All Good Things to Those Who Wait

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“It’s strange. Sure is strange.
You’ve got to pick up every stitch.
Two rabbits runnin’ in the ditch.
Oh no… Must be the season of the witch.”
~ Donovan, Season of The Witch

* * *

I’d arrived at my girlfriend Sonya’s parents’ house around one that Saturday afternoon, parking alongside the mountainous drifts left by the snow plow. With Christmas just around the corner we’d planned a small get together with friends for some holiday cheer. Little did I know, however, that Sonya’s younger sister, Amber, was going to make it a day to remember, and then some. Looking back on it I really don’t know whether it was fate, or random, blind luck.

After greetings and salutations I’d gone downstairs for a little sneak-a-toke and to grab an orange soda. I was loading a bowl when my cell buzzed. It was Amber texting me. I’d recognized her number from the few times she’d called looking for Sonya. I stared at the digital readout in disbelief. “Hi. I read your email. Game for XL backdoor fun if you are? The bigger the better. Very horny for it. NOW.”

While stepping into the bathroom to hit the can I puzzled over her unbelievable offer. Before I’d gone downstairs she’d been in the living room watching TV with everyone else, including her boyfriend. Was she fucking with me, I wondered? Must be. Bewildered, I collected my thoughts as best I could while relieving my burdened bladder.

Even though there was about a four year split between us Amber and I had always gotten along well if she were around when I’d come over to see Sonya. She was something of a wild flower who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind freely. From what I knew of her she was a slightly eccentric girl who in high school ran with an artistic clique of misfits. I had a vague recollection of her having gone through a “goth” phase a few years back, dying her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair jet black, and applying heavy ghoul eyeliner around her baby blues. She’d since outgrown that, though, and now attended community college part time, and worked a Wage Slave cashier gig at the local mega-Hellmart. Pretty standard for Nowhere, U.S.A.

Her slender figure had filled out nicely over the past several months that I’d been seeing Sonya. Given her request for anal sex I suddenly flashed on how good her little butt had looked in a bikini last summer when she was at the Fouth of July beach grill out playing frisbee with Sonya and I and some of her friends. She had that petite type of figure some girls do that although slender still affords a well formed, sweet, heart shaped ass.

I’d surmised from her text that she’d apparently read the recent email exchange between Sonya and I where we expressed our dissatisfaction with one another. Things hadn’t been so great between Sonya and I. It was one of those relationships that on the surface sort of ended up being a bit more than what it actually was. Sex wise we were on opposite wavelengths. There were other problems too, but the sex was especially disappointing. There was something very specific I wanted that Sonya wanted no part of.

You see, even though I’m endowed with an incredible cock size that can be both a blessing and a curse, depending, I used to know this girl, Madison, who loved taking it up her butt. Was abso-fucking-lutely crazy about it. Madison and I were very inexperienced when we’d met several years ago at summer camp where she was a junior water skiing instructor. Intelligent and sensitive, long reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, full lips, hefty jugs, pert ass, well toned legs, deep tan. The summer sun brought out a small swath of cute freckles along the sides of her nose. Yeah, you could say I was really into Madison back in those days. Very much so.

While making out one night after sneaking away from our group sitting around the campfire, we had anal sex for the first time out in the woods. She was going down on me, slurping loudly as she tried her best to suck as much of my big cock as she could. She was the first girl I’d been with who not only swallowed, but was quite enthusiastic about doing so. I was getting close to flooding her mouth when she suddenly stopped and announced, “I want to try something else, okay?”

By the lunar light I watched as she slid her skin tight cut-offs down, reached behind and smeared something slick into her butt, turned, bent over, grabbing a medium sized tree branch to steady herself, and guided my giant sized dick to her asshole, lubricated with what I later discovered had been a small packet of restaurant butter she’d hastily scrounged up sometime earlier. I wasn’t able to last very long that first time. After only a few minutes of pumping my monster into her soft, tight ass, I lost it. Bigtime. She tried to make the most of it, though, pushing back, forcing more of my big dick into her butthole as it spewed its load into her canal. Not exactly a fantastic maiden voyage, but for Madison, it had been true butt love at first insertion.

Nearly every time we fooled around from that point on she took me straight canlı bahis şirketleri into her ass. Although her pussy felt wonderful too she didn’t really seem to have a lot of interest in having me there. The times we had vaginal sex only that summer I could probably count on one hand. Some girls just have an ulterior anal agenda and seek the right guy who allows them to unleash it. That’s the sort of relationship Madison and I had.

That very next day she’d wanted round two. She had stayed behind, choosing not to go out on the lake boating with her friends, and instead knocked on my screen door in the early morning sunshine and invited me to her cabin for another session of what she jokingly referred to as Log Jamming. She was stunning standing there in her sandals and orange bikini, the sun bringing out her long brown hair’s natural red strains.

She didn’t beat around the bush, and in no time at all had me out of my cut offs, and was belly down on her bed, orange bikini bottom slid down to the tops of her thighs with me straddling her, sitting on my knees. With my hands palms down I spread her gluteal cleft with my thumbs, working the fat head of my heavy dong in and out of her tiny anus with the aid of tropical sun tanning lotion. Devo’s The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize was playing on her stereo.

Her taut buns were amazing, appearing a stark white compared to the rich tan of her legs and back. Each time I attempted to thrust myself deeper into her backdoor those creamy white cheeks would relent, buckling inward around my huge shaft. Madison admitted she’d never had the backdoor urge until meeting me, specifically because my cock is so extraordinarily large. It really brought out the primal beastie in her, as is usually the case with girls who crave seriously intense butt love from an extra large cock. It’s that whole wrong-is-right thing, yet taken a step further.

I loved the feeling of my huge rod being engulfed by her hungry anus. The unbelievable sight of watching myself disappear into, then reappear again from the tiny hole between her smooth, white buns. I wasn’t a virgin then, but certainly didn’t have much experience with girls, and had never even imagined that any girl would want it that way with something so large. It was incredibly tight. I was something of a loner, a country boy hoodlum-hippie, and at that time was unaware that some girls craved anal sex. That said, I soon discovered that not many wanted it with a guy who is equipped with what I have. Conversely, it was precisely its inordinate size that fueled Madison’s desire to have it stuffed deeply into her tight butt.

Straddling the backs of her thighs I’d wedged about half of my huge crank into her ass as she writhed in pleasure. “Do you really like it like this, Madison?” I asked her, trying to shove my giant dick deeper into her already engorged butthole.

“Wooo…oh yeah, definitely. I don’t know why my friends told me it’s bad … this is so much better than the regular way!” she gushed, batting her eyes at me over her shoulder, bucking her hips back and upward, sucking more of my bloated meat into her butthole. A stray sunbeam shone through the window, its curtains blowing softly in the breeze, highlighting her pale cheeks, my huge dong protruding obscenely from between. When I’d pull out I noticed how her usually tiny anus was splayed wide open, spasming with sucking motions, gluttonously seeking further abuse from the massive cock pummelling its natural biological resistance into submission.

Encouraged by her unbridled enthusiasm I worked myself into push-up position and found that in doing so could better control how deeply and forcefully into her rectum I could thrust. Madison immediately sensed it too, urgently bringing her hands back to spread her cheeks.

“Oh yeah…put it all the way in. All of it,” she plead euphorically. Her bound tight sphincter conceded entirely, surrendering its natural capacity to resist as I forced my huge, glistening dong deeper into her ringlike hole with each stroke. Blissed out, she orgasmed from my abnormally wide girth maximizing the elastic resilience of her anus.

I rammed my giant cock in and out of her butt like that for a good fifteen minutes, each powerful stroke sending my dong more than a dozen inches deep into her rectum. My first go at it the previous night had certainly paled in comparison. Now, however, I was really onto and into something good, indeed.

Realizing I was close to orgasm, Madison signaled me to allow her to turn back over, pulling me forward to receive multiple, spewing eruptions of gooey sperm in her mouth as she sucked the head of my giant cock, then covered in a white, glossy sheen from the combination of suntan lotion and her rectal mucus.

I packed her butt regularly like that, and she loved having me cum everywhere; in her mouth, on her face, inside of her ass, on her tits. She was a firm believer that anal sex made me shoot larger loads, which she couldn’t get enough of. I was young, dumb, and full canlı kaçak iddaa of cum, and Madison had both ingested and been adorned with quite a bit of mine that summer.

But as good things often come to an end we went back to our separate towns at summer’s close. It turned out she more or less already had a steady boyfriend who had likewise been away for the summer, and I was able to read the writing on the wall: Madison came from a well-to-do family, as where I did not. At camp that didn’t really matter so much. But once back in her real, day to day world, there’d be no explaining to those who ran in her social circles why she’d taken up with a long hair. Even though we saw each other a few times beyond that, being out of sight and out of mind, Madison and I went our separate ways. We learned a lot together that summer, and her love of buttfucking made a lasting impression on me. Ever since then I’ve wanted to find another girl who wants it backdoor with someone my size.

Contrary to popular belief it really isn’t difficult to find girls who enjoy anal sex. Far from it, actually. Some girls do, some don’t, while a rare, fractional percentage prefer having it with a monster sized cock. Finding one can be a tall order to fill as it boils down to a very particular psychological niche in just the right girl. They’re few and far between, but they’re definitely out there. I’d already experienced one, Madison. And now maybe Amber too was likewise one of those elusive few – they of the incredible, ever expanding gape. As it turned out she was the High Priestess of backdoor.

* * *

At present: I’d been wanting to have anal sex with Sonya, but after a few predictably half-hearted attempts she’d finally barred and locked her backdoor for good. She’d been determined from the outset to not enjoy it. It simply wasn’t a part of her psychological make up. Even if I’d only a fraction of what I do she still wouldn’t have been game for backdoor action. My extra large size made for solid sounding justification for her declination, so she used it. Oddly enough though, I’d caught Sonya bragging to her friends before about my size, yet she just really wasn’t all that sexually driven, for anal or otherwise. I suspected that some of her friends were aware of it too.

Amber’s text. My mind was reeling crazily as I imagined the possibilities. Oh, for want of a Magic Eight Ball! I wondered if she were serious, and if so, would it pay off, or only yield another no-go as it had with Sonya? What if her offer was merely a gag and she was only having fun leading me into a dead end instead of inviting me in through her out door as she had? Contrarily, however, it did seem quite unlikely that she’d do such a brazen thing with her boyfriend around.

Not wanting to get my hopes up, and uncertain if I should agree to cornhole her even if her offer was serious, I splashed some water on my face, trying to distance my mind’s eye image of her in her bikini last summer, her little ass bouncing along as she played frisbee, and made my way back upstairs.

She was cool, alright. Didn’t even acknowledge my presence when I walked back into their spacious living room where everyone was lounging, talking, and watching The Grinch. I found it difficult to avoid looking at her. She wasn’t the shy type. I knew that from the times I’d been around her. Yet she didn’t exactly strike me as a backdoor thrill seeker either. Her boyfriend was talking with a mutual friend while she sat there looking bored. It occurred to me that the two were as mismatched as Sonya and I.

She sat on the big, comfy love seat with her legs crossed, partially under a blanket, absentmindedly twirling a multi-colored, striped socked foot in the air. A moment later she rose and walked over to where a large bowl of popcorn was sitting on the floor. Making sure no one else was paying attention, she offered me a come hither grin, arching her small, shapely butt outward and reached down for a handful.

Great sweating Jesus, I thought! …perhaps her offer was serious after all. I tried to put on like nothing unusual had occurred and plopped down on the sofa, stifling a snicker that arose over the thought of walking over to her and giving her little butt a sharp swat.

After thirty or so torturous minutes of feigning interest in random chit chat, and with the little Who’s down in Whoville on the widescreen, a few others, including Amber’s boyfriend, Chris, took their leave for pizza at the bowling alley in a nearby town. I was listening to Amber tell Chris that she just wanted to hang out around the house instead of going when the sound of Sonya calling my name brought me back with a flinch.

“Mike? Hey. Come on, you. Wake up over there. You’re a million miles away today. If I ask real nice would you please run into town and grab some more chips and pop? We’re about out. If you hurry back you won’t miss Frosty!” She then returned her attention to her friends.

Fine by me, as I was all kinds of wired up on confusion and nervous energy, and canlı kaçak bahis more than happy to get out of that room and clear my thoughts. I’d just donned my old leather jacket and was picking over a tray of deli cold cuts in the kitchen when Amber walked out, timing it perfectly as no one else was around.

“Hi ya, Mike,” she said with a coy smile. Stopping at the crock pot on the counter she exclaimed, “mmm I love cocktail weenies.” Fishing one out she asked, “did you get my message about your big cocktail weenie?”

At first I was unsure why, but looking at her It suddenly occurred to me that, aesthetically, her mouth was similar to her ass in that, although on the smallish side, both were quite full and lush.

Stilted, I stood there trying to read her, unsure of how to respond to this bewitching, big, blue eyed babe offering to sacrifice her tender derriere to my monstrous hog. “Yeah, I did. Didn’t know what to make of it. Still don’t.”

“Mmm-hmm,” she finished chewing. “Care if I tag along with you into town …I mean, if you want me to?” I could sense her hopeful anticipation. She’d played her hand and the cards were on the table.

I stammered a bit, trying to imagine her, maybe all of one-hundred and ten lbs wet, attempting to take my mammoth rod in her backdoor. You could say I had my doubts. “Sure. Yeah. If you, um, really want to. It’ll be good to have some company.”

She flashed a relieved smile and said, “hang on a sec,” and disappeared down the hall, stopping at the closet to grab her coat, and then slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door. At that moment I somehow knew that for good or bad it was definitely going to happen. I was going to tap Sonya’s little sister’s tight, young ass with my monster cock. Merry Christmas to me, indeed.

When she finally trotted back out she waved a small jar of Vaseline at me with a knowing wink, quickly slipping it into her coat pocket as she strolled past me to the door leading out to the garage.

“If you don’t have any KY we can get some while we’re in town,” I offered, noting what she’d indicated she intended to use for butt lube. Most experienced backdoor girls seem to prefer KY as it’s water soluble. Although up to that point, the girl I’d had the most anal sex with, Madison, was prone to use any damn thing that was handy. She used to get off on coming up with unusual forms of butt lube.

“Nah. This is so much thicker so it lasts longer and grips better if it’s big,” she said, directing her attention toward my crotch. “Or really big, as I’m hoping it is in this case. Was Sonya exaggerating?”

“Not in the least,” I replied. As she noticed me observing the Mistletoe hanging above the door she smiled and wiggled her ass a bit. “Ready?” She was beaming like a kid on her way to a toy store. Damn good question, I thought. Was I ready?

Deciding it was likely now or never to take advantage of this rare opportunity, I decided to just go with it. What the hell, things were going nowhere with Sonya, and if this crazy little chick was determined enough to take it this far, she may just be the real deal. And man, oh man, did she have a little caboose that just begged to be hammered. As we walked out into the cold garage I couldn’t take my eyes off of her gorgeous little rump moving within her green corduroy pants.

“Must be my lucky day, huh?” I’d more so said aloud to myself than to her, noticing I could see my breath. She stopped, turned and walked up to me. Reaching out she wrapped my arms around her so that my hands rested on her ass. She arched up on tip-toes to kiss me and then coaxed me back around to the far side of the parked SUV in furthest part of the garage. Squatting down she undid my jeans, reached in and pulled out my meaty-beaty-big-and-bouncy. At once her eyes widened, her mouth indicating a sense of the dumbfounded. Her small hand was barely able to wrap completely around it as she gripped it like a footlong sub sandwich.

Clearing her throat and lowering her voice as to not signal our presence to anyone inside, she emphatically exclaimed in hushed tones; “Your lucky day? No, this is definitely my lucky day! Oh my god I can’t believe I’m going to get all of this up my butt!” She gave my heavy slab o’ meat a lengthwise lap with her warm tongue. My pulse was fucking racing as my already semi continued growing like an enormous wad of dough.

“Well you can call it a gift, buttercup.” At the very least I thought I’d get a blowjob outta the deal, figuring there was simply no way she’d be capable of taking my huge, vein laden beast into her petite hinder. Still and all though, it would be fun trying. “Umm, we better get going.” I told her. “Otherwise if you keep that up you’re liable to get a very messy surprise. That thing’s loaded, ya know. Very.”

“And what makes you so sure I don’t want a messy surprise? I’m counting on it.” Her eyes suddenly widened again as she looked up at me. I envisioned a cartoonish light bulb materializing over her head. “Before we go though I want you to just please put it in me a little first. Will ya? Cause I really want you to.” She was marveling over my enormous erection, looking up at me, pumping the meaty shaft. The humor had dissipated from her voice and now wavered with lustful anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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