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Hello again guys, this is the final season for Alex and Sebastian. I hope you guys enjoy!

Timeframe: This chapter takes y”all back to about a year and a half after the season 3 finale and finished with a “current time” section. (By that I mean, October of 2026). I”m going to be filling you guys in on what the past few years have been like for most of the characters on the story.

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Wherever You Are � Mark Chesnutt


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Flashback � Spring 2018

 “You look perfect! Stop messing with it!” I playfully slapped Jay”s hand away from his cap. I stepped back and admired how good he looked in UT”s burnt orange cap and gown. It was only last year that I had worn an exact cap and gown for my own graduation. Now, I was working full-time for the university”s biology research department and Jay was getting his Music degree.

“It feels a little small.” Jay played with his cap one more time.

“That”s because you have a fat head,” I joked.

“And don”t you forget it,” Jay laughed and stopped fidgeting with his cap. “Thanks for being here for me, Lex.”

I locked eyes with Jay and smiled. “Don”t mention it, Jay.” I leaned forward and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “I”m proud of you.”

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Jay smiled and kissed me back.

I had taken a seat next to Jay”s mom and little brother during the ceremony. Jay”s brother, Darren, was 14 but was already talking about how much he wanted to move and study at UT, too. We had agreed to help set him up at the dorms or a small apartment near campus whenever he did.

I couldn”t help but smile as I noticed Jay fidgeting with his cap again a few rows up.

I took out my phone and sent him a quick text telling him to stop.

His reply came back a few seconds later:

–          Make me 😉

I smiled and hid the phone from Darren who was sitting next to me.

–          I might have to :p

The ceremony finished a few hours later on account of the high number of students graduating. When we met up with Jay again, he insisted on all four of us go out to eat somewhere. We settled on a small Mexican restaurant on the far side of town.

It had been almost two years since either of us had gone back down to our home town but it was apparent that we both really missed the authentic Mexican food that had been so readily available to us.

 After a very delicious meal, Jay”s mom and little brother announced that they had to start heading back to their hotel if they wanted to leave early the next day. Jay hugged and thanked them for coming as well as their support throughout the years.

Without warning, Nancy, Jay”s mom, walked up to me and hugged me. “Thanks for looking out for my son, Alex. I know he can be a handful,” she smiled.


Realizing this was one of the first time in years I had been hugged by someone I considered a mom, my throat clenched a little. “Not a problem, Nancy.”


She smiled and took my right cheek in her hand before walking off to give Jay one last hug. 


Once they were gone, it was just Jay and I in our apartment. “So,” I said, turning to look at Jay. “What does the new graduate want to do now?”


I wasn”t done with dikmen escort my sentence before Jay pounced and had me pinned to the wall. “Take a guess,” he smiled.


“I can make a few guesses,” I laughed as he began nibbling on my neck.


Jay untucked my shirt and began to unbutton it as he continued to kiss my neck. I pulled my shirt off and pushed Jay around so that he was the one pinned to the wall now.


As I leaned in to kiss him, my hands went for his belt and began pulling his pants off. Before long, our clothes were thrown all over the living room and we were on our couch naked.


Jay scooted down to the far end of the couch and spread my legs open. I looked down at Jay as he took my dick into his mouth and began bobbing up and down.


I closed my eyes and could only hear the sounds of Jay slurping and choking on my dick as he continued to blow me. Small groans of ecstasy escaped my throat and I leaned my hands back to better enjoy it.


“I want to be inside you now, Lex.”


I opened my eyes and nodded as I turned around and felt Jay”s body rest on top of mine.




Once in a lifetime love comes along.

I know it”s you that I”m waiting on.

And that sweet promise of our first kiss

Keeps me hanging on through times like this.


Slowly, I felt Jay enter me and I let out a small groan. “Oh, God, Jay.”


I held on to the edge of the couch as he began picking up his speed. I shut my eyes and felt shivers course through my back as Jay”s thrusts got deeper and deeper inside me.


Jay pulled out and turned me around so that I was now resting my legs on his shoulders. I smiled at him as he positioned his dick to my ass again and began to push in.


My neck arched back and I shut my eyes feeling his dick repeatedly rubbing against my prostate.


“Oh, fuck!” I threw my hands back and tried to ground myself by taking a better hold of the couch. I opened my elvankent escort eyes and was rewarded by the sight of Jay”s lean body thrusting into me. I smiled as I saw the look of pleasure on his closed-eyed face.


Jay opened his eyes and smiled as he saw me looking at him. Leaning down, his lips met mine as he continued to thrust inside me.


My arms wrapped around him as I was overcome by the feeling of his warm body against mine.




Can”t say I know what you look like.

But you”re in my heart and you”re on my mind.

And I feel your love deep down in my soul.

When I finally find you, girl, I”ll know.




“I”m gonna � I”m gonna.” I let out a small whimper as I felt myself begin to cum. Noticing this, Jay quickened his pace and I had to shut my eyes as he continued to repeatedly hit my prostate. “Gah!” I yelled as shot after shot came gushing from my dick. In that moment, Jay”s lips found mine again and a feeling of completeness and joy filled my head.


Realizing that Jay had cum at the same time as me, I looked into his eyes and touched his chest. “I love you, Jay,” I breathed out.


Jay smiled at me and rolled next to me. “I love you too, Alex.”


We laid next to each other like that for a few minutes � caressing each other”s chests and playing with our hands – enjoying the simple fact that we had found each other and that we were happy.




So wherever you are � I”m thinking of you.

Wonder if you”re thinking of me, too?

There”s only so long time can keep us apart.





“So until we meet keep me in your heart.

Keep wishing upon the same old star

And know that I”ll love you wherever you are.”

As we drove, I found myself starring out the window.

“You okay?” Matt asked as he lowered the radio and glanced at me.

I blinked away my train of thought and looked at him. “Yeah,” I grabbed his free hand. “I”m fine,” I smiled.

I had been back to that town only three times before. All three times for different occasions � the last one being as recent as a few weeks ago.


Regardless, I was coming back to the little town that had seen me grow up.

I didn”t know what was waiting for me there but I did know one thing: all roads seemed to lead back to this little town.

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