Alex and Mike Pt. 02

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NOTES: 1) The following contains semi-incestuous voyeurism. If you dislike don’t read please. All characters are more than 18 old.

2) English interpretation provided by Alpha Lyon. And i say thanks to him as editor and all his help. Without him these story is dead; and double thanks for all. Read his stories here.


I felt a little better. We headed down the stairs where we heard a television in the background. Now, if I can just get his mom to delete those photos too …

At the bottom of the stairs, Mike stopped me and put a finger to his lips as we looked over the banister and into the living room. His mother, Mrs. Corey, was seated on a sofa as a white woman in a very skimpy maid outfit served her a glass of white wine. As the maid bent over, her short skirt rose up, revealing a curvy plump derriere.

“Must be a new maid because I don’t know this one,” Mike whispered as I watched, hypnotized.

After the new maid had stood up and adjusted her shirt, Mike pushed me forward.

“There you are,” Mike’s mother greeted us as we entered the living room. “Nicole could not come, so Ms. Emma here from the church council kindly agreed to replace her for today.”

Emma blushed at Mrs. Corey’s introduction. She was in her 50s, but very well kept for a woman of her age.

“I might need to start going to church more,” Mike said cheekily, causing Ms. Emma to blush even redder.

Mike’s mother, Mrs. Corey, looked at us, smiled, and in a soft and firm voice added, “Emma, this is my son Mike and his friend Alex. Please go make their beds before the dinner. Mike, can you show her your room and where the sheets are kept?”

Mike nodded and left, leaving me standing alone in front of his mother.

“Give us a twirl,” she said, looking me up and down as nervously I turned around for inspection. “You certainly fill out those clothes better than Mike did two years ago. They highlight your physique very nicely, although I’m sure swimming had something to do with helping you get so muscular.”

I felt my face turn red like Ms. Emma’s from the compliment. Mrs. Corey tapped the seat next to her on the couch, telling me to sit beside her. My throat was dry and I could barely speak, but I had to ask about the pictures she had taken.

“Mrs. Corey – “

“Call me Stacy,” she interrupted. “We’re all friends here.”

“Okay. Stacy. You know those pictures? The ones you took and sent to Mike? They’re… well… they’re rather embarrassing. And I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind deleting them. If they got out…”

Stacy slowly sipped her wine as she studied my face.

“How is Mike doing in school? Is he making friends?” she asked, almost as if she didn’t hear my question.

“Everyone who knows Mike seems to like him,” I finally said, not really knowing where she was going with this. “He’s an excellent swimmer and everyone on the team respects him.”

“That’s good. And you’re his friend, right?”

“Yes, ma- I mean… yes, Stacy.”

“Good. And you’d say you look out for him?”


“Well, I also am looking out for him. I would hate for people to treat Mike badly, just like you would hate for other people to see these photos, no?”

I nodded as I now understood why she had taken the photos.

“Let’s keep this little secret between us. Mike doesn’t have to know why I really take the photos, does he?”

Before I could answer, Mike returned.

“Emma is just as stacked as Nicole,” Mike exclaimed. “You always choose your maids well.”

“Well, we’ll have to see how the evening goes.” Mrs. Corey smiled.

Emma served us dinner as Mike, his mother, and I talked about the usual things: city life, movies, and local events. Our conversation was broken only when Emma would lean over, causing her skirt to hike beşevler escort up and expose her butt. Mike and I couldn’t help but stare, first at her ass, then at each other as we caught each other having to readjust in our shorts.

After we had finished eating, Mike squeezed my cock through the tight shorts and smiled with amusement at my erection.

“We’re going to go back to my room, if that’s okay.”

“Of course,” Stacy said with an all knowing smile. “Emma can clean up.”

Back in Mike’s room, he handed me a game controller and we played some video games. After about thirty minutes, Mike stopped the game and turned off the lights.

“The show is about to start,” he whispered before leading me to the open window that looked out onto the terrace. His mother was lounging in a deckchair in a mini-bikini, taking in the last few hours of evening sun. Emma soon appeared from the kitchen, carrying a tray with a glass of white wine on it and wearing nothing but stockings, high heels, and a little maid’s hat. She leaned over to set the tray down on the small table next to Stacy, who immediately began to caress Emma’s legs, moving up to her thighs, and settling her hands on Emma’s buttocks. Emma’s face turned red again; she was trapped, but as Stacy played with her ass, Emma began to play with her nipples and grind on Stacy’s hand. After a few minutes, Emma moved around and knelt between Stacy’s legs, pulling the bikini bottom to the side before diving in.

We watched from the window as Stacy sipped her white wine and relaxed in pleasure. I could feel my cock getting hard against my shorts, but I wasn’t the only one excited. I could feel Mike’s hard dick pressing against the thin fabric along my ass, turning me on even more. His hands reached around me, exploring my chest, down my toned abs, and slid my shorts down to my ankles. His right hand began to slowly jack my dick as his left explored the crack of my ass. I felt Mike pull my thong to the side, freeing me from its ridiculous confines, before pulling my dick back between my legs to suck from behind, his hair rubbing against my ass. His tongue licked the tip of my dick, tickling it before taking it between his full and sexy lips. No one had ever sucked me like that before, and although my brain told me that I should stop, the sensations were so strong, all I could feel was pleasure.

I watched the scene on the patio, feeling as if I was about to explode, but the tickling kept me on edge, preventing me from cumming. After another fifteen minutes, Stacy stood up and led Emma on all fours into the house.

“They just went inside,” I told Mike through heavy breaths.

“Come to the bed so I can finish you off.” Mike grabbed me by my stiff cock and pulled me onto the bed, positioning me on all fours, just like his mother had positioned Emma outside. I hoped Mike would go back to sucking me, but he kept his hand on my dick, his fingers gripping, sliding faster and faster, milking me like a cow. I wriggled and moaned and he continued his rhythmic strokes.

Mike spat on the crack of my ass, his saliva dripping down to my hole where his thumb rubbed it in. He pressed against it, exerting pressure, until another finger replaced it, forcing its way into my tight ring. He kept pressing, despite my initial moaning protests, as his index finger opened me up. My brain told me I should stop him, but I didn’t. I was paralyzed by pleasure as my cock continued to throb and grow in Mike’s hand.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I moaned as his finger rubbed my spot.

Mike flipped me over onto back, his finger still in my hole, opening me up. In this position, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came, cum gushing out onto my abs. One, two, three heavy büyükesat escort spurts of cum. I had never felt a sensation like it before. Mike rubbed my cum into my skin with the palms of his hands, lingering on my nipples before pushing his hand onto my mouth. Instinctively, I began to lick my cum, cleaning his hand that made me cum.

When I had finished, Mike rolled onto his back next to me. His cock stood proud, black, thick, and strong. I curled up next to him to go to sleep, but Mike had other ideas in mind.

“It’s your turn to take care of me now,” he said. “You owe me, right?”

I gripped the head of his cock in my hands and began to stroke his amazing specimen of manhood. After a few strokes, he stopped me.

“Not like that. I sucked you, now it’s your turn to do the same.”

“I’ve never sucked a dick before. It’s what chicks and faggots do and I’m not either of them.”

“So are you calling me a faggot because I sucked yours?”

“No, but – “

“Then it’s your turn. Now.”

I hesitated, but his hand on the back of my neck decided for me as it pulled my mouth to his cock. I stopped resisting because I knew that taking his cock in my mouth was what I truly wanted. My lips touched the head of his dick and I kissed it. My mouth opened naturally to take in my first cock. Long and thick. The contrast of my white hands on his ebony cock turned me on and I moaned as it sunk in deeper, spreading and distorting my lips around it, until it touched the back of my throat. I choked and panic made me hiccup. He pulled out enough for me to get some air.

“Breathe. Calm. Slow. Catch your breath.”

I could feel my face turn red, partially from shame, but mostly from wanting to give it my best effort. His soothing voice made me want to suck him even more.

“You’re a natural. You suck dick better than any girl I’ve been with. You know what a guy likes, don’t you?”

My mind raced. His compliments turned me on, but was I less of a man for doing this? I had a girlfriend. Maybe I can convince myself that I was forced? I knew that this wasn’t true, and Mike must have seen the confusion on my face.

“You’re not gay or homosexual. It’s cool to be bi, just like me. All it took was getting some of this big dick and the taste of my cum, right?”

“I didn’t really have a choice.”

“What about now? We can stop, but if we stop, we’re never starting over.”

I thought about it, but I had only one thought.

“I don’t ever want to start over, and I don’t want to stop. Not now.”

Mike smiled at me, embraced me, and laid down beside me. He rolled over to face me, taking my head in his hands as he kissed me, his tongue searching my mouth. I moaned, trapped, but let it happen. And in spite of any lingering doubts my brain was having, I felt my cock getting hard as it rubbed against his stomach.

Lying next to me, he took one of my hands and placed it on his cock, humping it like a sheath. He took my other hand and placed it on my own dick.

“Jerk us together,” he commanded, his cock becoming harder in my hand. With his hands now free, his fingers again explored my ass, once again slowly penetrating me, making my ring soften to its touch. First one, then two fingers. I wanted to protest, but he felt too good. He slowly pulled his fingers out of my ass to coat them with something from a tube. I felt the pressure of both fingers again on my sphincter as it opened up even quicker this time.

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

“Exploring.” His voice was calm and controlled. I didn’t panic. “You have a nice ass, but you already know that, don’t you? Muscular. Supple. A real pleasure.”

“What are you rubbing on my hole?”

“Don’t worry. I’m greasing it up çankaya escort so it doesn’t get ruined. If I don’t, you’re gonna scream and cry out in pain and we don’t want to bother Mom who’s busy with Emma, do we?” Mike smeared more of the same cream on his cock as I continued to stroke him. He slipped a cushion under my back and lay down on me, lifting my legs and placing my heels on his shoulders. I felt my vulnerability increasing.

“What are you going to do?”

“Help you discover your deepest, truest self, Alex.”

I felt the head of his cock pressing my anus as he pinched my nipples with two fingers until they were hard. The pressure increased until my hole, which had been resisting, stopped and opened up to take him into me. I felt like I was about to scream as tears blurred my eyes, but his mouth found mine and I became calmer.

“Breathe through your nose, slowly. Stay calm and push out your ass a little harder.”

He kissed me again with a kiss that silenced the sharp pain as his cock entered me, inch by inch. He slapped my ass and I jumped with surprise. In spite of myself, I pushed, impaling him into me even more. He pushed slowly, stopped, then resumed his progression; a new slap on the buttocks; the startle further favoring his penetration. And little by little I was invaded, nailed to the bed.

After more inches sliding into me, I felt his balls touching my buttocks. It burned, and in spite of my brain telling me to stop, I wanted more of Mike in me. Mike paused, letting my tunnel adapt and open around this powerful intruder. When he pulled out halfway, all I felt was a desire for him to fill me again. He pumped slowly as my heart raced.

“I’m going to flood you, stuff you with my cream.” Mike began to fuck me hard. “Come with me and spit out your juice.”

I felt the first shot of his cum hit the backwall of my anal passage, triggering my own cock to explode with him. He pistoned harder and I did not stop him. A second then third squirt flooded my ass, filling me with his seed as my dick shot, first onto my face, then onto my chest, then onto my stomach, decorating my whole body with cum. Mike lied on top of me, kissing me as my cum glued us together. We were breathless, and he did not move anymore; his cock still throbbing in me.

After a while, Mike rolled beside me, looking into my eyes as his fingers explored my body.

“We’re not going to sleep in this mess. Come on.” He grabbed me by my cock, as if on a leash, and led me to the bathroom again. We passed by his mother’s room where, through the semi-opened door, we could see Stacy on her back, thighs spread wide in a V, as Emma’s head moved between them. Emma’s shapely white ass contrasted beautifully with Stacy’s ebony skin. I stopped to watch in eager fascination, but Mike pulled by towards him as we walked down the hall.

In the bathroom Mike pushed me under the shower. He adjusted the heat of the water before joining me. He was in control, spraying me all over the place, kissing me too. He gave me the soap and without a word I soaped us. He kept my hand on his dick and pulled me close until our dicks were rubbing together. It was he who guided my hand to wank our two dicks. I felt us hardening. He stopped. He bent me forward.

“Open your ass, yes, with both hands, and spread them. Show off that asshole.”

I obeyed and he directed the shower jet like a nozzle, flooding my ass. Water dripped on me. He made me crouch in the shower and shove myself out. I felt like a used slut again, and I loved it.

We returned to his room. He placed his hand on my buttocks as if I was a girl who he groped casually while walking. He invited me into his bed and spooned me, my buttocks in contact with his thighs, his cock nestled between them. I felt his cock twitching down my ass. My body came alive, as if on fire, and he nipped at my neck and ears.

“Sleep tight, Alex. But don’t worry; I have more surprises for you tonight.”

And as he fell asleep on me, his left arm encircled me, pulling me against him. I could not move, even if I wanted to, as the image of what had just happened lulled me to sleep.

(To be continued…)

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