Allen Finds Himself Ch. 01

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“Good morning, Allen,” said my sister Anna.

Great, I thought, this is just how I wanted to start my day. It was Valentine’s and I had broken up with my girlfriend the week before. The details are not important; the issues came from both sides. Anna is a sweet girl, kind, understanding, and very outgoing. She has a lot of lovers but I wouldn’t define her as a slut. She really does care about everyone that comes to bed with her. Anna and I have a bit of an unorthodox relationship, sex, love, etc. anything is up for discussion. It’s not that I didn’t want to see her, it’s just that I knew the day was going to be about trying to cheer me up. And I really wasn’t in the mood.

Anna came up and gave me a really big hug and held me tightly. “Good morning, Anna” I said, “What brings you here today?”

“Oh, you know, I was just checking in on you. I saw the things you have been posting on Facebook and I got worried”.

“I’m fine, Anna,” but I knew she wouldn’t buy it. This was the second year I had been alone on Valentine’s Day and it was getting old.

“Well, if you say so. I thought you would like to come with me to a club tonight? I don’t have any plans and this one I find a lot of fun.”

“I would love to, Anna, but I’m really just wanting to stay home tonight, maybe play some games with friends online.”

“Your friends online can wait and, besides, you might get some pussy later tonight if you come.”

“Okay, Anna, so what kind of club are we talking here? I don’t want to go to some sleazy sex place that smells like bleach, swamp ass and feet.”

“It’s nothing like that,” she explained. “The club is for people to meet others of shall we say the same ideas about love and sex. Nothing goes on inside because most don’t hook up the first night; better to be safe with someone you’re going to sleep with.”

Well, I thought, that’s a start. At least I don’t have to see someone fucking right next to me. I have been to those places before; even got a blow job at one. After cuming in the girl’s mouth she was sucking someone else off. Maybe that turns some on, but I would have at least liked to know her name or shared more words than her asking me if she could put my cock in her mouth because I was cute. But, I can’t complain too much; I did get off. Anna was getting annoyed with me. I could tell. And, that look on her face told me I better go or she was going to drag me there. “Okay fine,” I said, “we can go to your house of love and sex. What time should I pick you up and what is the dress code?”

“You’re the best big brother ever. Come get me around seven; that way I can get ready.”

We said goodbyes and I was left alone inside my apartment. There were some boxes that my girlfriend had yet to pick up. And some books here and there that I was reading. On the table was still some of the breakfast that I no longer wanted. I needed to shower and get back on my homework – today was my day off from school. I’m twenty-nine, have average build and am a high school drop out. After losing my job that was very easy and made me enough money oral seks porno to live an alright state of existence, I decided to go back. Attending community college was a lot of fun. At first, it was a little scary because I was worried what the others would think about my age.

But, I found out that the job I had before made me forget that I was still young and had a lot of life in me. The girls there didn’t care anyway, I had to show my license to one who said I looked around twenty-three. This made me feel better about going to school there. I made a lot of friends and fell in love with a cute Asian girl. There were a lot of problems in our relationship. A lot had to do with her family not approving of her dating me as I’m white. She had no problem with being with me though her problem came from me playing games online. I’m a great boyfriend and lover but some things just get pushed aside when I play. I realize that my addiction is more than likely a bad thing. But I just really enjoy it, I play mmo’s mostly and the friends I have are as close as real life ones. The latter I don’t have very many of. She always seemed to get really angry when I and all my friends were online and having fun. I never broke a date with her or anything to play, but she always seemed lonely during it.

In any case, it didn’t work and I feel a lot of that has to do with me not being willing to give it up. After completing my homework I decided to log into a game I have been wanting to play for a while. I had to turn off all the lights and shut the blinds because this is how I play horror games. Right around six I had to hurry to get ready, I don’t even know how the time went that fast. After a shower, I drove down to my sisters house. She has done well for herself and lives in a rent to own place a little way from the waterfront. Anna opened the door and I was shocked right down to the core. She was wearing a little red dress that had a slit almost to her ass. My sister gave me a hug and welcomed me inside. Her hair was done up in a little bun with some bangs hanging around her pretty face. I told her that she was looking great, which got me a nice smile. We headed out to the club. Anna had to tell the person I was her date. She explained that this would get me in without a charge. Everyone was dressed very well, I thought, for what they were here for.

I looked over a few women in the clutter of people, doing well in crowds has never been something I’m comfortable with. Anna excused herself from a couple she’d been talking to and came over to me. “If you see a girl you want and she is with someone talk to the boyfriend or husband first it’s polite,” she said.

“Okay,” I said and she replied “And, stop mewling about and have fun.”

I walked through the crowd and decided to have a smoke. There was a place on the back porch for this. I lit one and someone that asked me for some fire. I stood and watched. The girls were attractive but didn’t seem to catch my eye more than anybody else would. That was until I saw one dressed in black. She playboy porno was short, busty with a skinny body and I think she was middle aged. I have always had a thing for older women and the way she walked put me in a trance. I saw no one with her; she was just looking around as well. Snuffing out my smoke I followed her for some time, the crowd was very easy to navigate. That’s when it hit me – this was not what I expected. Everyone was polite to each other and kind. I thought about this but didn’t want to lose the girl I had found. She went over to a man and kissed him – must be her lover in some way. I didn’t know how to start the conversation. Were they looking for a girl or a man? What were they doing there? I looked at the man; he was very handsome, middle aged looking guy, dressed in the latest style for men his age, clean shaven and with a kind looking face. He was in good shape and had semi short hair. The woman who I followed dropped something and with him getting it for her I was able to see a ring that shone when a dimmed light caught it. Bingo, I thought, husband. It mattered little; I was going in and nothing could stop me.

Coming up, I tried to open them up with what I thought they would want to hear, “wonderful night isn’t it?” I said. They were calm and probably knew I was a little afraid of being sent away. “Yes, it is,” the woman said.

“I haven’t seen you around here before but I did see you come in with that young girl,” the man said.

“Yes, were not together just friends that decided to go out together.”

“Aww, that is so sweet,” the woman said.

“I hope I’m not intruding on anything. It’s just that I saw you standing and wanted to get to know you,” I said.

They shared a look and the woman’s eyebrow raised at him. Must be nice, I thought, to be in a relationship where a look can say so much. The man went on to say, “You are not intruding, we came here looking for someone for my wife and maybe for myself. We have been married a long time and enjoy others together.”

I have never been one to think of myself as gay or bisexual but the way he talked so calmly made me start to harden. Thinking over this, I asked, “And just what are you looking for tonight?”

The woman answered “We may have found it, my name is Chelsea and this is my husband, Andrew.”

“It’s great to know both of you. I’m Allen, would you two like to get a drink?”

They both agreed and, as we walked over to the bar, the Chelsea put her hand in mine. “I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that when a couple wants to get to know someone this way they won’t be bothered by another for that time.” Her hand was soft, very warm and fit in mine well. I said I didn’t mind at all and we got our drinks.

Andrew started, “I will come out with it. We wanted to find a guy for my wife. She is taken with you and so am I. Things happen quickly here so I will tell you that I like to watch. Would you come back with us to our place? If there is anything you don’t want to do you don’t have to.”

I almost choked on my pornhub porno rum and coke, but began to think about this. On the one hand I knew that they were swingers, though I never liked the term. And, if I went home with them, I would get to more than likely fuck the hell out of Chelsea while Andrew watched. This whole thing was making me hard as a rock and Chelsea’s and Andrew’s smile told me I had nothing to worry about. They were a homey couple and made me feel at ease. “Okay, I said, but I have one question. Can I leave if I become uncomfortable?”.

Chelsea spoke up, “I would have it no other way.” She came in close, “I’m horny and really need to be fucked hard. I will give you my pussy and ass that you can do what you want with.”

“Okay,” I said, “let me find my friend. I don’t want her to worry.”

They said they would meet me outside and asked if I wanted to give her my keys so they could give me a ride. I found Anna, with another girl, just shooting the shit and laughing. “Hi, Allen, what’s up?

“I found someone and I’m going home with them. Do you need my keys or anything?”

She told me that would be nice as she and Lilith were going to leave together soon too. Lilith said, “too bad you found someone already; I would have liked to make you come all over Anna’s face.”

I didn’t know what to say so Anna spoke up “Oh, we are just good friends – never done anything like that before you know.”

Anna’s date said, “shame he’s cute.” I gave Anna my keys and said my goodbyes.

Chelsea and Andrew were out front and I asked them if I could ride along. Chelsea got in back with me – Andrew at the wheel. “Relax honey, would you like me to do anything now to make you feel at ease?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “this is just not what I’m used to.”

Chelsea looked at me and, moving in close, kissed me very gently. Her lips were smooth and silky, a hint of perfume rose from those perfect breasts packed into her dress. I pulled on the slit in her gown and kissed her harder. I felt a hand move up my leg and unzip my slacks. She pulled my cock out of my boxers and sank her mouth down on top of it. I was in heaven as my eyes rolled back and I felt my whole body go limp. She was going slow, tonguing the small strip on the bottom of the head. Sliding down almost to the base then coming back up again and again. It was torture I thought I had an orgasm then another and another without ever ejaculating. She pulled out my balls and was rolling them in-between her fingers. All of a sudden she increased the pace, bobbing up and down so fast I thought she would gag and choke. I tried so hard to warn her about the coming stream that was going to shoot into her mouth at any second. But, all that came out was a moan. Then something happened that I didn’t expect. I felt her teeth pressing in between my head and shaft very gently and her hand squeezing my balls. I came so hard that I thought I sounded more like a girl; over and over, wave after wave crashed over me. I filled Chelsea’s mouth and could hear her trying so hard to swallow it all. I felt that if it didn’t stop I would pass out and then I was completely spent. The car pulled into a driveway and she rubbed my chest to bring me back. “That is only the start, Allen, but from now on I would love it if you called me Mommy”. I smiled at her. This was going to be one hell of a night.

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