Alyssa and Kayla getting assaulted.

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Alyssa and her sixteen year old daughter were a beautiful pair of women. Alyssa was a thirty two year old woman with lightly tanned soft , smooth skin. She was a petite woman standing a five foot two inches and seventy five pounds. Her daughter Kayla was a similar beauty also five foot two inches and eighty pounds. Alyssa’s day was over at the school where she was a high school teacher and her daughter attended as a student.

Alyssa was dressed in a sexy outfit with flat black shoes , dark thigh high silky nylon stockings , a very short black skirt with a silver belt , and a sheer white silky collarless , sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front. Kayla was dressed the same except her skirt was a dark burgundy red and her blouse was a light pink. Alyssa and Kayla walked out of the school and headed to their car in the parking lot. Almost to the car when a student ran up to them saying that a fight was starting behind the gym.

Alyssa told Kayla to stay by the car and followed the student but of course Kayla did not listen and followed them. At the back of the gym Alyssa was confronted by a crowd of roughly twenty young student around sixteen years old. Alyssa asked them what was going on and was told that her and her daughter who were going to be fucked by all of the students gaziantep escort who were tired of them going around teasing the students in their sexy clothes, Kayla was surrounded and quickly stripped. Alyssa was also stripped naked and the pair were laid out spread eagled on the ground.

Alyssa moaned as hands roamed over every part of her body slipping into her most private intimate body parts. A young attractive female student smiled as she knelt between Alyssa’s legs placing her hand on her groin pushed her one hand into Alyssa’s vagina. Then motioning to two other student who grabbed Alyssa’s ankles pulled her groin up so her anus could be accessed and shoved her other hand deep into her bowels. Alternating between the two began pumping in and out of Alyssa’s holes. Soon Alyssa was moaning and thrashing as her body reached a climax.

Exhausted she lay there and watched as her daughter was forced down on a young mans hard penis that entered her virginal anus. A second man straddled her groin entering her vagina which coated his cock with blood as he broke through her hymen. A teenaged girl sat down on Kayla’s face pushing her cunt down on Kayla’s mouth forcing her to lick it if she wanted to breath. The pair sobbed as they were sexually assaulted for hours their wombs repeatedly filling with semen. Finally the twenty initial students had been satisfied and left them.

Unfortunately word had spread and others had gathered and a group of men in their seventies or older fucked the pair. Two days went by as the pair was constantly fucked in all of their holes. The pair were finally left alone and gathering their strength managed to make their way home where they showered and crawled into bed nursing their sore and tender anuses and pussies. Being too tired to respond or resist as they lay naked on their bed all they could do was lay on their beds as their pet dog began licking their pussies and finally pushed his hard cock into their cunts pounding into them .unmercifully. They whimpered when they realized this was Friday and they would be spending the whole weekend being the dogs fuck toys.

What neither realized was their laptops were sending the activity straight to the internet and by the end of the weekend had been viewed by over ten million people. They earned the nickname the bitch women. Many requests came to them for a repeat performance and even offers to pay to watch them going to the dogs again. A week later some of Kayla’s supposed friends visited them and quickly stripped them and bound them to the beds.

Alyssa and Kayla were maturbated by the group of young women as they set up th video equipment. Alyssa had a young woman at her cunt licking and nibbling her cunt sucking her clit until she violently otgasmed. One of the women injected Kayla with an experimental drug that brought her to uncontrollable sexual arousal then released her. Kayla immidiately jumped on her mom’s body. Sucking and massaging her mom’s breasts and nipples which got hard and expanded with arousa,.

Then Kayla moved to her mom’s pussiy alternating between tonguing her clit and shoving her hand in to her mom’s pussy and fist fucking her. Bringing her mother to an oorgasm she force fed Alyssa her own cum and then her own cum once she had an orgasm. At one point she shoved her arm into her mothers womb taking pictures of her hand displayed on her mothers stomach.

They set up the video feed and the account where the money was to be deposited.

They had men coming in and fucking the pair as they watched their bank account increasing. Kayla sobbed and said to her mother at least we are on the pill and won’t get pregnant. Both mother and daughter cried when one of the girls informed them that they had not been on birth control for almost a month that she had replaced their pills with sugar tablets. Nine months later the pair were gifted with bundles of joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32