Alexis the Babysitter

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My name is Alexis. I am single, but by choice. I date around, but nothing serious. I’m not a model by any means, but with dark black hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin and soft features with full lips, I definitely turn some heads. I stand at 5 foot 5 with an hour glass figure, full C cup breasts, tight stomach, and an ass to die for. I am 22 years old and all the guys my age are so immature. They want to party and get trashed, but I’m just not interested in that stuff. I’ve never been good at socializing… I’ll go with a few friends to a hole in the wall bar and throw some darts or shoot pool and have a beer or two, but I’m not into clubs and dancing and drinking shots. Besides…I had my sights set on someone a bit older and much hotter than any guy I’ve fooled around with.

I had just gotten out of the shower and started to dry off when I heard my phone go off. Emily, my neighbor who lives behind me, was calling me.

“Heyyy.” I answered.

“Hey girrrrl! Look is there any chance you can watch the kids for me tomorrow night? I am on my way out of town for a work thing which is bullshit because my work trip meetings are usually Mondays, not Thursdays!”

“Of course, I don’t mind at all! But what about Matthew or his brother?” Matthew was her incredibly handsome husband, he drove a delivery truck first thing in the mornings till evening. His Brother moved in with them a couple years ago, he worked night shifts and was the babysitter during the days.

“Matthew has some errands to run after work tomorrow, he should be home right after the kids finish dinner. Ryan finally ended up moving out! I am grateful for him watching Max and Mel but he really sucked at the responsible stuff and I always came home to a trashed house.”

“Ohhh okay, I’m sorry Ryan wasn’t any real help…but yeah I can watch the kids no problem.”

“Thanks Alexis, you’re the best!” She says then hangs up.

I stand in the bathroom, still covered up by my towel. I noticed I ended up air drying so I didn’t have to use the towel now. I’m glad though because I still have some sunburn from last Saturday and it still hurts a bit. I rub some aloe on my shoulders as much as I can. Luckily I live alone, so I don’t have to worry about covering up when I come out of the bathroom. I walk into my room and climb into bed, I enjoy sleeping nude. I snuggle up under my covers and fall into some deep sleep.

The next day, I spend it catching up some laundry and reading some sexy stories online. While my clothes were washing, I skim through the website, looking for something that catches my eye. I decided on a daddy-daughter story where they reunite after not seeing each other since she was 6 years old. She ends up working for him and they realize their love for each other and start their romance. It was really hott and had me very horny. Of course, as always, I couldn’t get myself off. So I get frustrated and turn my damn laptop off and went to check on my clothes.

Emily texts me asking to be at her house when her son, Max, gets off the bus and the babysitter will be dropping Melissa off around 4. I reply saying “no problem :)”.

After all of my laundry had been washed and dried and I watched some stuff on Netflix, I see its almost 2pm and I decide to go ahead and find some clothes to wear. It’s almost 90 degrees outside, so I decided on my favorite dress. It clings to my c cup breasts and flat stomach and then flows out at my hips and stops just above my knees. The back crosses over, like an X, so its fairly loose, which is what I need for my crappy sunburn. Of course I never wear a bra, they are so uncomfortable, and would be even more now, so I went without, as always. I get my favorite light blue boy shorts on and slide my sandals on. I walk out the door and lock it behind me. Thankfully I don’t have to walk down the street with cars passing by, I am able to walk through the small patch of trees in my backyard and it leads to their place.

I get to their porch and grab the key under a plant pot that I always use when I am asked to babysit for them. I walk inside their house, Max should be home in just a few minutes. I get his TV set up for Netflix and then throw his favorite dinner in the oven, lasagna.

When Max gets home, he does his homework and chores and then we watched the first Avengers together. Halfway through the movie, there’s a knock at the door, I check the window and see its the other babysitter here to drop off Melissa. She comes inside and runs into my arms, Little Mel was my angel! I loved her so much. We all finish Avengers together and then eat dinner.

My phone goes off, letting me know I received an email.

MATTHEW TO ALEXIS 6:32PM: Hey Alexis, sorry I don’t have your phone number and remembered you emailed me last summer. Hope you are able to receive this email.

ALEXIS TO MATTHEW 6:38PM: Hey! Got your email. Kids are good, we just finished dinner.

MATTHEW TO ALEXIS 6:41PM: Okay thanks. escort izmit Look, I have one other errand to run. I was wondering if you’d be able to stay a bit longer though because I was thinking about getting a few drinks with my buddy at the bar by the house. If you have plans I understand!

ALEXIS TO MATTHEW 6:45PM: Yeah that’s no problem at all! Go get a few hours to yourself, we will be fine.

MATTHEW TO ALEXIS 6:47PM: Thank you so much. I wont be too long.

I put my phone down and decided to surprise the kids with ice cream sundaes. Found all kinds of toppings to use and set them on the table. I put ice cream in the bowls and called the kids into the kitchen. They get loud with excitement and we added some fun junk to the ice creams. After ice cream, I get them in the shower and get them ready for bed.

Its almost 8:30 so I get comfy on the couch covered with a blanket. The only downfall to a dress, is I get cold, and I don’t like touching other peoples thermostat in their houses. I end up falling asleep during the show that was on TV.

Matthew gets home, barely tipsy, around 10:30 and sees Alexis asleep on the couch. Most of the blanket had fallen to the floor, Matthew quietly walks over to try and wake her up so she can go on home. He taps her on the arm, but she didn’t budge. He looks Alexis over, admiring her young body, thinking how incredibly sexy she was. He notices her dress had risen up her thighs and her ass was visible. Matthew had seen Alexis’ ass in jeans and shorts, so he had imagined how it must look but his imagination was no where near close to how bubbly and perky her ass really was. He puts his hand on her upper thigh, and starts to caress her and Alexis starts to wake up.

“Oh hey… sorry I fell asleep… did you have a good night?” I say sleepily, not totally acknowledging Matthew’s hand on me.

“Yeah, it was okay. Drank a couple beers… I just got home a few minutes ago.” he continues to lightly caress my thigh while talking to me. “Were the kids good for you? Did they give you trouble getting to bed?”

By now, I’ve realized he was rubbing my leg so I slowly sat up and fixed my dress. But he puts his hand over my knee.

“Yeah they were great, no trouble at all.”

He smiles, happy I didn’t have any problems, continues to rub my knee, making his way slowly back to my thigh. I’ve got to stop this, I know he is buzzed, I can see it in his eyes. I can’t let anything happen, no matter how fucking horny I am since I couldn’t get myself off earlier.

I stand up and walk to the kitchen, offering him some lasagna. He follows behind me, I feel his eyes on my ass though. I grab a plate and start putting some lasagna on it. I feel his hands grab a hold of my waist, I feel his warm breath close to my shoulder where my dress starts to cross over on my back. Matthew kisses my shoulder, shoulder blade, back, and makes his way around to the other shoulder while his hands are slowly going down my hips and he starts pushing my dress up some. Matthew steps closer to me, pushing his hard on against my ass. God he feels huge! As a normal reaction, I push my ass against his dick. He groans and leaves light feather kisses on my neck. I realized my hand had been roughly pulling my right nipple, I guess at some point my hand found its way to my breast.

He hooks his thumbs under my boy shorts and starts to slide them down, slowly waiting for my rejection. But I stand there, partly frozen in shock because I didn’t know what to do and partly because I didn’t want this to stop. Matthew is so sexy for a 40 something year old, I’ve known this for a year now, I’ve fantasized about him hitting on me. But I always put it out of my mind, I didn’t believe he’d give me the time of day. Something stops me in my thoughts, something wet and on my ass. “Oh my god, hes licking my ass cheeks.” I thought. Kneading my ass and kissing, licking. He slides one hand up my back, lightly pushing me forward, to bend me over the counter. Then he moves my legs apart just a few more inches and I feel his tongue running up my inner thighs.

“Mmm, Alexis, you’re dripping. You’re so wet and you taste so good.”

“Mmmngggg” I can’t help but moan. Matthew is teasing me with his tongue on my thighs, completely avoiding my pussy. I start grinding, wanting, needing his tongue on me. But he stops, I feel him getting up. He puts his hands on my shoulder straps of the dress, gently slides them off. I wince at the slight pain I feel because of the damn sunburn.

“Would you like for me to rub some aloe on your shoulders for you?” He whispers against my neck, softly leaving butterfly like kisses on my shoulder again. I nod, I just want to feel his hands on me some more. He grabs the cold bottle of Aloe out of the fridge and takes my hand in his, kisses the back of it smiling, and leads me to his bedroom. He unbuttons his blue shirt, showing his gorgeous fuzzy chest. I look him over, my eyes look down and I see his hard dick izmit escort is straining against his jeans, he looks so uncomfortable.

“Lay down on the bed.” He says while squirting some aloe in his hands.

So I lay down on his bed, facing away from the bathroom, adjust my dress so its off of my shoulders, he starts carefully rubbing the aloe on my shoulders and smearing it so it’s blended and doesn’t leave any clumps. When he’s done, he kisses my neck again and says to let it dry and he’d be right back. I hear Matthew as he walks to the bathroom, to wash his hands off and then I hear a drawer open and close. He comes out and sees I haven’t moved. I’m still facing the wall, dress barely covering my ass since I was laying down. I hear another drawer open, a zipper, and then the drawer closing. “What is he doing?” I think to myself.

He walks around the bed and shows me whats in his hands, a rope. With a suggestive smile, he quietly asks me to let him tie my wrists up, I nod, only because I’ve never been tied up before and have always wanted to be. My pussy is tingling and it feels soaked when he finishes tying my wrists to his bed post. He walks around to the foot of the bed and slides my panties off, I can’t see him, but I hear him sniffing them. Matthew comes back around and steps closer to me, bending over the bed smiling. He leans down and we share our first kiss. He lightly licks my lips, his tongue is asking to be let in, it makes me smile so my mouth opens slightly for him. His tongue is dancing with mine for a couple of minutes, but then he stops the kiss, leaving me wanting more and he’s laughing a little.

Matthew undoes his jeans and slides it down past his ass. Hes not wearing boxers, so his cock springs out begging for attention. I slide my knees up under me and scoot closer to him, my dress falls more off my shoulders, showing my tits. Matthew’s cock is twitching just inches from my face. Hes not very thick, maybe about just 2 inches and roughly 7 inches long. I lean down and lick my lips ready to taste him. I get close to his cock and stick my tongue out, starting at the bottom of his shaft, working my way up slowly. I gently nibble along his hard dick and then run my tongue all over till its nice and wet…Matthew starts squirming with frustration and reaches out to wrap his hand in my hair, holding it for me. I start at the bottom again and lick my way up and get to the hole and stick my tongue in it, licking, still not sucking, loving to tease him. I continue this a couple of times and then I see pre cum start to leak out, I put my mouth over the head of his hard cock and lick it up, I slowly pull away and his dick seems to follow me, not wanting me to stop. I lean forward putting it in my mouth, start sucking just the head ever so lightly. Listening to Matthew moan out of pleasure, I slide his dick more into my mouth, taking it inch by inch. I hold it in my mouth for a second, wanting to feel it in my mouth. He leans over me and lifts my dress a little and starts to caress my ass. I feel Matthew lower his fingers and rub my soaked pussy, making me moan with his dick in my mouth. He slowly runs his fingers over my slit and back to my ass, rubs his soaked fingers, over my asshole and sticks a finger in and starts fucking my ass. I moan and really enjoy what he’s doing, it makes me even more turned on so I start sucking his dick in and out of my mouth as if it were my pussy. He pulls his finger out and puts something else inside me, and it starts vibrating.

“Holy fuckkk” I hissed, I’ve never had a vibrator in my ass, it was a whole new experience.

I slide back up to the head and flick my tongue against his hard dick. Hes going crazy, waiting for me to take him in deeper. Matthew starts to caress my tits, playing and pulling my nipples roughly. I feel my pussy juice dripping down my legs. I slide his cock back in my mouth, sucking, taking him as deep as I can. I slide it out of my mouth just taking in the image of his shiny raging hard on, covered in my saliva, and loving every bit of it, I go back down and suck him good and hard. I’m moaning and feeling all the wild sensations in my ass.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Matthew says as he grabs a fistful of my hair and starts thrusting his cock in my mouth and I feel him start to twitch. Once I taste a bit in my mouth, I pull back and Matthew loosens his grip and then cums on my lips, chin, and my chest and I swallowed what had gone in my mouth. Matthew looks down at me in amazement and caresses my face. He sees I am getting close to my own orgasm because of the vibrator still in my ass. So Matthew comes around to the end of the bed and investigates my pussy.

“Oh my sweet girl, you’re making a mess with that beautiful pussy of yours.” Matthew says.

I can’t help but groan, he leans down and places both hands on each of my ass cheeks to spread them a bit and he dives in and starts lapping up the juices dripping out of my pussy.

“Unnnggg izmit kendi evi olan escort fuuuuuck.” I cry out from feeling the sensation of the vibrations in my ass and his tongue on my pussy. He moves his tongue fast and soft in my tight hole and then he goes to suck on my pussy lips and then my clit. I start shaking and bury my face in a pillow to muffle my screams. I’m about to cum when he shoves a finger in my pussy and then two and starts fucking my pussy so damn good and flicking my clit so fast with his tongue and I start squirting all over his hand. He pulls his hand out and drinks up all of my cum as it starts spilling out of me. He’s licking softly and slowly, sucking my juices out, cleaning my pussy with his tongue. He goes to take the vibrator out of my ass and I start trembling from being so sensitive and coming down from my orgasm.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.” were the only words that I could form before I pass out from intense orgasm.

I wake up shortly after, feeling myself being rolled over. I notice Matthew had untied my wrists and was rolling me onto my back. He looks at me with lust in his eyes. His hands slowly slides up my legs to my thighs, pushing my dress up some. He bends down and places gentle kisses around my pussy and then slowly starts to lick my lips and sticks his tongue in my hole, getting me wet again. My right hand is pulling on my right nipple and my other hand is in Matthew’s hair, tugging and holding his head in place. I feel myself needing to cum again so I push my hips up arching my back, he grabs a hold of my thighs and lifts my ass up and starts licking and sucking.

“Oh my godddd.” I groan as I feel myself cumming again and he’s lapping it all up.

“God you taste so good Alexis. I could do this every night, all night.” He says licking his lips, and sliding up to me.

“I wish you could do it every night. You’re incredible.” I say to him smiling.

I look down and see he’s straining against his boxers. I sit up and bend over his lap, I let his cock out and put it back in my mouth. Loving the hardness on my tongue. I bob my head up and down a few times, sucking and Matthew pats my ass to stop. He tells me to get on my hands and knees.

Matthew bends over and licks my pussy and and licks all the way up to my ass hole. He grips my ass cheeks with his hands and he starts squeezing and caressing, spreading my cheeks apart, while sticking his tongue in my ass. He slowly slides his cock against my pussy, rubbing it against the outside, just teasing me. While his cock is teasing my pussy, his thumb is teasing my ass, going in a circular motion. I’m about to have another orgasm and Matthew senses it, he slams his cock into my pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I yell and start cumming all over his dick. He fucks my pussy hard, fast, and deep and when he sees I’m relaxing my muscles more, he stops using his thumb and sticks one of his thick fingers in my ass. Hes fucking me, and bends over over and licks my ass, while finger fucking me. I’ve never been double penetrated, I’m so turned on and start pushing my ass against him, meeting his every thrust. He starts slamming into my sopping wet pussy and shoves a second finger in my ass.

“Unnnngg my goddddd.” I groan and he yanks his dick out along with his fingers, and aligns his dick up with my ass. Slowly pushing it in, inch by inch.

“Oooohhhh fuck yesssss” I hiss as he is pushing his hard dick another inch in me, almost half way in. I’ve been playing with butt plugs for a while now, but haven’t been fucked in my ass yet. I hear him popping a lid and then he squirts something cold over his cock and he smears it with his hand over my ass too. Matthew reaches one hand under me, rubbing my clit and the other hand pulling on my nipple. He slowly continues to slide in my tight hole, with me grunting and hissing, until he is all the way in. Matthew stays still, but continues to play with me, till my ass adjusts to the intruder. His attention to my clit and tit is making me drip on the bed under me, I feel another orgasm building and I start humping his hand and grinding on his cock. He takes that as his cue to slowly slide out, but not completely, then pushes in without stopping. He does it again, but with more force this time. I start meeting his every thrust, while his fingers still rubbing my clit, and he moved his other hand to smack and squeeze my ass. My body starts to shake and his hand is getting soaked, knowing I’m close, he grabs the pillow and pushes it under my face and pushes me into it. I scream into the pillow as he continues to fuck my ass and rubs my clit fast and I start squirting all over his hand and bed again. As soon as my orgasm burst, he started shooting his cum deep into my ass.

When Matthew finishes, he pulls out and asks for my phone. I told him it was on the night table beside him, asking why he wanted it. Then I hear a click sound, meaning he took a picture. He pushed me over so I was laying down on my side and he snuggles up behind me. He hands me my phone, showing me a picture he just took of my ass, with his cum being pushed out and dripping and the bed below me with a huge wet spot from where I squirt all over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32