Alyssa Learns (:

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This Is My first story so please keep the negative comments to a minimum and please keep up constructive criticism and any advice! There’s always more if you want it 😉

Mr. Ryan walked into the teachers lounge only to be surprised by seeing one of his students there. Alyssa Olsen, oblivious to the fact that someone else had walked in was trying to clean up water she had just spilt.

“Alyssa! Why are you here” Mr. Ryan asked.
“Well you see uhh….”Alyssa stuttered, she was too embarrassed to finish her sentence. Mr. Ryan clearly seeing the girl was upset immediately softened his tone. “You know you can tell me if something is bothering you.”

“Well you are one of my favorite teachers….You see all my friends are trying to pressure me into having sex with my boyfriend Steve, but I don’t want to lose my virginity to him.” Alyssa said, slightly self-conscious.

“Alyssa you are a beautiful 17 year old girl you don’t need to be pressured into anything.” Mr. Ryan responded.

Though he did think Alyssa was beautiful he had no intentions of doing anything out of line with her. Alyssa then looked up with her huge blue eyes and in her most innocent voice said, “Oh, but Mr. Ryan I do want to have sex, but I want my first time to be with someone more bahis firmaları mature and experienced.” Alyssa put her hand on his thigh and her angelic expression turned into a naughty wink. “Alyssa I do think you are beautiful and sexy, but I’m you teacher and you are one of the top students here at Potomac Prep! And what if we’re caught I could get fired and go to prison.”

Oh but, Mr. R I wouldn’t tell anyone and neither would you, and there is no one else here…” Alyssa said massaging his dick through his pants. “Ohh Alyssa Why me” Mr. Ryan moaned, “Well I guess it’s too late to say no now” “Goodie” Alyssa said in her most seductive voice.

Alyssa got on her knees and unzipped Mr. Ryan’s pants. She pulled them off and started giving him a hand job. “Oh fuck yeah Alyssa” Mr. Ryan said. Alyssa stuck his 9 inch dick into her mouth and started to suck. She swirled it around in her mouth and then started to deep throat it she suck harder and faster until Mr. Ryan yelled out “Oh fuck Alyssa I’m gonna cum!” At this Alyssa took it out of her mouth and started jerking it.

“Ohh Mr. R, I want your fucking cum!” Just then a load of cum shot out and Alyssa began lick it up. Then more came across Alyssa’s now naked C cups. She brought it to her mouth and licked it off smiling kaçak iddaa devilishly the whole time. “Fuck Alyssa that is hot. But now it’s my turn. Get on the desk.”

Alyssa got on the desk and spread her long legs. Mr. Ryan stuck his head between her thighs and saw her beautifully pink, slightly swollen, shaved, wet pussy. He stuck his tongue in and started to eat her out. “Oh Mr. R you are just so fucking sexy” she moaned. “Oh baby don’ stop. Alyssa took her legs and wrapped them around Mr. Ryan’s head pushing it into her pussy. A moment later Alyssa felt a shockwave of relief coming through her body, “Oh fuck Mr. R I’m gonna cum!” Mr. Ryan kissed her pussy lapping up all the juices.
Mr. Ryan’s dick hard again by this point was rubbing against Alyssa’s pussy. He pulled away and started to finger her. He slowly put one finger in pushing it in and out. Alyssa was moaning and soon her breathing became slower. Then Mr. R stuck to fingers in and went a little faster.

“Fuck yeah Mr. R pop my cherry ohh” Alyssa said. Mr. Ryan took his dick and rubbed it against her wet pussy again. More moaning. He started to push it in until her herd a yelp from Alyssa, “Oh Mr. R that hurts! Oh but it feels so good too! Keep going!”

Mr. Ryan following her command pushed it in even more kaçak bahis until it could go further. He started to pull out, “Oh fuck Alyssa your puss is so tight!”

Once Mr. Ryan pulled it out he started to go in again, this time harder. The pain had apparently gone leaving only good feeling behind. “OHHH FUCK MR. R HARDER OH SLAM ME!”

Following her request, Mr. Ryan pounded her harder whacking his balls against her pussy. Alyssa was panting, begging him to fuck her faster! Once again Mr. R yelled out, “Alyssa I’m gonna cum in your tight little pussy…Oh Fuck here it comes!”

Mr. R shot a load of cum into Alyssa’s pussy. Much to his surprise Alyssa pulled away. Before she could say a word, Mr R said, “Damn Alyssa you’re one hell of a fucker! For a Virgin”

“You see, I’ve heard about pounding ass instead of pussy, could we try it?” Alyssa said with the same devil look on her face. “Sure baby! Whatever YOU want.”

Alyssa got on her hands and knees and Mr. R stuck his dick into her tight ass. This time he didn’t start gentle. He fucked her as hard as he could and by 4:30 when the late busses came, they had gone through a dozen positions and fucked on practically every flat surface in the room. When Alyssa walked out she simply said, “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint, that’s why I chose you.” Flashed one more wicked smile and walked out.

(Sorry If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes!)

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