Alya: Best-Friend’s Muslim Sister

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with yet another exciting adventure, this time with my best-friend’s younger sister, Alya Wakil.

(I know you guys enjoy my experiences as much as I do, so if you find this one arousing too, feel free to drop a Comment, and don’t forget to Rate and Favorite this post too)

About Me…

I’m Ali. I am over 5’10” tall, with flawless fair skin, a chiseled face and straight long black hair. I am trim and muscular with an athlete’s physique as I’ve played soccer all my life. Besides soccer, I have three more passions in my life — books, bikes and booty, which I sometime prefer in the reverse order.

My family is conservative Muslim and frown upon even befriending with anyone from the opposite sex, once we hit puberty. This is meant to prevent the temptation of lust. Still, I caved in to my hyper-sexual hunger and had secret illicit sexual relationships without anyone ever having a clue.

Ever since losing my virginity to my older cousin sister Dee, I’ve had a very high sex drive which led to having numerous casual fuck-friends from among my college-mates, acquaintances and their families.

This includes Alya, my once best-friend’s younger sister and Mumtaz Aunty’s daughter.

About Alya…

Alya is a shy nerdy girl, but looks sexy in a cute way. She is slim and small, standing barely 5′ tall. Alya has milky white skin with black wavy waist-length hair. She has a round pretty face with big brown doe-shaped eyes and she wears specs. Alya has small but firm 26A boobs, with a thin 24″ waist and lovely round 30″ bubble-butt over slender shapely legs.

Alya looks a lot like the Middle-Eastern porn-star Nadia Ali.

In general, Alya is quiet, soft-spoken and a shy young Muslim girl. She’s always been nice to me, as I’ve always treated her like my little sister. Alya is semi-religious and always wears a Hijab to cover her head whenever she steps out of the house.

But in secret, Alya is very horny. Because of which she lost her virginity to me and we had a regular secret sexual relationship for several years.

Our Backstory….

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that back in May 2006, Alya had caught me sneaking out of her Mumtaz Aunty’s room. It happened the morning after I’d fucked Mumtaz for the first time.

After a series of well-planned events, Aunty had finally seduced me and we’d fucked, with Toi watching from a corner, as agreed. Toi had eagerly witnessed me fucking his mother and had enjoyed the session as much as his mom and me. Toi was gay and had tried to hit on me a few times. But I had gently declined his offer to lose his anal-virginity to me. Still, he harbored an immense lust for me, which he kept well-hidden. That’s why Toi had agreed to let his mom fuck me to relieve her growing sexual frustration.

That’s because Mumtaz Aunty was desperate for sex.

Her husband, Toi and Alya’s father, worked in Dubai and would come home once a year, for only 10-15 days at a time. I was a regular at their home, because I frequently hung-out with Toi. So, Aunty treated me like a son, and I would help her around the house. This led to her feeling a growing sexual attraction to me, once I was in college.

Aunty knew she could trust me completely (and probably because I was the most convenient to approach) and she confessed her sexual frustration to me. Another reason she proposed me for a sexual fling was that Toi had told her about some of my exploits with girls from college. Eventually, I agreed, on the condition that it would be completely secret and wouldn’t affect the friendship between me and her son.

So, before we fucked, Mumtaz was upfront with her son and told him what she had in mind. Toi was extremely sympathetic about it and eagerly agreed. He was a closeted gay back then, so he was familiar with sexual frustration. Part of the reason Toi agreed for this taboo arrangement was that he figured if he could not get me to fuck him, he could at least watch me fuck his mother and jerk-off.

This way, Toi had told me, I could fulfill the desires of two people.

When Alya saw me sneaking out of her mother’s room that morning in May, she didn’t react. However, right as I was leaving, Alya made a seemingly innocent remark, asking me if I had fun that night. She could’ve been asking me normally about hanging-out with Toi, but I caught a weird tone in her voice. I had just mumbled something and left in a hurry.

When I spoke to Toi that afternoon, I told him how Alya had seen me coming out of their mother’s room and the comment she made. Toi assured me and said that Alya was probably too sleepy to realize this, and that I was just looking too deep into her innocent comment.

So, I was a little relieved.

In the meanwhile, Mumtaz and I continued our illicit sexual relationship behind her daughter’s back for several months. But I felt that Alya had started looking at me weirdly. For instance, if we were together at her home, she would keep sneaking glances at me, observing me intently whenever I talked to her oğuzeli escort mother. I often tried to ignore these growing suspicions, thinking that I was just being paranoid.

However, in November 2006, my gut feelings were proven right. I got a call from Mumtaz, asking me to come over the next morning, saying she had something important to discuss. Her strangely serious tone got me worried but she wouldn’t say anything more on the phone. So, I agreed to go over to Mumtaz’s house by afternoon.

These are the events that led to Alya losing her virginity to me and joining Mumtaz in my list of fuck-buddies from my buddies’ families.

Mother Convinces to Fuck Daughter

(11AM — 1PM, Saturday 18 November 2006)

Mumtaz Aunty and I had become exceedingly kinkier as we had been fucking for months by then. I was pretty excited with the thought of fucking Mumtaz Aunt that day. I wore a fitting plain black T-shirt and dark-blue jeans with scruffy black leather boots, which was my usual outfit. I checked to make sure I had my cell-phone, wallet, cigarette pack with a couple of small stout joints and a lighter.

Then, as promised, I reached Toi’s home around 11 AM.

I’d called ahead and was told that Toi was not at home. I rang the doorbell and Mumtaz quickly opened the door.

“Hello, Aunty.” I said and grinned, looking at Mumtaz’s skimpy outfit, I flirted, “Looking sexy, as usual!” I said and quickly stepped inside.

Mumtaz looked tempting in a red tight silky nighty. The spaghetti-straps showed off her milky white shoulders and arms. I could see several inches of her deep wide cleavage over the plunging neckline. The slinky nighty clung tight to her body and outlined her plump large assets extremely well. The way her enormous G-sized melons swung freely, I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Immediately, I felt thrilled and could hardly wait for her to close the door. As usual, after she locked the door behind me, Mumtaz turned and caught me in a tight hug. When I bent low and wrapped my arms loosely around her wide curvy waist, she pressed her giant soft breasts on my chest. Our lips met for a hurried but hungry kiss.

“You’re looking hot, as usual.” Mumtaz stated and quipped, after breaking the kiss and stepping back to look at me.

I only grinned and squeezed her large soft ass-cheek teasingly.

I thought Mumtaz had called me over to fuck, so I waited for her to take me to her bedroom but instead she told me sit on the couch. I wondered what was up and sat on the single sofa near the main-door. Mumtaz sat across the small rectangular coffee-table and called to Alya. Aunty told her to get coffee and smiled when she turned around to look at me. Then I realized that she was not home alone and felt a little disappointed.

This killed my mood entirely but I didn’t let it show and responded to Mumtaz’s small talk politely.

Alya entered and I glanced up, but her outfit held my gaze longer than normal.

Alya wore a fitting black tank-top with a pair of small dark-blue cotton shorts. Her small slim body was otherwise completely exposed, which was entirely new for me. Seeing her dressed in clothes that showed her smooth white arms and shapely slender legs felt weird, because Alya usually wore drab loose pajama-sets at home, at least whenever I was around.

So, seeing her dressed in such exposing clothes made me do a double-take without even realizing. Mumtaz only smiled when I looked back at her. Alya came silently to the table and kept the tray before quickly exiting the room. I found it a bit strange that she didn’t even say hi, and had kept her eyes downcast the entire time. I wondered what was wrong with Alya, but then Mumtaz started talking again.

While taking slow slips on the strong hot coffee, I kept staring at Mumtaz’s lovely large boobs. I loved the way her huge round bra-less breasts hung down and swung enticingly with the slightest movement. Her large stiff nipples made visible dents over the soft silky fabric. Mumtaz sat with her legs pressed together, so I had a clear view of her thick shapely legs and plump soft thighs. It was torture, watching Mumtaz dressed so provocatively yet not getting to touch her.

After finishing her coffee Mumtaz kept the cup on the tray and sat upright.

“Son, I actually called you over because I wanted to talk about Alya.” Mumtaz said and paused.

“Um…” I stammered, my radar had pinging suddenly, “What about her?” I asked, and took a small sip to cover my nervousness.

“She knows about us, Ali.” Mumtaz said with a straight face.

“What?!” I spluttered, almost choking on the hot coffee, “Fuck! How?” I asked, absolutely stunned.

Then Mumtaz told me what had transpired between mother and daughter in the past few months.

Mumtaz said that after Alya had caught me coming out of her room that night, she was in disbelief for some time. Then her daughter began noticing the very subtle change in the way Mumtaz and I had started behaving with each other. After a while, oğuzeli escort bayan the suspicion that something was going on between me and her mother began bothering Alya too much.

So, when Alya was unable to bear the thought of her mother fucking her son’s best-friend, she finally confronted Mumtaz. She initially tried to deny everything but her daughter saw right through it. So, Mumtaz finally confessed everything to Alya. Mumtaz Aunty was hoping that her daughter would be as understanding as her son.

This turned out to be true, and some more.

Mumtaz explained to Alya about how women have sexual urges that may get too much to handle and so they have to seek an alternative. Mumtaz described how the sexual frustration was making her increasingly irritable and she just had to find relief. She assured Alya that she wasn’t actually cheating on her father because she wasn’t emotionally involved with me.

Mumtaz promised Alya that we only had a purely sexual relationship.

Hearing this, Alya had calmed down a little before she found the courage to confess about her own growing urges.

Alya had turned 18 that year, and she told her mother how she also had sexual needs too. Alya explained that she didn’t have time to have a boyfriend because she didn’t want to get distracted from her studies. She was studying to become a doctor. After passing 12th that summer, Alya had taken a year off to prepare for the medical entrance exams.

After an hour of convincing, Mumtaz finally relented and agreed to talk to me. She assured Alya that I would probably agree to it, seeing that I had been regularly fucking her from the past 6 months.

I protested and reminded Mumtaz that I thought of Alya as my little sister. So Mumtaz simply said that we didn’t have a blood-relationship, and this could easily be overlooked. She told me that as Alya and I weren’t related in any way, she didn’t see anything wrong if her daughter also wanted to satisfy her sexual urges. After all, Mumtaz aunty commented, it would be enough to feed my immense sexual appetite too.

After an hour of arguing back and forth, I finally relented.

“But it has to be completely sexual, no emotions. Okay?” I said, reminding Mumtaz of the terms and conditions of our secret sexual pact once more.

Mumtaz assured that she’d already discussed everything with Alya earlier and she was ready for any condition I had. We were completely aware of the incredible scandal it would create if anyone came to know about our dirty secret. Not just in our community, Mumtaz and Alya would be shamed by her neighbors and relatives too for this harrowing sinful act. So, knowing the immense repercussions of being caught, Mumtaz and I were extremely careful about being seen together.

Still, I was in a bit stunned when I nodded my head and agreed to Mumtaz’s proposal.

Then Mumtaz eagerly called out to Alya, who walked into the sitting-room in a few moments. Alya was visibly nervous as she took a seat beside her mom. Mumtaz coaxed Alya into speaking and she finally blurted out everything she had in mind. It was shocking but incredibly arousing to hear Alya, the seemingly shy and nerdy young girl, talk desperately about her growing sexual craving.

I listened to her patiently. After several minutes, Alya finished her confession and I asked her to repeat the terms if I choose to start a sexual relationship with her. Alya listed out every point so I told her that if she was ready for it, then so was I.

“All right!” Mumtaz cried out happily and patted Alya’s shoulder, “I’m so happy for you, sweetheart?” She beamed at her daughter.

Then, Mumtaz told us to wait and stood up to hurry out of the room. During this, Alya and I stayed silent and stared at each other, both lost in lusty thoughts. I saw a smile spread on Alya’s shy round face and I grinned with the growing excitement.

Mumtaz shortly returned with a pack of condoms. I knew she must’ve bought them recently because Mumtaz always insisted on fucking raw.

“Here. Remember to always have safe-sex, okay?” Mumtaz said and Alya nodded as she took the condoms from her.

Then Mumtaz told us we could use her bedroom. So I stood up, followed Alya straight into her mom’s room.

Alya didn’t bother to close the door and I didn’t care if Mumtaz wanted to watch.

After fucking Mumtaz for the first time in front of her son, I obviously didn’t mind if she wanted to witness her daughter getting fucked.

When we reached the bed, I suddenly caught Alya around her slim waist and pulled her close. She flung the condoms on the bed nearby and embraced me tightly. Alya stood on her tiptoes but I still had to bend so could put her arms around my neck. She was so small and light I easily pick her up in my arms. That’s why I grabbed handfuls of her small taut ass-cheeks and held her close. Alya pressed her taut small breasts on me and clung tight.

“Mm…” Alya moaned softly when she felt my lips on her slim sensitive neck.

I started nuzzling escort oğuzeli her soft slim neck before I began gently kissing my way from her bare bony shoulders and up her neck.

“Mmm….” Alya moaned louder and pressed her petite frame closer.

I kept kissing and blowing on her moist thin neck till Alya became very horny. Then I gently put her down and made her take a step to one side till she was standing right in front of the long mirror on her mother’s dressing-table. I stood close behind Alya and looked in the mirror.

Alya smiled shyly when our eyes met in the reflection.

“I want to see you naked, Ally.” I whispered softly, using her nick-name.

“Mm… Yes.” Alya replied with a clearly lusty voice.

Alya quickly put her arms up and I hurried to strip her short tank-top. I flung it on the bed. Then I deftly unhooked her small black bra and she shrugged out of it, baring her small perky tits.

“Wow…” I breathed softly into her ear, “They’re so cute…” I said emphatically.

“Really?” Alya asked in a soft shy voice this time.

“Yesss…” I assured her by running my hands up her softly curvy sides and cupping her tiny tits.

“Mmm…” Alya moaned with pleasure and leaned back on me, when I began rubbing my thumb on her tiny taut nipples.

After teasing her sweet small boobs, I slid my hands down and put my fingers inside the waistband of her tight small shorts. Alya stood upright long enough for me to quickly pull down her blue shorts and her black cotton panties. Alya stepped out of her shorts and panties and seemed eager to get naked.

“My God!…” I exclaimed delightedly, looking up and down her lovely slim figure, “You are sexy.” I said with a fierce whisper.

Alya had waxed her body, and I loved the way her milky white petite figure shone in the beam of sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. After admiring her sexy slim naked body I turned Alya around to face me. I bent low and quickly and grabbed a handful of her small round buttocks and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Ooh… I like these…” I quipped as I gently squeezed her firm taut bubble-butt.

I was delighted at the way Alya’s cute perky buttocks fit perfectly in my hands. I mashed them hard and gripped them tightly.

“Mm… Show me how much.” Alya whispered and grinned, getting bolder by the second.

I grinned and quickly pulled Alya up on to the bed. I sat with my back resting the large tall wooden headboard. Then I spread my legs as wide as the jeans would allow and made Alya sit in between. She quickly sat cross-legged, leaning back on me.

This way, I could easily pleasure her lovely slender naked body.

“Ally…” I said softly into her ear from behind as I gently caressed her slim sides, “Do you masturbate?” I asked.

“Mm… No. I don’t know how to.” Alya admitted a little sheepishly.

“Let me teach you then. You can finger yourself when you feel too horny.” I said and she nodded her head eagerly.

“Spread your legs.” I whispered and Alya eagerly obeyed by pushing her slim legs as wide as she could.

“Now tell me this,” I said into her ear, “Do you fantasize about me?”

“Mm… Yes.” Alya hesitated before admitting.

“Then close your eyes and describe me your favorite fantasy.” I whispered and caught her hands in mine.

“Okay.” Alya nodded her head and closed her eyes.

“I imagine us being home alone. It’s just you and me in my bed. I am hugging you tight and you start loving me by…” Alya began describing an incredible fantasy in vivid detail.

As Alya talked, I kept kissing her neck softly and started moving our hands slowly all over her body, just the way she described. I felt up and down her bare small chest to tease her super-sensitive nipples. Then I taught her how to flick and tweak her small nipples to get more aroused. Alya seemed eager to let me help her explore her own body.

Then I slid our hands lower, over her firm slim tummy, and down to her smooth-shaved crotch. Alya got a little shy at this and closed her legs together. So, I gently coaxed them apart before slipping her fingers over to her moist tight slit.

“Mmm…” Alya moaned lustily as soon as she felt her virgin pussy being touched for the first time, “Ali…” She called out softly and shivered when I caressed her taut tiny clit.

Alya was clearly enjoying the experience, so she continued to excitedly describe her fantasy once again. In the meanwhile, I gently spread her tight-clenched labia apart with one hand before grabbing her other hand and guiding her fingers across her moist hot cunt.

“Ooo…” Alya groaned loud and lusty the moment her fingers brushed her sensitive clitoris, “Sshh…” She hissed with the intense delight and I pressed her fingers over it harder.

“Keep doing that.” I whispered into her ear and Alya started rubbing her taut small clit and moaned lustily again and again.

I grinned with delight and felt my arousing dick strain in my jeans. It was incredibly exciting to see Alya take so quickly to masturbate.

As Alya pressed and rubbed her clit, I began rubbing her wet hot slit while teasing her perky small tits with the other hand. Alya got increasingly aroused as she continued to recount her wet-dreams. As she talked, I pleasured her lovingly, just the way she narrated her sexual fantasy. This got Alya extremely turned on.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32