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Hi! 🙂

First of all, thank you for the amazing support I received on my first story! I wasn’t thinking on making a part 2, but I’ll see what I can do ;D

As usual, don’t read this if you’re under 18. All characters in this story are over 18.

Feel free to comment, like, rate and favourite. All feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

* * * * *

I can’t pinpoint the moment I met Alex for the first time.

I recall my father mentioning her from time to time during my childhood. Alex goes by the shortened version of her middle name, and I honestly think it suits her better than Rose, her first name.

Dad and she met through their job and became friends. We lived on the north, she lived on the south of the country. Sometimes, when my father and her needed to work on some research paper, she would come up North and we’d all have dinner afterwards, with a few family friends. When I was little, she’d always make time in between the ‘grown-up talk’ to speak to me.

Tonight, my parents mentioned we were having a few of their friends over for dinner at our apartment. The doorbell rings, I go to open the door of our apartment. You can imagine my surprise when I see Alex standing there. A smirk appears on her face as she sees me eyeing her up and down, before coming back to reality and letting her in.

A couple of years have passed since I last saw Alex.

I have since turned nineteen (I’m actually a few months short of being twenty), I have come to terms with my sexuality, and I now look at her through a different lens. I feel the urge to just… lay with her and cuddle.

She must now be on her early fifties – small wrinkles around her green eyes and some sparse grey hairs show that, but apart from those, she could easily pass for forty.

Her slightly muscled arms seem strong and protective; her soft, small curves have become more evident and attractive in my eyes. I am glad to have put a few extra minutes in fixing my appearance!

Her smile and laugh are contagious, and she has a delightful wit, so everywhere Alex goes, laughter comes along.

Tonight is no exception. We talk, we laugh, and we eat and drink. I am sat in front of Alex, and our eyes meet a couple of times. Our feet touch on a few occasions, as if they were drawn to each other, longing for that contact.

* * *

It is now around midnight and everyone is starting to leave. Alex motions me for a hug. She smells dark and musky, but also floral and slightly spicy. The aroma sent shivers through my body.

“How has my favourite girl been? I didn’t get a chance to talk just to you tonight, Ellie,” she speaks softly against my hair.

I feel warm inside and smile. “I’ve been good.”

I look up only to find Alex smirking at me.

I continued, “I missed you terribly, the last time I saw you was ages ago!”

“That’s true! But you’ll be seeing me more often now, I’m staying for three weeks.”

“You are?” I ask excitedly. I look into her green eyes and pull away from the hug. “We have to get coffee and catch up then! I have so much to tell you about uni!”

“How about dinner? We could watch a movie or something afterwards, what do you say?” Alex asks, running her hand through her short hair.

Dinner with Alex sounds like a dream come true. I eagerly agree, a date is scheduled, our goodbyes are said and Alex leaves. Once I get to my bedroom, I squeal of happiness – I am meeting Alex tomorrow, we’re having dinner just the two of us… It really seems like I’m dreaming!

* * *

I read the text I received earlier today for the umpteenth time and smile once again. It read:

Ellie, Ill be picking you up at 7pm. I’m thinking walk, dinner + movie? Let me know if its ok. xx Alex

A quick glance at my phone confirms it, seven o’clock is approaching quickly. I am already dressed (in a simple, flowy, low-cut white blouse, jeans and sneakers, with some light make-up applied), I got my purse ready and for once in my life, I am not late. I am starting to feel more nervous by the second, as though my stomach is doing flip-flops.

My phone vibrates, letting me know Alex is here.

I pick up my purse, fish out my house keys and lock the door behind me, before trotting down the stairs.

When I reach the ground floor, I see Alex leaning against her car, sunglasses on. She looks hot as hell! She has on a fitted, black tee, and is sporting a pair of green cargo pants that make her butt look amazing.

Alex only notices me as I exit the front door of my apartment building. She glances over my body; my cheeks immediately heat up and I smile as Alex comes to meet me.

“Hey Ellie!”, Alex greets me with a hug.

“Hi Alex,” I respond. I hug her back then tentatively kiss her lightly on the cheek. “You look great!”, I add.

Alex shoots me one of her radiant smiles. “Thanks honey, you look amazing too! Shall we get going?”

I nod, sporting a grin on my face. Alex leads me to her black VW and opens the door for me to get in.

Before Kartal Escort starting the car, she checks that I’ve got my seatbelt on, my heart swoons over the small action of care.

I can’t help but look at Alex when she’s driving. She is so focused, yet seems content. The sunlight makes her skin glow in the most beautiful way. I thought I was undetected by her, but when we stop at a red light, Alex looks at me with a smirk.

“Do I have something on my face honey?”

I blush, understanding she caught me staring. “N-no, Alex. The light was really pretty on you, that’s all.”

I change the subject to avoid any further embarrassment. “Where are we going by the way?”

“I believe I promised you a stroll before dinner, so I thought we’d watch the sunset by the river before dinner. Sounds good?”

“Yeah”, I answer softly with a smile.

A few minutes later, we pop up to the riverside. Alex parks her car, exits first and jogs to open the passenger door for me. She holds out a hand and ‘helps’ me come out of the vehicle.

I thank her, and add, jokingly, “And they say that chivalry’s dead!”

Alex laughs. “Well, I do what I can to keep it alive. Shall we?” Her hand is held out, and I place mine in hers.

We walk slowly, hand in hand, admiring the sun that’s starting to set. We don’t feel the need to talk, our silence is comfortable.

We come to a stop and sit down, near a pier. Even after being silent for a while, Alex doesn’t need to ask me if I’m fine: just by looking at me, she can tell I’m perfectly content in that moment. We smile at each other.

A summer breeze (and my nervousness) made me shiver. Alex drapes her arm over my shoulders and rubs my arm, in an attempt to warm me up.

“Are you cold?” Alex asks, in a murmur.

“It’s okay,” I whisper, leaning into her. Neither of us want to risk talking to loudly, as if it could ruin the atmosphere.

A few moments pass, me nuzzled into Alex, her rubbing my shoulder. We have both been admiring the sky and its reflections on the river. The sky has turned more orange, the sun starts to set.

“Shall we get going? It’s a short walk to the restaurant.” Alex suggests, gently.

“Sure!” I reply. We get up from the little bench we were sat on and ramble, hand in hand, to the restaurant Alex had picked for us.

It’s a little Italian restaurant, built over the river, in a way that nearly allowed a 360º view of the sunset. Alex had booked a table for two on the top floor, which was almost empty.

We order a delicious Lasagna Bolognese and a nice red wine to go with (a Merlot, I believe).

We talk, we eat, we drink, we laugh. The dinner goes by smoothly, the conversation flows naturally. I think Alex peeks at my cleavage a couple of times, but I can’t be certain. We catch up on everything that’s happened since we last saw each other; we also get to know one another as adults. We discuss a wide range of topics, going from favourite tv shows and books to career aspirations, from dream travels to celebrity crushes.

And so, the subject of our current love lives is on the table.

“Well, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment.” I take a sip of the red wine, and, encouraged by the alcohol, continue. “The girl I was interested in got into a relationship, and not with me, so I decided to stay single. At least for now,” I chuckle.

“Girl?” Alex asks intrigued.

“Yeah, I’m bi.” I add, quietly.

“I didn’t know, hun. I’m glad you told me though.” Alex smiles.

“Since I told you about me, I think it’s only fair you tell me about your love life.” I add a cheeky, suggestive wink.

“It’s really not that fascinating, Ellie. I’m not married nor seeing anyone. I’m a lesbian in her fifties, so the pool of people interested in me is rather small.”

“I’m sure you’re exaggerating, Alex! Let’s see: you don’t look a day over forty, you’re hot as hell, especially in those trousers, you have an amazing wit, and you have the kindest, most caring heart. Plus, I’m sure you’re great in bed. What else can a woman want?” I say. (The alcohol makes me braver, what can I do?)

Alex bites her nail and tries to hide a smirk.

“Well, at the end of the day I’m still single and that’s it,” Alex chuckled.

Opportunely, the waiter chooses this instant to come check if we wanted any desert. We decide to split a slice of chocolate cake.

Then, Alex pays the bill, and we exit the lovely restaurant. The sun has completely set; we start to see the stars appear on the sky. The river reflects the city lights, and we stop to take in the view, our fingers intertwined.

“It’s a really beautiful night, Alex. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Alex’s answer is not heard.

Instead, she plants a brief soft kiss on my lips.

She looks back at me as though to apologize, but I cut her off with a kiss. As soon as our lips crash for the second time, she relaxes and slides her hand towards the back of my neck. Her tongue grazes my lips Kartal Escort Bayan and I slightly part my lips. Alex’s tongue tentatively dances with mine. I taste red wine in her tongue – it seems even more delicious than when we drank it.

We both part to catch our breaths, with smiles on our faces.

Alex’s hand lowers, and rests on the small of my back. She leaves a trail of light kisses, from the corner of my mouth to my ear lobe, and whispers, “Do you still want to watch a movie? We could go to mine, hm?”

Her hot breath sends shivers down my spine, igniting a fire within me. With a smile on my face, I agree with her suggestion. Alex looks happy with my answer.

We start walking back to Alex’s car. I nestle my head near her shoulder, her hand comes to rest inside the back pocket of my jeans. The proximity of her hand to my bottom thrills me and adds to the passion I am feeling inside.

We stop once or twice on our way to the car to steal a kiss from each other. The second time, Alex giggles and comments that she feels like a teen once again. I can only kiss her again after such a remark.

Finally, we arrive at the car. After a mini make-out session against the vehicle, and Alex checking I was buckled in, she starts driving. A few minutes later, we’re at the hostel room she’s renting for her stay.

We’re standing in the doorway of her room. Alex kicks off her sneakers and invites me to do the same, which I gladly do. Our fingers connect once again, and Alex leads me to the sofa.

I can’t help but to be entranced by her green eyes. Up close, their colour seems even more vibrant. A kiss on the forehead draws me away from my daydream.

“Ellie? You okay, honey?” Alex asks.

“Y-yeah, why?” I respond.

“I was asking if you wanted to see a movie, you were elsewhere, that’s all. I can take you home if you don’t want to be here, I don’t mind.” Alex says rambling.

“No! I want to stay, please.” I gently rub the back of Alex’s hand, lift it and plant a soft kiss on it. She smiles at my gesture.

Alex’s arms pull me closer and wrap around me. Her skin is soft and warm, feels inviting as we embrace. I adjust myself between Alex’s legs, my back against her torso. Her fingers start tracing random circles on my arm and give me goose-bumps as they reach the inner part of my arm.

“How about we watch that movie, hm?” Alex offers.

I gladly accept, and Alex decides on watching ‘Carol’, a personal favourite of ours. We watch it cuddled up, the warmth of one another being enough to keep us comfortable. Alex rubs my shoulders when Carol does so to Therèse, and softly kisses the top of by head from time to time. I’m now convinced that her embrace is the most comfortable and safest place I’ve ever been in.

When the movie ends, I have tears threatening to spill out of my eyes, and, turning to face Alex, notice she has too. A faint smile appears on her mouth, and she wipes a small tear that fell off the corner of my eye.

We could discuss the movie, but we silently agree not to. Instead, we sit there, studying each other’s faces in silence.

Suddenly, her hand cups my cheek and moves to my nape, bringing my face near hers. My skin tingles where her hand just was. I bite my lower lip.

“That’s very distracting, Ellie,” Alex murmurs, as her thumb brushes over my lip and releases it from the grip of my teeth.

Her eyes gaze into mine, and I try to decipher if she’s feeling the same pull towards me as every atom of my body feels for her. We move closer and our lips meet in the middle. My hands curl in Alex’s short hair, and I adjust my legs so that I’m straddling her. A low moan escapes my lips: Alex is now attacking that special spot in my neck. I close my eyes and throw back my head, giving her better to that spot.

Unconsciously, my hips grind against hers as Alex continues kissing my neck.

“Do you trust me, baby?” Alex asks, in a low voice, in between pants.

“Of course, Alex.”

As soon as I answer her, our lips lock and she pushes me backwards. I can’t help but break the kiss in surprise and giggle as I fall on the couch, on my back. My legs still around Alex’s waist, and my hands are still in Alex’s hair.

Alex hovers over me and hungrily kisses me. Our tongues fight for dominance (But it’s not long before I let her take control). Her hands roam over my body, and find the waist of my jeans. She tugs at the belt loops, making our crotches meet.

At the same time, her lips start to travel downwards. Alex nibbles a bit at my sweet spot on my neck, but quickly she’s kissed her way down to my chest. My soft moans fill the room, and I sense Alex is smiling.

My breath quickens as Alex takes advantage of the low neckline of my shirt. She’s leaving a trail of kisses leading up to my right boob. When she arrives there, she starts suckling and lightly biting and blowing. I’ve got goose-bumps and my panties are getting wetter by the second. I’m having trouble forming a coherent Escort Kartal sentence, all that come out are moans and groans.

Alex breaks contact to take my shirt off. “You’re so sexy, Ellie,” Alex says, in a low, sultry voice. I blush.

Looking at my maroon, lacy bra, she adds, “Maroon is my favourite colour, did you know that? But, as much as I love seeing you in this, it has to go…” Alex’s hands swiftly reach behind my back to unclasp my bra. When that’s done, she throws it across the room.

I take off Alex’s tee, admiring her small breasts inside a simple, black bralette. She looks at me, smirks and pushes me back once again.

Her mouth is instantly drawn back to my breasts. She feasts on them for a while, but I interrupt her to plead, “More, Alex… oh please, more…”

Her hands wander down my torso until they reach my jeans. I lift my ass off the couch to aid removing my tight jeans. Alex slides them off along with my lace underwear.

Her mouth returns to my nipples, biting and sucking as her fingers tease my mound. I need her inside me now, or I think I might die.

“A-Alex, please…” I moan.

“Please, what, baby? You gotta be more specific than this.” She smirks.

“Oh, please fuck me! I need you inside me, Alex!” I’m getting frustrated from the built-up tension.

“Well, baby, let’s see if I’m as good in bed as you think I am, huh?”

Her fingers start working me up. Her thumb is pressing gently on my clit, moving slowly in circles. Her other hand is caressing my thigh. I moan, in delight.

The pace of her thumb speeds up.

“Enjoying yourself, Ellie?” Alex asks. I can only moan in response.

Alex takes this as an incentive to slide her index and middle fingers inside my hot cunt. They glide in easily, and she wastes no time in moving them. Her digits dance inside my vagina, she’s added a third one and I don’t know when. I think my moans are getting louder and louder, I am panting and getting closer to my orgasm.

“Close…”, I manage to moan.

Alex replaces her thumb with her tongue, and that pushes me over the edge.

My walls tighten around Alex’s fingers, which continue moving and hitting my g-spot. Her tongue is still hungrily lapping on my bud as hot cum gushes out my pussy.

“Oh god, Alex! … Yes! … Oh fuck! … Yes! Yes! … Mmm … Aahh! Aleex!”

Alex helps me ride out my orgasm, and gently brings me out of that high of pleasure.

I am covered in a thin layer of sweat, but that doesn’t stop Alex from kissing my thigh. We lock eyes – Alex takes her fingers from inside me and licks them clean, still maintaining eye contact. She then kisses me on the lips, and I can taste the tanginess of my cum in her tongue.

My hands are cupping Alex’s cheeks as we kiss.

“Your turn, Alex,” I say, with a wink.

Still underneath her, I kiss her. My hands caress her torso, and reach behind her back to remove her bralette. It is a simple, mesh bralette, that looks amazing on her, but alas, I can’t kiss her breasts with that on.

I unclasp it and toss it aside, admiring to the first time her small, perky boobs.

“You are so beautiful,” I whisper.

“I’m old, and clearly not as beautiful as you, Ellie,” Alex replies.

“Hey, look at me.” I sit up, lift her chin, and peck her lips. “I am looking at the most gorgeous and sexiest woman I know, and all I care about right now is making her feel good. Now, sit back and relax, love.”

I straddle her and kiss her. The kiss deepens hurriedly, as I try to convey all the passion I am feeling into it. We part only to breathe.

I kiss my way slowly and gently down Alex’s body until I am facing her perky breasts. They are a perfect fit for my hand, I realize as I take them. I start kneading one of them and kiss the other one. A soft sigh escapes Alex’s mouth. I look up to find her with her eyes closed, her mouth agape and her hands behind her head.

I lightly bite her nipple, and that drags a small moan from Alex.

I switch to the other breast, and latch my lips onto her boob, sucking it into my mouth as far as it would fit. Alex gasps, then moans louder this time. “Oh, Ellie…”

I continue licking and kissing her chest, everywhere I can put my lips, and manage to drag a couple of moans from Alex.

I kiss my way down, until I arrive at the waistband of her cargo pants.

“May I?” I ask delicately.

Alex nods and I unbutton her pants. I am now kneeling on the ground, Alex sits on the edge of the couch. She lifts her body up, just enough for me to remove her trousers.

After I do, I start to kiss and lick my way up her left leg. I take my time worshiping her soft pale skin: first her ankle, then her shin, then her knee (a quick lick behind the knee steals a giggle from Alex), then her thigh. When I near her hot core, I see Alex squirming, and move to the other leg.

As I plant the first kiss on her right ankle, Alex squirms and groans in exasperation. “Don’t tease me, Ellie, please…”

I smile, but still take my time.

Finally, when I reach her crotch, Alex opens her legs slightly, letting me get a better access. The scent of her sex is intoxicating and draws my face closer to her. Holding her gaze, I remove her underwear (a black culotte, lined with lace) and bring it to my nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32