Alone and Uninhibited Ch. 06

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James knelt down beside her, positioning his penis next to her luscious red lips, parting them gently with his giant head. He could see her soft, pink tongue move closer to him and he shuttered when she touched him with it.

“That’s it baby, lick my cock, taste that sweet cum. Be a good girl and suck it for me. Make me cum for you…”

James knew that praising her got her more excited and more eager in her efforts. Without hesitation she sucked him all the way in, right down to his base before gagging and choking on him. She held it there as he began to pump inside her mouth. With every thrust he got a little more forceful. He knew she loved to hear him when she was doing something good, he groaned as she went all the way down, grunting as he thrust into her.

“Ohhh, yeah… take that cock love, I am getting close. Where do you want it?” Her mouth was full, but she didn’t budge, he took that and went with it.

“You want it in your mouth, want it to drip down your throat?”


Her response was muffled but James knew what she wanted. He pumped her hard, holding her head in place. By now she was gagging and drooling all over herself and him. This was rare for her to let him do this, usually she took control when it came to giving him head. But this time she Kastamonu Escort was totally submissive. She loved to be his submissive, it gave her great pleasure.

“Here it comes, open up and take it. That’s it, good girl, open a little wider and take my cum. Here it comes… Ahhh…” James groaned loudly and shot his load down her throat. She gagged a little but recovered quickly and sucked his tip, milking him for every last drop.

James pulled out of her mouth and leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were soft and smooth from all of the sucking that she did, and her lips and tongue where salty from his cum. He parted her lips and kissed her deeply, moving his tongue in her mouth, making sure to get what was left. Sybil loved to kiss him after he was done eating her, she found that licking and kissing her cum from his face was intoxicating and arousing. James was still hard, Sybil rolled him over onto his back and climbed on top of him. Holding his erect penis in place for her to mount and slide down on.

Sybil lowered herself onto him gently, she was so wet that she slid with ease. He was thick and hard as a rock. She moaned at the feeling of him inside of her, and a little smile came to her face as the familiar sensations came flooding back to her. James watched her Kastamonu Escort Bayan facial expressions as she bobbed up and down on him, moving her hips to make him hit certain places. He could feel her muscles twitch and tighten as she pleasured herself on him. She was incredibly smooth and warm, and was extremely talented in the way that she could control her muscle movement. Her hands glided all over his chest, stopping to rub and lightly pinch his nipples.

She moved on of her hand up to his mouth, parting his lips so that she could slide a finger in. In the past when they had played there were fantasies of both of them being with the opposite and same sex partners. Sybil loved to watch him suck and be sucked by another man. His tongue was wet and slippery, she imagined him with a thick penis in his mouth and picked up the speed in which she was working him. She removed her finger from his mouth and brought it to her own, licking and sucking it, moaning all the while.

James reach for her and massaged her breasts while she ground down on him. She propped herself up on her feet and took his hands in hers.

This changed his positioning in her and really sent her over the edge. He was deep inside of her and she was able to work him in a way that was pure Escort Kastamonu pleasure for her. He gazed at her as she brought herself to a place of sexual ecstasy, shit bit the bottom of her lip seductively and had a look of pure heaven on her face. As she quickened her pace she started to whimper and bounce a little harder and faster.

“James,” she cried in a soft tone, “I’m going to cum on your hard cock, cum with me, I want us to cum together…”

“In good time my love, I want to pleasure you as long as I can. Cum on me, and I will cum with you in a little while.”

Sybil smile sweetly and worked herself on him a little longer. But it wasn’t too long before she was screaming and slamming herself onto him. He could feel her rush of hot cum wash over him and create a slippery film covering the both of them. She collapsed down onto him and buried her face into his chest. Kissing him and running her hands all over him. James gently turned Sybil onto her back and kissed his way down to her clit. He licked and sucked her for a few minutes, paying close attention to her vagina and enjoying the taste of her sweet cum. He licked down her taint to her delicate rosebud and began to tease her. She loved this, lifting herself up so that he could have better access.

He spent a few minutes licking and probing her with his tongue for lifting his head and returning to her to gently kiss her on the mouth. While doing this he reached down and guided his still penis into her, he slid in with ease and resting inside of her for a moment. Sybil pressed herself onto him and held it there while the kissed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32