All Grown Up Ch. 03

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Amanda lay there for just a moment in Ryan’s arms, her own arms tightening around his body as she just held onto this moment. Her eyes closed for a long while before she managed to whisper, “I … I’ve never imagined what that would be like. I didn’t know …”

Ryan smiled, hearing her words as he held her close to him, his own eyes closing as well. He, too, had never imagined it being that good with Amanda even after all the fantasies he had had of them being together.

Amanda lay quietly for a moment before her eyes opened, looking at him in all earnest, blue eyes searching his face before she quietly whispered, “Have you imagined … doing … that … to me before tonight … Ryan?”

His lips quivered a bit as he smiled. “Yes,” he admitted. “Though, I thought it was wrong of me.”

She looked at him quietly for a moment as if lost in thought, her still trembling hand reaching up to gently rub a thumb over his lips. “Did it feel wrong?” she whispered.

Ryan smiled brightly. “No,” he said. “It felt perfect.”

Amanda smiled brightly in return as if hearing him say it made it more than perfect. She leaned close to gently lick his lips before whispering, a shy blush kissing her cheeks again, “What else have … have you thought … about doing to me?”

Ryan laughed softly as he looked at her. “I don’t need to answer that, do I?” he teased.

She smiled shyly, dipping her head close to his neck as her tongue darted out against his skin. She wiggled closer until she could feel his hard cock jutting out from his boxers like a hard rod. Her fingers were unable to stop from reaching out to touch it through the flimsy shorts. “But will you?” she asked innocently.

Ryan sighed gently as her fingers stroked him, his lips reaching out to kiss her softly. “Fine,” he said. “I’ve imagined everything. Guys’ minds are bad places,” he laughed. “I’ve wondered what you felt like … inside and out.” His hands started to roam her young, lithe body as he spoke. “How your lips taste and their texture … but I’ve never imagined it like this,” he admitted.

Amanda smiled gently, honestly, as she looked up at him. Her fingers curled beneath his shirt as trembling hands slowly began to inch it upwards, starting something she knew that she had wanted for a long time. “I’ve imagined it too,” she whispered huskily.

Ryan kissed her, sucking her upper lip a bit as his arms rose obediently, allowing her to remove his shirt. “Imagined what?” he teasingly asked, using her words against her.

Amanda blushed softly as she pulled his shirt off of him, exposing his chest to her gaze. She had seen it before but today it seemed like new. For the first time, she was able to touch it. Her nails gently ran across his nipples until they hardened. She could feel his skin tremble beneath her touch. It was powerful, overwhelming to finally be able to touch and kiss him like she had longed to for so long. “Imagine us being together … of us being more than friends … of you …” Her voice faltered some as she looked into his eyes before whispering softly, “being my first.”

Ryan’s reaction to her words was mixed. A part of him had guessed the truth but he had never been for sure. “You’ve never … done anything?” he quietly asked.

Amanda nodded slowly; wondering if that might scare him off from her. She knew that some guys would do anything to be the one to ‘pop a girl’s cherry’ but she also knew Ryan … the real Ryan and more than likely, he would back off before jumping in line to be the first. She was nervous and her fingers seemed to wander aimlessly along his chest, as if she wanted to memorize every inch. “No, I was … saving myself,” she admitted.

Ryan smiled gently, watching her closely. “For marriage?” he asked.

Amanda looked at him for a moment before hiding her face against his neck. She trembled slightly as her arms wrapped around him, whispering so softly that he could barely make it out, “… for you.”

Ryan’s hands slowly came up to grip her shoulders, pushing her back just enough to look down into her face. “You’ve always loved me, haven’t you?” he asked in wonder, his eyes locked with hers.

Amanda nodded, shaking with the emotion that she had kept hidden for so long … through those gangly years that he allowed her to follow him around; through even this year at college that he had even allowed her to stay close at the frat, hoping … wishing … sobbing almost as she admitted to it. Holding him close, she whispered, “Yes … always.”

Ryan kissed the top of her head as he pulled her closer, feeling regretful that he had been so caught up in his own life not to notice. “I’m sorry, Mannie … I’ve been so blind.”

Amanda held tightly to him, her breasts crushed to his bared chest. Her nipples tingled from the desire that she had always felt for him, her fingernails lightly scoring his back as the tears that she had held back for years, wanting him to notice her, began to spill over his skin. “It’s … its okay,” she said in a forced voice. escort bayan “You finally … noticed.”

Ryan laughed in a soft, sad way as his fingers gently wiped away her tears, his lips pressing to her cheeks. “I’m sorry it wasn’t sooner,” he said in a quiet voice.

Amanda smiled softly, a smile that melted away all the wistful past as she held him close. She tried to turn her head to catch his lips as he kissed away her tears, feeling somewhat foolish about admitting everything she had ever wanted to him but at the same time, she was just glad that he had accepted her heart with gentle hands. “I love you, Ryan,” she said softly against his lips.

Ryan’s lips played with hers as he admitted, “Love you too … I’m finally sure of it.” His hand drifted over her naked body to pull the covers up over them as he held her with a happy sigh.

Amanda smiled brightly, a single tear flowing down her cheek to hear his words as she cuddled close. She felt him cover them up as she lay against him and then the feel of his throbbing cock jutting out against her through his boxers. Laughing a little, she added, “I think something else loves me too.”

Ryan blushed a bit at her words. “Hey now,” he said, “Not my fault you’re also sexy.”

Amanda laughed softly, her fingers drawn to it. She wanted more than anything to touch it … to see it. Her lips gently pressed to his neck as she whispered, “Ryan … do you … can we …?” She faltered off, not sure how to put to voice what she wanted to give him.

Ryan ran a hand down her leg to rub her thigh. “We can do whatever you want,” he said.

Amanda shivered slightly as she felt his hand. Just that simple touch sent a new wave of butterflies into the pit of her belly. She was nervous … scared of not being able to please him but she so desperately wanted to. She wanted to make him as happy as he had made her. “What … Ryan … do you want to do?” she asked, looking up into his eyes. Her fingers absently stroked his cock through the thin layer of his shorts.

“Anything and everything,” he whispered in a now husky voice. “Whatever you will enjoy and want. I just want you happy, Mannie … I always have.” His nose gently brushed up against hers as he looked into her eyes.

Amanda couldn’t help but smile as she felt his nose brush hers. Her fingers continued to stroke his cock that throbbed through his boxer shorts, blue gaze locked with his as she quietly said, “I am happy, Ryan … right here with you. I love you. I always have … even when you only saw me as the geeky girl that followed you around.”

Ryan looked at her with a grin. “You were a geek?” he teased innocently before he gently kissed her lips. “I’m kidding … I’ve always had a place for you … always.”

Amanda laughed gently before she curled up closer against his side. Her bare leg moved over his as her fingers slowly caressed up his chest, reveling in the moment of being in his arms, laying in his bed, having him kiss her the way that she had always dreamed of him doing. Her blonde hair spilled out over his shoulder as her head rest there and she looked up at him with wide blue eyes.

Ryan’s green gaze looked down into hers. “You have the cutest puppy-dog eyes ever,” he teased. “I don’t wonder why I can never say not to you.” He smiled at her.

Amanda smiled, a soft blush kissing her cheeks once again as she heard his words. She was simply lost in this helpless power that he had always had over her. Soft lips pressed upwards to his chin as she pressed her nude, young body up against his. “Then why say no?” she teased.

Ryan could feel the warmth of her skin against his own and the intoxicating feel of her privates grinding against his boxers. His eyes bore into hers as his lips came together for a moment, hearing her words. “Say no to what?” he carefully asked, his eyes searching hers.

Amanda could feel the butterflies take flight once more in her belly, unsure if she was more nervous about what she was offering or that he might turn her down. Moving slowly over him until she was straddling his hips and his cock pressed against her cunt through his boxers, her blonde hair spilled down over her shoulders to tease at her hardened nipples as she reached down to take his hands slowly. Trembling slightly as she moved them up to cover her breasts, she softly whispered, “Do you want me, Ryan?”

Ryan’s thumbs caressed her hard nipples as his eyes glanced once over her body and then back to her eyes as he smiled gently. “I don’t think I could say no. It does seem to be what you want …” His hips lifted a little to grind into her through his boxers as his hands squeezed her breasts through her hair that lay across them.

Amanda gasped softly, a low moan escaping her lips. The sounds of the party downstairs were forgotten. The only thing that she could think of was him as her hips reflexively pushed down against his. She could feel the precum of his cock start to seep through the material of his boxers against her thigh. Shuddering türbanlı escort helplessly as his fingers lightly pinched and played with her sensitive nipples, her shy smile appeared as she whispered, “I want to give myself to you, and Ryan … I always have.”

Pulling her torso down to his, Ryan kissed her deeply as their hips ground against one another. “It will hurt …” he warned in a soft voice.

Amanda whimpered softly into his mouth, her breasts suddenly crushed against his hard chest as she felt his hand slide up over her hips, one hand moving up her back to push her harder down against him. Unshed tears kissed her blue eyes as she knew he was telling the truth, but she wanted to give him what no one else could ever have again after this moment. “I know,” she whispered in a choked voice.

Ryan closed his eyes as his hand slipped down to push on his boxers letting, for the first time, her bare slit come in contact with a cock. His hardness sprung up against her as his hands pulled her up a bit and then pushed her back down, causing her slit to split along the length of it, from the base down to the tip as they ground against each other. “Want me to pull out or go find a rubber?” he asked his voice soft in her ear.

Amanda lifted up carefully, trembling as Ryan’s fingers pulled his boxers down and then as she lowered once more, the wetness of her lips splitting over each side of his cock, covering him in moist heat, she could hear him groan with pleasure. Amanda trembled in his arms, feeling him push up and down along her slit, the head of his cock bumping into her engorged clit time and again, causing her to whimper with need even though she didn’t really know what it was that she wanted. “I … I don’t know,” she stammered, trying to stay focused even though she was drowning in this moment between them. “Wh … what do you want?”

“I promise to pull out,” he whispered, his voice full of concern as he realized the severity of the alternate. He could feel the love he had for her welling up within him as he kissed her, the warmth of her body flowing over him as he finally pushed her body up and then pulled it down a little, the head of his cock pushing against her small opening.

Amanda nodded, unable to speak really as she heard the concern in his voice, seeing it flash in his eyes and she knew, in that moment, what he was thinking even as it concerned her as well. Trembling lips pressed against his before she felt him raise her up some. Her fingers splayed out over his chest as she steadied herself, feeling his cock head slide along her slit until it lined up with her tight entrance. Never having anything pushed up inside her before and she reflexively tightened her muscles as she felt him prepare to enter her for the first time. Wide blue eyes locked to his as sweet lips pursed into a small ‘o’ as she starts to ease down slowly …

Gripping her hips gently but fully as she lowered, Ryan could feel major resistance as his cock head finally pushed in with a {pop} through the muscles. A small groan escaped as he whispered, “Baby, you have to relax … you’re gonna squeeze me in half.” He couldn’t help but grin as he looked into her eyes, pulling her down for a kiss.

Amanda gasped as she felt just how big he was, afraid for a moment that he was going to rip her in two. She nodded, trying to relax as she felt just how wet she was as it leaked out onto her inner thighs. Trembling, she could feel her muscles relax some as his cock slid in deeper, eyes widening as the pressure increased. It verged on the edge of painful, a soft cry erupting into his mouth as he kissed her. “Ryan …” she said on a moan.

“Easy Mannie, sweetie,” he said softly, pressing his hands downwards, slipping a couple of inches into her newly forming hole. Reaching resistance finally, he could feel her wince a bit and his eyes locked on her as they flew open in pleasured shock.

Amanda cried out as his cock finally broke through her barrier, a sudden rush of warmth intermingled with a searing momentary pain. A single tear slid down her flushed cheek as the pain started to fade, replaced by a feeling of intense fullness. Closing her eyes, she bit down on her lip as she held perfectly still, her walls seeming to clamp reflexively down over his cock. “Ryan …” she whimpered.

The blood and fluids mixed over their bodies as her warmth spread down him in lubrication as he took her barrier in such passion that it sent shivers down his spine. Feeling her clamp down around him, he pushed her hips up and pulled most of the way out slowly as her breath slowed down. “You okay, Amanda?” he whispered, concern in his voice, afraid for a moment that he had hurt her badly.

Amanda blinked back the tears, the wound of his voice bringing her back as eyelashes fluttered open. She looked startled for a moment before her blue eyes finally locked on his face, seeing his concern. A sharp gasp escaped her lips as he nearly pulled all the way out, an ache beginning antalya escort as she suddenly wanted to feel him back inside of her. “Y … yes,” she whispered, leaning down to kiss him, the simple movement pushing her stretching cunt further down on him again.

Ryan was amazed as she impaled herself halfway down onto him. His hips wiggled in pleasure as her hard clit ground against his length on the way down. He kissed her, whispering through it against her lips, “Oh Mannie …”

Amanda couldn’t help but moan into the kiss, her fingers seeming to suddenly move on their own accord across his chest as her lips moved against his. She could feel his length push further up into her and her clit seemed to be on fire as it rubbed up against him. “Ryan … oh, Ryan,” she moaned against his lips.

Ryan moved her by the hips up and down, then front to back so that her clit rubbed hard against his length as they moved together. Finally wiggling all eight inches deep into her, Ryan slowly pulled her up and then back down again, helping her adjust to his size. “Sweetie … I love you,” he managed to say, gasping as her nails traced down his chest.

Amanda gasped deeply, feeling Ryan manipulate her body, causing her to tremble uncontrollably until he was buried completely to the hilt. Hearing his voice and words, she shuddered against him, her blonde hair strewn over them as she leaned over him. “I … I love you,” she managed to whisper back.

Ryan stayed deep within her as he reached down to rub her slit with his thumb. He could feel himself throbbing deep within her as he pressed his lips to her soft ones.

Amanda jerked unexpectedly as his thumb made contact with her sensitive clit. She had no clue that it could be this … this intense! Her soft cry got lost in his mouth as his lips claimed hers, her cunt walls clamping down on his cock as she can’t help but move against him.

Ryan moaned out as her tightness surrounded his cock. He whimpered a little as he whispered in her ear, “Sweetie, that feels good … too good. Be careful … I don’t want to lose control in you.” He pulled out and then pushed back in as he spoke gently into her ear.

Amanda gasped, her breath long gone as Ryan pulled slowly out and then pushed back in again. She wasn’t really sure what it was that she was doing that would make him say that but felt some kind of sense of pride to know that she was making him feel good. Her breath exploded against his neck as she pushed back some, starting to sit up on him, causing his cock to push deeper. A cry lifted from her lips as she gasped, “Is it … am I … oh, Ryan!”

Ryan could feel her body explode on his, her walls spasmming as her sweet hot breath pounded into his shoulder. He could feel her juices flowing around them as he moaned, trying to hold back as hard as he could. “Mannie … go head … cum on me,” he encouraged, his voice soft in her ear.

Amanda couldn’t help but shudder almost violently, her cunt walls clamping down on him tighter than before. Her back arched, causing his cock head to push against her cervix as she suddenly cried out, nails biting into his flesh as she came unexpectedly, blue eyes wide. “Ohhhhhhhhhh … ohhhhhhh, Ryan!”

Ryan groaned as he almost lost control. “Mannie, oh Mannie …” he cried, feeling her spill over him and around him, cumming for the first time on a guy. He pushed up on her hips, feeling his self-control slipping quickly. “Sweetie … quick! Move off … I’m going to cum too and I can’t … not in you!”

Amanda trembled helplessly, lost in the moment, her mind not quite registering on what he was saying as her cunt walls collapsed around him. Hot, sweet nectar flowed out over his throbbing cock before she realized what he meant. Rolling to the right, she slipped off of him as she felt hot tears kiss her cheeks, overcome with the emotion of finally being with the guy she had always loved.

The sudden rush of cool air on his throbbing cock gave Ryan a moment to breathe deep and control the urge he had to cum. Pulling her close to hug against him, he kissed her passionately, his knee rubbing against her still soaking and jerking cunt.

Amanda shuddered against him as she felt his knee press against her flooding pussy and she reached over to feel his hot, hard cock. It seemed to throb against her fingers. “Did … did you … Ryan?” she asked, blushing crimson.

Ryan shook his head, taking a deep shaky breath. “No …you rolled off in time. Close though … damn! You felt soooo good, Mannie,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to her temple. “I would have never guessed. I have never felt like that,” he admitted.

Amanda glanced down, seeing his cock throb in the air. Her fingers reached out again, gently stroking it as she blushed from his words. But then she had the sudden urge to see him cum too. “Doesn’t it … hurt?” she asked softly

Ryan shook his head with a grin, turning his face to look at her. “No, why would it?” he asked.

Amanda looked at his throbbing cock glistening in the dimly lit bedroom, covered with her juices as she saw for the first time just how thick he was. Exploring fingers gently reached out to touch it, feeling him jerk somewhat beneath her fingers as she looked to his face. “I had always heard that if you didn’t cum, it hurts,” she answered honestly.

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