Always The Bridesmaid…

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“O.k. See you both this afternoon then,” called George Maxwell to his two daughters, both of who were still sleeping upstairs. He closed the front door and walked briskly to his car. Inside, the elder of the two girls, Tobi, rolled over on her bed and shook the dreams from her hair as she tried to wake herself. Still half asleep, she stumbled to her feet and moaned slightly as the blood rushed down through her taut, nineteen year old body. She’d been having the most exquisite dream, and now small fragments of it were returning to her memory.

Where had she been? Someone’s house, perhaps? Destinations were always hazy in dreams, though this place had seemed so familiar. She’d felt safe there, as comfortable as if it were her own home, yet she couldn’t quite remember specific details. Something purple, she thought, and the scent of vanilla maybe? Stepping onto the cold bathroom tiles, a shiver ran the length of her spine. It contributed to the tingle in her lower stomach and she involuntarily pushed a finger lazily inside the elastic of her camisole panties. Twirling it in the curls of her pubic hair, she toyed with the idea of sliding it down to her moistening slit. I’d better not, she thought. Anna is in the other room.

Anna was Tobi’s younger sister, though only by eighteen months or so, and she was right now rousing herself from a dream also. Knowing Tobi was already using the bathroom, she stretched out across the bed in search of warm spots, and tried to go back to sleep. After all, it was a Saturday and neither of them had any plans. Their father had left to attend an auction and they no longer lived with their mother so the house was empty, and no one would be back all day. Anna rolled onto her side and exhaled as her nipples dragged across the pillow. The movement brought her thighs together and the pressure released a delicious sensation that made her grind them against each other. Unlike Tobi, her dream was clear and, in some ways, still continuing. In it, she was asleep in her room, in this room, when she heard a feint knock at the door.

It was still dark, but she could make out the shadow of a woman standing by the entrance. Masked in a mass of hair – deep, auburn and long – the woman’s face was hidden as was her tiny body, beneath a silk bathrobe. Though Anna didn’t know who it was, she felt calm and non threatened and, in the dream, rolled onto her front to continue sleeping. A breeze swept across her legs and she because aware that the sheets had slipped from her body and that her baby-doll nightie had ridden high on her thighs, exposing the cottontail panties she was wearing beneath. Remembering the presence in her room, she reached down to pull the nightie into place but froze when she felt a hand gently come to rest on her leg. Tracing patterns in the darkness, the woman drew her fingers delicately over the back of Anna’s knee, then up further to her thigh, climbing higher, higher…

At this point she’d woken, frustrated. Even in her dreams, she couldn’t get a release. You see, though Anna had dated many boys, and had been immensely popular at high school, she was still a virgin. It had always been her choice and she was comfortable with it. That’s the kind of girl she was and, whilst she watched her girlfriends get coerced into “giving it up” for a half bottle of Plymouth, something about all those misguided fumblings across the back seats of cars had convinced her to wait; convinced her to hold out for something more. The boys she’d dated had been just that: boys, with little of the sexual prowess she needed if she was going to hit her peak. Their rough finger jabs at her crutch and panicked groping of her breasts did nothing but cause her extreme discomfort and them intense confusion and it was always a relief to everyone when she would assume control and slide her lips down their chests, over the heads of their throbbing cocks. She loved giving head and, if the whispers around school were anything to go by, she was good at it. Getting these goons off is about as hard as taking off my bra, she thought as she slowly ground her thighs together.

She was tempted to play with herself. Here, alone in her room, no one would know. But the truth is, she’d never done it. It wasn’t an issue of privacy. It had just never felt right and she wasn’t about to start now. So, here she was, a gorgeous eighteen year old brunette in the prime of her sexual life, and still yet to have ever had an orgasm.

Meanwhile, Tobi had no such reservations. Standing under the hot stream of the shower, she was massaging her small breasts whilst enjoying the sensations of the water cascading down her body. Giresun Escort Tobi was a knockout. She turned heads and she knew it. The complete sexual antithesis to her sister, her quest for pleasures of the flesh could almost be described as compulsive and she had a list of encounters that was as long as it was detailed. Now towelling off, her petite a-cup breasts shook liberally as she dabbed at her spectacularly enlarged nipples and she paused to pull languidly upon them once more. Further down, errant drops of water traversed her perfect stomach before pooling in a thick triangle of dark pubic hair that nestled itself between her shapely hips. As she pulled the silk bathrobe over her shoulders, fastening it loosely at her tiny waist, her hand graced a rough patch on her inner thigh and she reached for a tub of vanilla moisturising cream.

As Tobi was passing her younger sister’s room, she heard a moan and poked her head in to investigate. “Morning sleepyhead,” she said. “What’cha…” Tobi stopped mid sentence as she realised Anna was in fact still asleep. The sheets had been kicked off and her nightie had ridden up far enough to display the tops of her panties, however this wasn’t what caused Tobi to raise a hand to her mouth to stifle giggles. In her dream state, Anna was grinding her pelvis demurely against a pillow that was wedged between her thighs and moaning softly. Tobi was amazed. She knew of her little sister’s aversion to masturbation and never would have believed the scene in front of her, had she not been seeing it with her own eyes. Anna’s breathing was heavier now and Tobi smiled. She knew the signs well enough to know that Anna was reaching one hell-uv-an-orgasm, and she’d be damned if she was gonna miss out on seeing her little sister’s first big cum. “Wow, what a dream you must be having,” whispered Tobi as Anna’s movements against the pillow became more frenetic. Unable or unwilling to control herself, Tobi slipped a hand inside her robe and again resumed tugging at her nipples whilst her other hand fell between her thighs. Finding her clitoris, she sighed with pleasure and leaned back, eager to match her sister’s every move, however she misjudged the distance between herself and the doorframe. Feeling as though she was going to fall, Tobi threw a foot back to regain balance but the shift in her body weight caused her to crash against the door.

Anna woke with a start. She was sweating profusely and inexplicably confused.

“What, where…Tobi, what are you…what am I…” Anna looked at her sister who was trying to regain her balance. Her silk robe had fallen open completely and her legs were splayed lewdly, displaying her still-glistening pussy lips. The tub of moisturising cream had overturned and the air was thick with a delicious vanilla aroma. Anna looked down at the pillow in between her legs and became aware that her crotch was throbbing. She started to panic.

“What have you done?” she squealed. Her brain was fumbling for an explanation and she was turning red with embarrassment. She couldn’t be sure, but deep down she had a good idea of what she’d been doing, and the thought repulsed her. What’s more, she knew Tobi has been watching.

“What were you doing? Were you watching me?” Anna was scrambling to pull herself together, checking all her clothing to ensure she wasn’t ‘showing’ like her sister had been, whilst still trying to determine exactly what had just happened.

Tobi, meanwhile, didn’t even bother to pull her robe together. Instead, she just rose to an upright position and stood there, smiling. She was busted and she knew it.

“You were! You were watching me,” screamed Anna. The blood was rising to her face and she was now a deep shade of crimson. “GET OUT,” she screamed. “GET OUT, YOU FUCKING PERVERT.”

Tobi laughed. “Me? Perverted? I just watched you fuck yourself with a pillow.” She casually started tracing circles on her exposed stomach.

“WHAT? What are you talking about? I wasn’t…I didn’t…” Anna was totally flustered. She didn’t know what to say and instead just sat there shaking her head, wishing the world would just swallow her whole. “Oh, but you were,” smirked Tobi, “and you did, little sister. I watched the whole thing.” Try as she might, Anna knew it must be true. Defeated, she buried her head into the very same pillow that she’d been fucking only a minute ago and started to cry. A rush of sympathy rose quickly within Tobi and, ridden with guilt, she moved to comfort her little sister.

“Heeeeey sis,” she said as she stepped toward the bed. “Listen, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. ”

“It’s Giresun Escort Bayan easy for you to say,” Anna sobbed into the pillow. “You fuck anything. You’re a sexual freak!”

Tobi bristled with anger, but remained calm. “Why? Because I know what I like and I’m not afraid to get it?” Tobi’s voice dropped an octave or so and she said, in a whisper, “You were almost there, weren’t you. About to have your very first orgasm.”

“What?” Anna stopped crying and looked up at her sister. Her eyes were puffy and red. “But how did you…” “I overheard one of the guys saying that getting you off is like working a rock.”

Anna started crying again.

“Heeeeey, don’t worry,” said Tobi. “I told that jerk right in front of his friends that it must be something to do with his technique.” Tobi laughed sardonically. “He won’t be saying that again for a while.”

“You don’t understand,” sniffled Anna. “I wanna have one. I really do. What’s wrong with me, Tobi?” Her voice was shaky and Tobi knew she had to move quickly to stop another teary outburst. She sat on the bed and shifted her weight closer to her little sister. “Baby, nothing’s wrong. How’s a girl supposed to cum with limp dicks like those controlling the scene?”

She reached out and rested her hang lightly on Anna’s exposed thigh. Drawing her fingers back and forth, she continued. “The secret is to know your body. No one’s gonna help you.”

“But that means touching myself,” protested Anna, “and I can’t do that Tobi. Its revolting.”

Anna had stopped crying now, and had noticed Tobi’s hand that was slowly shifting higher. Was Tobi seducing her?

Rather than protest, she felt a familiar warmth return to her cunt. “You know,” said Tobi mischeviously, “I could show you.” Anna froze. She’d been hoping this was the direction they were heading but now she was unsure what to say, or do. Noticing her tension, Tobi quickly added, “I mean, just this once… to get you started.” She leaned closer still and whispered breathlessly, “Would you like that? Would you like me to show you?”

Anna said nothing but instead turned her head so that her mouth was inches from her sister’s. She parted her lips slightly and moved closer still. Tobi met her halfway and their mouths connected softly in a short, open-mouthed kiss. As they drew back, their bottom lips clung briefly together before breaking free. Anna moved again and this time, as she met Tobi once more, she explored deeply with her tongue. Moaning, Tobi slid her hand under the bottom of the eighteen year old’s nightie and caressed her stomach. The cold impact of flesh on flesh caused Anna to gasp but she relaxed as the hand continued its journey all the way to her breasts. Cupping first the left one and then the right, Tobi kneaded gently the fleshy orbs, delighting in the sponginess and feel of her sister’s slightly larger tits.

She rolled her thumb and forefinger gently around the nipples, eliciting a groan. Anna moved a hand to reciprocate the pleasure but Tobi pushed it away. Taking both hands, she raised Anna’s nightie up and over her head, revealing her delectable assets.

“Lie back,” Tobi cooed. “This is about you, remember.” Anna did as she was told, sighing blissfully at the attention she was receiving. Swinging a leg over her waist, Tobi straddled her sister and peered straight into her eyes. “I’m gonna give you what you’ve been holding out for,” she whispered. “Are you ready to cum, little sister?” Anna gulped, then nodded and with that Tobi dropped her mouth directly over Anna’s left nipple and began to suck.

“Oh, God,” Anna gasped. Never had anyone made her feel as horny as she felt right now. She though of what she must look like, lying there in nothing but her tiny cotton panties whilst her sister frantically worked her nipples with her mouth, and it made her even hornier.

Tobi lifted her head and again looked Anna in the eye. A thick strand of saliva stretched from Tobi’s lower lip all the way to the nipple she’s been working and she wore a smile seductive enough to stop traffic. Anna knew her sister was hot, but she’d never seen her as hot as she looked right now. “We’re only just beginning,” she rasped, and another bolt of pleasure shot through Anna’s body as Tobi greedily slurped the saliva back into her mouth. Lowering her head over Anna’s stomach, she squirmed her tongue right into her sister’s navel whilst clawing her nails down both of Anna’s sides. “Holy shit,” bucked Anna. She was extremely ticklish and the nails felt like they were hitting every nerve centre in her body. She bucked as she said it, throwing Escort Giresun her entire pelvis off the bed and Tobi, seeing the opportunity, immediately slipped both her hands under Anna’s ass, cupping a soft cheek in each palm. As Anna landed, Tobi squeezed and Anna groaned in pleasure and rolled onto her side.

This merely facilitated the easy removal of her panties, and Tobi grabbed the elastic and yanked them down off Anna’s hips and over her knees to reveal a delicate, virginal and almost untouched pussy, capped with a perfect triangle of manicured pubic hair. “Oh my,” she gasped as the final piece in Anna’s naked puzzle was revealed. “What? What?” Anna panicked and reached to cover herself but Tobi pushed her back in the bed. “Your cunt,” she said. “It’s so beautiful.” Pushing her thighs apart to get a better look, she giggled and said, “You little minx. I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this for so long.” Tobi leaned forward to within an inch of her sister’s pussy and inhaled deeply. “Ooh, don’t you smell good,” she breathed. “Time for the main course.”

Anna fell back onto the bed again just as her sister began to lightly blow cool air across the lips of her now very wet pussy. Never in her life had she felt this good and things were only getting better. Very gently, Tobi dragged her fingers up Anna’s inner leg, starting at the ankle, up over the calf, past the knee and up the thigh. As she reached Anna’s inner thigh, she exerted more pressure and Anna, ever responsive, arched her back and thrust her pussy forward into Tobi’s face. At this, Tobi extended her tongue and laid one long lick from bottom to top right up the centre of the pussy in front of her. “Oh oh oh,” moaned Anna, thrusting her hips forward and reaching out for anything within arms length. Her hands found the top of Tobi’s head and she pulled her sister’s face forward, burying it into her sopping cunt. Tobi again slipped two hands under Anna’s arse and tightly squeezed and groped her cheeks as she mashed her lips and tongue against the cunt she now owned.

“Oh Gaaaaawwdd,” screamed Anna. There was a warmth building inside her now that she’d never felt and she knew it was the beginning of an orgasm; her first orgasm. “Oh Tobi, oh..oh..don’t stop,” she cried as her sister licked and chewed at every corner of her cunt, pulling at her arse in an effort to push her tongue even further inside. Tobi was worked hard, slathering her tongue up and down her sister’s labia. She had plenty of experience with girls, and ate out a number of her friends on a regular basis, but this was special. She badly wanted to be the first to bring her sister to orgasm, and to taste the flood of cum that was going to explode all over her pretty face. Showing an expertise constructed from years of practice, she calculatingly and patiently avoided the clitoris. She was saving that for the grand finale. Judging by how hard Anna was bucking her body, she knew it wouldn’t be long.

Taking one of her hands from the young, firm arse cheek she’d been molesting, she swept it over the top and planted two fingers squarely on either side of the clitoris, exerting pressure as she licked and sucked all of the moisture that was now liberally flooding out of Anna’s pussy. Anna, in turn, tightened her grip on Tobi’s hair.

The girls were so lost in their passion that neither of them heard the car pulling in the driveway. Anthony, their father, had forgotten some things and decided to swing past the house to collect them.

“Uurrgghh,” groaned Anna at the clitoral stimulation. The pressure inside her was so strong now that she needed nothing but to release it, and there wasn’t a mouth in the world that she’d rather release it into. She balled Tobi’s hair in her fists and ground her cunt into the hungry face. And Tobi, knowing it was time to send her sister over the edge, pushed two fingers of the hand that had been working the clitoris deep inside Anna’s cunt. They slid in easily.


With the other hand she reached up and pulled frantically at her sister’s nipples.


And with her mouth, she pursed both lips around the clitoris, applying pressure, and sucked hard!

“Fuck…Tobi…God……it….I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna…”

Both of the girls heard the front door open, and the sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway. Panic ensued.

“Shit! It’s Dad,” Tobi cursed, and before Anna could do anything, she tore her fingers out of her sister’s cunt, scrambled off the bed and grabbed her robe.

“Noooooooooooooo,” groaned Anna, frantically clutching at Tobi’s hair as it fell through her fingertips.

“Nooooooooooo,” she cried as the sensations started to subside inside her and the pressure fell away to a dull throb.

“Noooooooooooo,” she shouted into the pillow as Tobi left the room.


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