Amy and Quinne in the Shower

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Quinne playfully poked Amy in the centre of her forehead. Amy smiled sheepishly but panicked as she was suddenly lifted off the ground. She found herself being hoisted by strong feminine arms and then placed back on the black marble countertop. Amy squeaked as her bare behind made contact with the cold surface again.

Amy looked into Quinne’s bright brown eyes; the taller girl’s face was still bright red and moist from her oral efforts moments ago. Quinne waggled her eyebrows again (in a manner Amy was certain was meant to annoy her) and swaggered out of the room.

“Was that a yes or a no?” Amy called out after her.

Amy leaned over on the black marble countertop to see Quinne’s response. The older woman wore only a pair of panties (stolen from her last night), though they appeared…darker somehow?

“You going to just leave me up here?” she tried again plaintively. Jumping down the first time had taken some effort and now she was nervous about doing it again.

Amy was of average build, breasts that were smaller than she would’ve liked, and a little on the short side. Quinne’s efforts had left Amy breathless, unsteady and jelly-legged; even the short jump down from the counter made her nervous of slipping. Amy braced herself, planting her hands on the curved edge of the marble and pushed off. She landed uneasily and wobbled as she tried to will strength back into her legs. Amy held out her arms at a right angles to her shoulders to better regain her balance.

Never expected cumming to make me feel so weak, Amy thought. She smiled wryly.

Or so good.

Across the house she heard the sound of a shower spitting. After spending a few more seconds balancing on the spot, she started towards the bathroom. Her first step forward caused her to slip and she flailed ungracefully on the spot. Her arms pin wheeled through the air before she crashed unceremoniously to the floor.

Amy sat dazed for a moment and began to rub her sore behind. A voice called out from the distance.

“Everything okay back there?”

Amy rolled off one of her soft cheeks and slowly massaged the other. She felt more stupid than injured.

“Yeah, I’m fine. The floor is just a bit slippery. Must be the lino.”

She could hear the shower start up from across the house and the voice call out again.

“It’s only slippery when wet!”

Amy blushed again despite herself. Quinne kept making cheeky comments like that and Amy just had no response to them – she normally comported herself conservatively and everything Quinne said made her feel…

With her bottom sufficiently rubbed, Amy pushed off the ground with her palms and stepped over the slippery area on the ground. She began padding across the kitchen and into the main living room towards the sound of the shower – she wasn’t familiar with the house layout and looked around curiously.

The living room was a high-ceiling but sparsely appointed area. It gave her a great feeling of openness and airiness, like she could breathe easily and clearly. The room might have felt sterile with its simple glass and chrome tables and chairs if not for the mess strewn about. Magazines, Kashmir blankets, socks thrown on the floor and a vase of colourful flowers on the coffee table made the whole area feel inviting. Amy tiptoed towards the table and picked up one of the magazines in a stack.

Men’s health?

Beneath this were more than a several magazines of equally eclectic taste – PC gaming, Crocheting Monthly, Air Guitar Today, and Women in Uniform.

Quinne’s just…weird, Amy thought initially, but smiled after a moment. But in a good way.

A fog wafted into the room and caught her attention. Cautiously, Amy tiptoed over towards the source of the fog. A wood-panelled sliding door stood between her and her curiosity; she carefully pulled the door along its track, steam billowing out at an increasing rate. Amy couldn’t see anything initially as the bathroom air was saturated with steam. She felt herself begin to sweat in the heated environment.

How hot does she like her showers? Amy thought incredulously. It’s like a sauna in here.

Gradually, Amy’s eyes adjusted to the fogginess and searched for Quinne. The illegal bahis bathroom was appointed in much the same fashion as the kitchen – black tiled floors with chrome railings. Amy spied the shower – a large fixture in the corner of the room that was completely fogged in every panels. Steam continued to pour out of the top of the shower. Every few seconds, water droplets would flick against the glass panel, sliding down and providing a tantalising glimpse of woman bathing nude within. Flashes of bare flesh titillated Amy’s senses with every streak down the foggy glass.

“Hey…Quinne…?” Amy called out.

She could hear a loud splashing of water on skin, and then the sound of a large quantity of water sploshing on the shower’s tiled floor.

“Amy! The water’s great in here!” Quinne answered. “And there’s room for two if you’re interested!”

Amy continued to tread carefully across the tiled floor – they were slippery from the steam condensation and she didn’t want to end this adventure in an ambulance. She suddenly felt sheer fabric underfoot – she looked down and saw Quinne’s panties lying in a crumpled on the floor.

They’re not dry…

Taking the underwear as a sign of encouragement, she pulled her shirt over her head and threw it in a pile next to her. Amy stood completely nude; normally she would feel exposed, even in the presence of another woman, but the opaque fog made her feel more secure. Water vapour gathered on her brow, her shoulders and her breasts, slowly running down her body in a way that Amy found pleasing.

The shower door swung open and Amy could finally see inside – Quinne was oddly contorted inside. She was bent over, one arm holding open the door while the other rubbed a bar of soap against her lower right calf. She turned her head and motioned towards Amy.

“Don’t be shy! Besides, you’ll let out all the steam if you take too long.”

Amy took a step across the threshold and immediately felt a stream of hot water sluice across her head and shoulders. She looked about in confusion – there were two streams of water within the shower. One was pouring over Quinne, and a second coming from the opposite side of the shower.

“What the…?” Amy started.

Quinne laughed.

“You’ve never seen a shower with two heads before? Quite a few firsts for you today,” Quinne said.

Amy turned around to face the second shower head and spluttered as she was hit full in the face with the jet of water. She shifted over sideways out of the direct stream. The movement brushed her thighs against the other woman’s buttocks; they felt soft but firm against Amy’s skin.

“What kind of idiot makes a shower with two heads? Why would you even do that?” Amy asked.

The other woman pulled the door closed and straightened out.

“That’s all me,” Quinne said. “I put in the second showerhead.”

“But…I didn’t mean to…why would you…?” Amy stammered.

Quinne placed her soap onto a small dispenser in the corner and turned to face her. For the first time, Amy could appreciate the taller woman’s full physique. She had seen Quinne’s breasts and legs in the kitchen, but in the shower they were in a completely relaxed state. Water cascaded across the firm curves of Quinne’s body and ran down into the darker crevice of her thighs. Amy saw that Quinne had a dark thatch of pubic hair that obscured her view of the lips below. The hair was dark and coarse, but not untamed – Quinne had obviously groomed it, as the hair was rough-looking but only extended across her mons.

Quinne began to lather up her hands as she spoke.

“Well the main shower here has impressive force, and I love the way it pounds across my skin. It’s got a wide range and if you stand under if for a minute, it’ll just work out every knot in your body like it’s nobody’s business,” Quinne said.

Amy put up a hand behind her to halt the water flow from the second source. She was completely drenched now, though her hair was merely matted down. She noticed that Quinne’s luxurious brunette mane was now in one thick wet ponytail running down her back.

There is something so incredibly appealing about wet hair…

Amy took a short step back and released the illegal bahis siteleri stream; it sprang loose and gushed all over her scalp and saturated her own hair in an instant. She was aware of Quinne’s gaze on the movement. The older woman paused speaking and her eyes glittered.

“And I thought you were cute before!” Quinne leaned in close and whispered in her ear. “You’re even more gorgeous when you’re completely wet.”

Amy flushed, but Quinne continued her explanation.

“Still all that pressure is no good for getting a good lather going or for anything else. Soap washes right off. Watch.”

Quinne grabbed a bar of soap and quickly worked it into a lather in her hands. She opened them up to show Amy and then began to apply them to her own breasts. Amy was mesmerized by the motion; suds formed around the tender flesh and gathered in the magnificent cleavage, before being washed away within seconds.

“See?” Quinne asked. “You can’t wash properly under this jet. You have to stand out of the stream–”

Quinne took a step out of the water and began to lather again.

“But now I’m already getting cold. I’m too close to the wall tiles.”

She turned around and pointed to her ass.

“See what I mean?”

Amy blinked her eyes several times but shook her head. Quinne reached out and took her hand in her own and pressed it against her ass. Toned, and mostly smooth, but with goosebumps rising steadily. Amy marvelled at the sensation. Was it possible to have perfect skin and goosebumps at the same time?

Quinne released her hand and pointed to the second jet.

“That one isn’t just a showerhead. It’s on a hose attachment with variable pressure. You can stand under it while getting lathered up like so –”

With that, Quinne moved up and pressed her well-soaped body up against Amy’s. Amy felt slippery breasts rub against her own. Strong hands grasped Amy’s buttocks and pulled her even closer as Quinne swivelled gently from side to side. Amy’s nipples grew hard as soapy bosoms rubbed against them. She could feel blood rushing throughout her body.

“I…uh…see the benefit now…” Amy managed.

Quinne grinned and reached up for the shower nozzle, still pressing her body against Amy’s. After fiddling with the jet for a moment, she lifted it out of its socket and pulled it down. She took and step back into the main shower’s flow and pulled Amy bodily along with her.

“Just wanted to keep wet while I did this,” Quinne said.

“It also has very adjustable settings, from drizzle-“

The water gently washed away the suds from Amy’s now-soapy breasts.

“-to fun-mode.”

“Fun mode?”

Quinne grinned again and twisted the nozzle head. The water burst forth with a powerful jet – the kind that Amy usually only saw coming from a garden hose when she covered the tip with her finger. For a moment, Amy grew fearful at the sight. Quinne had given her two leg-jellying orgasms so far this morning, but there was no way she could withstand the pounding of that water jet.

Perhaps it’s time to return the favour.

Amy slid her hands up against Quinne’s muscular body, revelling in the juxtaposition of soft flesh and toned physique. The movement was enough to momentarily distract Quinne from her demonstration. Amy followed the path of water rivulets down Quinne’s body with her fingers until she reached the patch of hair below.

“Well what’s going on here?” Quinne asked nonchalantly. “You’re not interested in my nozzle?”

Amy ran her right hand up along Quinne’s arm until she reached the clenched hand. She pulled gently on the nozzle and Quinne released the hose. Amy’s left hand went lower, brushing over an engorged clitoris and across puffy lips. She traced a path along the lips, across her thighs, and back up to the mons. Amy brought the water jet down across Quinne’s body; the powerful stream left small dimples in the skin that filled in the moment the jet left. Despite being in her late twenties, Quinne’s skin was still perfectly taut like a teenager’s.

Amy gave her most seductive smile. “I am interested in it. I want to see what it can do.”

Quinne reached out and grasped Amy’s hand, guiding the spray of canlı bahis siteleri water lower.

“I’m certainly willing to help demonstrate.”

Quinne released her grip as the jet splashed against her thighs. Amy moved the nozzle closer to Quinne’s body and arced the stream against her thigh, around the pubis, and down the other thigh. She repeated this motion, up, around and down, each time going closer and closer to the clitoris until finally spraying across it on one of the arcs.

Quinne moaned loudly – the taller woman’s pleasure was not something hidden or suppressed like Amy’s. She turned the jet across the clit again and Quinne shuddered. Another tantalizingly brief spray across the clit, another moan. Something in Amy revelled in the effect she was having on the other woman. She could completely control the sensations of another by the slightest movement of her hand. Another swipe, another shudder.

Quinne continued to shudder but then roughly grasped Amy’s head with both hands. Amy saw the desire in the woman’s brown eyes before Quinne kissed her, hard and deep. She had only a breathless moment to savour the task of the amazon before Quinne forcefully pulled her head away.

“Don’t tease me like that, girl!” Quinne seemed to scream through gritted teeth. “Put in on my clit! I want it hard!”

Amy shifted the nozzle to her other hand and aimed it at Quinne’s clitoris. Her eyes closed and she seemed to concentrate on the sensation. The woman’s inconsistent moans became longer and louder; the trembling went from shudders of the back to full-body quaking.

“Do you like that?” Amy asked cheekily.

“Hhhhhhhuuhhhhhggg,” was all Quinne could manage.

“Want to come?”

Quinne continued to tremor but opened her eyes. Her expression was a mix of intense arousal and desire.

“Make me come! Keep it going!”

Amy grew bold as Quinne’s climax approached. She touched the other woman’s face and kissed her on the lips. Quinne’s legs seem to buckle, slipping on the tiles just a bit and Amy’s aim with the water spigot dipped. The spray turned down and washed up against her labia; Quinne bore down on Amy’s mouth and bit down on her lip. Pain and exhilaration coursed throughout Amy’s body – she’d never felt so turned on. Amy retargeted the spray and made circles of powerful water around Quinne’s clit.

“Gah you can’t do that to me! Use your fingers too!” Quinne shouted.

Amy slid a finger in between Quinne’s lower lips. Between the water streams, the moisture of the shower and the tall woman’s arousal, Amy’s finger slipped in with ease. Amy had never finger fucked a girl before; she slipped her finger in and out, and back in again. On the third entry, she slid in two fingers.

“Harder! Deeper! Fuck me with your fingers!” Quinne screamed.

The taller woman was now convulsing uncontrollably. Amy pumped her fingers in and out while spraying the water jet against Quinne’s clitoris. Quinne began screaming in pleasure; Amy could feel violent contractions against her thrusting digits. The internal spasms were so powerful that she felt like they might crush her fingers, and Amy ceased thrusting. She began to withdraw them when Quinne grabbed her arm with a vice grip and impaled herself deeply.

“Fuck me! Leave it in there!”

Quinne continued to write in paroxysms of pleasure; more than a minute passed since the beginning of her orgasm. Quinne’s shoulders heaved back and forward. She suddenly batted away the shower head and sank to the tiled floor, dragging Amy down with her. Quinne panted heavily under the remaining shower; her orgasm continued to taper down but Amy could feel periodic spasms in Quinne’s vaginal muscles.

Beads of water covered both girls’ faces, and Quinne released Amy’s arm. The younger woman withdrew her fingers and Quinne sighed contentedly.

“I haven’t come that hard in a long time,” she panted. Quinne looked up at her with a wry smile on her face and winked at her. “Not bad for your first time with a girl.”

Amy noticed that she was breathing heavily too – she didn’t realise how much effort went into making someone orgasm. She smiled widely, pride on her lips. She leaned in under the water stream and kissed Quinne. She exulted in the feeling of soft lips touching hers while water cascaded over their naked bodies. Quinne’s tongue darted playfully over her mouth, and pulled back.

“Time to find something more interesting to fuck you with,” Quinne said.

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