Amanda Ch. 02

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Amanda struggled to keep her mind on work that morning. Something of what she was thinking was written all over her face.

“Have you seduced him yet?” Emily asked.

“Whatever do you mean?” she chuckled.

“Oh, Amanda, you dirty bitch. Please, do tell.” Her friend grinned.

Both women laughed and groaned as Amanda shared her experience. Emily even joked about needing the toilet as she admitted how hot she was getting.

“But don’t you think this complicates things?” Emily said.

“It’s only a bit of fun. Besides, Allison will be back soon.” She replied.

That evening, John sat in the lounge waiting for Amanda to arrive home. He had so many mixed emotions running through his mind. His heart would sink every time he thought of Allison. But then Amanda would pop into his head and his cock would grow hard. He didn’t know what was supposed to happen next, or how he was supposed to react.

The moment Amanda came home, he wasted no time in confronting her. “What’s going to happen now, Amanda?” he asked. “Are we having an affair?”

Barely having closed the door, Amanda stood shocked. Of all the things that she thought could happen when you walk through your front door, that wasn’t one of them.

“What do you mean?” she asked, still shocked.

His eyes flicked a quick glance before he turned away. “You know. You made that clear this morning.” He said.

Amanda felt her heart skip a beat. The truth was she hadn’t really thought that far ahead. But here she was being offered the opportunity. She decided to play with him. See how far she could push him.

“Is that what you want?” she asked, looking serious as she sat down.

John sat next to her; he looked so confused. “If I’m going to risk what I have with Allison, then it has to be worth it.” He said.

Amanda couldn’t believe how easily this young lad had managed to shock her, not once but twice within a matter of minutes. She felt like slapping him, “worth your while … you cheeky little …” she thought. almanbahis yeni giriş But she quickly forgave his naivety and played along.

“I want you so much.” He said, placing his hand onto her knee.

Amanda looked down at his hand; she could see how fragile he was. He had nothing but wanton lust for her. She knew this was the moment where she had to put the brakes on.

“What do you want?” she whispered.

“Nothing,” he said, sliding his hand up her leg. “I don’t want you to do anything.”

Confused by his answer, she sat back and let him take control. His hand continued up her leg, sliding under her skirt until he reached her pussy.

“Take off your panties.” He uttered eagerly, his fingers digging into her.

Suddenly, Amanda knew what he wanted. She could see the burning desire of control in his eyes. Obediently, she removed her panties.

A deep groan escaped his lips. “Good girl.”

He turned to look at her, and then drove his right hand between her legs while the left pulled up her skirt.

“Oh, you little fucker.” She groaned, his fingers sliding into her pussy.

John buried two fingers deep inside her hole, exploring the soft tissue of her mature pussy. Her body twitched with lust as she grew hot and horny. Closing her eyes, she surrendered to his touch.

Spreading her legs, John cupped her pussy tight in his palm and began rubbing back and forth. Her back arched as she began to buck her hips to meet the pressure.

“Look at me.” He commanded.

Amanda opened her eyes, and when she saw the lust in his eyes her whole body shuddered.

By the time her climax had subsided, John was standing on the sofa, over her. She reached for his cock and took it firmly in her hand.

“Suck it,” he whispered. “You’ll enjoy it?”

Lifting his cock, she smiled as it throbbed hard in her hand. With two hands she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth. At once, her sliding lips caused him to groan. Holding her head he began to almanbahis adres fuck her face.

Taking as much of his cock as she could, she began to bob her head in time with his thrusts. It didn’t take long before she felt his body begin to twitch and quiver. His hands clamped harder to the sides of her head, forcing his cock deeper.

She could only submit to his dominance as the first jet of hot cum blasted into her mouth. The back of her throat burned as she tried to swallow the salty fluid, but it kept coming. Four, five powerful jets flooded her mouth as she gagged on the twitching rod that was erupting with a mind of its own inside her mouth.

Amanda had managed to swallow some of his load. But when he pulled his cock from between her lips, most of the creamy white liquid leaked from her mouth and onto her chin.

Still on a high from his climax, John smeared his cum around her mouth and face with his bell end.

“That has to be the best fucking head ever.” He smiled; satisfied with the state Amanda was in.

Amanda struggled to sleep that night, every so often she would jolt awake from the same nightmare about Allison catching her in bed with John. She woke at 6am, desperate to leave the house before John woke up.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the guilt her dreams had caused. After quietly washing and dressing, she gave her body its morning dose of caffeine and nicotine, but even that didn’t calm her feelings.

Driving to work she couldn’t decide which was worse, cheating on Allison, or having John trying to control her. It wasn’t what he said that chilled her, it was the way he said it.

“Are we having an affair?”

At the office, Amanda told Emily what had happened, and that he wanted to be the one in control.

“Did he actually say that?” Emily gasped.

“Well, not exactly,” she hesitated. “But he told me it had to be worth his while, and then he just took me the way he wanted. I mean …”

“Why didn’t you stop him?” Emily asked.

“That’s almanbahis giriş the problem, Emily, the tone of his voice, his actions; I just didn’t know what to do.”

“This will get messy, Amanda,” she warned. “You have to stop it going any further.”

“It isn’t that simple,” she said. “I have a weakness for him.”

“Since when?” Emily gasped. “You were the one teasing and controlling him, remember?”

“Since he fucked me on my kitchen table,” she whispered. “You don’t know what he’s like. He comes across as a shy and polite young man, but when I pushed him, Emily…”

“Ok, I get the picture,” she sighed. “What we need is a girl’s holiday.”

“What!” Amanda shrieked.

“Listen, my parents have a little holiday cottage in West Wales, I haven’t been down there since my teenage years. I was thinking about having a week down there, maybe you could come with me?” Emily suggested.

“Sounds great, but when?” she asked.

“I was hoping to go in a few weeks, but how about tomorrow?” she smiled.

“What? We can’t just leave tomorrow. What about work …”

“Calm down,” Emily chuckled. “Work is quiet and I’m sure the boss won’t mind. It won’t hurt to ask.”

Before the words had left Emily’s mouth, she was on her way to the head office. Amanda quickly thought about her situation with John. Could she handle a few more days with him until Allison came home? She thought she could wrap him around her little finger, but already she was seeing a side to him that was dangerous. Deep down she knew there would be future sexual contact before Allison arrived back. The guilt in her head was telling her she needed to stay away from John.

“Have you finished that report?” Emily asked, almost skipping back to her friend’s desk.

“Yes, here it is,” Amanda smiled. “Why?”

“Well, get it over to head office and we got ourselves a week away,” she said. “Hand in that report and get yourself home, pack your bags girl, were going on holiday.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call wet and cold Wales a holiday, Emily.” She smiled.

“Oh, shut up you miserable cow,” she joked, shoving her friend by the arm. “It’s a free week away. Or would you rather live by your mistake with John?” she teased.

“Fair enough,” she smiled.” “Let’s get going.”

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