Alone In Her Hotel Room

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Many thanks to member Endless_Roads.

If you like erotic audio, his work is… inspiring.


Colleen was wound up. Like, really wound up. She had just left Ryan’s apartment, and was on her way back to her hotel.

“All turned on with no place to go,” she muttered to herself as she eased onto the highway. And then she added with a chuckle, “I guess I should say, ‘All turned on with no one to blow.'” A moment later, she said, “And now I’m talking to myself. Great.”

She turned on the radio to try to distract from the arousal, but it was no use. Colleen found herself pressing her thighs together, unable to stop thinking about Ryan. She really did enjoy giving head, and he had been so incredibly responsive, and had clearly enjoyed it.

And, let’s face it, he’s got a really pretty dick.

She wandered along that train of thought for a moment, remembering just how good he felt in her hand, and in her mouth, and…

She shook her head to try to clear her thoughts, but she was, quite simply, wet.

And aching.

Part of her wanted to turn the car around, but the point had been to take Ryan’s mind off of the bad game and relax him, and that had certainly been accomplished. Colleen smiled to herself, thinking of just how well that had been accomplished.

And then she fidgeted in her seat, pressing her thighs together again, shifting her hips as thoughts of Ryan’s ample endowment filled her mind.

“Fuck,” she muttered, biting her lip as she finally turned into the hotel parking lot. She was going to have to do something about this.

“He’s sleeping like a baby, and I’m Casibom about to lose my mind.” She shook her head briefly, and said to the empty elevator, “And I have to stop talking to myself.” Smirking at her blurry reflection in the wall of the elevator, she added, “Out loud, at least.”

Tossing her purse on one bed, she rummaged through her suitcase, suddenly concerned that she had not remembered to bring them, but then smiled as her hand closed around the small bag that contained her two favorite toys.

Colleen spent a lot of time alone or traveling, but she really didn’t like one-night-stands. So to solve that problem she had her two small travel companions.

Looking in the bag, she briefly considered the fingertip vibrator… quick, to the point, very effective. But instead she drew out her other vibrator… anatomically correct, except for the fact that it was purple silicone.

She closed her eyes for a moment, holding the toy in her hand, realizing with a smile that despite its generous size it was still slightly smaller than the real one she had just left.

Colleen grabbed her headphones and her phone, and, with a quick check to make sure she had flipped the security lock on the door, stripped off her clothes and lay down on the second bed. The bookmarks on her phone browser brought up what she needed immediately… erotic audio by the incomparable Endless_Roads.

She took a quick scroll through the options to find one that suited her mood, pausing for a moment on “Blowjob Appreciation.”

Mmmmm. That one is so good.

In the end, though, she decided she didn’t want any scripting tonight, just sound, and decided Casibom Giriş on one of Endless_Roads’ ‘Man Sounds’ recordings. No words, just sounds like the ones she heard from Ryan when she was stroking him, sucking him, making him crazy… the incredible sexy sounds of a man getting off.

“Okay, ‘Roads, let me hear you,” she whispered, hitting play to start the recording.

Colleen reclined on the bed, her thick purple friend turned on low speed, and slowly teased the tip over her clit as the sounds of stroking, and moaning, and heavy breathing started in her ears.

Her breathing sped up right away. She was so wet already, so turned on, that she slipped the tip of the toy down to her entrance almost immediately, starting to make her own little moaning sounds as it pressed inward.

Just the tip.

Just that tease.

She was going to try to time her climax with ‘Roads, and she had a while to go, so there was no rush.

Gentle, shallow strokes in and out to start with. Just those little teasing thrusts, the slow rumbling vibrations adding to the sensation as she briefly slipped the tip back up over her clit.

The vibrations, those extra sensations, helped to compensate for what was missing… not having a big, warm, hard body pressing her to the bed. Not having another person to grip, and bite, and dig her nails into. Not having a man’s hot tongue invading her mouth with insistent kisses, pushing into her in time with his hard cock.

But she did have ‘Roads, groaning in her ears, stroking his hard cock so that she could hear it, getting himself off knowing that women, and men, she added mentally, would be listening Casibom Yeni Giriş and getting themselves off to his sounds.

The toy was halfway in now, and she tried to move it in time with the strokes she was hearing, fucking herself in time with how he was fucking his hand.

“Oh,” she whispered. “Oh, shit, feel so good.”

She had missed this, the feeling of being filled. The stretching, the feel of pressing, gripping against a man’s hard, fat cock. Or at least a simulation.

The thrusts were all the way in now. His sounds were growing more urgent, and Colleen reached down to turn up the speed on the vibrator so that she could finish with him, lifting her hips off the bed and gasping as she pushed against the toy.

She reached behind her with one hand, gripping the bars of the headboard…

Yes, almost there, just a bit more, oh, God…

“Ryan!” His name burst out as she climaxed in time with the recording, reveling in the feeling of bearing down on the realistic toy, riding the waves of muscle contractions magnified by the facsimile inside her.

The last gasps of her orgasm took a while to dissipate, the vibrations keeping it going, and she bit her lip again as she rode the toy through the aftershocks.

With a satisfied sigh, she finally turned off the vibrator and put it to the side.

After a few moments she thought about getting up… she should brush her teeth and generally get ready for bed. But she started thinking about Ryan again.

And how hard he was.

And how thick.

And how silky his cock felt in her hand.

And the taste of his precum as she licked the tip of his dick.

And just how much she wanted to ride him until he screamed her name.


Colleen scrolled through to Endless_Roads’ next ‘Man Sounds’ recording, and turned the vibrator back on…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32