An Affair In The Elevator Ch. 01

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Anal Fucking

The story you are about to read happened a few years ago. It has been part of my life and a well kept secret (at-least not many were privy of the deeds that I initiated) yet here I am sitting in front of my computer and letting my fingers run through the keyboard while I float in the mood for sharing my inner most secrets.

Let me start by explaining where I am from and a little bit about me. I am from the southern part of India. South India is humid, hot, and sultry during the majority year. While southern India experiences rain during the right season, snow has never fallen and the winter temperatures hardly dip below 18 degrees. You may ask why women wear long flowing dresses that cover every inch of our bodies, but it may surprise you that most of the women, including yours truly (atleast half the time and at the insistence of my mum), we wear sarees.

Even though my parents studied in United States, one a Harvard and the other at Yale, they decided to come back to India and stay close to family and friends. This has been the major reason for my western upbringing, the other being my university education at Oxford (Oh yes! I am not a dumb arsed blonde. Mind you!!). But ever since I started living in the conservative part of India, my mum often kept tabs on my shopping.

Whenever I was about to go shopping, she would always say, “Ani, no more buying one of those tiny things alright?”

“Tiny things” meant skirts in her lingo. I would smile cheerfully and even wave at her while I left home and later that night I would return with one of two nylon minis that were secretly hiding in my handbag. Oh, in case you are wondering “Ani” is my short name that my mum calls me, but not-so-close friends call me by my full name “Anita.”

Now that you know my name, let me fill in the remaining bits. I am 22 and standing at a height of 5’7, pretty tall for an Indian girl. I was the tallest girl in my high school when I studied in India. Even now I am the tallest among my friends, as the only friends that I have now are the ones back from high school. The ones from aerobics and my dance partners don’t count, so I don’t intend to include them in my friends list. I am fair with creamish skin which is owed to a northern bloodline, even though we are settled in the south. I suppose the other feature that most guys like about me is my shoulder length perm hair. I got a perm after a lot of debate with my brother, it was his idea but I must admit, he was right about how I do look. I knew he must have been imagining me in all different kinds of hairstyles, but since he is my brother, I didn’t much think about it at the time. It was back then when I returned from Oxford and I kept maintaining the same hairstyle ever since.

There is another part of my body that guys notice about me – my 38Ds, but I think breasts are over emphasized!! Nonetheless, it’s a bit awkward while every other guy stares down at them, even while they were conversing with me. There are times where I bring my defiant self out and walk to the grocery store at the end of our street in just my half nightie. I don’t bother wearing a bra while I go out on such petty errands. Whenever I reach the ground floor of our apartment in the elevator, the first person that I encounter is our watchman. He is a good chap but I knew he got more than a good look at my taut nipples through my thin nightie. I would give him a sly smile and walk out on our street with my breasts jiggling under the thin layer of my fabric. I would notice a few turned heads and even whistles but none ever dared to approach. It’s a good thing to be admired.

It was on one such occasion that my brother accompanied me to the grocery store. It was mid-day; right in the middle of summer and the temperature outside was a humid 38 degrees. I was sitting happily in the living room, watching TV with the air-conditioner tuned to a decent 21 degrees. As usual, my dad was away at his office, and my 20 year old brother was at home enjoying his summer break. Mum was busy cooking lunch and simultaneously trying to list all the necessary items for our impending summer vacation that would take place in 2 days.

My mum yelled from the kitchen, “Ani, can you go to the grocery store and get me the items on this list?”

I walked up to the kitchen in my nightie and started reading it. I knew I could find all the items in the grocery bursa escort store at the end of the street. I had been to that store enough times that I could recite every item in the store in my sleep. This meant that I didn’t have to go to the nearest supermarket which was a kilometer away. But nonetheless, I intended to put my lazy brother to work.

“Rakesh, put on your slippers. You are coming with me to the store. I cannot carry all these items by myself.”

He arched an eyebrow and laughed. “Are you going out like that sis? In your tiny nightie?”

I instantly turned my head towards the full size mirror in the far corner of the living room. My nightie was short with the hem covering half my upper thighs and above, but the rest of my legs were bare. I am not a slim girl by any means. I have well toned thighs and calf muscles because of my morning jog. But I didn’t see any reason to cover my legs for the prudent few born, so I nodded my head and smiled wickedly at my brother.

“I hope you aren’t ashamed of your sister’s thighs bro,” I said teasingly, knowing full well that he was staring right at them only a few moments ago.

He got up and walked up to the door, putting his slippers on and waiting for me outside. I took the money and the list from my mum and held it in my palm, for there were no pockets in my nightie and I didn’t intend to carry a handbag for a five minute walk. Later, I handed these over to my brother so he could put them in his pocket while we entered the elevator. Our flat in the apartment is on 15th floor and it would usually take more than 5 minutes to get down to the ground floor early in the morning but at this time of the day, the elevator was fairly secluded and no one entered until 5th floor. This left my brother and me all alone. All of a sudden the power went off. The elevator halted and the lights went out. There wasn’t any backup power.

I didn’t carry my mobile along with me and there were no ways of letting anyone know that we were stuck inside the elevator. Apart from being dark, it was getting equally hot and I decided to sit down and wait for the power to come back. My brother on the other hand seemed to enjoy the moment and started whistling a tune, even though this wasn’t the time to be rejoicing. Though I was glad that he came along with me, and I took comfort in knowing that he was with me rather than a stranger.

I sat down with my legs flat on the floor, and adjusted my nightie to properly cover my thighs. I didn’t have anything under my nightie, not even panties. I chuckled at the thought that if only my brother knew how little I was wearing. My brother sat opposite to me, resting his back on the opposite wall of the elevator. The elevator was a tiny one and could accommodate only 6 at a time, so when my brother sat opposite of me our legs touched. Because I was wearing slippers, I took them off and put them to one side and rubbed my toes against my brother’s. It felt warm and nice, even in such a warm weather.

“Sis, your skin feels really soft. I bet your boyfriend must really like it?” he asked, half chuckling to himself. I knew he was curious about my boyfriend and me. Lately I learned that he was interested in my body as well. I tried to play cool and give away nothing.

“I think he is in love with me bro. Just a typical boy, but promise me not to tell our parents. It’s nothing serious and I don’t want them to think anything more about it.”

Meanwhile, we kept rubbing our toes along our legs. His leg was not as hairy as my boyfriend’s but was more firm. I slid my back a little lower along the wall so that I could reach a bit high on his leg. This move made my nightie ride up more under me, making my bare ass cheeks rest on the elevator’s floor. I knew it would make my ass cheeks dirty, but I reasoned it’s better to have a dirty ass which no one could see, than a dirty nightie with contours my ass cheeks. Another reason is that my brother couldn’t see any of it even though my nightie had risen fairly high up. Having slid lower, I was able to reach up to his upper thighs and run my toes along his boxers.

“Sis, don’t you go any further north, you might find something else there,” he jokingly remarked.

I knew very well what I would find there but I mocked a genuine surprise.

“Oh I don’t wanna find any hidden things bro.”

This bursa escort bayan made us both laugh and made the entire situation easy on us. The only thing that I didn’t realize was that if I was able to reach his upper thighs, then he could reach mine. He is 3 inches taller than I am, and he could reach much more than my thigh. Right when I was stuck with this thought, I felt his leg slide along my thighs and stop at my hips. All of this happened so fast. I barely realized that I was bare from hip below and that he could feel my bare skin. His toes touched my hips and I gasped at the feel of his bare skin. He too must have realized that I wasn’t wearing anything under my nightie, but he didn’t move his feet away.

“Sis, looks like you forgot a few of your clothing.”

He didn’t say I forgot my panties, so I knew he was just teasing me. I could imagine him giggling from ear to ear and feeling pretty naughty for running his leg all over my skin in the dark.

I let his leg lie on my hips as I pulled my hem over my pubes and in the process his toes and ankle remained under my nightie. I didn’t want him to gape at my pubes when the light came back, even though the thought of it made goosebumps on my skin. My nipples began to tighten and started poking from under the fabric, so I just smiled at his remark.

“I don’t often wear my panties bro, I thought you knew that already,” I whispered

That was my curiosity getting better of me. I just threw a dart in the dark hoping it would hit the target and it did.

“How can I miss it sis. Your ass sways every time you walk in the house, your breasts do too.”

I giggled, “Your naughty bro. Well, now I think you know that I don’t even wear a bra. What else have you been perving on?”

“I am not such a bad boy sis. But you have huge ones and how can anyone miss them”

His toes kept rubbing on my left hip bone and a few inches to the right of it, almost touching my pubic mound. I was already wet and wondered if he could smell the musky juices in the closed room of the elevator. The air in the elevator got too heavy and the sweat started dripping down my back and at the front. Beads of sweat dripped from my neck along my cleavage making the nightie wet and cling to my breasts. Finally, I was unable to bear the heat and I breathed out, making hissing sounds as if to let the heavy air out and make my body a bit cooler.

“It’s too hot don’t you think? and the sweat is killing me. I wish the power comes on soon.”

I knew he would have some brilliant idea for any situation. All guys do and being a typical guy I knew his suggestion before he even said it.

“Why don’t you take off your nightie and rub your sweat off sis. I don’t mind and I can’t see you anyway. It’s completely dark in here.”

That was a lame suggestion to make in front of any girl and totally not the kind a kid brother should suggest his elder sister, but I giggled and placed my hand on his leg, patting it.

“Well, I guess that sounds like a good idea and for that you got to take off your leg from here mister.”

He took his time moving it away but not before moving it across my pubic area and grazing his toes across my trimmed pubes. His leg lingered there for some time but eventually moved to my side on to the elevator’s floor.

I moved my hands lower and held the hem of my nightie as I pulled it over my head and laid there. I was completely naked right in front of my own brother. My back was half rested against the elevator’s wall and half on the floor. I could feel the steel on my bare skin. I then threw my nightie in my brother’s direction and laughed heartily at his situation. Any man would be tempted having a naked girl in the same room as him. Not even brothers are an exception to this rule. I was thoroughly enjoying the situation as well as my nakedness.

I heard a gasp as my nightie landed somewhere in the distance, and I figured it must have reached him.

“Seems like you were really sweaty sis. Your nightie is completely wet. Since your nightie is with me, care to enlighten me to what you are wearing now?”

“If you are so keen on knowing, I am wearing my birthday dress bro”

I chuckled and rubbed my leg a bit higher on his thigh and by mere accident it grazed across his crotch. I was delighted to feel his hardness, even bursa escort kız though it was through his shorts and underwear. He moaned and there was a momentary silence.

He then re-positioned his leg to his previous position on my thighs and this time moved it a bit higher up to my tummy. His leg was along the center of my body with toes touching my navel. I knew he could even feel my pubic hair. I kept one of my palms on his leg as he slowly moved it up and down along my tummy rubbing on my skin.

“Is this a kind of tummy massaging?” I inquired playfully, “It feels good, and if you do it properly, I might even consider letting you do it a few more times.”

He must have liked what he heard for he moved his leg sensuously along my skin making circles on my tummy.

“Sis, it will feel even better with my hand.”

I considered it for awhile in the silence. During that time he too must have held his breath, because he stopped rubbing on my tummy and I could hear his deep breathing. Finally I agreed but only on one condition.

“Only allow your hand on my tummy. Not anywhere else ok?”

“I swear sis. I really do. I will not drift my hand even by an inch”.

I nodded in the dark and asked him to come to my side and sit by me. He stood up and moved across the elevator to my right side and sat there with his back to the elevator wall. I could immediately feel his warm body by my side.

He took my arm and wrapped it around his shoulder. This made my breasts sway and rub across the side of his shirt. He then placed his palm on my tummy and rubbed it gently in smaller circles. It felt warm and good. A few times his fingertips grazed the underside of my breasts, but most of the time he kept his rubbing to my tummy. I wanted to tease him more though.

“I think there is sweat dripping from my cleavage Rakesh. Can you just wipe it off for me?” I whispered.

He slowly moved his palm up and with two fingers rubbed the sweat between my breasts making a straight line between them. This also gave him chance to touch my breasts more openly.

“Sis, do you want me to rub the sweat on your breasts too?”

I giggled at his playfulness. It was harmless snogging and I haven’t had good hands on them for a long time. So I acquiesced. “Ok, but don’t overdo it. Maybe just a few rubs.”

He moved his palm and cupped my breasts. Even though he has long fingers, my breasts were too big to fit in his palm but he cupped most of it and squeezed them slowly. I let out a moan from deep in my throat and started breathing heavily. I was so wet that part of me started thinking what would happen if my juices trickled down to the elevator’s floor!

He switched between cupping my right and left breasts, giving equal attention to both. All the time while he performed the act, we kept quiet except for my moans, which slowly grew in intensity and filled the elevator. Apart from squeezing my breasts, he began to move his head closer and started to kiss my cheeks. This made me blush, for he wasn’t just lusting for my body, he was also trying to romance me.

Right then the power came back and elevator’s light slowly flickered to life again. I was on the elevator’s floor naked. Not even a thread of clothing was there on my body and suddenly I felt shyness creep into me. I placed my left hand immediately across my breasts, covering them and pulled the right hand from around my brother’s shoulder. I looked for my dress and it was there in one corner. As soon as my eyes were set on it, I crawled across the elevator to grab it. In the process, my back was to my brother while I was on all fours, crawling to get to my nightie and this made him gasp. I looked back to see his eyes staring at my ass cheeks and my pussy lips as well. This made me smile and lose a bit of my suddenly found shyness. I wiggled my ass playfully and grabbed my dress.

The elevator started moving down and there were only 5 floors left for me to get dressed and be presentable again. I stood up and pulled the dress over my head and while I was adjusting the folds of my dress near my hips, the elevator door opened and we found our mum, the watchman, and a few other service men waiting for us in the ground floor. I smiled at my mum and hugged her tightly and she too was happy and hugged me. My brother joined us but even while he was hugging us, he placed his hand firmly on my ass cheeks. I turned my head towards him and our eyes met. He winked and I smiled mouthing “pervert”. He giggled and squeezed my cheeks gently. I knew the elevator affair would be a secret between us but it was far from over. After all, it was only the beginning.

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