Amanda’s Super Day

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She juggled her coat, lunch, and laptop as she grabbed the bag of trash out of the can. She wasn’t a tiny girl, a statuesque 5’11” with her own set of healthy tits, if not watermelons. She had long well-toned arms and legs and just enough body fat to make her look curvaceous. While she had the athletic build of a basketball or volleyball player, she also had the good looks of a model: an angelic face with flawless skin, high, well-defined cheekbones, chestnut hair, and startling big brown eyes.

After much fumbling and bumping into appliances, she managed to make it out of the apartment door. Head lowered, shoulders level she charged full speed ahead down the hall toward the trash chute. Unfortunately, in her haste, instead of taking out the trash, she ‘took out’ Mike, the super. She hit him straight on, and when she looked up, he sat sprawled on the hallway floor. As she apologized profusely, he just laughed and pulled himself up to his full height of 6’5″. She’d never realized just how tall he was until that moment, and damn, but she liked his laugh too.

Mike grabbed the bag from her hand and headed to the trash chute, telling her that he knew she must be in a hurry since it was already 8:48 and she was usually out of the building by 8:45. Amanda was amazed that this man had her schedule that well memorized, and with a wave, a nod and a polite “Thanks!” she headed out of the building.

“Shit!” Mike said under his breath, “Now she thinks I’m some kind of perverted stalker.” He chuckled a little and thought “Pervert, hell yes, but not a stalker.” He just thought she was great: pretty, smart, friendly, and son of a bitch, but he’d love to fuck the hell out of her. He had it all planned out in his head, the how, the when, the where. “Damn! Maybe I am some kind of perverted stalker.”

He was still lost in those perverted thoughts, when he heard Mrs. Goldman’s door open, and saw her curly blue-haired head stick out. She began saying that she needed the disposal fixed today, because she was having company and she had to have that disposal working. “Be right there,” Mike said, giving up his daydream as he stepped into the Goldman apartment.

Amanda had made it to the office with no time to spare. “Conference call in the main conference room in 10 minutes,” her secretary called to her as she walked past him.

Amanda sat in on the conference call only half listening. Her mind kept wandering back to Mike and just how nice he’d been when she’d run over him this morning. She was amazed that she’d never noticed him before, but she’d had her head tucked so far up Jim’s ass that she’d had no chance to notice anyone. Jim had demanded all her attention and for the past four years she had given it to him. Now look at what that got her, an expensive apartment on a first year attorney’s salary, daily trips on public transit, and a nonexistent social life. “That no-account SOB!” she thought for about the hundredth time.

She came back to reality when she heard her boss, Ed Flannery, call her name. “Yes,” she answered somewhat out of the loop on the current discussion.

“I’d like you to stay a minute after the meeting. There’s something we need to discuss.” Ed said. Amanda was sure there would be some mention about her being out of it during today’s meeting.

Ed had been hitting on her regularly for about six months now, but she had managed to keep him at arm’s length; after all, she was with Jim. She had to admit that Ed was an attractive man: a little heavy-set perhaps, and not quite her height, but with a brilliant mind, a nice smile, piercing ice-blue eyes, and a resonant, sexy voice. Even if he was married, he would certainly do if she were ever interested in some afternoon delight, or even a fast fuck on the desk in his office. If only he were not her boss.

When Amanda entered her boss’s office, she was surprised when he shut the door and drew the blinds. He went to the intercom on his desk. “Hold all my calls,” he instructed his secretary, “I’ll let you know when I’m available again.” Amanda heard a compliant response come from the box on his desk.

“Amanda,” Ed began, “There’s something I have needed to talk to you about for months now.” Amanda could sense where this conversation was leading and she wasn’t sure she was ready or even wanted to head down this path. She’d been without Jim for weeks and had taken care of herself quite nicely, but she thought how damn good a stiff cock would feel just about now. Ed’s voice came from across the room, “A drink?” Amanda shook her head in dissent, thinking she didn’t need alcohol making her decisions for her. He poured himself a tumbler full and came back to where Amanda was seated.

“My dear, you know how news travels in this office, and I’ve heard about your recent break-up with Jim.” Amanda continued to look into his face, but couldn’t help but notice a slight movement south of his belt. She stifled the urge to grin and drew her full attention back to his moving lips. “And,” Ed continued, “I want you to know that I’m here for you bursa escort during this difficult time. If there is anything that you want or need, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Amanda’s mind immediately shot to her now daily rides on public transportation and how she detested them. “Am I willing to trade a quick fuck for my own vehicle?” she wondered. Ed leaned forward in his chair, reached out his right hand and put it on her left knee, exposed by the deep slit. “Make that decision now, yes or no?” her brain was screaming.

“Well, Ed, you know I’ve had to ride the bus for the last two weeks,” the words had just popped out of her mouth and now she was running with it. “Since Jim left with the car, try as I might, I just can’t seem to get to the office with much time to spare. I also have to leave by seven every night in order to catch that last bus to my apartment.”

Amanda put on her best ‘poor-pitiful-me’ look and went in for the kill: “If I had my own vehicle again, I know I could get into the office early every day and even stay as late as you needed me to stay.” She flashed those beautiful, big brown eyes and once again noticed the stirring in his pants, much more prominent this time around.

Ed, in turn, was mesmerized by her eyes, eyes that offered the definite promise of what he’d been after for months. “Could he get her a car? What about the other employees? What about my hard cock exploring her sweet pussy?” were all questions running through his brain, but the last one was the only one that really mattered. “I’m very sure we could arrange something to help you out, Amanda. However, you do realize that this has to be our little secret, no mention of a company car must leave this room.”

Amanda smiled sweetly, put her hand on his, gave it a squeeze and said, “Of course, Ed. Whatever is said or done in this office stays in this office.” Amanda decided she’d better seal the deal with an offer he couldn’t refuse, so she tilted her head forward, allowing him a better view of her lovely breasts and kissed him full on the mouth. His tongue pushed past her lips and deep into her mouth. His hands were under her suit jacket then trying to satisfy an urge he had held back so long. He found the front of her bra and pushed his fingers past the underwire and along the rounded mounds of her breasts until his fingers found what they had been searching for: her hard little nipples. He pinched, tweaked, and twisted, making him a happy man, and eliciting a satisfied moan from an aroused Amanda.

She allowed him plenty of nipple groping time, actually enjoying it and the stirring it caused in her now surprisingly hungry pussy, before she said in a low lusty voice, “Oh Ed, how I hate to stop this now, but I do have a good-paying client that I really have to see.” Ed, being a partner in the firm first, and trusting that Amanda was only giving him a taste of much, much more to come, understood the meaning of a ‘good-paying client’, and removed his hands from under her jacket, straightened himself out, and stood in front of her.

“Go see your client, Amanda. We can continue this a bit later.” Amanda flashed her best smile, leaned towards him as if to kiss him smack on the lips, but stopped her forward movement just a bit short.

He looked at her as she quietly, yet firmly, said, “I will have my car tomorrow, right Ed?” He looked at her face and then at her nice round boobs, thinking about how he wanted more of the nipples and everything else she had to offer.

“It’ll be here by noon tomorrow, Amanda.” Hearing those words she completed her forward motion and, putting her long pointy tongue deeply into his rather surprised mouth, gave him a kiss which promised a lot more fun to come.

Amanda then backed away, stood, smiled one last little smile and walked out the door. As soon as the office door had shut behind her she broke into a huge grin, proud of how she’d played the game. “Damn, but that felt fantastic!” she thought to herself as she headed down the hall to her office and her next appointment. “I do love being the one in control!”

Ed watched Amanda sashay out the door, and as soon as she shut the door behind her, he headed for his desk. He grabbed the phone and quickly made a call. “Joe, hi it’s Ed here. I need a favor.” Ed just smirked when he heard Joe’s response, and ran his hand over his still slightly swollen cock. “We’ll get happy real soon, big boy!” he thought.

The rest of Amanda’s day passed uneventfully, if slowly. At 6:40, she grabbed her jacket, laptop and headed for the elevator. She had just enough time to make it to the bus stop, if she hurried. On the ride down the five floors, she thought about her day and grinned. Walking out of the elevator and to the large glass doors she could see that it had started to rain. “What an end to a great day!” she fumed. She had no choice but to head out in the rain, knowing that if she went back to her office for her umbrella she’d miss that last bus. “Suck it up, honey, this is the last damn day for this silly shit.” she snickered bursa escort bayan as she thought about her morning’s conversation with Ed.

Her jovial mood abated as she walked out just as the wind and rain both picked up. The phrase, “What made you say fuck today?” ran through her brain. She stepped out from under the overhang, rain pummeling her head and body, she scurried for protection of the bus stop lean to. Before she’d made ten steps of her three block walk, she heard her name being called. There was Mike, holding a huge golf umbrella. He put it over her head, grabbed the laptop and her arm, steering her around the corner where she saw his truck parked.

He helped her up into the passenger side and then ran around and climbed in next to her. She just sat for a moment wiping rain off her face, and thinking about Mike’s kindness. “Had to be downtown for a meeting with the building owner, so hoped you might trade a long walk on a rainy night for a ride home with me.”, he explained to her, before she’d had a chance to ask. She sat there looking at him as he wound through the downtown traffic in the rain. He wasn’t the most handsome man she ever dated. Jim could run rings around him in the looks department, but his kind heart could balance that out.

Her brain then switched without warning to its seamier side, and she thought to herself,”I wonder if Mr. Super would indeed be super in the fucking department.” Her face suddenly turned a bit red as she realized that Mike had been talking to her while she fantasized about him. “Thank God, he’s not a psychic.” she chuckled to herself.

“So which is it?” Mike asked for what she figured was probably the second or third time. Not knowing what he’d said, she answered with the only answer that covered her ass, “”You pick!”

“Well, if that’s the case, take out Chinese it is!” he said cheerily. They discussed what they liked and found their favorites to be the same. Mike pulled the truck to the small shop and ran in, leaving her to watch him through the front window. She liked the way he moved. For a really tall and muscular man he was exceptionally graceful and had a really hot ass she noted. For the second time tonight she wondered about his abilities in bed. She sighed deeply, thinking about the differences between Mike and Ed. “Too numerous to list”, she decided.

The drive to the apartment was filled with polite chat about everything. As he parked the truck, Amanda gathered up her purse and laptop, leaving Mike to handle the food. The rain had finally slowed to a drizzle, so getting into the apartment building relatively dry was not a problem. “My place or yours?”, Mike asked. Amanda quickly answered hers, as she had no desire to visit his basement apartment, no matter how nice and sexy he was or how damn fine an ass he had.

Once inside, Mike set out the food while Amanda went to the bedroom to change out of her still damp suit. She had come out of the top layer of her clothes and was standing in front of her closet doors with only her navy blue lace bra and matching boyshorts covering her ample tits and ass. She heard Mike say something and strained to hear him better. She quickly took off her bra and grabbed a short sundress out of the closet. She turned pulling the sundress over her head and started to walk towards her open bedroom door when she ran into Mike for the second time that day. The dress hung askew from her shoulders covering one of her breasts, but leaving the other out there in plain view.

Mike stepped back with an embarrassed grin on his face, while Amanda struggled with righting the straps of the sundress. He laughingly said, “Didn’t know you offered a show with dinner.”

“It’s not usually on the first date program.” she countered with, a bit sarcastically, then bit her tongue thinking, “Did I just call this a date? Take out Chinese with the super of my apartment building?” Mike tried desperately to remember what he’d headed back to her bedroom to ask her, but his mind was totally consumed with the sight of that luscious breast and the perky nipple. It was everything he could do to keep his twitching cock in his pants and his mind on the Chinese food.

The food was delicious and the conversation interesting, but Amanda’s mind was wandering again, back to the bedroom and the bare tit. She hadn’t intended to flash him, but she was quite excited now that she had and couldn’t help wondering exactly what he thought. “Pour you another drink?” she asked Mike, finishing her second glass of wine and looking for a third. He took her up on the offer all the while wishing she’d offer him something more. That bare breast earlier tonight had started an entire evening of hoping and fantasizing for him.

With the third glass of wine the conversation turned to reflection as both Mike and Amanda recalled past loves won and lost. By the time a new bottle was opened and the fourth glass was poured the communication had become intimate, sensual, and yet comical as they now sat near one another, laughing and randomly touching escort bursa one anothers’ hands and arms. Then the fifth glass was poured and the tone of the evening took a definite turn. The short distance between them had been closed as they sat legs touching and eyes fixed on one another.

Amanda made the first move as she turned her head, leaned forward opening her mouth as it closed in on his lips. She pushed her lips against his, her tongue passing his gaping lips. Mike matched her interest and let his tongue roam over, under, and around her mouth. He then grabbed her hair and held it firmly. He turned her entire body to him and pressed it to his chest. Her breasts crushed against him made Amanda feel small and vulnerable. They kissed passionately, grinding their bodies against one another, until Amanda pulled herself back and out of his grasp.

She shook her hair free, straightened her sundress, and looked Mike straight in the eyes. His face was contorted with both fear and hurt. He was afraid that after all the time he’d longed for her and dreamed how it would be, it would end in her sending him out the door.

After what seemed like an eternity to Mike, Amanda crossed her arms above her head and pulled the sun dress up and off. She held it in her hand in front of her for just a second then tossed it to the floor. Mike was totally mesmerized by the sight of her fantastic breasts. They were a nice size, well shaped with some of the perkiest nipples he’d ever seen. He raised both hands, taking a tit in each hand, feeling the weight of them, then leaned in and pulled one long lovely nipple into his mouth, while his right hand’s fingers tweaked the other.

Amanda’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back and her tongue licking her already wet lips. She was loving every second of this! Mike slowly moved his mouth to her other breast and began a slow tug with his teeth. This time he used the palm of his hand to run over her nipple; the sensations from his touch were electrifying. Deep growling moans were escaping her lips and Mike’s hands and mouth seemed to match the rhythm of those moans. Amanda could never remember a time when her breasts had been handled like this. Ecstasy was the only word that would come to her mind to describe it.

All Mike could think about as he lovingly fondled her breasts was how much he wanted his cock deep inside her, to take her and totally feel like she was his property. Mike slowly released her breasts and holding her head in his hand he tugged her hair as he drew her closed to him. Bodies pressed hard together, lips bound together in passion, he ran his hands from her hair down the sides of her divine body, feeling every curve of her arousing him more and more. As his hands reached her belly, his fingers played softly over the rounded form and twirled around her navel, before they lowered themselves to her sheer navy panties which he knew he was about to slide down.

His fingers grabbed the panties; Amanda lifted her ass up off the sofa as Mike slid them down her long legs. There she lay for him totally naked, her body at the ready for his.

Amanda lay there in an erotic trance as Mike completed her nakedness. She looked up at him smiling and said, “Now your turn; strip for me!” He then began to quickly remove his shirt, pants, and boxers. With each piece of clothing Amanda’s eyes absorbed what an unbelievable body Mike had. You wouldn’t imagine it under that uniform he wore daily, but his chest was well defined with just enough hair to excite her. Though not exactly a 6 pack, it was a very firm and excellent set of abs.

Ah, but it was his cock that drew her eyes downward and held them there. Though not the largest she’d every seen, it was above average in length, well proportioned, and a good amount of girth to it. She loved how it danced as he undressed for her.

Once totally naked, Mike pulled her fantastic body to him, reveling in it. Kissing her mouth hard he felt his passions rising out of control. His hand in her hair pulling tightly he pressed his cock against her; she responded with sensual moaning, wrapping her leg around his body, and her pussy grinding against him. Mike wanted her, but not here on the sofa. Pulling her up, none too gently he dragged her to her bedroom, throwing her down onto the bed and climbing on top. His hand found her abundant wetness and his arousal soared. He reached for his cock to guide it into her, but her hand had beaten him to it and was leading him to euphoria.

Once in, he started thrusting deeply, pounding her, taking her, making sure he was the ultimate object of her sexual desires. He had wanted her from the moment he saw her and he had to make this moment her best. His hands moved over her breasts teasing, taunting, worshiping as his cock drove home his lust for her.

Years with Jim had never prepared her for this kind of sex, the kind where she was consumed body and soul by the passions of a man. Her nails scraping down his back, red welts bearing testimony of her intense emotions. She could feel her body moving to a crescendo She arched her back, bucking wildly as she poured forth a bed drenching amount of her juices just as he screamed out her name and exploded his creamy goodness deep into her awaiting cavity.

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