Amanda Brings One Home

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I had just met a dirty little tramp in the lobby at “The Lit”. We had only chatted for a few minutes and she offered to give me a blow job. I usually like to get to know someone a bit before I go that far, but I was horny as hell. Amanda hadn’t been at The Lit for a couple of days. She was on the Cape again: she couldn’t get on line and her phone was dead. Damn I missed that girl when she was gone. I had played around a little,in her absence, but I hadn’t gotten off. This little bitch from the lobby was going to make me cum for sure.

It was so typical. She got me all horny and said she had to go. At least she didn’t just leave without a word. She told me that she had to wait for her husband to leave and we could get together in a half hour. Said she couldn’t wait to go down on me. I was so fucking horny. I figured I would go up to the penthouse and grab a quick shower and head back to the lobby. Hell, she probably wouldn’t even show. I had never seen her there before and she might never come back.

I walked into my suite and heard the sounds coming from the bed room. It had to be my Manda. She must have had gotten back early and was going to surprise me. Even though I was still hard from the teasing that other little bitch put on me, I forgot about her right away. The thought of my Manda got me all excited.

As I approached the bed room it became apparent that she wasn’t alone. I heard her moans and I heard a guy’s grunts. My bed was creaking. She was fucking someone; in our bed. I was livid. I wanted to knock the door down and kick the shit out of them, throw the mother fucker off the balcony and chase the little slut out into the hall naked. I thought for a second and remembered that I just been on my way to get a blow job from a married slut I had just met. Still she was fucking somebody in our bed; my bed.

I didn’t bust in and kick ass at all. I gathered my wits and strolled in like everything was fine. I walked through the door and there they were. He was on top of Amanda , her legs spread wide and her new lover between her thighs. When they heard me they froze. Amanda looked at me, her eyes wide with fright. There was a look of shame as well. Her lips moved to say something but nothing came out.

I walked over and tossed my keys on the night stand. Amanda covered her face with her hair. Her young lover just held still, not even looking up, motionless.

I looked at him and could see why my baby was attracted to him. He was young and muscular; broad shouldered and smooth; shaved all over, head to toe. I quickly surmised that he was a swimmer. He couldn’t have been more than nineteen. I remembered that there Bycasino a big swim meet in town.

After a few seconds he looked at me, his face blank. I could see even more evidence of why Amanda wanted him. He was cute hell. “You like that pussy?” I asked him. He nodded his head. “Well,” I went on,”That’s my pussy.” He nodded again. “Get up.”

He climbed off Amanda and crawled to the edge of the bed. I pointed a finger at him and he sat,trying to look bold, but his fear was evident. I looked him up and down. His body was smooth and shiny.; wet with sweat. His cock was slick and glistening with the juices of my baby. He was completely hairless. I still had the erection I had gotten from the little slut in the lobby. Now I was aroused for other reasons. My heart was racing. My anger had subsided but not my jealousy.

Amanda and I both played around. I knew she fucked other guys., but I had never seen her with one of them before. And here she was in our bed with this boy; this hard-bodied, smooth, pretty boy.

I looked at his hard, smooth, shiny young cock again. My own cock throbbed. It had been a long time since I had been with another guy. I thought I had put all behind me. But I wanted that shiny young cock so bad.

I looked at Amanda. She pulled the sheet over her and was looking up at me; waiting, wondering what I was going to do next. She opened her mouth to speak again, but before she could, I said,”You filthy li’l slut. You nasty, naughty li’l girl.” She could hear the playful tone in my voice and the fear in her eyes subsided. “Tsk, tsk tsk,” I clucked at her, “Naughty, naughty childe.”

My Manda was reading my mind. She almost smiled but knew better. She rolled over on her stomach, pulled her knees under her body and exposed her lovely ass to me. I stripped myself to my boxer briefs. I looked at the swimmer-boy; he just looked puzzled. His hands were between his thighs and his cock was still shiny and hard. He looked at my crotch and his eyes lingered on my bulge. I looked at my Manda and saw that she was watching her boyfriend stare at my hardness. She looked up at me and smiled then quickly bowed her head.

I moved onto the bed and the young swimmer moved back. I slapped Amanda’s ass hard. She cried out and her lover gasped. I smacked that ass again and again. My Manda whimpered and whined.

I looked at her lover. He just sat there, eyes wide, mouth agape; his young cock was till hard and he was cupping his balls. I gave him a wicked grin. Amanda continued to whimper. I’m sure the boy didn’t realize just how much his new lover enjoyed this. My Manda is a glutton for Bycasino giriş pain

I had never been into the spanking and all, until I met her. She was so naughty. I often found out about the things she did and felt the urge to punished her. Problem was she loved it. I began to enjoy delivering her spankings.

I stared at the soft white flesh of Amanda’s ass as it began to glow red. She whimpered. I softly and slowly caressed my Manda’s tender, stinging flesh. This was always my favorite part; soothing her searing skin. I leaned down and placed my lips to her butt. It was hot. Goose bumps ran all over her and she moaned.

I put my hand between her thighs and pressed it to her wet little pussy. I had to wonder if she was still wet from the fucking she’d gotten from her swimmer-boy or if my spanking was the cause. It didn’t matter. I moved in behind her, pulled off my undies and pressed my cock to her wet little box. She cried out as my cock invdaded her cunt. Her lover gasped again. I laughed out loud. It was my “wicked laugh”. Amanda loved it.

I fucked Amanda slow and smooth for several minutes. I looked over my shoulder at the swimmer-boy. He was stroking his cock as he watched me fuck my girl. “Did you get to taste this fine pussy?” I asked him. He shook his shaved head. “Well get over here,” I said. He cautiously crawled toward Amanda and me as I slowly withdrew my cock from her. She whimpered again, in disappointment.

Amanda’s lover crawled up close to us. He slowly moved his face to her, but I shoved her aside. She rolled over, blinked her eyes at her new lover and giggled. He looked up at me, a little puzzled and somewhat frightened. It dawned on him what I wanted. He looked at my hard cock, just inches from his face, wet with the juices of Amanda’s pussy, just as his had been, when I came in and caught him fucking my girl, in my bed.

I placed my hand on the back of his bare head and pulled him closer. He didn’t offer much resistance. He looked up at me and parted his lips as he got closer. He extended his tongue as I moved toward him. Amanda gasped as he licked the tip of my cock. I ran my hand over his smooth scalp. He swirled his tongue around the head and moaned.

I heard Amanda moaning too and looked over to see her fingering her pussy as she watched. She looked up at me and gave me a wicked little grin. The swimmer-boy began licking all of Amanda’s juices off my cock, cleaning me up well.

He was loving the flavor my baby’s sex. I took his bald head between my hands and he instinctively opened up and took the head of my throbbing member into his hot mouth Bycasino deneme bonusu and sucked gently. “Oh gawd,” Amanda gasped as her lover took more and more of my cock into his mouth and sucked harder.

Amanda crawled over and watched closely and intently as swimmer-boy sucked my cock. He seemed to be getting in to it. “Your little lover here has been a bad boy,” I said to Amanda. She nodded, knowing what I wanted. She moved behind the boy, who was on his knees and slapped his ass hard.

He grunted. He held still for a minute as Amanda continued to spank his taught young ass. He grunted with each stroke and the vibration was fantastic. I was getting the best head job I had gotten in quite some time. I love the way Amanda goes down on me. She gives the best head I ever had, but there was something especially filthy about this .

Amanda was really enjoying herself as she spanked her swimmer-boy. She had always been the one getting the spanking. Now that she was getting her chance, she was getting a little carried away; but I wasn’t going to stop her.

The swimmer-boy held held there, as Amanda whipped his ass and I fucked his face. She finally stopped and gently caressed the tender flesh of her boyfriends butt. She bent down and kissed each cheek. He moaned softly. Amanda looked at me and I nodded in approval. She slowly extended hand as if to reach for his member and I shook my head in the negative. She pulled her hand back.

My Manda crawled back up beside me and looked up to me. She kissed her boyfriend’s cheek and cupped my balls. I pulled my cock from his mouth and Amanda kissed it. She loves my cock. Soon they were both licking and sucking me. I knew I was about to erupt so I grabbed swimmer-boy’s head and rammed my cock back into his mouth just as I exploded, sending a stream of hot cum into his mouth and throat. He gagged and choked a little but he took it all.

The swimmer-boy looked up at me, nearly panic stricken. I just glared at him. He looked at Amanda and she merely raised a eye-brow. He swallowed. He gagged again and nearly puked but held it in. Amanda leaned in to kiss him but I grabbed her hair.

“Alright, you can go,” I said to him. He looked at me, puzzled. “You heard me. Get!” He seemed crestfallen. I guess he was disappointed that he didn’t get to cum. He didn’t realize what a lucky little swimmer-boy was. He could have gotten a real ass kickin’; grown man style. And he could have gone flying off my balcony.

He looked at Amanda and she just shrugged. He climbed out my bed and gathered his clothes. He got dressed hurriedly as he made his way to the door. He left without looking back.

I chuckled and lay back as my Manda cuddled up to me and kissed my neck. She began to speak but I stifled her with kiss, letting her know that all was forgiven. She knew what she had done. She been punished and wouldn’t do it again. It was kinda fun though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32