chilled one. She apologised for having cold hands, but he laughed and held hers a little tighter until they got into the lift.

That was how it had started, she had joked about needing her hand back and he had let go, but they had remained looking at each other. Staring into each other’s eyes, they could see the others face mirrored their own, serious looking, full of desire, uncertain but animated. Then David moved forward to kiss her. Anticipating what would happen, knowing the risks, she had still let him kiss her without the slightest resistant. It was alarming, scary but thrilling and exciting all at the same time.

How could a man’s mouth feel and taste so incredible? There was the same question again and she was no nearer an answer. It was a surprise though that this query had instantly popped into Charlotte’s head the moment their heads had come together. She wished it meant she was detached, calm and in control. Unfortunately, it really meant she was completely overwhelmed by the swirling emotions spinning around in her mind. This was too new, coming at her too fast, in a situation she had always believed she would never allow herself to get into.

The meal they had just shared had been lovely, each dish a blend of perfectly matched flavours that had meant she had savoured every mouthful. The wines had been so well matched to the food, taking the culinary delight to an even greater height. Charlotte had no idea cooking could be this good. The restaurant deserved it Michelin starred rating without any question. However, David kissing her was pleasure on a whole different scale. She knew she had responded, responded immediately to the touch of his lips, so warm and soft, so gently probing her mouth, awakening nerve endings that instantly responded to his caress, sending messages of pleasure directly to her brain.

However, there was no escaping the fact she was in an elevator kissing a man she barely knew. Her disquiet built as the lift speeded her to his room and impending disaster. It should have been taking her back to her own room two floors lower than David’s one. Where she should spend the night alone. She finally found her voice and in a quiet whisper she managed to say.

“This is moving a little fast for me.” She had stopped saying anything more definite, telling herself that would not be fair on David. She did not want to hurt him. At the same moment the lift made a ping sound, etimesgut escort which made her jump, and the lift doors glided opened. She immediately turned and looked, initially relieved there was no one outside in the corridor. Then she saw the front door to his hotel room. It was just a short walk away. She gulped and turned back to look at David. She had seen the flash of disappointment on his face at what she had said, but he had quickly hidden it. He reached out and took her hand gently in his.

“It’s okay,” David said, he sounded calm, and then added. “Nothing is going to happen that you’re not comfortable with. I can walk you back to your room if you prefer.” Charlotte felt uncomfortable at disappointing him and somewhat beholding after he had bought her such an amazing dinner.

But that was not the real problem. She wanted him so badly, had since they had first kissed. No, much earlier than that, maybe the very first time they had met. Her problem was should she allow herself to do what she wanted, or should she do what was right. Going with David would risk everything. She loved her husband, but she had had this growing crush, or even obsession with David. She barely knew him, but she wanted him so badly it hurt.

Part two

David’s first sight of Charlotte earlier that evening had been from the rear.

He had suggested he knocked on her hotel room at a time they had agreed, and escort her down to the restaurant. This was his first chivalrous act of the day. He had been delighted to see she had immediately agreed, accurately guessing that she was flattered by his gentlemanly proposal. The door on which he had confidently knocked had opened immediately, and he went to greet Charlotte, expecting her to be standing in front of him. His mind still whirling as to whether he should hug her, or kiss her on both cheeks or just say a casual “hi.” However, she had grabbed the door as she was passing and was walking away from it as it swung open. So, with her back to him she told David that she just needed to grab her bag.

His mouth that was about to utter a hello, stayed open at what he saw. He was stunned at how different Charlotte looked, how utterly desirable she seemed to him. For a moment he felt slightly light-headed, thrilled that they were about to have dinner together.

Charlotte’s dress was backless showing her incredibly tanned and flawless skin. His eyes ran over the slight rises caused by her two shoulder blades and the depression in her skin from the vertical line of her spine. Her back was bare all the way down to the top of her waist where the black dress covered her and flowed seamlessly into the skirt. Her smooth as silk arms hung at her side, just a black bangle on her left wrist. A moment later her head turned, as she hunted for the bag, giving him a side profile of her beautiful face. The skirt was short, just above the knee and its lining was red, so as she moved there was this absorbing flash of colour contrasting with the black. David had seen her often in tight pencil skirts so knew already what great legs she had, but she had always worn tights, even in warmer weather. Now with more of her thighs on show, and her legs bare, he revised great to amazing.

Then slowly she turned to face him, now holding her bag. Presumably his face showed his shock from seeing her so dressed up and looking so absolutely stunning.

“What’s wrong?” She said, her face dropped. “Is it too much? Adding very defensively. “I knew I shouldn’t have worn this dress.”

“No,” replied David, cursing himself for giving totally the wrong impression. “It’s just.” He hesitated, and then decided to modify slightly what was in his mind. “You look gorgeous.” Well he could not say she was desirable, not yet. He made the comment quite flatly and then shrugged, hoping he wasn’t blushing. The delay in responding had not made him seem insincere, which is what he now feared, but his hesitation had actually made him sound more convincing. Coming across as someone who was simply taking a moment to work out the correct word to say. At least that is how Charlotte saw it, but then she was desperate to look good and had hoped David would say something nice when he first saw her.

He watched tensely as Charlotte inclined her head slightly to one side and then a big smile broke on her face.

“Really? Wow! Thank you,” she said, a little flustered. She added in a calmer, sincerer voice. “That means so much David. It’s so long since anyone said something lovely to me.” She then paused before taking a deep breath. “You see this dress is pretty old. I haven’t worn it since before the children. I wasn’t even sure it would fit.” But all David had focussed on was the way his stomach lurched when she had said his name.

Back in the lift their heads had come briefly apart, and Charlotte was thinking about how she could slow things down. David’s eyes scanned her face. It was a mixture of shock and concern he thought, but it seemed unlikely she was about to push him away and then her head moved forward again. It was enough encouragement etlik escort for him to close the rest of the small gap between their mouths and for him to kiss her again. Emboldened by the reassurance he pushed against her just a little bit harder, opened his mouth just a little bit more and moved his lips more enthusiastically against hers. My god we are actually kissing he thought, and she seems to like it. The lust he had felt since first seeing Charlotte that evening grew even stronger.

When they stopped kissing for a moment they simply looked at each other. Each one feeling a sense of surprise at what had happened, and now anxious about how the other person would react.

“It seems a long time since I picked you up from your hotel room,” David said. It was lame, but someone needed to fill the silence and he was struggling to make sense of what he should do. Charlotte nodded. He had made the first move, instinctively, without any real plan. It had been his idea that they ended the evening with a drink in his room. It had never entered his head that tonight would go further than that. Although he was thrilled by her company and very turned on by how lovely she looked. So sure, he had thought about it. About how great it would be to seduce her, but he never believed it would happen or he would be brave enough to try.

It all started to go wrong when I saw her in that dress, he groaned to himself, but then she did look utterly gorgeous.

The dress had turned him on from the front no less than the back. It had a halter neck and a deep V front, which plunged down low, giving an enthralling, teasing glimpse of her breasts. The straps went up and around the back of the neck making him think about whether it was a clasp or bow that held it in place. Once again, they kissed slowly and cautiously, delighting in each careful contact of their lips. Both of them savouring every moment and the thrill each touch brought.

Their heads had come apart again and Charlotte eyes had dreamily opened. She saw over David’s shoulder her own reflection in the mirror. Her heart lurched, seeing herself from a distance, wrapped in David’s arms, gave her a different perspective on what was happening. Charlotte told herself that she had got completely lost in the moment and she needed to get herself under control.

That was when she said.

“This is moving a little fast for me.” And David had tried somewhat unconvincingly to reassure her. He took her hand after he had spoken and suggested they got that drink in his room.

“We are not going to have sex,” Charlotte said, kind of blurting it out and then wishing she hadn’t. Now she was blushing.

“Like I said nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to.” He said again softly, and then in a much lighter tone, “come on! Otherwise I am going to have to drink the bottle on my own.” He pulled her by the arm, but she initially stayed routed to the ground, her eyes fixed on the row of buttons inside the lift. She only had to let go of his arm and press her floor and this would go no further. Slowly he pulled some more, her arm gradually rose and reached full length, her eyes still staring at the lift buttons, but then her foot moved, first one and then the other. She actually lowered her head briefly to look at them, it was like they belonged to someone else. Slowly she was being sucked in, now she was being led to his room. She had failed at table and at the lift to stop this dangerous spiral, now she was walking down the corridor, getting deeper involved. It might have felt wrong, but she was going willing, without any resistance, except part of her brain was telling her this was madness. At the same time the risk of it all was overwhelming exciting.

It’s just a drink she told herself. We are not going to have sex. We are not! The tension of the dilemma she was in continued to build.

Part three

The suite was amazing.

Firstly, David showed her the bathroom it was off of the entrance corridor. It had a huge shower cubicle and an even bigger bath. Neither said it, but they both had the same thought that they were easily big enough for two. There was little to say about the room apart from that and neither dared, so they just moved speedily on. David opened the door to the bedroom, but Charlotte did not go in. She just quickly viewed it from the outside. Then she walked swiftly into the lounge. She moved in a stiff self-conscious way. Seeing the bedroom felt way too dangerous, behind her David smiled at Charlotte’s reaction. She had registered the enormous bed, as she retreated, but she commented on the overall suite instead. Saying how nice it was. She then sat rather heavily on the sofa, as David opened the bottle of wine the situation hit her. He poured out two generous helpings, into the couple of glasses he had grabbed.

As he turned, glasses in hand he could see she was suddenly looking upset.

“Are you okay?” He asked, as he sat down beside her. He went to pass her the wine but changed his mind, placing it on the little table in front of him. Asking if eve gelen escort she was okay, being nice to her had been the last straw, and she was unable to hold back any more. Charlotte began to sob.

“I don’t think I can do this.” She said. David gave a little grim smile of understanding and put his arm around her and pulled her to him. He held her tightly, initially her body was tense and unresponsive, but then with a louder sob than before she melted into his arms and rested her head on his shoulder. Her face was warm and moist from the tears she was shedding. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I want you so much but it’s so complicated.” And then she added after a pause. “I never thought I end up doing something like this.” David wasn’t sure whether she meant tonight or ever but he stayed silent. He decided not to push the point. However, he was thrilled about being told she wanted him.

And then she lost control completely, the tension of the last few hours, days even burst out of her. She began to cry even more loudly than before. David became nervous that someone would hear and would come to investigate, so he tried to quieten her. Being as reassuring as possible he gently manoeuvred Charlotte, so she lay down beside him on the sofa. As they went down, she momentarily gasped and seemed to go to stay something, but then thought better of it. She lay her head on his stomach, her tears now wetting his shirt.

“Hold me,” she said and once again he wrapped her tightly in his arms. She loved the way he did that, he had a way of holding her that made her feel so good. Perhaps it was the way he held her just that little bit more tightly than anyone else ever had. It made her feel so warm, so small, so insignificant and amazingly despite the perils of the situation so safe. Charlotte closed her eyes and forced herself to relax. David felt some of the tension escape from her body, he relaxed his hold a little and cautiously he ran a finger down her spine, tracing down her bare back from her neck to where her dress wrapped around her. He had wanted to do that since he had first seen her outfit and could not hold back any longer.

“Mmmmmmm,” Charlotte murmured. Encouraged David’s hand made the return trip up her back, slightly faster, a little more confidently. If nothing else he thought, it had stopped her crying.

“Is that nice?” He asked, and Charlotte looked up at him and said it was. David smiled, and Charlotte’s face took on that serious look again. She nervously reached up and hesitantly kissed him. There was a pause which seemed to Charlotte and David to last forever and then he responded, kissing her back enthusiastically. All the time his fingers continued to caress her back. Suddenly she broke away again.

“What are we doing?” she asked. David shrugged.

“Making each other feel good,” he replied carefully. “But I guess we could just talk instead.” For a moment there was a pause and then they both laughed at the lameness of his comment. The tension temporally removed from the room there was now silence. For a moment Charlotte just lay beside him on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling. She asked if he wanted his wine. When he declined, she raised her body up, half-turned her back to him and rested on one arm. She reached out and grabbed one of the glasses of wine with the other.

David slowly ran his hand up her body and once more her body was tense and rigid.

“I thought we were just going to,” she said and then she gasped. Her sentence cut off by the fact David had kissed her neck and was now alternately stroking it with the back of his hand and then nuzzling it.

“Careful I’ll spill my wine,” she said, a little breathlessly. He asked her to put it back on the table, she hesitated, but then complied. She turned to speak to him. Her aim was to protest but her mouth met his and they kissed long and passionately, before he gently turned her back the way she had been. David took her now free hand and placed it on his leg and once again he kissed her on the neck. His own hand then reached up. He undid the bow holding the strap of her dress around her neck. Charlotte’s arm moved to stop him, it was a pretty unconvincing effort and when he intercepted it and placed it back on his leg, she did not protest or resist further. He continued kissing her neck and was thrilled by the positive response that seemed to get. Charlotte pushed her head back towards him, making the contact between their bodies firmer. She gasped from the pleasure, but also because Charlotte knew she was giving up and surrendering to her desires.

The fact was Charlotte never wanted to resist, not really, and the truth of that thought would haunt her for a long time.

Slowly David pulled the strap around her neck away, his mouth wandered across the top of her now bare shoulder and as his head reached the edge Charlotte turned and kissed him on his cheek. Slowly his head turned to hers and they kissed mouth to mouth. For the first time Charlotte opened her mouth wide to make this kiss the most sensuous they had enjoyed so far. As their mouths worked together in perfect harmony David cupped her breast with his hand. For a while they just kissed, occasionally his hands held her face and at other times they wandered at will over her body. Little by little she had turned around, so she was on her back now and when their heads came apart Charlotte was lying beneath him. Her wide eyes stared up at him a slightly surprised look on her face.

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