Alex , Alexa Ch. 09

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Discalimer: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older. Reviews are always welcome, flames in all caps or poorly spelled will be snickered at, no excuses. Enjoy!

Chapter 9 – Title Up for Grabs


“Um… git.”




“Ooh, good one! Chuffed.”


“What in God’s name are you two doing?” my mother asked with a frown as she walked by us. Alexa and I were sitting across from one another at the dining room table and drinking coffee. She grinned at her older sister.

“We’re suggesting words we think no one will hear Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ever use.” Alexa replied, her eyes glinting with mirth.

Mom rolled her eyes. “Ladies and gentlemen, two of the brightest young minds of our age…”

She now looked at my dad for support. He was leaning back against the counter, sipping at his own cup of coffee. “Do you believe these two?”

Dad looked down at his fingers and began counting. “Actually, you two forgot ‘bollocks’, ‘fanny’, ‘goolies’, ‘squidgy’, and ‘todger’…”

“Oh my God,” my mother sighed in exasperation. “You’re worse than the two of them!”

“You don’t want to play?” he asked, smirking.

“That depends, ‘enry ‘iggins,” mom said flatly, turning around to hold up the heavy glass container of our blender. “Just ‘ow badly do you want a Vitamix blender lodged in your bonce?”

Dad laughed loudly and went over to hug my mother, taking her into his powerful arms and encasing her in his embrace. She closed her eyes and almost purred, clearly very content. They held the pose for several seconds before he released her and they picked up their briefcases.

“Right, we’ll be on campus until about nine,” mom announced. “Allie, have fun on your date with Jeanie, if such a thing is possible. Alex, have fun saving Hyrule or Skyrim or wherever it is you’re off to. See you both tonight!”

And then they were gone. We were silent for a few moments before Alexa sighed and looked at me. “So, yeah. No idea when I’ll be back. I think it’s safe to say this date with Jeanie will be rather… physical.”

I nodded. “Seems likely. Does that bother you?”

She shook her head but made a wry face. “I… normally sex wouldn’t. You know me, I’m pretty liberated about my body. But I feel like I’m almost cheating on you, Alex. And that’s kind of crazy.”

“I know what you mean,” I said in agreement. “I’m set for a date Wednesday night with a girl named Heather and I feel the same way.”

“It’s because we’re in love,” she sighed heavily, leaning against the table. “You and I love one another so much and now we are being forced to date other people, because… well, it can never happen, it can never get out, can it?”

“No, it really can’t,” I said in resignation. “I feel really cheated by that. But, you need to know that I’m not begrudging you this, Alexa. I can’t be all jealous and possessive of you going out and dating, it wouldn’t be fair.”

“Oh, you’re wonderful,” she said softly, her blue eyes shining. “I think it’s okay for you to be a little jealous and possessive of me, I won’t mind.”

I smiled back, unreasonably heartened by her words.

“Besides,” she lilted, getting off her chair and wiggling her way around the table, clad in her plush bath robe. “My date with Jeanie isn’t until tonight. If your parents are guaranteed to stay away, you have plenty of time to ravish me and remind me what other potential suitors have to measure against…”

“My day is suddenly looking up,” I said cheerfully as she drew close to me, undoing her belt and letting the robe drop to the floor. My aunt stood in front of me in all her naked glory, her silken skin beckoning to be kissed and caressed. Her perfect, opulent breasts begged to be teased and sucked on. “God, you’re so beautiful…” I breathed.

She took me by the hand and began leading me upstairs, forgetting her robe on the floor. If my parents came home and saw it, there’d be some questions I really didn’t want to answer, but at this point I was willing to take that risk.

I followed her into her room, where she turned around and pressed herself to me, kissing me deeply and passionately. I held her body to mine, enthralled by the feel of her. I could not foresee getting tired of it in a thousand years. As we kissed, Alexa began pulling my t-shirt over my head and then managed to pull my shorts down over my hips until they dropped to the floor. My rapidly-swelling cock pressed against her smooth pussy now while we wrapped our arms around one another and kissed hungrily, tongues slithering into one another’s mouths.

“God, I love you so much, Alex,” she moaned through our kiss. “I’m so in love with you.”

“I love you too, Alexa,” was my reply. Our hands wandered freely around one another’s bodies now, exploring and groping eagerly. “Let me lick you…”

I didn’t wait but simply pushed her backwards- her knees touched the escort bursa edge of the bed and she buckled with a gasp at my directness, falling onto her bed. She had barely bounced on the mattress before she spread her legs wantonly, inviting me to eat her already wet womanhood. As I leaned in, she reached down and used her fingers to spread her netherlips wide, exposing herself to me. Her coral-coloured inner pink glistened, begging for my tongue.

Alexa moaned loudly and shuddered as I pressed my mouth to her pussy, snaking my tongue inside her. She tasted sweet and I felt her legs wrap around my shoulders while her hands tangled in my hair, rocking my head. My hands clamped down on her thighs, pinning her to me while I began to lash her slit mercilessly. There was no foreplay involved, I just wanted her as wet as possible for when I fucked her.

“Gnnnnnn, Alex!” she gasped, almost doubling over as I tortured her. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum! Oh God!”

She pushed up with her hips suddenly, crushing her pussy to my face and gripping my head tightly. Her groan of pleasure was guttaral, shameless as she came, slathering my face with her essence. I couldn’t believe how quickly she’d cum.

Alexa pulled me up to her face and kissed me, hard. Her tongue plunged into my mouth, tangling with mine as she tasted herself greedily. Her hips ground against mine, her sopping pussy hungry for my swollen, throbbing cock. She pulled back from the kiss, her eyes flashing with lust.

“Fuck me, Alex,” she hissed, her hands massaging the back of my neck in her need. “Fuck me and make me scream as you cum in me. I’ll suck your cock after, but please fuck me now…”

I nodded and pinned her down, her loud moan all I could hear as I pressed my cock head between her slippery lips and sank deep inside her. She pressed back up against me, taking me in to the hilt. Her hands grabbed my ass cheeks and she began bucking voraciously.

I looked down into my aunt’s eyes and she stared back into mine intently, lost in one another. I slid my cock in and out of her pussy, which flexed and gripped me tightly as we established a heated rhythm between us like I’d never known with any other girl. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she rocked against me.

We made no attempt to prolong our lovemaking, we just wanted to cum together. I could feel the sweat on our bodies as we fucked, panting as we stared into one another’s eyes. The sticky, wet sucking sounds of my member pushing back and forth inside her made us both wild with desire. My balls slapped against her as I pushed harder and harder, propping myself on top of her with my hands.

“Oh, shit, Alex!” she gasped, her eyes wide, her whole body shaking. I pressed desperately, trying to reach as deep inside her as I could, arching my back as that tingling, boiling fire welled up in me. I clenched my teeth as I strained, calling out her name.

Alexa crushed herself to me, crying out loudly, her pussy devouring my cum as I lashed her insides with my warm offering. I thumped against her madly with she locked her legs around me in a vise, her nails raking along my back. She almost wailed as she came, eyes squeezed shut while she worked her pussy around my cock. She pulled me down to her and we kissed deeply and lovingly, expressing our deepest emotions for one another. And I never wanted this moment to end.

I finally sagged down on top of her and she hugged me gently, almost purring as she whispered in my ear about how much she loved me. Her lips planted soft kisses along my neck and shoulder while her fingers caressed my back. I still moved slowly in and out of her and she squeezed my ebbing cock with her pussy. I slowly rolled onto my back, bringing her with me so she was on top with me still inside her. She giggled and kissed my nose.

“You and I are ridiculous,” she cooed, tracing a fingernail along my cheek. “I have no idea how I’m going to get any work done at the university if I cannot keep my hands off you.”

“I’ve been wondering that too,” I admitted, nodding. “Then I decided that I didn’t care and I’d just deal with that issue when it came around.”

“Fair enough,” she agreed. “It’ll be interesting to see how much privacy we actually have.”

“Oh, we’ll get plenty,” I replied, reaching up and caressing her magnificent breast. “The Linguistics profs will do their best to not be around so that we can do their work uninterrupted and my parents will be away in another faculty, busily doing their own thing.”

“Whether that’s fucking one another or one of their students,” she said, closing her eyes and trembling at my touch. “Ohhhh, God, that feels good… but I have to pee. Come with me…”

She slowly pulled herself off me, took my hand and dragged me out of the room and to the bathroom down the hall. She plunked herself down on the seat and shivered as she started to pee. I stood nearby watching but then she took gentle hold of my cock and pulled me over by it. As she sat, she leaned forward and took my manhood bursa merkez eskort in her mouth, moaning as she tasted our mingled cum on my shaft.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed happily. “I love how we taste together, Alex.”

I closed my eyes and held her head gently while she sucked contentedly on my cock and peed. She finally finished her first task and continued with the second for a while longer, eventually releasing me and smiling up at me.

“A girl can’t get too much of that,” she purred. “We could just shower together, but I do believe we’d both fit easily enough if we shared a bath.”

I nodded. “I’d like that. Go get your robe and then wait in your room while I get the water going.”

She nodded as she rose from the seat, kissing my cheek and wiggling out of the room. I put my plan into action quickly.


Alexa responded to my call some minutes later, coming back through the bathroom door and pausing- the room was dim, lit only candles I had spaced about. The radio in the corner was playing mellow classical music and I had infused the water in the tub with scented oil and found some of my mother’s rose petals in a cupboard to spread on the surface.

Alexa stared in silence for several seconds, her flawless skin and lustrous golden hair glowing in the flickering candlelight. I smiled and then shrugged. “Hope I got this right, never tried to do a romantic bath for a girl before, y’know?”

“It’s wonderful, Alex,” she murmured. “You made everything perfect. You’re even playing Debussy.”

I smiled again and nodded. “Seemed appropriate. I’d have played this at the little glade the first day we’d made love, if I’d had a music player with me.”

She walked into the bathroom, looking into my eyes as she approached. I took her hand and eased her into the tub. She knelt and smirked up at me, crooking her finger and beckoning me in. Without hesitation I joined her and she laid me down gently, so she could settle in on top of me. The water level was perilously close to the lip of the tub, but I didn’t care.

“Mmmmm, this is paradise, ma coeur,” she purred as she lay on me, facing up and pulling my hands over her breasts. “I could stay like this forever.”

I gently caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. She hummed and rubbed her cheek against mine. We turned our faces and kissed softly, her fingernails grazing my cheek. Everything about this girl and everything she did was so completely erotic in every sense- it was like she’d been put on this earth for the express purpose of making love.

I don’t know how long we lay in the tub, letting the oiled water soak into our skin and simply caressing one another, but it didn’t matter. There was only the music, the flickering candlelight, the warm water, and each other. Time meant nothing. I did not doubt we would be making love before getting out, but right now we found simple perfection in holding one another close.

“Alex,” she whispered, slowly turning over to face me, her breasts pressed to my chest, her pussy against my cock. She looked deep into my eyes. “Are you absolutely sure you’re okay with me going on this date with Jeanie?”

I nodded. “I think you need to. First, it’ll thrown my parents off the trail. Second, you messing around with a girl wouldn’t bother me. I’m serious. I just… I know I have to give you up eventually, Alexa, so anything I can do to prolong our time together is good by me, even if it means dating other people as a ruse.”

She considered my words and then looked into my eyes again. “What about you? Do you think this Heather girl is likely to put out for you?”

I nodded. “I’ve gone out with her before, she dropped her panties pretty quickly on that first date.”

Alexa giggled. “Well, I should be jealous, but I know better than to be, since it’s all a ruse. If you’re getting laid, at least your dad will sense it and think you’re on the right track.”

We kissed then, with me holding her tight and our lips pressing together. Our wet bodies moved together, the scented oil in the water adding a romantic layer to the moment, along with the serene music. Her body felt like heaven against me and I found myself thinking for the millionth time I’d never tire of it. How could I?

We made out for some time, with Alexa squirming her breasts, stomach and pussy against me slowly, sensuously. This had a predicatable effect on my anatomy and she smiled at me warmly. Without a word between us, she pressed her netherlips against my cock and settled down, sighing quietly. She laid her cheek against my chest.

“Don’t fuck me just yet,” she whispered. “Just let me feel you inside me…”

We just stayed where we were, content to be together. I could feel my cock throbbing inside her and I could feel her heartbeat inside her tight pussy. It thrilled me to think we were somehow that in tune with one another, that bonded. Alexa seemed to agree.

“It’s because we’re in love,” she murmured. “That’s why everything bursa sınırsız escort we do together feels perfect. I can’t really remember ever feeling this content before.”

Everything she said was true, there was no denying it. If I could have stayed her in this tub with her, my cock embedded in her pussy and not moved a muscle except to kiss her, I’d count myself the happiest man in the world, and the luckiest.

Her hands slowly reached up behind my neck and began gently massaging and caressing the base of my skull. My whole body relaxed and she purred as she felt it. Her fingers were absolutely magical, and while I harboured no doubt they’d pleasured many other lovers before me this way, there was a satisfaction in knowing that what she was doing for me here and now meant more to her than any other time in the past with anyone else, even her friend Freja.

“I absolutely revere you, Alex,” she whispered, her lips pressed to my chest as she spoke. “I want to spend my whole life pleasuring you, making you the happiest of men.”

I nodded and kissed the top of her head. “I feel the same way. I worship the ground you walk on and there’s just such a certainty and purity about my feelings for you, Alexa. I’m so glad I can express them to you, even if it’s taboo everywhere else.”

She slowly raised herself until she was looking into my eyes. The flickering tendrils of light from the candles were reflected in those sapphire galaxies I was so lost in. The universe, eternity in her eyes. I smiled. “It must be true love.”

She smiled in return. “Of course, but please tell me your reason for saying so.”

“Because lame Eighties love ballads sound wonderful when I think about you.”

My aunt beamed a megawatt smile and giggled. “Funny, I tend to think of Motown romantic songs when I think of you.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Motown?”

Alexa nodded and shrugged. “It was a big fixure in my life as I grew up. Mom loved Motown.”

I grinned. “Want to know what my dad’s song for my mother is?”

“Oh, gods, the mind doth boggle at the prospect, knowing Michael,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “Okay, I’ll bite. What is it?”

“It won’t surprise you, it’s ‘All Of Me Loves All Of You’ by the Bay City Rollers.”

She dropped her head and giggled. I could feel her breasts jiggling against my pecs. She finally looked up, her eyes dancing with mirth. “I can absolutely see that. Those two are so weird.”

“It’s their wedding dance song.” I said flatly. “Every anniversary, there they are, Seventies-dancing away to it.”

“How does one even dance to the Bay City Rollers?” she mused.

“It defies description, but tartan pants are involved.” I replied. “I’ve been trying to get them to update their playlist, but no luck.”

She giggled again and leaned in to rub her nose against mine. “So, do you have a song for me? A song that describes me or how you feel about me?”

I nodded readily. “Two actually.”

“Goodness, I’m flattered,” my aunt said, smiling. “What are they?”

“First one is ‘She’s So High’ by Tal Bachman,” I replied. “It rings really true for me about my feelings for you.”

“Well, who am I to refuse to be put on a pedestal?” she said sweetly, fanning herself. “And indeed I’m all natural with no tucks or silicone, maybe just not as random as the girl in the video. What about the second song? You said you had two for me?”

I nodded again. “That one was easy and describes you perfectly. ‘Any Way You Want It’ by Journey.”

She stopped and thought about what I said, some great realization dawning on her. “Oh… my… God, Alex,” she murmured. “That’s perfect. I’ve been wondering what my own personal anthem was my entire life and you absolutely nailed it without trying. Damn you.”

I chuckled. “Happy to help. Do you have a song for me?”

Alexa blushed. “Maybe…”

“Well, go on, tell me.” I pressed, nudging her.

“It’s not even a Motown song,” she mumured. “It’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ by Sinatra.”

I pulled her close, holding her to me and kissed her, deeply and lovingly. “You’re too wonderful for mere words.”

We stopped talking and she held me close, moving and undulating on me slowly. The music played and we kissed, lost in one another. Several minutes later, we both moaned and sighed as we came in unison, not strident and frenzied, but gentle and warm. My cum filled her and she squeezed my cock ardently, looking into one another’s eyes. Alexa exhaled deeply, pressing her breasts against me and her forehead to mine.

“A moment like this should never have to end…” she whispered.

We moved slowly and said nothing for several minutes, simply content to be together. Finally, though, she took up a sponge and began washing my body reverently, allowing me to do the same to her. Once we’d exited the tub and dried one another off, we walked hand-in-hand downstairs to my room, collapsing on the bed together.

“You sure you’re okay with me dating Jeanie?” she asked, smiling down as she lay half on top of me.

I returned the smile and brushed a strand of hair from her lovely face. “I already said I was, and to be honest, Alexa, I’m kinda looking forward to it. Even if we could be together as a couple, I wouldn’t object at all if you were having sex with girls.”

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