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Chapter 016 � Meeting Our New Sons



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Lieutenant Colonels, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Major, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog



I didn”t know if life could get more stressful. I think the “halo” attack, mortar attack and even getting shot was less stressful than facing down two young men who we hoped and prayed wanted to be part of our “less than normal” family. Even the pilots came on the intercoms wondering why we were so quiet today. Steven being Steven quipped: “Meat got me knocked up and we are headed to the nursery to pick up the young”n. At least that made the pilots and me roar with laughter. Luke always planned for everything. A limo met us at the airport and all too soon we were pulling up in front of the orphanage.


We were introduced to the administrator and after a preliminary round of Q&A we asked if we could meet the boys. He told us both boys were terrified at the thought of being separated. Otherwise, they were more stable than most children who were waiting to be adopted. The boys were playing soccer with a group of their peers and the administrator called them over and introduced us. He then left us alone to get to know one another.


Steven took the lead and said how awkward this was for us. “We were used to running a camp of over 100 men and have three children for which we provided security but to know what to say to convince you we could be good parents for the two of you… I”m speechless.”


The younger boy was terrified at the thought of losing his brother and simply wouldn”t let go of him. The older boy spoke and simply asked: “Are you certain you want this `package” deal”? To which we replied: “One of the reasons we chose the `package” deal is we know how difficult it is to place two older children at the same time and we figure the two of you can help teach us how to be better parents” which made the older boy chuckle and the younger one relax.


We explained to them the best we could (within security considerations) we worked for the Army and a large military contractor to provide security for the owners three children. We work out of an island base which is totally off limits to the outside world. There are 100 enlisted men, 5 non-commissioned officers, a chaplain, a doctor and the two of us are the base administrators.


A lot of “bad men” try to hurt our three “imps” at times and it can get really scary but most of the time it is just like a normal home, school, homework and I hope you don”t mind having 100+ big brothers to keep you on the “straight and narrow”. All our men love the imps and are more than willing to share skills and are always ready to kick a soccer ball around.


We only have two rules that can”t be broken EVER! 1 Respect everyone and 2 Never touch a gun or anything that might possibly go “boom”. Break one of those two rules and I guarantee you”ll be sleeping on your stomach for a few days. You”ll be treated the same as the imps and they will be the first to tell you they deserved to be spanked far more often than it has ever happened.


We do have rules and regulations and they are in place to protect you. You will be more than our sons you will be two additional children our staff have pledged their lives to protect.


I”m certain you have questions so “batter up”, we will answer truthfully and honestly. First question that was asked: You two are gay? Yes, we are a gay married couple, career Army and we have a very gay friendly post. You have no worries about any man in my command causing you any problems. We have a Master Sergeant by the name of Maximillian, a 75 pound War Dog, who will have them for dinner if anyone tried.


Where will we be sleeping? Initially, in our quarters. We have two guest rooms and you can either have your own rooms or can bunk together, that choice is yours. Eventually, if you find you want to room with the three imps, they also have two free bedrooms and most nights you”ll find all three of them cuddling together in one bed. They are inseparable in most things including getting even with Steven and me. I expect you”ll learn some of their bad habits, I just hope not all of them. We don”t expect them or you to be perfect Angels, just be normal children and we”ll love you regardless of what mischief you get into.


The more we talked the more relaxed the boys became. When it was time I had a question for them: “How do you feel about flying in a plane”? They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders… “Never have been on a plane, so we don”t know”. It can get super quiet so I hope the two of you will liven it up. The pilots complained we were too quiet on the trip here today. The Army gives us our own jet plane and it is the only way to get on and off the island unless you want an all day trip on a Navy barge.


OK, another down side to being our sons… anyone assigned to the base has to see the medical officer within 24 hours of arrival. He”ll make sure your shot records are up-to-date and that your bodies don”t have any problems that might have been missed in a normal exam. All part of the service the Army provides for military dependents which you will become. Besides, Doc is a great guy and I”m certain when you get the chance to talk with the imps (man to man or is that imps to imps) they”ll give you all the plus and minus factors to life at Fort Connor.


I could see the orphanage administrator walking our way and I”m certain he was shocked the boys had spent over three hours talking with us. Frankly, so was I. They asked as many questions as the soldiers we interviewed when they arrived at Fort Connor. When he asked us how it was going I answered saying I was about to ask these young men if they wanted us to proceed further with the adoption process. “How about it, would you like to be part of our family?” They looked at each other and couldn”t believe it was possible they both would end up together. Their peers had warned them few people wanted to adopt two adolescent boys… babies were the big deal in the adoption market.


As the boys nodded their acceptance I turned to the administrator and asked what next was required of us. Luke had provided him with all the necessary paperwork, references, letters of recommendation, the boys could leave with us for a trial period today if they wanted. I never saw such a change in attitude as they looked at each other and knew their Christmas came early this year. The administrator had staff take and package up what belonging they had and Steven and I went with the administrator to do the necessary paperwork. When the door of the administrators office closed and we started through the mountain of paperwork I couldn”t help but notice the thick file on his desk. I swear someone from the Army designed all this paperwork, it seem unending. The administrator let slip he was impressed enough with the reference letter from Gloria Worthington (a major benefactor) and astounded by the candor of the letters from Luke and John Worthington who were our original imps… but to have a letter of support from both the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States was unheard of. We simply responded: “Mama Bear” (Gloria) isn”t shy about getting the President of the United States out of bed at 2am if we really need assistance and she has done it for us.


The administrator concluded that he realized that much of our work was classified and that the final determination on the adoption would be based greatly on the evaluation of the children when they returned for the final determination on the adoption. Steven and I were hesitant to have the new imps for six months and then lose them for whatever reason so we asked for a four month final determination. bornova escort That would be more than enough time for the boys to decide if they wanted to be part of our lives and part of our extended family. The administrator understood our concerns and agreed.


We walked the boys hand in hand to the limo which greatly impressed them. We had no more than settled in the car and the phone rang, a call from Luke congratulating us on being new Fathers. Randy and Adam were with him as was John… Steven and I thanked them profusely but didn”t he think that the Secretary of Defense and POTUS was over-kill to which he just laughed. He also commented they both still owed him plenty.


As of this moment your children are covered under the Alpha Zulu program so don”t hesitate to do what is necessary to protect them. I knew Steven was wearing his ankle holster as was I and we both had our Glocks and shoulder holsters packed in our luggage.


I asked Luke if he would have Logan, Aiden and R.A. online for a video conference at 2000 hours tonight. I wanted them to meet the two new additions to our family of imps. And, Yes… the jungle grapevine can announce to the troops we are returning with our two sons to base on Monday… “WRONG”… came the reply. You have a suite reserved at the Washington Marriot for the next two weeks and I suggest you take your new children out shopping for some good casual clothes because Mama Bear and the General expect you at 1900 hours SHARP tomorrow for an early dinner and to meet the new imps. I knew any argument was a lost cause.


Don”t worry about a thing, Randy and Adam are headed out on Alpha Zulu One to Fort Connor and will take care of it till you two new fathers return in two weeks. “OVER AND OUT!”


I turned to Steven and our two sons and said I didn”t know how much of what they heard but our “boss” just gave us a two week paid vacation in Washington, DC so we can get to know each other and do some shopping for you as well as some vacation and bonding time. I turned to Steven and said we all have a command performance for Mama Bear and the General at 1900 hours tomorrow and we both knew “resistance is futile”!


I turned to our sons and calmly said you two have an 2000 hour video conference with the three imps so you can talk and ask all the questions you want and get the answers from the view of a peer. After all, as I am certain you know you can”t always trust adults.


Our jet finally landed at Andrews Air Force Base and our new imps were impressed at all the snappy salutes Steven and I got as we passed through security to our waiting limo. I”m certain the Secretary of Defense and POTUS badges on our uniforms helped to motivate both the officers and enlisted personnel.


As usual, the hotel manager escorted us to our suite and I asked him if he could contact the Worthington”s tailor and see if we could get in for a fitting as early as possible tomorrow. A call back from the manager within a few minutes advised their shop opened at 8am and whatever time was convenient for us he”d make it work with his schedule. I asked the manager to have the limo pick us up at 0730 hours and I hoped this starting event in our new lives together wouldn”t be too traumatic or intrusive to our young sons.


After a relaxing meal with our new sons, they were so impressed with room service. (There current clothes just wasn”t appropriate for the dining room at the Marriott.) They had to have a hundred questions as they looked over the room service menu and after all their questions were answered they settled on HAMBURGERS! We all had a stressful day and Steven and I asked what they normally slept in, PJ”s, underwear or ala natural? As we had a full day tomorrow Steven and I suggested they shower and clean up before the video conference so they could crash after they were done chatting with the imps. It was decided that PJ”s were the best options for tonight considering they were meeting the imps for the first time. (Oh, if they only knew the imps would be stark naked if they thought they could get away with it.)


2000 hour arrived and I brought up the imps on the secure video conference. I introduced Alex and Noah to Logan, Aiden and R.A. and explained the goal of tonight. I asked my three resident imps to be truthful and honest and try not to scare them away. I reinforced to my three resident “juvenile delinquents” this was a “meet and greet” information session and not a video jerk off session (Which embarrassed Noah and Logan). (At least they knew what a jerk off session was.)


To the surprise of both Steven and me 2300 hours rolled around and the five imps were still chatting away. We had to interrupt them telling them we had an early morning appointment with the tailor (which the imps commented would be most enjoyable) and a full day scheduled for tomorrow. We were having dinner with Mama Bear and the General tomorrow night so we”d try to video conference on Sunday if they wanted to chat more to which all five vocally confirmed their desire and approval.


I closed down the video conference, Steven and I tucked our two new sons in bed, hugged them, thanked them for joining our family and kissed them on the forehead “goodnight”. As Steven and I returned to our bedroom we looked at each other and finally realized we were indeed parents. It was a combination of pride, shock and terror… 100+ soldiers we could handle, three imps were a challenge at times but these two were ours forever and ever… to raise, to nurture and to love. We had both planned on a 30+ year commitment to the Army and now we had a 20+ year commitment to two young men who were stealing our hearts.


The reality of their new lives sunk home suddenly as we gently woke them from their sound slumber at 0600 hours. Time for their bathroom routine and to order breakfast from room service. (This time they were forced to choose something besides hamburgers.) The smell of fresh hot coffee gave Steven and me a resurgence of energy. Our two new additions went with the old standby of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and OJ. I”m certain after having watched our current three imps with a bottomless pit of a stomach Alex and Noah would be starving by the time we were done at the tailors.


The phone rang at 0720 hours announcing our Limo was at the executive entrance and we arrived at the tailors shortly after 0800 hours. Our friendly tailor meet us exuberantly and asked how he could be of service. I told him we were having dinner with Mrs. Worthington this evening and we needed some decent casual clothes for our two new sons “off the rack” and a couple of sets of dress clothes which could be done normally as we would be in Washington for two weeks.


We were advised he didn”t stock any “off the rack” clothing but if we didn”t mind waiting a couple of hours he fit the young men for something wearable for this evening. (Talk about service!) It was a tight fit in the room with the four of us and the tailor but our sons were apparently used to getting undressed around adults and didn”t object to the tailor taking their measurements. Alex wanted his clothes to be blue slacks and shirt and Noah wanted green which didn”t present a problem. We were told there was a video arcade down the block if we didn”t want to wait in the store. He was certain our young sons would enjoy playing video games more than waiting for him to finish.


As we walked to the Limo we could see the Video Arcade from the entrance to the tailor shop. We advised the Limo Driver we would be a few hours and we”d call him when we were ready to return. We walked hand in hand down the street as would any normal family and our sons were elated when we bought a few rolls of quarters and gave it to them to play games. (They were starting to unwind and act like normal children.) I couldn”t believe how many quarters two imps could go through in two hours.


Alex and Noah were sad when we told them we had to return to the tailor shop but understood we had a full schedule today. Their final fitting took about 90 minutes and we walked out with two impressive young men dressed immaculately. The tailor would have a second set of dress casual clothes deliver on Monday and their dress suits would be ready for a final fitting on Thursday. We trusted this man and asked his recommendation as to where to buy jeans, underwear, socks, shoes, etc. for our new sons. We called for the Limo and headed out on an all-day shopping spree that would make any woman envious.


For the first time ever I felt guilty using our Worthington Platinum Card. I”d tell Luke this evening to send me the bill when he got it. (Oh, I was happy it had an unlimited line of credit. I never realized kids could be this expensive.) I looked at Steven and thought about how many times the imps went clothes shopping with Mama Bear and all I could see is $$$. We saved plenty of money over our time with the Alpha Zulu program so it was time to invest it in the future of our family and two wonderful young men.


The four of us arrived back at the Marriott and we had to carry our two sons up to our room, they were exhausted from all the activities of the day. We undressed them and put them to bed to get a couple of hours sleep before we had to head up to the Penthouse and dinner with Mama Bear and the Worthington family.


We woke our sleepy head sons around 1800 hours and told them to shower and brush their teeth, it was time to meet Mama Bear and have dinner with her. They got dressed quickly and really looked the part of young gentlemen. They asked us what we should call her. Steven and I said you can never go wrong when you meet someone calling them Mam or Sir. Knowing Mrs. Worthington, she”ll probably ask you to call her Mama Bear or Grandma. Just play it by ear.


Steven and I were shocked to find this a real family dinner. Mama Bear, the General, Luke, Billy Bob, John and Connor all greeted us wanting to meet our new sons. Alex and Noah were in awe bostancı escort at the penthouse and looked like deer caught in the headlights of a car.


We had a wonderful dinner of a Sunday Ham with all the fixings. Mama Bear being well versed in the diet of her three grandchildren had a platter of hamburgers for Alex and Noah if they preferred them over the Ham. (What a no brainer!)


Mama Bear was in full “grandma” mode. She insisted that Steven and I let her take the boys shopping so she could get them some of the necessities young men enjoy. I looked at Steven and knew it was a losing argument and thanked her profusely. As we adjourned to her spacious living room after dinner Luke announced they had some gifts for our new sons. Alex and Noah were in shock when Luke presented them with two wrapped packages. Tearing open the packages as only two children can do in wild abandonment resulted in squeals of excitement as they looked upon two state of the art gamming laptops loaded with all the computer games imaginable. It was a gift from Luke, Billy Bob, John and Connor to our new sons. (At the current rate we were going to need a cargo plane to take everything back to Fort Connor and we had only been parents for a little over 24 hours.)


Even with all the excitement our two new sons were exhausted and could barely stay awake. Mama Bear suggested we adjourn for the night so long as we assured her we would have dinner again with her and the General before we returned to Fort Connor. We thanked her profusely and carried our exhausted sons back to our suite to sleep off their exhaustive events of the first day of their new family life.


When I got Luke alone and told him to send me the bill for all I had charged on the Worthington card today he simply told me Mama Bear wouldn”t hear of it. It was her gift to two new fathers of whom she was very proud. If I wanted to argue I”d have to take it up with her. I knew I didn”t stand a chance of winning that argument. I”d thank her personally when we had dinner with her and the General later in the week.


In the middle of the night I felt a tugging on my hand and awoke to Alex in our bedroom. Noah had crawled into bed with him and was having a bad dream. Steven and I slipped into some gym shorts and went back to be with Alex and Noah. As we cuddle the two between us we asked what the problem was. Noah shyly admitted he was afraid we would get tired of them and send us back to the orphanage. We tried our best to assure them both it would never happen. We knew trust was the one thing that would take time to build between the four of us. The imps would help greatly once the five of them bonded which both Steven and I knew would happen quickly.


The four of us settled into our king size bed with Alex and Noah between us. These two imps were really stealing our hearts and our lives would never be the same again.


We slept in on Sunday morning and before the four of us went to the dining room for a buffet brunch I email the imps and asked when they would have time today to video conference with Alex and Noah. We agreed upon 1400 hours so they could have a long chat before the imps had to head off for their evening meal. They also made Steven and me promise to send lots of pictures so they could share them with the men and Colonels Mann and Best. All the men wanted to meet our new sons and didn”t want to wait the two weeks for us to return. All three of our existing imps missed us and knew we would be fantastic fathers.


Shortly before 1900 hours Steven and I had to drag our sons off of the Video Conference so the three imps at Fort Connor could make evening retreat and eat dinner. Steven and I were both happy Alex and Noah enjoy talking with the imps and were feeling comfortable with them. We both believed our two sons would ask to move in with the imps well before our four month trial period expired. We were fortunate school would be out for summer break by the time we returned to Fort Connor so all the “imps” would have plenty of free time to get into mischief and cement the bonds that were fermenting between them.


Other than killing the sex life Steven and I enjoyed, having the boys cuddling with us in bed truly fulfilled us beyond any expectation we had. Steven and I figured once our two sons saw the 85″ 4k Ultra HD TV the imps had and the vast assortment of video games they be spending most of the summer being normal video addicted children.


At least they would know the Physical training program they would be getting up for every morning would be with the imps and not just because they were our sons. Steven and I were both in total agreement as to whatever their sexual orientation turned out to be so long as they were happy was all we wanted or expected from them. It would take a few weeks for their bodies to adjust to our military schedule of a 0600 roll call but I guess all good things have a price. They would learn through actions and deeds how much every man stationed at Fort Connor loved them and would give their life to protect them. Steven and I only hoped they could accept the restriction this lifestyle would present to them.


Mama Bear true to her word picked up the boys and took them on an all-day whirlwind shopping spree. I couldn”t believe how many packages the hotel staff carried up when she returned our sons. She was indeed being a proud “grandmother” to our two new sons. (Even if we paid the price with two sons having major upset stomachs from all the hamburgers, fries, soda and malts she let them enjoy.) One of the perks of being a grandparent is spoiling the children and then returning them to their parents to face the after effects. Mama Bear was no exception.


Steven and I managed to spend at least half of our “vacation” taking our sons around Washington to see all the memorial and places of interest. We returned to the tailor shop on Thursday for their final fitting and Friday a mountain of clothing was delivered far more than we had ordered. (Mama Bear strikes again!) When Steven and I looked at the multitude of boxes we had to take back to Fort Connor we only hoped they would all fit in the storage compartment of the Jet. The security team that meets us when we land is going to earn their keep unloading the Jet.


Steven and I couldn”t believe how quickly our 14 day leave transpired. Before we knew it we were heading back to Andrews Air Force Base, our Jet and on our way back to Fort Connor. Alex and Noah were impressed with our sleek black jet and scurried up the ramp and claimed their seat. Steven and I made certain all the packages were loaded in the storage compartment. Our sons were so proud walking down the plane ramp at Fort Connor to a mass of off duty soldiers in formation to greet them to the base. Adam and Randy met us upon arrival and we introduced them to our new sons. (Steven and I would make formal introduction of our sons to staff at either dinner tonight or breakfast in the morning.)


After breakfast I asked the imps to show Alex and Noah around their quarters and to keep them entertained till Steven and I had finished our meeting with Randy, Adam and the Sergeants. I asked the Sergeants if they would invite our sons to share the evening meal with their squad, one an evening, till all four had the chance to interact and get to know them. I noted that Steven and I are still on a fast learning curve as parents so any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated. We then escorted Randy and Adam to “Alpha Zulu One” thanking them profusely for their help and watched them fly off heading back to their lives in Washington.


Within 10 days our three imps and our sons were inseparable. We hadn”t been required to discipline any of the five “juvenile delinquents” in residence so life was better than we had expected. Steven and I thought the shock of the men skinny dipping in the pool would bother Alex and Noah but they took it in stride especially after the three resident imps threw off their towels and went swimming ala natural with the men. Alex and Noah ask Steven and I about swimming naked and we simply told them it was their decision and whatever they felt comfortable doing. No one was going to pressure them either way.


They weren”t “gung ho” over the mandatory physical conditioning program but watching the imps and the how their bodies had developed they at least attempted it with some dedication. Steven and I were elated when they made it to a mile run on the tread mill during their four months of “probation”. We lucked out that the four month trial period basically occurred over summer break from school so Alex and Noah had plenty of time to spend with the imps and the men who showered them with attention they so badly craved.


The day finally arrived when the four of us flew off for the final evaluation and determination if Alex and Noah would be permanently ours. I don”t know who was more scared, Alex and Noah or Steven and me. They asked how they should answer the questions and Steven and I assured them the truth was the only way to answer.


It was an intensive full day evaluation done by physicians, counselors and social workers. At the end of the day we all met with the administrator and the evaluation team for their final decision. I don”t know who was gripping harder, our sons on our hands or ours on theirs. The moment of truth had arrived. Alex and Noah were asked one last time if they were certain they wanted us as their parents. They emphatically said: “YES”… Steven and I were then asked the same question and we both responded on how much we loved these two and wanted them as part of our lives forever. The team congratulated us and the final adoption was approved and the paperwork completed.


The news of the decision reached Fort Connor before our plane landed on the runway. Every off duty man on base was present to greet us and join in the celebration. The mess hall staff let it be known there was a cake and ice cream celebration buca escort in honor of Alex and Noah after the evening meal. When we returned to our quarters Alex and Noah sheepishly ask if we would mind if they spent the night with Logan, Aiden and R.A. We told them they didn”t have to ask, just let us know where they were and when they would be back so we wouldn”t worry. (Note to self: Make sure Doc “chips” them in the morning.) You two know, pajamas are optional with their sleepovers which made our two sons blush a deep crimson. (Apparently if a 100+ naked soldiers skinny dipping didn”t phase them… three naked imps wasn”t going to be any problem.) We reminded them we were as close as their panic button if they needed help.


We were surprised to find two sets of black BDUs and berets on their bed when we walked into our quarters and a reminder from Ops our sons needed to pick up their wrist coms. They were sure getting the royal treatment their first day back at Fort Connor. They best enjoy the good times while they can because they are going to have to bare their “tush” for Doc so he can chip them tomorrow.


This was going to be the first night Steven and I had to ourselves in over four months… and I planned on a romantic night of love and sex with Steven till our bodies crashed from pleasure and exhaustion. As Steven deposited our two sons with the resident imps he made certain a guard was posted for the night before he returned to our quarters.


The atmosphere was set. Soft music, candlelight, fresh chocolate covered strawberries compliment of the “mess” and a new bottle of 20 year old single malt scotch. There was no doubt on his mind what he would experience this evening. The first sergeant was given operational command of the base for the evening so unless OPS called an alert, Steven and I plan to make up for the past four months.


We started with a warm relaxing shower as I washed and massaged every inch of his hard masculine body paying special attention to every erogenous area to provide for maximum stimulation and pleasure. We adjourned to the living quarters and cuddled on the sofa, sipping good scotch and enjoy chocolate covered strawberries. I couldn”t get enough of kissing this man, teasing and exploring his body, caressing him, teasing him, seeing his manhood rise to the challenge and tasting every inch of his hardness with my mouth as my tongue caressed its nerve endings. I knew I had succeeded when his balls drew tight signaling I was about to get a mouthful of prime Army baby batter from the father of my sons. I savored his sweet flavor as our lips caressed and our tongues explored our mouth exciting the passion between us to the max.


I don”t know how many times I fucked Steven”s Ass to Nirvana and back but his ass and my dick were pretty raw when we crawled out of bed the next day. Our five imps kept ringing our door bell asking for admission and when we finally got our robes on and unlocked the door they came barging in. The first words out of anyones mouth was from R.A.: “IT STINKS LIKE A LOCKER ROOM IN HERE”. (Note to self: Order stronger air freshener.) R.A. just smiled from ear to ear knowing well what Steven and I had been doing all night. He just winked at us and mouthed “You owe us big time”. The imps planned this just so Steven and I could have time together. School will start shortly and at least then Steven and I will be able to get away for a “quickie” during the day.


Our sons were elated to go into their room and find their own black BDUs on their bed. The imps helped them the first time to adjust everything and quickly made a dash for morning formation. They just whispered: “Follow our lead, it is super simple”.


Our sons made a quick and amazing adjustment to the life and structure of Fort Connor. With the help of the men and the support of the imps it was almost too good to be true. Steven and I best cherish this because we know it can”t last forever. We both know they will follow in the footsteps of our three imps and that can only lead to trying times for any parent.


Steven and I were noticing a vast improvement in the insecurity which Noah exhibited when he first arrived at Fort Connor. Between us as supportive parents, the Chaplain and Doc in counselor mode he was learning to trust that even if he screwed up he would be ours forever. Alex and the imps talked much about Noah”s insecurities and the imps hoped that they could help him realize that as much mischief as they had gotten into while at Fort Connor Steven and I still loved them and would never give up loving them.


Alex and Noah wondered if half of what the imps told them actually was true and were shocked when they asked some of the soldiers at random if these events really happened. It was confirmed the imps were the guilty parties and had received punishment commensurate to the “crime”. Only once did anyone get their ass spanked brutally and that was because my gun was played with. Alex and Noah laughed over the paint ball prank and the thought of the imps staying up all night doing 25 sets of laundry for a squad of men. Yes, the punishment given is commensurate to the infraction. Steven and I were fair officers and fair parents.


I loved the nights Steven and I could pick up some buttered popcorn from the Mess Hall and just have a quality movie night with Alex and Noah. We always made sure to invite the imps, we didn”t want their noses getting “bent” and thinking we care for Alex and Noah more because they were our sons. No, we did our very best to treat all five as co-equals in every decision we made.


I guess the first negative confrontation Steven and I had to face was when Alex and the imps stole Noah”s towel and swimming trunks leaving him naked at the pool. He was sobbing and in tears as one of the soldiers came up and realized what the problem was. This caring individual removed his towel, wrapped it around Noah and held his hand as the soldier walked naked across the base bringing Noah home to get some clothes. Noah, sniffling, thanked the soldier and returned the towel once he was dressed. There was hell to pay for this prank and it wasn”t from Steven or me.


The next time our five imps were at the pool a group of soldier corner Alex and the imps and commented on how heartless and crude a prank they played on Noah. As the imps towels and Alex”s towel and trunks were confiscated, they were told they could find them back in their quarters. They just had to make it across the base naked as the day they were born. As I looked out the window of my office I saw four naked imps streaking across the compound. I brought up the First Sergeant on my communicator and asked what was happening. He replied the men were just providing the imps with a first hand learning experience. After that Alex and the imps never ganged up on Noah. Noah knew he had 100+ big brothers to help him if needed.


When Alex and Noah returned to our quarters that evening meal we sat down for a family chat. I simply asked what brought on his streaking across the base this afternoon. A very red faced son admitted what he and the imps had done to Noah and how the men showed their disapproval. I told him there would be no additional punishment. The punishment he received fit the crime committed and I hoped he had learned the error of his ways. (I guess only time will tell!)


I walked over to the imps quarters and sat down to have a fatherly chat with them. I told them what happened with Alex but just being naked on base was no great payback for them as they loved to be naked at any opportunity for any reason. So, to be fair to everyone… you three have garbage pail duty for the next week. The mess hall staff thanks you in advance for your assistance. (Garbage pails getting super ripe in the hot summer sun so this might have been overkill, but the imps got the message. Don”t gang up on the little guy!)


I went back to our quarters and told Alex and Noah that the imps wouldn”t be having much free time the next week as they were on garbage pail duty. To my astonishment, Alex “manned up” and cleaned garbage pails with the imps all seven days. He apologized to his brother for being so inconsiderate which made me so proud of him. Yes, Randy and Adam were rubbing off on me. Connor was so lucky to have them as parents.


My communicator went off and Ops advised I had a secure call from Luke at Worthington Industries. His first words were: “How”s fatherhood?” (A born comedian.) My comments to Luke was: There are times I wish I was back in Afghanistan”. The legal department tells me you don”t have a will on file and now that you are fathers it is something you need to take care of. I”ll have an attorney conference with you two tomorrow at 0900 hours so you and Steven decide what you want to do if something should happen. You have two sons to think about now.


It was a no brainer… I asked Luke if he would discuss it with John and accept guardianship of Alex and Noah if something should happen to the two of us. Just let the attorney know before he contacts us tomorrow.


I knew Steven wouldn”t object to Luke and John… as much as we love Adam and Randy they were just getting to the stage of life where two teenagers would task them to their limits. They would definitely be my second choice if Luke or John said no, which I doubted greatly.


Steven was in agreement with asking Luke and John to be the guardian of our sons in a worse case scenario. When the attorney called the next morning he advise both Luke and John were comfortable with taking the guardianship of our sons if it was necessary. Also, it looked like with all our military benefits, our savings, our investment portfolio, our life insurance and Worthington”s matches our estate would be north of $1,000,000.00 USD. So this needed to be done to protect our sons. He would have the paperwork drawn up by the end of the week and we needed to work out a time so he could have a notary validate our signatures.


I had just finished the call with the attorney as I heard the ominous alert tone and OPS sounding off: “ALERT, ALERT, ALL MEN MAN THEIR STATIONS. UNAUTHORIZED INTRUSION IMMENT!”






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