Amber’s Real Job Ch. 02

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Several weeks went by, and not once did I bother Amber about the bar. Having used my disguise on numerous occasions now to see Amber at the club, I no longer cared that she was lying to me about her profession. As a well known repeat customer of “Christine”, I had created myself an alias and was known at the club by a false name. In a way I felt like I was living a double life, but at the same time my daughter was as well. Of course I went through a lot of money in the process, but I liked to look at it as a beneficial way of paying for my daughter’s college tuition. At twenty bucks a pop, she was making money to pay for school, and I was getting incredibly erotic dances from my little girl. It was a win-win situation.

The latest dance I had was probably one of the most erotic. Christine, as Amber was known at the club invited one of her girlfriends into the back room with us, and I was treated to an incredible experience. The other girl was known as ‘Ginger’ and she was gorgeous. About five foot seven with long platinum blonde hair, she was thin with B cup breasts and perfect pink nipples. When we had gotten into the private booth Ginger and Christine (Amber) did a number on me. Ginger strattled me backwards, facing Amber. Ginger rested her head on my shoulders and blew softly on my neck as Amber came up to sandwich her. With a devilish grin, Amber looked me in the eyes as she undid her top, then Gingers.

Then she pushed herself against Ginger and humped her aggressively. My shaft was rock hard and pressed firmly against my jeans, and Ginger’s ass. Amber looked at me again flirtatiously before meeting lips with Ginger. From my angle it was difficult to see everything, but it was obvious they were making out. The sight drove me wild. I had never imagined my daughter was into girls like that. After the kiss Amber worked her way down and began sucking on Gingers breasts, all the while keeping her eyes on me. It was unbelievable. Finally Amber got down to Ginger’s gold bikini bottom and pulled it off her, releasing her own plaid dress in the process. Both girls were nude now and just getting started on me. Ginger had gotten up and each girl took a leg to ride. Both girls took turns almost rubbing their tits in my face as they fucked my pockets.

Over the weeks I had been coming to see Christine, she had began to allow me to rest my hands on her upper thighs, and sometimes even let me get away with part of her ass. With both girls on me I had a palm resting against each of their bare cheeks as they worked together to destroy me. I usually don’t get off during one of these dances, but this one in particular was getting me very close. Suddenly Amber and Ginger turned to each other and started kissing again. I could see my little girl’s tongue playing with Gingers as they made out in front of me, and it was too much for me to take, and I exploded in my jeans.

Apparently Ginger took notice as she smiled at me slyly, like she had accomplished her mission. When the dance was over I couldn’t request another. Although it was dark in there, I was sure there was a wet stain on my pants and I felt uncomfortable; incredible yet uncomfortable. When I drove home that night about a quarter to two in the morning, I couldn’t help replay the scene in my head. I wasn’t sure if Ginger was a girl my daughter was actually friends with, or if she was some girl that works there who just teams up with others to create an incredible dance. All I knew was the experience was unlike anything I had ever had, and I couldn’t wait to repeat it.

A week had passed since the latest dance with the girls, and I was eagerly looking forward to another weekend of ‘giving Amber some money.’ I was well aware she wasn’t keeping every dollar I was paying her, but I also knew she was doing very well for herself. She was wearing new clothes and wasn’t having trouble with her car payments any more. Of course from time to time I reminded her to put her money toward school, but she assured me the payments were being made.

I noticed a slight change in our relationship over the past few weeks as well. We still got along very well, but Amber seemed to be nice to me lately, and sometimes even a bit flirtatious. I tried to put the possibility out of my mind, so I wouldn’t return the flirt and perhaps weird her out. But the more time we spent together at home, the stranger it became. She would never say anything provocative to me, but it was just in her body language I guess. She was more easy going around the house. I would often find her wearing t-shirts around the house without a bra on underneath. Her perky nipples were easily detected pressing against the fabric most of the time, and I never questioned it. Why would I? I would notice her walk from the bathroom to her bedroom wearing only a towel lately, whereas in the past she would always bring a change of clothes in with her before her shower. Even one time she came into my bedroom wearing only her jeans and a bra, asking me what if I had seen one of her shirts.

I bursa üniversiteli escort wasn’t sure what was causing all these changes, but the more I got to see of her, the more I enjoyed her new behavior. The strangest of all of them however happened about 2 weeks ago when I was doing another morning inspection of her room. She had left her door unlocked. I assumed she had simply forgot to lock it like she had the first time I stumbled into her room one morning, but I soon found her door unlocked every night thereafter.

I was nervous at first that she had discovered my prowling one night when she wasn’t quite asleep. But normal behavior would predict her waking up and yelling at me, or possibly even jarring the door closed with something. Instead I found her door unlocked, and in some cases not even completely closed! I made a daily habit of checking her room every morning after she danced, in hope I would get lucky. On several occasions I did, finding her laying completely nude on the bed with the sheets on the floor. A few times I even found her on her back, giving me a full frontal view of her.

I never dared again to touch her in fear I would ruin an incredible thing. So I would just stand there and look at her for several minutes, sometimes stroking my cock as I did. It was a habit that was becoming hard to break; not that I was really trying.

When Friday night came everything changed. I made it to the club as usual that night, and found a spot at the stage as I usually did. Enjoying a beer and with a fist full of singles in my pocket, I was fully prepared for another night of Amber performing. When Amber came on stage I got excited, she was by far my favorite dancer for obvious reasons, but I also believed she was one of the most talented.

After working the poles for a song she stripped off her school girl outfit and gave the guys much more than their dollars could possibly buy. When she came around retrieving the money from the guys teeth with her tits, she changed her position when she got to me. Sitting on the stage in front of me, she lifted each of her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. With a flirtatious grin she looked me in the eyes and said, “Behave.”

She inched her body closer to me, as my eyes locked on her beautiful pussy lips only inches from my face. I could almost smell her juices as she clasped her legs together and took the dollar from me. Every guy around was hooting and hollering in approval and sheer jealousy as she did this, and I couldn’t help getting flush in the face with all the attention.

After Amber’s dance I got extra excited when Ginger took the stage, although there was no dollar take with her. When I ran out of singles I sat away from the stage to let other guys have a front row, and I worked on my second beer. I had brought sixty dollars for dances that night, and I was planning on spending them all on Amber. As I sat there turning down girls who offered me a dance, I saw Amber being taken back stage by an older gentleman. This had bothered me immensely at first, but over the previous visits I had gotten used to it, and tried to think they weren’t getting half the show she gives me.

Then suddenly out of nowhere Ginger approached me.

“Hey there, remember me?” she said smiling.

“How could I forget?” I said happily.

“Would you like another dance?” she asked.

“With Christine?”

“How about one with just me this time,” she said.

I thought about it quickly, and decided to do it. Amber was the only person I accepted dances from, but Ginger had really done a number on me last time with the double dance, and I thought I’d love to get a one on one with her.

We went to the back room, where Ginger immediately stripped. As she grinded her naked body on me I found myself growing ever so hard once again. She was amazing, and almost had me cumming within the first minute. She stood up at one point almost rubbing her pussy in my face as she teased me, it was definitely an amazing dance, and the minutes flew by. I gave her one of my twenties without regret.

A few minutes later I was back in the main room and looking for Amber. She apparently was having a busy night, and I was hoping she would get to me before I was tempted to spend another twenty. After about another thirty minutes Amber found me, and didn’t even need to ask.

“You ready for me?” she said.

“I’ve been ready since yesterday,” I said to her with a huge grin.

When we went in the back the dance started the usual way. Amber asked me to untie her knot, and I did without nerves. My daughter’s tits never looked so good as I detected a hint of glitter on them as she began working her body on me. Her skirt was gone quickly and she strattled me tightly. As she rubbed her bare pussy against the crotch of my jeans she looked to be really into it, more so than ever.

She grinded against me for about a minute or two silently as always, and then suddenly she escort bayan spoke.

“You like me?” she said.

It was the first time she ever talked during her dance.

“Yes… yes,” I said nervously, unsure what to say.

“Would you like to touch me?” she asked looking as if she was enjoying this more than me, if that was possible.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

‘Would you like to touch me?” she repeated.

“Yes,” I said.

“Go ahead then,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, I am, touch me,” she said.

I wasn’t going to ask again for permission. I nervously took my hands from her sides and placed them on her beautifully round tits.

“MMMMMMM,” she said as I squeezed them softly.

I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this, and I couldn’t remove my hands from her chest if I tried. Rubbing my fingers over her erect nipples she moaned each time. I could have done it forever, but then I was completely stunned by her next line.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she said.

I couldn’t speak, I was in too much shock. I simply nodded my head.

The next thing I knew she was planting her lips on mine, and I felt her tongue invading my mouth. It was the most incredible experience yet as my tongue met hers and we shared a deeply passionate kiss. The entire time I couldn’t help thinking I was making out with my daughter! After our kiss I completely let go and didn’t care about getting tossed out. I took her breasts and kissed and sucked on each one. She didn’t stop me and threw her head back in enjoyment. I feasted on her tits as the second song came to and end.

“I’ll give you another twenty if we can continue right now,” I said quickly.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said as her tongue dove into my mouth once again.

Our thrusting became intense as she bounced up and down on my covered cock. My hands found her ass and squeezed it tightly as she rocked on me. That’s when the most incredible sentence came from her lips.

“Ohhh, I want you to fuck me,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say, all I said was, “Can I?”

“Not here,” she said.

I wanted to ask where, but we started kissing again. Our kiss didn’t break until the second song ended once again. When we finally came up for air I had already came but didn’t care. I wanted to go for it again, but she reluctantly told me she had to be seen on the floor or someone would come find her. I understood, and regretfully picked her skirt off the floor and gave it to her.

I stood there watching her dress and she smiled at me, a similar smile I had recently witnessed at home. I wanted to ask her where we should meet, when we should. I wasn’t sure if she was serious about wanting to fuck me, so I kept my lips sealed. I turns out it didn’t matter, because she had one more HUGE line for me.

“You’re amazing,” I said as we prepared to head back to the main room.

“You are too Daddy,” she said.

My eyes widened immensely and my mouth fell open in shock. Her grin was wide as she winked at me and then disappeared into the crowd. I stood there motionless for a good minute until a bouncer told me I had to clear the path. I don’t remember leaving.

I drove home that night completely stunned. When did she see through my costume? When did she figure it out?

I couldn’t comprehend the fact that she knew it was me, and what had me most baffled was that she didn’t care! She asked me to touch her. Asked me to kiss her. The secret was over. She knew I was coming to see her every weekend, and instead of freaking out, with this being MUCH more of a secret to keep than bartending, she instead embraced it in everyway I wouldn’t expect!

As I made my way home I kept wondering if she would have eventually told me, and allowed me to come watch her one night. I wondered how that would have been, walking into the strip club with her permission for me to see her up there naked. That’s when I realized that she had already given me her permission in a way. She began unlocking her door at night, basically allowing me to see her nude. My stomach tensed up. She must know I was coming into her room!

But when? I wondered as I pulled into the driveway and then into the garage. Millions of thoughts were flooding my mind. Did she like the fact that I watched her sleep? Was she aware of the first night, when I tried to touch her?

My mind drifted from the unanswered to the known. My daughter had engaged me in a kiss like no-other, fully aware that I was her father. I could think of nothing but her. When I got into my room, I got ready for bed, knowing full well I was going to have to get myself off at least once before pretending to sleep.

I took a long shower, re-living the night in my mind over and over again. When I shut off the water I dried off and wrapped myself in a towel. As I left the bathroom I noticed something that made my heart leap. Amber’s door was shut!!

Unsure if it had been escort bursa open when I got in the shower, I began to question my memory. My nerves kicked into gear wondering if I was imagining things. I went to the window at the end of the hall and looked out. There I saw Amber’s car parked under the street light. I feared the worst. She had horribly regretted her actions and come home upset, or perhaps she was caught letting me touch her and was fired! I felt horrible, and wasn’t sure if I should disturb her. I had no idea what to say.

I stood outside her door like on many other occasions, contemplating if I should enter. I eventually decided to face my fears and see if she was ok. When I opened the door, my life changed completely.

Amber was sitting on her bed, fully nude with a broad smile on her face.

“What took you so long?” she said.

I just smiled and looked at her unsure if I was in a dream.

“Well? Are you going to fuck me?” she said, “I told you we couldn’t do it there!”

I didn’t hesitate a moment and dropped my towel to the floor. Climbing on her bed I lied on top of her and kissed her passionately. Her skin felt like silk on mine, and her scent was invigorating. I wasted no time in lining my cock up with her jewel and slowly pressing it in.

“MMMMMMMM,” she moaned as I pushed my shaft within her.

It was now the most incredible feeling ever. Her amazing tits were mine to enjoy now, and she still had the glitter on them. I took her nipples into my mouth one by one as I thrusted her this time with nothing between us.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she squealed as I pumped her harder.

I found her tongue again, and almost swallowed it as we kissed, squeezing her soft tits as hard as possible. As I fucked her I couldn’t believe what had transpired. Only weeks ago I was sneaking into her room for a glimpse of some skin, now I was fucking my daughter with her full approval! It was ecstasy in every sense of the word.

“Fuck me Daddy!! Fuck me!!!” she screamed as I impaled her with every remaining ounce of energy I had.

We went at it for about five minutes as the surrealness of the moment brought me over the edge.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!!” she screamed as she dug her nails in my back.

As I felt her tense up, I let myself go and pumped jets of my cum inside her, eventually collapsing on top of her.

It was the most incredible sex I had ever had, or probably will ever have.

We spent the next few minutes embracing naked on her bed, not saying a word, when finally she broke the silence.

“Surprised?” she said.

I just started to laugh, which made her laugh as well.

“Whatttt?” she said.

“What exactly are you referring to, I’m quite surprised about a lot of things right now,” I said still giggling.

“That I’m a stripper,” she said.

“Well, yeah I was at first, but I think this kind of blows that away,” I said.

She started cracking up and said, “Well, yeah I guess it does, I’m sorry, I was just really horny tonight.”

“YOU were horny?” I asked in a half laugh, she laughed too. “So you give this treatment to all your regulars?” I joked hoping she would say no.

“Of course not!” she said in humorous appalled nature, ” this treatment is only for you Daddy,” she said.

“When did you know?” I asked.

“When did I know what?” she asked.

“That it was me, at the club,” she said.

“I always knew,” she said.

“YOU DID??” I said in shock.

“Of course,” she said, “I must admit I wasn’t sure at first, but when you came up to the stage I knew immediately.”

“So the disguise didn’t fool you?” I asked.

“PLEASE Daddy, I can’t believe you actually thought it would!” she chuckled.

“So you weren’t angry with me for coming to see you?” I asked.

“No, not at all,” she said, “I was afraid you’d disown me if you knew!” she said. I could understand that. “How’d you find me?” she asked.

“I followed you the first night,” I said. “I guess I just had to know, you know I really thought you were a bartender,” I said.

She just laughed. “Wow Dad, I would never of suspected. Following me with disguises and all!” she laughed.

I laughed too, “Well, I was just worried, you know.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that Daddy, but I wasn’t sure how you’d react to this,” she said, “but apparently you seem to like it.”

I laughed, “Yeah, apparently.”

“Does Ginger know who I am?” I asked out of the blue.

She laughed, “Yeah, I told her, she thinks it’s hot.”

“You told her I was your father?!?” I said stunned.

“Yeah, so what?” she said, “she’s cool with it.”

“How well do you know her?” I asked.

“Why? You want her to join us?” she joked as she giggled.

I was stunned into silence and could only mutter, “Err”

“I’m only kidding Daddy, her name is Brie and she goes to school with me,” she said.

I quit the questions about Brie and the club and we settled into another long silence. I had no idea whether or not Amber wanted this to be a one time thing or not, but I wasn’t going to ask her. I figure I might as well play this out and see where it goes, seriously hoping she wouldn’t regret this in the morning. As she began falling asleep next to me, she said one more thing that made me forget my doubts.

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