Amanda: The First Encounter

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It was almost evening as she dismounted the bus. The early November air bore the first chill of the year. Only a few passersby were on the road. The sun had long set down. Only the last of its rays still lingered in the west, feebly illuminating the portion of the sky that peeped through the long and bushy trees that lined up the pavement.

She turned into an almost deserted bye street. Depositing the trolley bag by her side, she took down the heavy rucksack. Her shoulders found a momentary relief. Really it became too heavy for her slender body. But what was to be done? She could not come leaving back home her books and diaries and the laptop. Yes, true that her college days were over, but now she stood before a new beginning of her life, the professional one. She has come here with a new job. And this new one would need all her previous trainings. How could she then come leaving her past behind?

She took out the mobile from her side pocket and searched the map on net: Bolck VI, 3rd Street, House no. 4. It was not far. She had to go straight for about 250 meters, then turn left and proceed her way up that street until she reached a park. The house was on the north-eastern side of that park.

It was her aunt’s home, a bosom friend of her mummy. Her mum had written to her and in the return mail Frau Krammer had written to her the very next morning that she would eagerly await Tania in order to have a companion for herself at home; that there was no need of her finding out another abode; and if she so wished could share a little portion of the rent of the house, although she would be rather glad if she was granted the permission to go on paying it in full as she was having done it so far. Mum wrote their strong dissent to this and wrote that that arrangement for Tania was only possible if she could pay at least half of the rent. Frau Krammer assented.

So now she was here. Although it was not possible to let Frau Krammer know the day before over phone that she was coming that day, as for some time there was so disturbance in the connection, a mail was dropped to her inbox so that she should already get the information of her coming beforehand. What now remained was only to search out the house.

The neat two storied building soon could be discerned from the road. It was surrounded by a garden of rather fair size. Although there were a few flower shrubs and a neatly line of yellow and violet flowers’ bed along the both sides of the gravel walk that leads from the front gate to the small portico of the building, one can hardly described it very well kept. But her first impression was good. She could visualize a prospect of investing her leisure hours in gardening, a hobby that she had been fond of from her very school days.

She came near the outside iron gate. It had become already dark. The nearby street light only threw some scant rays insufficient to illuminate the area near the gate. And the vapour lamp that was on in the portico didn’t also reach the spot. In that insufficient light she could not find out any calling bell anywhere. However, the gate was not locked, and she entered it.

Having approached the portico she found however a calling bell. A feeble tinkle could be heard from inside the door. But no one answered. She waited and again touched the bell once more. The same feeble sound penetrated her ears, but again in vain. What could there be happened? Was there no one in! With a kind of impatient astonishment she stretched her hand to the knob of the door and grabbing it twisted to the right. With almost inaudible a click, the door opened, inviting her inside.

Inside, there was a salon of fair size. But the lights were off. The only light that entered it was through a side door crossing the room to the right. And it was accompanied by a stream of heated dialogues, explaining to her clearly why she could not get any answer to her calls. Surely some family drama is on the TV, keeping the inmates of the house too engrossed in it. A silent smile played on her lips. She was not unaccustomed with such things. When such dramas were on, and especially in a moment of excitement, her mum too would become so intent with excitement that it often seemed she would herself enter the TV if she could and take part in the on-going action there. So Frau Krammer is also in the same habit. It gave her a certain relief to get this hint of her character. For it was quite natural that an altogether new acquaintance for herself, howsoever old a friend might she be for her mum, with whom she had now to share her lodging and accept her as the senior partner, would produce some tension in one. And tensed she had been, it was hardly to deny.

The door was ajar. She put her luggage down near the drawing room sofa and proceeded softly towards it. As she stole near the door, she could see a woman standing there. Her face was turned towards the opposite wall where the TV hung. Her eyes were totally absorbed on its screen. Ataşehir Escort So Tania got time to look at her unobserved. But as her look turned from the TV screen to the person of the woman herself, what she received was nothing less than a shock. The blonde had nothing on her bottom, while on her upper part of the body there was a decent white blouse, rather a bit short and tight of course, but, as it seemed to her, would look quite elegant with a dark red skirt. Her bottom was so smooth and round that she felt almost invited to touch it. She swallowed down the initial cry of astonishment, and felt her eyes got so glued to those two beautiful buttocks that she had almost to tear them away with some serious endeavour to look at other parts of her personage. She wore her blonde hair in a boyish cut, and gold frame spectacles adorned her eyes, reflecting the blue light from the TV; a narrow chain of gold ran on her neck. Below that was that high neck decent fitting blouse. As her look swept down, it could find nothing more on her soft feminine skin save an elegant silvery watch on her left wrist, holding a coffee mug before the slightly parted mouth and a pair of slippers that she most casually keeps on her feet.

Tania didn’t know how long she stood there adorning the beautiful blonde woman; it must have been ages; but, you know, if you are so looked on from behind, there is something that makes any woman aware of that. So it happened here too. The blonde softly turned her glance and looked askance. Unknown to herself, Tania had already come forward a bit into the circle of light, so it was no more possible to hide herself behind the door again. With a cry of surprise the blonde woman turned to her and the two pairs of eyes met each other.

She was a woman of perhaps 30 to 35, but certainly looked much younger. The boy cut hair slightly prolongated her otherwise somewhat round face. The gold rim spectacles added to her natural facial beauty a certain elegance; two neatly pleated eyebrows and deep blue eyes reflected her softly radiant intelligence; the straight and rather high nose and perfectly round chin enhanced the picturesque effect; but what made her countenance the most attractive, at least to the eyes of Tania, was her slightly pouting lower lip. She felt as if it invited her to plunge on her without giving a second thought and fill her with kisses.

The look of surprise soon was substituted by that of consternation and then gave way to an utter embarrassment that those sea blue eyes hardly succeeded to conceal. In order to give her time and to avoid the direct eyes Tania tried to look away. But she hardly could help letting it wander down. The elegant white blouse hardly permitted eyes to have even a glimpse of the cleavage, the loveliness of which one could only guess from the full roundness of two concealed boobs. But as her eyes moved more downward, they really got clung to the crotch. It was not shaven, but trimmed into a lovely triangle of soft turf like bush. The colour of it was not as light as that of the head, rather a bit tawny. And below that although the labias faced downward in that standing position, were clearly visible to her eyes.

The downward movement of her eyes didn’t get missed by the embarrassed woman. And where they ultimately got fixed to also was plainly discernible to her. It was quite natural that that would increase the embarrassment of any modest woman. And howsoever slutty she looked in her partial dress, Tania could now swear from her facial expression of terror, that basically she was very modest in her core. Her free right hand that had rested on the edge of the kitchen table now instinctively came down to cover the crotch. But it was rather small and insufficient to do so. But as she bore the mug full of hot coffee in her left, that could not come in aid. Most awkwardly she tried to put it down on the little table, but as it was on her back – a little to the right hand side, she failed to reach it with her left. If she could, perhaps she intended to snatch the little kitchen towel waiting on a ring on the wall behind her. But now there was no way.

An awkward smile broke through the pouting lower lip of the embarrassed woman, heightening her beauty to a level almost irresistible. All of a sudden a desperate boldness sparkled out in her deep blue eyes. With almost a deliberate movement she moved her right hand away, leaving her beautiful crotch open again to the full view of the sweet 20 years old brunette that so unexpectedly had invaded upon her private world and time. She stretched it before her and trying to smile normally, as if nothing awkward or abnormal had taken place, asked: “Tania?” But her trembling and somewhat broken voice clearly indicated the utter embarrassment that she was trying so hard to conceal.

– Yes. Tante Krammer?

– I … I … I mean, … I didn’t expect you now. You didn’t phone me up that you are coming today!

Ataşehir Escort Bayan I … I’m really sorry for that. Actually I tried many a time, but couldn’t get the line. But I dropped a mail to your mailbox and so expected that you know.

– Oho … I didn’t see it today. Ok, that doesn’t matter, come my sweet little girl, you are most welcome to your Tante Krammer’s.

She came forward in a deliberate movement, determined not to betray her embarrassment anymore.

Tania let herself to her sweet embrace, but while being hugged, a mischievous smile stole upon her lips.

– “My aunt, I see, is not less sweeter”. Her hands wandered down to the very round buttocks of the elder woman.

As she first touched her bottom, instinctively the hug became a little lighter and the whole body of the blonde woman visibly shrank. The attitude was clearly telling, that of the extent of humiliation and shame that she had to undergo at that moment. But presently returned again the tightness of the hug, indicative of that desperate boldness; for Tania it was quite clear that through an on going inner struggle the basically meek and modest woman had to fight back her honest feeling of shame and chase that away by a feigned slutty boldness that she desperately tried to wear in order to confront the rather undreamed off situation. To pinch a little both her actual feeling of shame and the feigned “don’t care” attitude, Tania now grabbed a bit the soft bottoms and an involuntary cry of “Wow!” escaped her lips.

The mischievous action bore its immediate fruition. The lips of the blonde parted a bit more in ashamed astonishment and then a most idiotic smile flashed on her face: “Hm! … You know … It’s home … I think you can understand …” – she went on stammering.

– “Yes, its home.” – said the 20 year old brunette most condescendingly. A sweet smile dangled from her lips as she held the elder woman a little away to look into her face more clearly. And then her eyebrows bowed a little, letting her jet black eyes to pronounce the unuttered question: “So what?”

– “I mean … in home … we may live like ourselves … freely … you know … free of all social taboos that we have to maintain everywhere else”. Her braveness was about to fail to utter these words, as Tania could see quite well from the water flashing in the corner of her eyes and biting of her lower lip.

– “I can well understand that. There’s hardly anything to feel embarrassed. It’s perfectly okay with me”. She tried now to make her a bit cool.

– “Really? Are you sure that you don’t mind?” The eager questions poured forth in a faltering manner.

The younger girl only gave a smile in reply. A most daring kiss that came down on the pouting lips of the middle aged blonde forced to silence all her questions. Then a praising glance played all over her face: “You are really beautiful, that of almost a breath taking sort, believe me.” The first part of the sentence was murmured in a barely audible voice, as if the bit dark skinned brunette was speaking to her own self. But the last two words wore a rather deigning tone, as if to impart to the rather short statured elder blonde at least a little comfort. Slowly making herself disengaged from the mutual embrace now Tania sought a little distance between the two: “Let me take a good look at my so beautiful aunt …”, said she with the utmost softness of tone that she could mustered, but that sounded half mocking in the ears of her interlocutor. As her most admiring look began to wander down from the beautiful soft countenance via the long neck, adorable slender torso to the engrossing furry groin, all the courage of the little blonde stood to the point of evaporation. The two deep blue eyes reflected an unfathomable apprehension, as she tried to read the look of the much younger brunette.

But Tania had by then also lost herself: “Oh, how beautiful! How exceedingly sweet!” – she muttered to herself. Her two eyes got stuck to the furry dark triangle just capping the pussy underneath. Almost unknowingly her right hand went forward to touch the triangle, as if its beauty cast a spell on it. As her fingers began to play with the pubic hair of the blonde, a sudden sob made her look up to the countenance of her companion. Two large beads of water began to form there slowly in the two beautiful watery blue eyes, gradually making them unclear, … growing bigger and bigger, … so big that the eyes could hold them no more and they flooded down through the flushed cheeks. In unbearable shame Frau Krammer covered her face with both her hands and began to weep, standing stiff in the very spot, as if her legs grew rooted there.

– “Oh, my sweet aunt! Please don’t weep. Do you know how beautiful you look?” She tightly embraced the little blonde with her right hand and slowly removed with her left the hands covering the weeping face and – then – without giving Escort Ataşehir even a second thought, imprinted a passionate kiss on her wet cheek. It added more force to the weeping as well as produced a new blush on the cheeks of the weeping woman.

– “Oh, why are you shedding so much tears, my sweet little aunt?” Tania’s soft tone assumed almost a motherly touch in it. Presently she gave another playful kiss on the very tip of the nose of the blonde and smiled sweetly on her face. Her smiling dark orioles radiated probably something that succeeded to transmit at least some elements of trust to the two frightened deep blue ones. Tania could suddenly feel that the middle aged sweetie became a little soft, her body quivered and she partially left her body weight on the younger embracing her.

– “Okay, okay, my little baby, let me sit you on that stool” – having hold her tenderly but tightly she took her a little to the side and made her sit on a kitchen chair. Then to calm her a little she gave a kiss on her forehead and began to play with her hair. The middle aged woman tried to compose herself a little and lifting the large deer-like eyes with a shadow of suppressed fear looked at her reflecting an attitude of helpless begging.

Tania kept on looking at her flushed face for a while – her dishevelled light coloured hair, large watery eyes, tear swept cheeks, sharp nose, quivering lips – an incredible sweet softness that perhaps would melt many a stony hearts. She could also feel the terrible sense of embarrassment, humiliation and shame that the little sweet blonde had to undergo, but the naughty girl in her suddenly poked her nose again. A most benign smile broke out on her lips and she squatted down in front of her. Going on smiling at her face as if to reassure her, all of a sudden Tania’s right hand fingers began to play with the little fuzzy triangle on her crotch. The sudden rude shock that it provided the little slender blonde she took in through her both eyes, as she kept on staring at her face and enjoyed to the full. While her four fingers kept on playing with the fuzz, her little finger got a bit more down and reached the clit. The blonde shuddered. Only then she could realise how that sitting position had brought her in a situation more exposing, having brought up the clitoris and labias to the full view of her little dark tormentress.

– “Oh no, no! … Oh God, no! How Shameful!” – the woman sobbed out in utter despair. The sense of shame and mortification made her feel so petrified that she felt herself totally unable to draw her hands to cover her bare groin. With all her senses she could feel her nakedness before so young a girl. And now she was playing with her clit! Wasn’t it better to die before such a thing happened! She felt almost at the end of her endurance.

But the naughty girl in Tania was still on with her mischiefs. Without letting drop even the slightest previous hint, all of a sudden she almost jumped forward and pressed her two lips to the vertical ones of the elder lady. A bewildered cry escaped at once the blonde’s lips. Two large drops of tears again flowed out her eyes. But a naughty smile flashed out the jet black eyes of the brunette, as she upturned them to have a look at the mortified countenance of her blonde companion: “Why are you crying, my sweet aunt? Such a sweet pussy! You should stand proud of it. Believe me, not every lass owns such a delicious yummy one as that of yours.” As these words poured forth from her lips, her elder companion could no longer keep any of her restraints. She felt as if all her composures had drained away. She began to weep most bitterly.

– “Oh God! Please, please! What an ordeal!” Despite all her pious words, the bareness of her flawless smooth pubes and the enthralling bush topping that, she felt quite certain thereof, made her look nothing else but a wanton wench. And that was before the little new comer, the girl of her friend, to whom she should stand as a guardian!

But the little dark wench was still on with her mischiefs. Oh God! When will she stop? Or will she stop at all? Full of apprehension waited Frau Krammer – what more was she up with now? What new mischief was she to play now? What for was she waiting? She tried to look for once to the little dark haired girl. But tears made her eyes so blurred that she could see almost nothing.

If she could, she would see a peculiar mesmerised glance at the eyes of the brunette girl squatting before her. Her eyes were then fixed at her pussy. Almost in a stance she stretched her hand forward. The index finger of her right hand began slowly to run up and down through the labias, slowly parting them and thus opening the pussy to the full view. It was all wet.

The touch of her hand on her most secret part didn’t go amiss to the feelings of the blonde too. A cold shudder ran through her spine. She could bear no more. And all to her embarrassment she suddenly became aware of the wetness between her two legs. With desperation she tried to squeeze shut the two parted legs, but in vain. The brunette with comparatively bigger stature and more strength had already taken station between them and she quite easily kept them apart as they were. In mortification and shame now she almost wished to die.

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